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Legend of Ling Tian is a web novel completed by Fengling Tianxia, 风凌天下.
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Both of them fearfully acknowledged the orders and quickly took their leave.

Yu ZhanShui and Yu ZhanKong exchanged a glance before looking back at Old Madam Ling. Yu ZhanKong then said with a smile, “Old Madam, if that’s the case, then can we send a few guards to escort our little princess? The little princess is the beloved of our Yu Family and if… ah ah, Family Head will end up blaming us for not guarding her well. These few people are all the servants who usually serve the little princess and it will be convenient to have them around.”

Both of them had the same thought:
Might as well make use of this opportunity to see the strength of the mysterious Ling Family Courtyard.

Old Madam Ling considered for a moment before agreeing.

The large troop surrounded Yu BingYan’s carriage and left the southern gate slowly.

Apart from Ling Chen, Ling Jian, Ling Feng, Ling Yun and the rest, there were ten white jade, twenty purple jade, and a large crowd following behind the carriage. Along the way, they looked extremely careful as though they might face an enemy attack at any time.

The willow forest was right in front of them and the Ling Family Courtyard’s buildings could be seen on the horizon. Under the reflection of the sunlight, the buildings looked as though they were all glowing and golden in color. The thirty experts of the Yu Family immediately revealed a fascinated expression as they thought,
Is this the Ling Family Courtyard that the Family Head instructed us to pay attention to? Just what is the Ling Family Courtyard like? What is special about it?

All of a sudden, the carriage stopped and when everyone was in doubt, a white-dressed teen walked over and said to the Yu Family members coldly, “The Ling Family Courtyard is right in front and I thank everyone for guarding our young madam. Without the orders of our young n.o.ble, n.o.body will be allowed to enter the Courtyard. We will ensure the safety of our young madam, and I invite the rest of you to leave.”

“Invite us to leave? You must be joking!” A white jade expert leading the way sneered, “This is the little princess of our Yu Family and we must definitely escort her into a safe place. We can only leave after ensuring her safety. What are your intentions, asking us to leave now?”

“If I ask you to scram, all of you better scram! If you frustrate this daddy here, I will dice all of you up and dump you in the ocean!” A violent voice sounded and the whole forest was filled with a killing intent. In that instant, all the Yu Family members felt a layer of frost over them.

While Ling Jian was still standing there without a change in his posture, his aura had changed completely. Despite still wearing the attire of a servant, the aura emanating from him had the prestige to destroy the heavens and earth! Under the pressure from his aura, the thirty experts of the Yu Family subconciously took a step back with perspiration all over their heads!

“It’s you!” The white-dressed man in the lead looked at Ling Jian without backing down, “Friend, what fabulous martial arts! Are you really called Ling Jian? Are you really a servant of the Ling Family?” The way he saw it, such an expert was definitely a world famous character. How was it possible for him to be a mere servant of the Ling Family? However, the name ‘Ling Jian’ was completely unknown and thus such a question. As long as they knew his true name, they would naturally have a way to deal with him.

His tone was cold and expression stern with his tone neither too servile or overbearing. The white-dressed man was certain that the way he carried himself did not insult the name of a white jade expert of their Yu Family. However, even he didn’t realize that under the prestige of Ling Jian’s aura, he inevitably felt a subconscious fear towards Ling Jian! As for Ling Jian’s humiliating words, he didn’t even dare to retort at all!

“It is your honor for all of you to hear my real name!” Ling Tian snorted with unconcealed killing intent in his eyes, “If all of you are not going to leave, it will really be your misfortune.”

“Misfortune? This Yu wants to see how it will be our misfortune!” Even a man made of clay will have anger, not to mention a white jade expert of the Yu Family! Despite feeling a strong pressure from Ling Jian’s aura, this white dressed man could no longer rein in his anger and issued a challenge!

With a loud ‘s.h.i.+ng’, he pointed his sword at Ling Jian, “If you can defeat me, we will leave obediently as per your orders. But if you cannot win, then you better make way!” Although he was angry, he still left a way out for himself and his subordinates.

Ling Jian snickered and placed his hand on the hilt of his sword. With his eyes staring at the white dressed man coldly, a thunderous roar sounded in the forest! It was Ling Jian pulling out his sword slightly, imbuing his inner qi within the body of his sword and causing it to shake within its sheath. The resulting sound from the friction sounded like thousands of soldiers charging down a battlefield!

The skies were filled with an abundant sword qi being emanated from Ling Jian’s sword which wasn’t even fully out of its sheath! Ling Jian stood there like a mountain and looked as though he was a precious sword that was unleashed from its sheath!

The black iron sword was only unsheathed half a foot, s.h.i.+ning resplendently in the sun!

Before the sword was fully unsheathed, the members of the Yu Family were all defeated mentally! Fear could be seen in all of their eyes as their faces turned pale and they lost all will to battle!

Before they even exchanged a single blow, victory had been determined!

The expert leading the Yu Family let out a sigh as his body deflated and spat out a mouthful of blood. While Ling Jian did not make a move, he was standing right in front of Ling Jian and had to circulate all of his inner qi to block Ling Jian’s aura. At such a level, life and death could happen in an instant with the strong surviving and the weak peris.h.i.+ng. His meridians were already injured by Ling Jian’s formless sword qi and his life was hanging by a thread!

Pin drop silence!

With a loud clang, Ling Jian’s sword returned to the sheath and silence returned to the forest. Ling Jian’s cold gaze swept past the Yu Family experts and none of them dared to even raise their heads.

Ling Jian let out a sneer before shouting, “Leave!”

The carriage started to move again and the members of the Ling Family followed behind it. Under the setting sun, the thirty members of the Yu Family stood there in a daze. The shadows cast by the setting sun had an inexplicable desolate feeling!

Before they arrived, who would have thought that the thirty Yu Family experts wouldn’t even dare to unsheath their sword when facing Ling Jian?

The curtains of the carriage were lifted and Yu BingYan’s head stuck out, “Have they left?”

Ling Chen smiled and said, “Rest a.s.sured sister BingYan, everything is in our control.”

Yu BingYan let out a melancholic sigh, “Sister Chen, for such a thing to happen, this little sister is truly ashamed. I have let you down, I have let the Ling Family down, and I have let Tian’ge down…”

Ling Chen paused for a moment before saying, “Sister BingYan, do you know that young n.o.ble had already predicted the Yu Family’s actions before he left? If he knew the choice that you made, he would definitely be very gratified.”

Yu BingYan let out a long depressed sigh as she forced a smile, “Choice? I have not made any choice and cannot make any choices. If both families were to fight in the open, I may not have helped any sides. However, such a despicable action is not something which I can accept and I will only stand on the side of my beloved!”

Ling Chen responded with an ‘Mmm’ before continuing, “Just relax and everything will be over soon. Young n.o.ble also wishes for you to grow quickly so you can be of aid to him.”

Yu BingYan nodded her head obediently and suddenly asked, “Sister Chen, there is something that I have never understood. Isn’t the Sky Bearing Imperial Family already destroyed and remains in name only? As an empire, shouldn’t Sky Bearing have a Martial Order Medallion as well? If Tian’ge took out the Martial Order Medallion, wouldn’t he be able to avoid his crisis? Why didn’t Tian’ge do that?”

Ling Chen let out a dim smile, “I asked Mister Ye about this after young n.o.ble left. Mister Ye said that the Martial Order Medallion can only be used in the hands of an imperial family member. If someone of another surname were to use it, it would only result in a calamity! If not, with the many experts in the world, wouldn’t the eight Martial Order Medallions end up falling into the hands of the pugilistic world?”

As she said that, she looked at Yu BingYan with a smile, “If not for this restriction, with the strength of the Yu Family, wouldn’t it be an easy task to gather all eight medallions? If that’s the case, wouldn’t Beyond Heavens turn into the slave of the Yu Family?”

Yu BingYan nodded her head and was enlightened, “I see!”

Ling Chen let out a sigh, “What a pity, there isn’t anyone left with Long Xiang’s blood in Sky Bearing and Princess JiaoYue is a lady. If not, as long as we resorted to some means, this crisis would be averted!”

Yu BingYan fell silent for a while before letting out a sigh and returning to her carriage.

Ling Jian rushed forward silently and walked beside Ling Chen.

Ling Chen looked at Ling Jian and was reminded by Ling Jian’s previous performance, “Ling Jian, have you broken through and felt the feeling of being one with the sword? Do you feel as though you are at the peak of the sword way?”

Ling Jian paused for a moment and answered honestly, “That’s right, I do have such a feeling! I feel as though there isn’t anyone in this world capable of fighting me and no one I cannot kill! That is also the reason why I wanted to help young n.o.ble. While that green dressed expert is frightening, I believe that if I sacrifice my life, I will be able to seriously injure that Justice!” As he said that, he looked at Ling Chen. Up until now, he was still brooding over the fact that Ling Chen stopped him from saving Ling Tian. However, he did not dare to throw a fit because of Ling Tian’s orders. Now that Ling Chen was asking him about his martial arts progress, he wanted to make use of this opportunity to say his piece.

“I knew that you would definitely be unconvinced.” Ling Chen let out a bitter laugh and looked towards Ling Jian with a teasing look, “When you entered into seclusion, I asked young n.o.ble something.”

Ling Chen paused for a while and saw that Ling Jian’s face grew serious, “At that time, young n.o.ble said that if you can achieve a breakthrough in your seclusion, you will be able to truly enter the entrance of being one with the sword! Mmm, just the entrance.”


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