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Read Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 284 – Learning Alchemy

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Chapter 284: Learning Alchemy

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

The world acts as the furnace, one’s fate controls everything. Yin and Yang act as coal, and all lives in the world are copper [1]…

Using these four lines of incantations, Feng Lin lit up the furnace and started practicing alchemy!

This was an ancient legacy that Feng Lin had obtained from Mars, a foundational incantation belonging to the Furnace Immortal Sect.

Based on the records, grasping an alchemy skill required one to have extremely powerful control over their mind. The person must be able to sense the finest changes to all sorts of energy that allowed the medicinal effects to combine into one.

This requirement was extremely strict.

In the past, Feng Lin hadn’t been able to grasp this. That was the reason why he had integrated some superficial alchemy skills into gene potions, creating the Crystallized Medicine Creation Technique that ordinary people could consume.

However, at the elite cultivator level, such means were useless.

Only higher grade gene potions or ancient alchemy would be effective in the elite cultivator realm.

Although Feng Lin had received the alchemy legacy, he didn’t fully understand it.

It was because the amount of information from this legacy was too ma.s.sive, with most of them being sealed in his mind. He would only be able to decrypt them after reaching a certain realm.

He must start from the very basics and slowly improve bit by bit.

If he wished to grasp alchemy, he must first be familiar with the techniques.

This included controlling the opening and closing of the furnace, using alchemy techniques to control all sorts of energy to concoct pills.

Feng Lin sat cross-legged on the floor and started to form seals according to the Furnace Alchemy Art.

His ten fingers were like b.u.t.terflies that kept on dancing around amongst the flowers and in the air, forming beautiful seals. The tips of his fingers guided all sorts of mysterious powers to gather toward him.

Nine Revolutions Fire Control Imprint!

Feng Lin’s hands bloomed like a lotus flower, and as his ten fingers moved around, they were like seething flames.

Scorching energy gathered rapidly, forming a lump of flames that floated in the air, burning non-stop.

Feng Lin kept on forming different seals. And along with it, the flames also went through varying changes.

Then, as his seal changed, the flames’ color turned from red to yellow, then to blue, before eventually turning to white.

The changes to the colors meant that the temperature of the flames was rapidly rising.

As the color changed, the form of the flames also underwent varying changes. They would sometimes be thin and long like a python, sometimes flowing like water, sometimes being as big as a meteor, and sometimes densely-packed like a net…

Nine Spirals Water Control Technique!

Feng Lin’s hands moved once again and his spirit force went sweeping out like a fine and invisible net, capturing the water molecules in the air and rapidly gathering them in his palms. The water spun rapidly, turning into a vortex.

He kept forming seals with his hands, and the water molecules became increasingly dense as they combined. In the end, as cold air was released, they condensed into ice, turning into an ice flower that kept on spinning non-stop in the air. It looked translucent and was radiating with an icy glow.

Controlling fire and water together was the very basics in alchemy.

Using flames to refine medicinal items, then using the flow of water to extract the impurities. It was the principle of water and fire, using two completely different energies to refine medicinal herbs and producing qualitative changes.

However, these were the most ordinary means, and there were still many mysterious techniques in alchemy. The rarer the pills were, the more such mysterious techniques would be required.

Nine Heavens Thunder Control Art!

Feng Lin put his hands together and raised them high up. They seemed to pierce through the sky like a treasured sword that wanted to split the world apart.


Thunderbolts crackled and came cras.h.i.+ng down with a majestic prowess. All impurities turned into dust and dissipated into the air.

Samadhi Divine Wind Art!


Cold wind blew. This wind wasn’t normal. It could dissolve bones and melt metal, disintegrating everything.

Five Elements Counter-Engender Technique!

Five fingers each represented and controlled different elements of the five basic elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. They formed a cycle that reinforced and counteracted each other, integrating the medicinal effects and condensing them into one!

There were all sorts of techniques to control energy, each of them having different profoundness.

Feng Lin discovered to his surprise that the alchemy techniques weren’t just simply used for controlling energy. They also nurtured the essence of energies.

As Feng Lin kept on practicing, he also got immersed in it, feeling that his grasp over the essence of energies became deeper. This was a sort of cultivation in itself.

Genetic potential +0.6, +0.6, +0.6…

After discovering this trick, Feng Lin no longer acted ambiguously. He brought out transcendent holy water and many other gene potions, swallowing them down in one go, and fully focused on practicing alchemy techniques.

Genetic potential +2.1, +2.1, +2.1…

Chaos was a seamless whole like the myriad manifestations of the universe, containing creation and boundless great dao.

Learning the art of alchemy was essentially a type of profound cultivation.

Feng Lin’s genetic potential rose rapidly, and he soon obtained one transcendent genetic point.

However, his greatest takeaway was still having grasped the alchemy techniques. He could now attempt to concoct pills!

“Recall!” Feng Lin formed the furnace recalling seal and pointed out to the huge furnace from afar.

The pill concoction furnace floated silently in the air, starting to spin rapidly and shrinking in size. It turned into a small furnace and landed on his hand.

He let out a soft laugh, feeling that his refinement of the furnace had improved. He could now freely control its size, and pill concoction was naturally not an issue anymore.

Everything was within his expectations.

Then the next thing was to choose what kind of pills he should concoct.

Grandmist Fate Pill?

Feng Lin instinctively thought of that amazing pill that seemed as if it had a life of its own. However, his rationality still told him to give up on this unrealistic thought.

Pills that had lives of their own could be compared with fate-determining means that could create lives. They weren’t something that he could intrude into. If he were to recklessly step into this G.o.dly and demonic domain, even the tiniest backlash would not be something that he, an elite cultivator, would be able to withstand. He would just be courting death.

Infinity Pill!

Allowing one’s body to turn into the Infinity Body, possessing the flexibility of dealing with energies of all attributes!

It was a good pill, but the concoction process required a total of forty-nine days before the furnace could be opened up. Moreover, he would need to take it daily for three years before the effect could be seen.

Both the time and medicinal effects were not suitable for Feng Lin’s current situation.

Inextinguishable Fire Pill!

The power of blazing fire tempered the cultivator’s physique, making it indestructible, unfearful of fire, and being able to move freely in the sea of fire.

One pill was to be taken daily, and there would be a weakening period for ten days.

The aftereffect was too great; it wasn’t a good choice.

Disguise Pill!

This pill could let one freely change their forms, misleading others.

(I’ve awakened the Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene and have an innate transformation ability. This pill is useless to me. I might as well not have it!)

Feng Lin kept on browsing the information of all sorts of medicinal pills, selecting through them. He finally locked onto a seemingly ordinary medicinal pill.

Marrow-cleansing pill!

It was a basic medicinal pill that cleansed impurities and tempered the human body. It could strengthen one’s foundations and increase one’s vitality, allowing one’s cultivating speed to increase in folds.

This medicinal pill might seem to be very basic, but its effect was the greatest and could support their cultivation.

Cultivation was the only essential aspect of cultivators!

Moreover, this pill wasn’t anything rare, and the difficulty to concoct it wasn’t high. The ingredients it required weren’t hard to find either. It was most suited for a beginner like him to practice.

The thing that suited him was the best!

After all this while, it was impossible for him to not understand this principle.

He decided on this medicinal pill.

Next, he used his ident.i.ty microchip and kept on tapping consecutively.

The examiners had already given him full access to many rare cultivating resources. He could choose them freely.

Dragon-leaf Gra.s.s, Mystic Yin Water, Life Replenis.h.i.+ng Paste…

He made his choice and very soon, a pile of cultivating resources was sent to his room by robots.

Feng Lin was in no hurry to get to them. Instead, he closed his eyes and sat upright, regaining his composure and regulating his breathing.

After over three hours, his depleted energy was completely recovered. He then got up and rapidly started working.

With an explosive sound, flames burst out in the furnace.

Open furnace, concoct pills!

Everything was just starting now…

[1] Relation to copper in that copper is left to be manipulated in the furnace.


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