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Read Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality Chapter 97 – The Essence

Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality is a Webnovel produced by Bao Zhuang Cheng, 宝妆成.
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Read WebNovel Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality Chapter 97 – The Essence

Chapter 97 The Essence

The White Fairy stands in amazement and becomes angrier, “Junior, how dare you disrespect me!” She raises her hand and reaches to Lin Luoran. Her delicate hand turns into a black and ghostly claw.

This place is filled with pure Reiki, and Lin Luoran has regained her power after being here so long. Now, she actually can cast spells, but she chooses to stand still in the face of this menacing claw like bamboos always stand against the wild wind!

The sharp nails on the claw seem to have pierced into her face. She feels a sense of coldness. Lin Luoran shouts, “Fire Ball spell!”

The White Fairy is frightened. She withdraws her ghostly claw and returns to the round stone peacefully. Then she discovers that Lin Luoran doesn’t even direct any Reiki while shouting. The fairy is struggling between getting angry or surprised — she is actually tricked by a junior!


Lin Luoran claps her hands. She looks nonchalant, but she is, in fact, nervous since she may die making this bet.

“Fairy, you are scared by a little Fire Ball spell. Is your essence so unstable?”

Lin Luoran has no idea where her courage comes from. She is unexpectedly right about the situation of the White Fairy with her conjectures and inspirations.

The White Fairy sneers, “Junior, you don’t have to care about the condition of my essence!”

Though the fairy’s att.i.tude is poor, her words confirm Lin Luoran’s guess. Lin Luoran puts up with the att.i.tude of the fairy and says friendly, “Senior, it’s bad for both of us if we stay in the stalemate. How about we sit down, make things clear and figure out a win-win solution?”

The gra.s.s is soft. Lin Luoran sits down and invites the White Fairy to do so. The fairy hums coldly and doesn’t get off the round stone. Moments later, she can’t help asking, “How did you see through my trick?”

Though her body had long since been destroyed, her essence was not harmed. She has been practicing illusionary spell since she was trapped here. The fairy doesn’t believe that a junior in the level of Training Qi can see through her spells.

How did she see through the spell? Lin Luoran gives no straight answer. Instead, she asks in reply, “Fairy, were you so polite to juniors in the level of Training Qi in those years?”

Those years… In those years, she wouldn’t even look at cultivators in the level of Training Qi.

The White Fairy has been trapped in the secret land for too long. A living person suddenly shows up here, and she forgets about the hierarchy in the world of cultivation. The fairy now realizes what her mistake is — she is too impatient?

Lin Luoran knows that the fairy has figured things out. Speaking of the hierarchy, Lin actually has to thank Wen Guanjing. If he didn’t insist on calling her an elder sister, she might forget about this.

Although there are kind seniors in the world of cultivation, the fairy is not good-tempered when she talks. How can she keep asking questions instead of simply seizing and interrogating Lin? The reason must be that she is not entirely sure that she can pull this off.

“Even you are suspicious, I don’t believe a junior like you can tell that this is only my essence…”

Hmm… In the first place, Lin Luoran really didn’t think of this. She only thought that the White Fairy didn’t look like a real person, but it was just a hunch which was totally irrelevant to seeing through the spells.

What confirmed Lin’s guesses was the fairy’s threat of “destroying essence”. Lin Luoran is in the level of Training Qi, and she doesn’t even have an essence now. Perhaps the White Fairy said that under the anger, but Lin Luoran’s question in reply was a bluff — as for the reason why she didn’t run from the ghostly claw, Lin Luoran believed that if the White Fairy wanted to kill her, she wouldn’t take so much trouble.

Hearing Lin Luoran’s words, the White Fairy stares at her for a while, which makes Lin embarra.s.sed. The fairy says, “You are calm. You are the one in a million smart female cultivators I’ve ever seen.”

Lin Luoran smiles. She knows herself well enough that she is not smart. However, she is mostly able to keep her composure in critical moments and her courage always conquers her fear.

Seeing Lin’s smile, the White Fairy adds, “Don’t be pleased with yourself. If my essence was not hurt, you would not get away with it so easily.”

Lin Luoran takes the “Bright Snow” off of her hair and asks, “Fairy, with all due respect, are you related to this sword?”

The illusionary body of the fairy can make vivid expressions. Hearing this, she answers in disdain, “I’ve said much about it before. It’s perfectly normal that you’re right.”

Lin Luoran strokes the hairpin and says nothing. The White Fairy can absolutely pretend not to recognize the “Sword of Bright Snow”. Still, she has pointed it out in order to make Lin curious. The fairy doesn’t know about the incident happened to cultivators in the level of Gathering Vitality, which means that she has been in the Lost Land for at least over a thousand years. The White Fairy has lived too long to make such a stupid mistake?

For a moment, Lin Luoran wonders what has really happened. Has she seen through the tricks of the fairy, or she actually has fallen into a trap?

Seeing that Lin Luoran is pondering, the White Fairy sneers, “You don’t have to think too much. Since I have come to you, you certainly will be benefited!”


Lin Luoran never believes that pennies will ever drop from heaven so she is not interested in the benefit the fairy is talking about. Lin Luoran understands that most people are lost to their own greed instead of to others.

Noticing Lin’s indifference, the White Fairly laughs rather than getting angry. She asks, “Do you have any idea how far the exit is? Can you get out of here with your cultivation?”

Lin Luoran looks up at the valley. She can remember that she and Li Xi’er fall from the mid-air, and she never sees where the peak is. According to the time she falls, Lin Luoran reckons that the mountain is indeed too high… With her current cultivation, even she can make use of spells of all the five elements, there is hardly any hope of getting out because the cliff is too steep to have any spot for her to regain Reiki in the halfway.

What does the fairy want by saying this?

Lin Luoran looks at the White Fairy. The fairy looks up and points to the sky with her right hand. Standing on the round stone, she says dominantly,

“Do you want to ride on the Sword of Bright Snow and fly out of this valley?”

Ride on the sword? Lin Luoran thinks of the scene in movies which swordsmen from the school of the Zu Mountain rush to the sky on their swords. Is the fairy saying that Lin can also ride on the sword?

The White Fairy smiles brilliantly. She looks at Lin Luoran stilly, and she seems to be expecting what decision this calm little cultivator will make in the face of temptation.


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