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Legend of Ling Tian is a web novel created by Fengling Tianxia, 风凌天下.
This webnovel is presently Ongoing.

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As the medicinal powder was rapidly dispersed all over the lake, the entire Bright Jade City was thrown into a chaos like what Ling Tian had expected! However, even the mastermind behind the whole matter had underestimated the frightening might of the medicinal powder!

Anyone with inner qi would be able to easily suppress the medicinal powder and purge it within a single day. Thus, Ling Tian felt that the medicinal powder would only be able to make the Yu Family lose some face and create a bit of trouble for them.

He never imagined that this medicinal powder would almost destroy the entire empire!

In the world today, how many individuals were capable of producing inner qi?

When Ling Tian was testing the medicinal powder, he was able to suppress it easily without much effort and thus felt that the power of the medicinal effect of the powder wasn’t excessive.

However, even with Ling Tian’s inner strength back then, how many would be a match for him? Thus, he unknowingly created this disaster for the Yu Family! This was something that Ling Tian had never expected and it was a mere coincidence. It was a pity that he no longer had any of this medicinal powder. If not, there wouldn’t be anyone in the world capable of stopping him!

What good weather today!

The scenery of the Southeast was like a painting!

“The drooping willows spread for three thousand miles, ninety thousand fine blue silks. Witnessing the movement of the entire world, our south-east Xiao Family is number one!” Ling Tian rode on his horse as he muttered the Xiao Family’s poem under his breath. With the glistening words of ‘Green Ripple Immortal Park before him, Ling Tian could not help but be moved.

If the Xiao Family truly kept to their ancestral teachings and never partic.i.p.ated in the war for hegemony, Ling Tian would probably be helpless against them even after uniting the entire world! With a natural barrier at the entrance to the Southeast and an endless supply of resources to sustain themselves, they would never fall. Even if Ling Tian wasn’t willing, he could only allow the existence of the Xiao Family.

In the Southeast, the Xiao Family had extremely deep roots with an extremely good reputation among the commoners!

That’s right, while Ling Tian was able to make use of explosives to take down the pa.s.s, he had to have a reason to start a battle after all.

If he tried to start a battle without a proper reason, war would definitely break out and the final outcome would be the loss of countless lives. Even if the history books were written by the victor, he would definitely be reduced to a miserable state where the hearts of the commoners weren’t with him.

However, when facing the changing times, the Xiao Family which held onto immeasurable wealth and millions of soldiers could not withstand the temptation of ruling over the entire world. Thus, they worked together with Above Heavens and hoped to rule over the entire world. Who would have thought that they would have suffered a miserable defeat before they could even walk out from the Southeast?!

With a few thousand kilograms of explosives, Ling Tian caused the mountain to collapse and reversed the flow of the rivers! He destroyed the natural barrier to the Southeast and destroyed the invading Xiao Family warriors, ending the dream of the Xiao Family!

Was it fate?

As Xiao FengYang looked at the scenery like a painting before him, he felt his heart in turmoil. ‘The endless drooping willows green throughout spring, the Xiao Family will be wealthy for a thousand years’. These words were pa.s.sed down by their ancestors and only then did Xiao FengYang know that the wealth of the Xiao Family didn’t lie in the endless willows but in the human heart! It lay in ambitions!

Ever since the rising of the Xiao Family, the Xiao Family had ruled over the entire Southeast for a full thousand years! Not a single year more or less! It was truly a stunning coincidence! Could it be that it was their destiny?

After going through the largest ups and downs of human life, Xiao FengYang who had returned back home again could not help but remember these words and tears filled his face.

They had let down their ancestors! How would he be able to face his ancestors in the underworld?!

Today, as well as in the future, while the Xiao Family would still be around, the Xiao Family’s existence would only be because of a single daughter. It would be impossible for them to regain their days of glory and they would no longer be the rulers of the Southeast!

With Ling Tian’s face being concealed under a large hood, he entered the Green Ripple Immortal Park together with the Xiao Family’s troops.

At this moment, the sun was setting and under the light of the setting sun, the entire Green Ripple Immortal Park was covered in a layer of red. While the scene was a beautiful one, it was also extremely desolate. The endless storm would begin to brew from this moment on!

“Sect master has ordered for junior sister YouHan to make a trip to the Concealing Dragon Abode without any delays.” A green-robed young man appeared in front of them with a silver token in his hand. His eyes were fixed on Xiao YouHan and he treated Xiao FengYang who held great authority in the Xiao Family like air.

Xiao FengYang sneered in his heart. Will there still be an Above Heavens after today? I shall just let you remain arrogant for a while more!

Xiao YouHan had a tinge of displeasure on her face and was obviously dissatisfied with his rude actions. “Yes, this disciple obeys the sect master’s orders.”

“Junior sister YouHan, let us take our leave.” The green-robed man was twenty or so years old and had a suave appearance. However, the way his eyes spun around gave a person an extremely annoying vibe.

Xiao YouHan’s face turned cold as she thought to herself. With this fellow being so rude, I wonder if that stone-faced fellow will be angry? Will he draw his sword? Thinking about this, her face turned red as she snuck a glance to her side. She then suddenly snapped out of her thoughts. Why am I caring about his emotions? Could it be that I…

Along the way, Ling Jian followed closely behind Xiao YouHan like a block of ice. The two of them were like the north and south pole emanating a chilly intent for the entire journey and anyone who approached them would feel a bone-piercing cold. Even Li Xue who had cultivated the Divine Ice Formula would feel a s.h.i.+ver running down her spine. However, these two did not pay any attention to that and had even grown comfortable with each other’s presence throughout the journey!

After arriving at the Xiao Family, Xiao YouHan who was already used to Ling Jian’s presence suddenly couldn’t see his figure.

Right at this moment, a buzzing sound sounded in her ears, “Don’t look around, I will follow you.”

Xiao YouHan had almost let out a gasp of surprise! Converging his voice into a line! Voice transmission! I really couldn’t tell that this stone-faced fellow’s martial arts were at such a level! Only someone who was at the XianTian level would be able to use such a skill.

At the same time, she was elated in her heart. If his martial arts were at such a level, even if they failed, escaping definitely wouldn’t be a problem.

Just when she was thinking about that, the voice sounded in her ears again, “The way this fellow stares at you is truly annoying! He will definitely be the first to die later!”

Xiao YouHan could not help but roll her eyes. This stone-faced fellow really doesn’t know how the word ‘death’ is written! You can laugh if you can even protect your life. You are actually thinking of killing others? You truly do not even know your own strength! It seems like you are truly too fond of bragging. Do you really think that you are the First Pavilion Head?!

She no longer heard anything by her ears.

Xiao YouHan looked at Xiao FengYang and Xiao FengYang chuckled, “YouHan, since senior Meng has asked for you, you should hurry and make your way over. As a junior, how can you let your senior wait?”

Xiao YouHan acknowledged his words and jumped off her horse.

That green-robed man let out a strange laugh and perfunctorily cupped his fists. “Farewell Second Master Xiao.” Before waiting for Xiao FengYang’s reply, he left with Xiao YouHan.

Ling Chen who was hiding under the hood also had a look of dissatisfaction on her face as she said softly, “From the actions of this young disciple, the difference between Beyond Heavens and Above Heavens is truly obvious. They can’t even be mentioned in the same breath. It is truly the time for such a sect to meet its demise. What rights do they have to be ranked together with Beyond Heavens as one of the three hidden sects?!”

Li Xue nodded in agreement, “A frog in the well who does not know the size of the ocean. They truly deserve death for their arrogance!”

Ling Tian laughed, “Since that’s the case, wipe them out completely! Pa.s.s down my orders, not a single one shall be allowed to leave alive!”

Ling Chen waved her sleeves and a black line shot out from her sleeves. An eagle’s cry could then be heard and an eagle shot to the air. After making a round in the air, the eagle disappeared into the pavilion.

“Justice has yet to arrive, should we wait for him?” Li Xue frowned and said softly, “Above Heavens has three thousand death troops and hundreds of disciples. If we face them head-on, it would be hard to avoid death and injuries.”

Ling Tian smiled and replied, “He has already arrived.” He then looked towards an ancient willow tree in the distance and smiled profoundly.

“Hmph! Ling Tian you brat, you actually dare to order this seat around. You are truly bold!” A cold snort could be heard from the willow tree and before Ling Tian could reply, a grey figure shot forward from the willow tree and disappeared without a trace. The direction that he left was towards Xiao YouHan.

Following the departure of the grey figure, the sun set and darkness descended!

Ling Tian smiled and muttered to himself, “It would be a waste for me to not use a free fighter like you. Brother Justice, I am not willing to waste resources.”

Turning around, he looked at Xiao FengYang and said warmly, “Second Master Xiao, now that things have developed to such a state, there isn’t any turning back. Try to gather the members of your Xiao Family towards your position and give a strict order for your Xiao Family members to not partic.i.p.ate in the battle later. That way, your Xiao Family may be able to preserve some strength.”

Xiao FengYang was speechless.

He knew that the attack would be swift and this battle would determine their life and death! Ling Tian did not even wait for the Xiao Family to make any arrangements and did not even meet with their Xiao Family Head before launching their attack!

Ling Tian let out a sigh and decided to give an explanation after some thought, “Second Master Xiao, while this move of mine is rushed, Meng FanYun has already summoned Miss Xiao YouHan. As soon as he finds out about what happened in Sky Bearing, there will definitely be changes regardless of how he reacts. If we do not take action now, we will definitely miss this chance. I believer Second Master Xiao understands this.”


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