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Law of the Devil is a web novel made by Dancing, Tiao Wu, 跳舞.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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The Pope of the Church also brought some ancient doc.u.ments that were not kept in the Church for many years, all of which reminded the young monarch: All this is true, it really happened!

In the northern part of the mainland, there were a group of fierce enemies, much more powerful Northwest Army! And soon, they would go south and attack the empire!

Prince Chen stroke white tower gently and whispered, “What a heavy burden…”

It was also after this day, the military sent an urgent military report, written by the head of the Stormwind Corps Rostock.

It turned out that immediately after the beast wave retreated, the head of the Rostock army immediately recruited a death squad to venture into the frozen forest to investigate the situation. At that time, the hundred elite soldiers who had been recruited entered the forest with the determination to die. General Rostock’s order was to go venture inside as much as possible.

Everyone knew that if you did not have the strength of a magician and a warrior above intermediate level, then entering the frozen forest was purely a risky suicide. Frozen forest was full of beasts. Fortunately, this death squad team entered the forest all the way to the north. Along the way, they did not see any beasts! Those beasts disappeared overnight or went underground to hide!

Along the way, it was so safe that these soldiers who thought they were going to die, almost took this adventure as a tour!

It’s so peaceful! Along the way, only one soldier accidentally sprained his foot. Apart from that, they did not encounter the slightest danger. Soon, they actually came to ice Lake, which has been called the “end of adventurers”!

Soldiers knew that the ice lake could not be crossed. However, due to General Rostock’s command and coupled with the surprising calm adventure till now, these soldiers decided to continue northward!

Soon, a few days later, they reached the northern end of the frozen forest!

When walking to the north end, these soldiers almost thought they were dreaming!

For thousands of years, countless powerful martial artists and magician to go died at this place. Countless strong masters couldn’t cross this lake but ordinary soldiers like them did it easily!

And … still no casualties!

To the north of the forest was a flat ice field. At such time, the leaders of these soldiers immediately made a decision: “Continue north!”

However to be at safe side, the officer made a clever order: let half of them stay here while the other half will continue to go north.

As a result, this order saved the lives of fifty soldiers.

Under the eyes of the fifty soldiers left behind, fifty soldiers embarked on the ice field and have not yet gone out of sight. After about a few hundred meters, huge storms suddenly appeared in the original calm sky! The strong wind blew the soldiers on the ice fields down!

If Du Wei was here, he would tell them: Don’t make any resistance and retreat immediately!


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