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Chapter 534: Core Energy 3

The controlled mana dodged the two remaining ent.i.ties of energy and countered. Junhyuk was focusing on one of them, which would inevitably grant him both.

A boring exchange began. Junhyuk knew he shouldn’t hurry, so he relaxed his mind. Both ent.i.ties attacked at the same time, and he had to withstand them. He did not want either of them escaping.

Escaping meant that they would leave the mana well, and in that case, his veins would endure the exchange and be torn apart. The fused energy ent.i.ties were too big now.

After absorbing the other energies, the quant.i.ty of mana within him doubled. His veins could contain it, but only if he controlled the mana.

He decided to endure. The two energy ent.i.ties want to consume the mana, and the mana had a limit to how much of the process it could endure.

Junhyuk decided that if the mana couldn’t endure the process, there was another option. He had to combine the remaining ent.i.ties of energy into one.

Things were better now than at the beginning. He widened the mana toward the two remaining ent.i.ties, meaning to surround and envelop the remaining energies. When the mana closed them in, the energy ent.i.ties went berserk. To contain them, he could not let the mana be torn. Junhyuk had been in complete control of his mana all this time, which meant that his willpower had grown in the Dimensional Battlefield.

Junhyuk had died many times, enabling his capacity to grow. Without willpower, he wouldn’t have endured thus far.

“It’s important to merge them,” someone said, and Junhyuk collected himself. He pushed his will onto the two energy ent.i.ties as well.

His will was now controlling everything, so he combined the distinct energies into one. He had already done that with three distinct swordsmanships, so he was able to do it with three energy ent.i.ties.

The energies merged and fused and became one.

Junhyuk realized that the new combination had changed to fit him better. It was an evolution of the energies within the core and it went well with his Triple Yin Yang.

Junhyuk opened his eyes, and Artlan looked at him while shaking his head.

“What happened?”

“I took control of all the energies.”

“It looks that way, but something is strange. Nudra.”

Nudra grabbed Junhyuk’s wrist and checked his pulse.

“Strange. It’s not mana, but the myriad of energies fused into one. All the superfluous energies are gone.”

Junhyuk smiled and replied, “I’m calling it Harmonizer.”


“Yes. Without harmony, I would’ve been dead, so that’s what I’m calling it.”

Nudra smiled and replied, “I like it.”

Junhyuk got up and raised his hands. He summoned his swords and swung them a few times.

His regular attack did not affect s.p.a.ce, but Junhyuk wanted to tear the dimensional wall, so he used Harmonizer and slashed again. He was able to cut the dimensional wall, and it took less energy than his Dimensional Slash. The attack spent more energy than his regular attack, but now, he could cut through the dimensional wall with ease.

Everyone was surprised. The Dimensional Slash was a power, but what Junhyuk had just done had been a regular attack coated in energy, and with just that, he had cut through the dimensional wall.

Artlan was astonished.

“He’s a monster now.”

Junhyuk looked at Artlan and shook his head, saying, “I’m stronger with the new energy. That’s all.”

Artlan laughed and replied, “That’s a good mindset to have. Thinking like that, you won’t get killed.”

Junhyuk looked at the world with Harmonizer active. He could feel the dimensional wall in front of him, something he hadn’t been able to do before.

He used his Spatial Collapse with Harmonizer active. The dimensional wall disappeared, erased.


The training facility shuddered and cracked, getting pulled toward the void. Junhyuk stood there and watched the Spatial Collapse. The dimensional wall had shattered, and the pull was much stronger because of that.

He smiled. It was a useful skill. Now, if someone tried to escape through a dimensional tear, he would be able to kill them with his Spatial Collapse.

Junhyuk teleported. He was trying to cross through dimensions with Harmonizer active, but that was not possible. He tried his force field with Harmonizer, but the force field didn’t trigger.

Realizing that he couldn’t do it that way, Junhyuk clicked his tongue. From his trials, he found out that only his attack powers had changed. He would have to train to better his other powers.

Acquiring Harmonizer was big. He could feel the dimensional wall with it.

Staring at him, Halo asked, “Do you want to see?”

“Can I really see it?”

Halo nodded and said, “You’ve learned how to control your body from Artlan. Nudra taught you how to control energy. I’ll teach you how to see.”

Diane caressed his b.u.t.t and added, “I’ll teach you how to listen. The order of things is wrong, but you have to learn everything before reaching a higher realm.”

Junhyuk turned to Diane and asked, “Is that even possible? I’m human.”

“If a human can move like an elf, a human can listen like an elf as well. But, it won’t be easy.”

“I want to learn.”


Junhyuk learned how to see from Halo and how to listen from Diane. Both were incredibly hard to learn. While he was learning, he was called to watch Ling Ling’s battle. He left for that and came back to continue to learn from Halo and Diane.

He realized something. He hadn’t learned the basics before because he had needed to learn to fight to survive, but now, he was learning very fast. He had learned how to tone his muscles from Artlan with incredible speed and, now, he was showing comparable potential to the other heroes’ teachings.

With enough time, he would better all of them. He could sense the dimensional wall now, so he would polish the basics and become stronger.

On Thursday, Artlan emptied the bottle in his hand and walked toward Junhyuk.

“I’ve been waiting.” Junhyuk looked at Artlan, and the hero said, “Let’s spar again.”

Junhyuk readily agreed. He hadn’t been able to master what Halo and Diane were teaching him yet, but the training was getting boring.

“OK,” he replied.

Artlan smiled and swung his sabers at him.


Artlan expression hardened. After Junhyuk’s energies had become one, he had become much stronger. It was not an amount a regular human could contain.

Artlan smiled and said, “You worked hard.”

“Are we going all out?”

Artlan might die if he wasn’t able to sense Junhyuk’s Dimensional Slash. With Harmonizer, Junhyuk’s attacks were stronger than ever before. However, he knew he would be restricted in the Dimensional Battlefield.

Junhyuk fought with the Triple Yin Yang. With Harmonizer active, it felt like the swordsmanship fit him like a glove. His dual-sword style had improved.

Junhyuk was not pushed back by Artlan, and as the hero kept attacking, Junhyuk started getting scared. However, he was able to parry the strikes with Harmonizer.

Artlan did not know how to respond. He had a lot more energy than Artlan now. With experience, he would grow incredibly fast.

Junhyuk deflected Artlan’s saber and aimed at the hero’s neck, but Artlan closed in quickly. It was the second tier of Artlan’s acceleration. Artlan countered, but Junhyuk trusted himself to deal with it.


At that moment, Junhyuk realized that he could also trigger acceleration at the second tier.

“Stop for now,” Halo ordered.

Artlan withdrew his sabers and stared at Junhyuk.

“Should we stop?”

“If we continue, I might end up killing you.”

Junhyuk agreed with Artlan’s statement. He might also end up killing Artlan.

Artlan patted his shoulder and said, “You really worked hard.


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