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Read Legend of Legends Chapter 176: Win Or Lose 1

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Chapter 176: Win Or Lose 1

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Doctor Tula dropped an earring, and Sarang picked it up and looked at Junhyuk.

“You did well. If he had hit me with the flamethrower, I would’ve been killed.”

The flamethrower didn’t kill in one hit, but it dealt damage over time. He couldn’t have teleported, and if he had been hit by the flames, and if Adolphe had attacked him, things would’ve turned dangerous.

He could have used the force field, but he still wouldn’t be able to kill the enemies.

Sarang bit her tongue softly.


Junhyuk laughed and said, “It’s OK. What have you got there?”

Her eyes widened after inspecting the item, and she looked at Junhyuk. She let him check the item out. He looked at its attributes and thought Sarang had done the right by picking it up. Junhyuk would have thought about its original price and of selling it.

Stella Earring

Intelligence +20

Attack Speed +5%

This earring is made out of a star’s energy, and it increases intelligence by 20 and attack speed by 5 percent.

It would be at least a 100,000G item, but Junhyuk felt Sarang could put it to use over selling it. Items with intelligence should go to her to make her more effective.

“Can I give you some money?”

Junhyuk pushed her helmet down hard.

“If you pick up a Pure Golden Knight set item, give it to me.”


He knew how powerful set items were. If he collected all of the Pure Golden Knight set, he would become much more powerful.

He grabbed her hand.

“Let’s go to the castle wall.”

“Wait,” Sarang said smiling. “I need to engrave my equipment.”

They weren’t far from the Dimensional Merchant, so she should engrave her items.

“Right. Let’s do that first.”

They headed toward the Dimensional Merchant, and Sarang got a complex engraving from Bebe. She also got a mask. It was possible that someone would find out about her at any moment, so she got the mask, and Junhyuk agreed.

The enemies were standing in front of the castle walls, and Artlan said, “They are attempting to grow some brain cells.”

All of them were out in front of the wall, even Adolphe, and Vera looked at them and said, “They went beyond our expectations.”

The enemies hadn’t gone center. Instead, they had attacked top and bottom at the same time and destroyed the second towers of each path and returned. They had given up on the second tower in the center, which is why they took top and bottom. If they could win the team battle in the castle wall, they would have the advantage.

“Did they attack Junhyuk?”

“Doctor Tula and Adolphe did, and both died.”

“Then, they must’ve reincarnated.”

Everyone nodded, and Artlan smacked his lips and asked, “Why are they so late?”

To fight all out, the allies also needed their full strength. Without it, they wouldn’t be able to kill the enemies, especially with the castle wall behind them.

Halo turned to look and smiled.

“Here they come.”

The heroes turned and saw Junhyuk and Sarang heading their way. They waited for them to arrive and said, “You two did well.”

“We were lucky,” Junhyuk answered smiling.

He had been lucky to kill both Adolphe and Doctor Tula. He had waited calmly for the Spatial Slash’s cooldown so he could kill them both.

Junhyuk looked at the enemies and smacked his lips. There was a lot of killing intent emanating off of them, and it made his skin crawl. After he became a champion, Junhyuk could feel the enemie’s aura more accurately. In that place, the heroes’ powers were restrained, and he wondered how powerful they would be in their own dimensions or in South Korea.

Junhyuk pulled himself together at the sound of Artlan’s voice.

“They are all there, and we have to get inside. The enemies have put everything into this team battle.”

If either side had a member missing, they would’ve lost the team battle. Both sides wanted to win, and Junhyuk could feel their resolve.

Artlan looked back.

“Then, let’s go in!”

Even if the allies waited, the enemies wouldn’t come out, so they had to make the first move. Artlan pulled out a small marble and shouted, “Attack!”

The minions went berserk and rushed forward. They had their shields up, and the heroes ran after them. Artlan and Halo were leading the heroes.

The allies could cover a long distance in a short period, so they ran hunched over, advancing while dodging Killa’s shots.

The enemies also moved. Jean Clo stepped forward, and Bater b.u.mped his huge mechanicals fists against each other and moved forward slowly. Killa got in position.


Killa fired, and Artlan was. .h.i.t on the shoulder and started bleeding. He already knew he had to tank at least one shot and sped up. Jean Clo rushed toward him, and he thought it wouldn’t be good to get grabbed. Jean Clo closed in, and Artlan jumped. Jean Clo tried to grab him, but only caught air, and Artlan landed among the enemies’ second line of defense.

Regina and Doctor Tula were stationed at the second line, and Regina blocked Artlan’s landing with her cutla.s.s. His jumped damaged her, but she prevented him from advancing farther. Doctor Tula fired the spider web at him, and while Artlan was tied up, the enemies concentrated their attacks on him.

Junhyuk had been watching and used the Spatial Slash. Artlan had told to him to use it as the first hit, and Junhyuk slashed Killa’s neck. She lost 40 percent of her health, and the shockwave swept through Adolphe, who had been protecting Killa, and he lost 20 percent of his health.

Killa fired her pistols at Artlan, who was still tied up.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

Her pistols, Doctor Tula’s flamethrower and Regina’s pistol took half of Artlan’s health. The enemies wanted to kill him first, and Junhyuk frowned. He could use the force field on Artlan now, but it wouldn’t last long. As Junhyuk was thinking, Vera shouted, “Put the force field on Artlan!”

He stopped hesitating and launched it, and the ivory light covered Artlan’s body and blocked everything. Artlan took an offensive stance. He wanted to use his saber’s quickdraw. While he prepared his ultimate, Vera touched Junhyuk’s shoulder and shouted, “Junhyuk! Go to Artlan!”

Everyone touched him, and Junhyuk teleported. He appeared next to Bater and outside of the force field, so he had to teleport again. After the second teleport, Junhyuk stood next to Artlan. Sarang use Heal on Artlan, and he drew his saber, slashing the s.p.a.ce ahead of him.

He aimed for Regina, and she was. .h.i.t by the ultimate, quickly losing a lot of health. Regina was balanced-type hero, and she had some defense and health, but Artlan’s ultimate took 50 percent of her health.

His ultimate took a long time to launch, but it was very powerful because of it. Regina was difficult to deal with, so Artlan attacked her. After that, everyone focused on her. Diane loosened her arrows, and Vera touched her earring and cast her magic. The fire spear and fire orb created a series of explosions, and Regina disappeared. Diane’s arrows were much stronger than before, so when Vera’s magic hit Regina, she lost the rest of her health. Artlan had used his ultimate, but the concentrated attacks had killed her.

Junhyuk turned to look at Halo, and he left the force field, attacking with his lightning flash attack. His sword moved like lightning as he slashed Killa in the ribs, but she continued to fire at him.


Killa lost a lot of health and used her ultimate. If one kept saving their powers for too long, they would be wasted. Killa wasn’t saving it. The shockwave pushed Halo back into the force field.

“What are you going to do?”

Artlan wasn’t worried.

“Kill Killa.”

She had 40 percent of her health left, and Artlan threw his saber while Vera launched a firewall. Huge flames came from the ground and engulfed Killa. The saber hit her, and Killa started losing health quickly. She tried to escape by jumping, but Diane shot at her. Ten arrows zoomed through the air, and the arrowheads. .h.i.t Killa. She dropped to the ground and disappeared.

Artlan jumped.

“Doctor Tula!”

Their target was dead, so the important thing was to find the next one, and that was Artlan’s role. When he jumped, the force field disappeared.

Doctor Tula blocked with two legs, and Artlan positioned himself and used the seven-slash combo. Jean Clo and Bater rushed in, and Nudra covered himself in the Rising Dragon and generated a strong gust that stopped their rush.

Both bounced back, and Junhyuk became very nervous. If either of them came after him, he had no powers left and wouldn’t be able to deal with it.

Doctor Tula felt pressured and fired the small missiles. The five allied heroes were focusing their attacks on him, and the doctor would die. The enemies were divided between the front and the back. Doctor Tula’s side had archers and Adolphe.

Once the small missile hit Artlan, Adolphe wielded his saw-blade sword. Rushing and slashing, he took 30 percent of Artlan’s health.

Junhyuk wanted to go help Artlan, but Sarang grabbed him by the waist and pulled him down. Both of them rolled on the ground as two mechanical fists flew by.


They couldn’t do anything, and Artlan disappeared. Bater had used his ultimate to kill Artlan, and Adolphe sunk his sword into ground, and two blue energy beams shot out and tied Vera and Diane up.

They were in the back of the allied group, Jean Clo and Bater run toward them. Nudra had already stopped their rush, but he couldn’t deal with the two alone. They needed Halo.

Junhyuk ran toward Doctor Tula and Adolphe and shouted, “Stop Bater!”

Halo pa.s.sed by him, running toward Bater. Nudra was trying to block Jean Clo’s path, and Junhyuk blocked Doctor Tula with his swords.

“You may not advance.”


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