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Chapter 515: Four Monkeys vs. Five SpiritsTranslator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

The four monkeys took four positions, surrounding Feng Lin. Each of them wore sharp gazes that radiated light, and they pounced forth.

A violent cry rang out.

A completely black monkey stepped on the water and headed upward. It held a Heavenly River Trident in its hand and swung it casually, instantly bringing forth overwhelming waves. It was as if the heavenly river had been turned upside down and was gus.h.i.+ng downward, fending off the five spirits.

This wasn’t an ordinary water, but the Constellation True Water from the heavenly river. It was of extreme yin—cold and pure in nature.

Pffft pffft pffft!

Even though the vermillion bird had the Brightsouth Lifire to protect it, being able to burn everything, it was now completely drenched, the flames extinguished.

A phoenix that had lost its feathers was worse than a chicken!

The vermillion bird’s prowess reduced tremendously. It immediately flapped its wings, wanting to dodge.

The black tortoise used the Darknorth True Water against the Constellation True Water, forming a huge whirlpool that swept them within it.

Another monkey was extremely small and didn’t stand out. However, it listened to all directions with its six ears.

Suddenly, as if it had heard something, it revealed a surprised gaze. Its lean and small body shook slightly, and it disappeared from the spot, melting into the wind.

At the next instant, a great tremor rang through the entire void s.p.a.ce.

A white tiger materialized, bellowing furiously. With its savage mouth, it bit out toward its back.

The small monkey had appeared out of nowhere, sitting on the tiger’s back and jumping about agilely.

The white tiger’s figure disappeared once again, hiding in the void.

The monkey had six ears and could hear all movements in the world. Nothing could hide from it.

Although the white tiger was elusive, it was ineffective before the Six-eared Macaque’s remarkable skill.

The monkey moved even more agilely than the white tiger, giving chase relentlessly. It held onto a weapon that was like a staff or a spear, being able to change into many forms. It was known as the Formless Metallic Staff Weapon!

The tiger and monkey got into a scuffle.

Boom boom boom!

Thick silver hair fluttered with the wind. The divine monkey with monstrous strength beat on its chest loudly, holding onto a pitch-black metal staff. It stared at the azure dragon, and the black staff suddenly grew thicker and longer, smas.h.i.+ng down like a heavenly pillar.

This staff was known as the Wrought Iron Heaven Holding Pillar!

The azure dragon’s body was 100 zhang long, moving in the air. As if G.o.d was enraged, as its body moved about, it wrapped around the heavenly pillar and sent endless thunderbolts cras.h.i.+ng down.

The Tongbi Ape wasn’t afraid at all and confronted it head-on.

The azure dragon held tightly onto it, electrifying the Tongbi Ape’s hair until they were charred and smoke was rising up.

Under the great pain, the Tongbi Ape became even more ferocious. It bared its sharp teeth and bit down fiercely. Its thick and strong arms strangled the dragon’s neck, not releasing its grip.

Fresh blood splattered!

The two ferocious creatures tore and bit at each other. The entire scene was extremely b.l.o.o.d.y.

Dong dong dong!

The kirin stepped on the air, bringing along endless auspicious auras sweeping out. No arts could work against it.

Many magical techniques clashed and landed on its body, but they would immediately dissipate silently.

It stood amongst everything, as if taking a leisurely stroll in the courtyard. Nothing could hurt it.

A pair of gazes that were like golden swords shot out.

A golden monkey performed a somersault in the air, turning into a stream of golden light that broke through the air. The Ruyi Golden Cudgel in its hand was swung about, sweeping out.

The auspicious qis were extremely strong, and the metal cudgel struck hard against them, sending out streams of qi explosions. The kirin stomped over with its ma.s.sive hooves.

The golden monkey’s body swayed slightly, and its hair immediately dropped to the ground, turning into many clones that held onto a golden cudgel. They were like a huge army that surrounded the kirin in many layers, causing it to be unable to break out.

Bang bang bang!

Knocking sounds rang out incessantly.

The four monkeys cuddled together tightly, spinning like a top. They each held their respective weapons, moving very quickly and performing extraordinary magical techniques. They were also unrivaled in close combat, fighting against the five spirits in the air. The battle was intense.

The world became a chaotic battlefield.

The audiences in the Heaven Reaching PaG.o.da also felt that everything was flas.h.i.+ng by very quickly before their eyes. They couldn’t tell the state of the battle.

Origin Spirit Law!

When Wa`E saw this scene, she was secretly surprised. Gleams of disbelief radiated in her eyes. She felt that her opponents had too many aces up his sleeves that they were almost endless. This made it hard for her to grasp him.

Previously, This Lin Feng’s strength had been unrivaled, being capable of carrying a mountain on his back. However, right now, even his magical techniques had reached such a great realm.

However, what made her the most perplexed was the four monkeys’ background. To think that they could rival her five spiritual beasts!

The vermillion bird of the south, the black tortoise of the north, the azure dragon of the east, the white tiger of the west, and the kirin in the middle…

These five spiritual beasts were the mythological knowledge that she had unearthed from the ancient memories of her own mythological path.

They had been transformed from the origin source of the five elemental qis in the world, and were said to be the kings of the divine beasts.

There were also different tiers amongst techniques that developed their origin spirits.

And the prowess of her divine beasts was also the strongest!

Only spiritual beasts of the same tier could handle them!

(What on earth are these four monkeys?)

Wa`E looked at Feng Lin, emitting great curiosity toward him. She could only feel that there was a great cloud of mystery enveloping him, which made it hard for her to fathom.

Right now, the four monkeys and the five spirits were all engaged in a tussle.

Neither Feng Lin nor Wa`E just watched without doing anything.

Wa`E condensed the five-colored divine light once again, sending it sweeping over. Wherever they pa.s.sed by, everything would be struck back to their most primitive state.

Out of which, the Tongbi Ape was struck. Instantly, obvious red traces appeared on its broad back. It cried out in great pain, was then entangled by the azure dragon, and left in a tight spot!

“How can I let you have your way?” Feng Lin let out a cold snort and put his hands together. Eight auras surrounded him and the world’s phenomena appeared amidst them!

The two sides clashed then met each other. The battle went on for a very long time!

As expected of elite adept cultivators!

Feng Lin thought to himself.

Elite adepts were at a realm where they were half-human half-G.o.d. Each of them was a rare talent that wasn’t to be underestimated to be able to reach this stage.

Right now, every upgrade in tier had become increasingly difficult.

Feng Lin naturally had the means of winning if he were to use some other methods. However, wouldn’t that mean that he had admitted his loss in terms of magical techniques?

Feng Lin was unwilling to see things go this way.

In this trip to the Heaven Reaching PaG.o.da, clearing the stages was only secondary to him. The most crucial thing for him was to fight against different cultivators in the universe. He wanted to use this chance to temper his own mythological path, gradually heading up to the pinnacle.

Since it was a battle of magical techniques, he was going to see through it to the very end!

Feng Lin went all out to perform the various techniques.

The eight auras of Xiantian circulated, transforming into various magical techniques.

The five-colored divine light moved around with great dominance, heading everywhere they wanted to.

Both of them performed their different means, which were at the pinnacle of magical techniques.

“This Wa`E wields power over the five elements. The five elements in the universe are all within her control. If my own means can’t jump out of the five elements, then I won’t be able to emerge victorious!”

Jump out of the five elements?

Feng Lin was struck by an idea. He got it!

His gaze suddenly locked onto the Chaotic World Monkeys!

The four monkeys and the five spirits were all Xiantian divine creatures. Therefore, all Houtian magical techniques weren’t able to harm them at all.

However, it was still possible for Houtian to overcome and win over Xiantian…

Genetic potential +6,600!

Feng Lin comprehended this point and his genetic potential increased tremendously!


Without any hesitation, with a single thought, the Chaotic World Monkeys suddenly abandoned their own opponents and headed toward Feng Lin.

[What is he trying to do?]

Wa`E was on her guard. An idea appeared in Feng Lin’s mind, but it was hard for him to explain it. He could only start taking action based on the inspiration he had.

The four monkeys spun like a top, and suddenly, their bodies broke down, returning into their qi state. They rapidly joined together into one, forming a lump of gloomy qi. They were like smoke or fog, emitting an extremely primitive and ancient aura. It was as if the world had yet to be opened up, and everything was just in a state of chaos and unknown.

Gradually, a strange qi stream appeared. It made one’s heart skipped a beat instinctively, feeling as if their blood flow was speeding up.

It was as if some kind of extremely horrifying existence was going to be born.

Wa`E was struck by a great sense of danger and didn’t dare to attack recklessly. She quickly summoned the five spirits close to her to defend her.

Everyone subconsciously held their breaths, not daring to breathe too heavily.

A black shadow slowly took form above that gray ball of qi. It had a ma.s.sive head and four unopened eyes. It faintly glimmered in golden light, and eight thick arms were raised high up, either forming seals, holding weapons or treasured bottles…

Everything was encompa.s.sed within the gray fog and was very blurry. Only the shape could be seen clearly, but it couldn’t be seen thoroughly.


By the time everyone took a close look, a golden light burst out at the next instant. It was so piercing that they weren’t able to open their eyes.

“What happened?”

“What’s going on?”

“What’s the result?”

A series of gasps rang out, and the golden light gradually dissipated.

Everyone took a look and noticed that Wa`E had unknowingly returned to her human form and was lying on the ground. She had lost the ability to fight back.

The five spiritual beasts had also disappeared without a trace.

Everything took place unknowingly. Other than the traces left behind from the battle, it was as if nothing had happened.

It was as if everything from before had been wiped out abnormally out of nowhere!

That’s right, wiped out!

It was cleaner than being rubbed away by an eraser!

The gray qis in front of Feng Lin also disappeared without a trace. It was as if everything was just a dream.

“What was that?” Wa`E raised her head with great difficulty and asked.

[Good question!]

[I have no idea either!]

Feng Lin thought to himself. It seemed that he had come up with something extraordinary!

Even though he had gone all-out, he was unable to let that existence materialize fully.

Feng Lin had the premonition that the four monkeys joining together likely involved the ultimate profoundness of mythologies. However, he was unable to grasp it at this moment. He could only wait to probe further in greater detail in the future.

He was unable to give an answer and thus didn’t say much. He turned and walked toward the higher level.

“What magical technique was that? Why could that win against me?” said Wa`E who found it hard to accept this. It was because this was such a baffling loss, and she felt so helpless.

Could it be that there was an even more unfathomable realm above that where their techniques developed origin spirit?

She had a strong urge to find out and kept her eyes on Feng Lin.

Feng Lin paused for a moment but didn’t look back. He then continued forward and was about to reach the higher level, his figure disappearing, only a line rang out.

“It’s because I’ve already jumped out of the three realms and isn’t within the five elements!”


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