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Read LEGENDARY GUARDIAN 129 Chapter 129: Legacy! 1

LEGENDARY GUARDIAN is a web novel completed by Riviz.
This webnovel is presently ongoing.

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“Demos… Demos!” Derik cried out over and over again but no one responded.

In this domain of divine light, he could feel his death magic been greatly suppressed and his dark and tainted soul slowly perishing. He knew that if he is unable to escape this place any time soon, he will perish.

He twirled around frantically and scanned the surrounding with his darkish purple fiery eyes, but he still failed to see through the dazzling light, therefore he couldn’t make out a thing.

“Aaaaah… the one who cleared the dungeon is the death mage of this era… Interesting… Demos has trained you well… You will most likely become the strongest wielder of the death magic… that is if you manage to leave the moonlight forest alive” A majestic voice which sounded like roaring thunder and lightning shook the entire domain.

Instantly, the dazzling light of the domain reduced and Derik could finally breathe easily. The voice of the unknown being who controls this s.p.a.ce scared the c.r.a.p out of him and he couldn’t bear it. Black blood rolled down his ears and it seemed as if he would go deaf at any moment.

“Who… who… who are you?” Derik stuttered as he spoke. He didn’t dare to show his face, instead, he hid it with his hands.

“I am the one who created this dungeon, the one who created this world… the one who holds the life of all man, animal or beast…” The voice roared

“The creator!’ Derik hissed in astonishment and quickly retreated.

Derik has heard of the creator on numerous occasions and in all accounts, he has been portrayed as the lord of light which vanquishes all evil in the world.

Why won’t he be scared of this being?

At this point, Derik was drowning in despair and fear, waiting for this absolute being who easily defeated the fallen archangel of the life element when he was at the peak grade of the demi-G.o.d realm, only a step away from the G.o.d realm!

How can a mere peak grade bronze realm warrior such as himself stand against this being?

He finally realized why the dazzling light of this domain can easily subdue Demos and cleanse his tainted soul

“Fear not… the holy church, the winged men, they are all descendants of the fallen angel Samael… the being they claim to be the creator and make people worship is not myself, it is Samael…” The creator spoke in a soothing low tone which made Derik feel relaxed.

“I created all the guardian spirits and elements that this world possesses, why destroy my own creation. Be it death or life element, I do not discriminate, they are all my power, so there is no reason for me to destroy you… there is no reason to fear… Little death mage” the creator added.

Hearing this Derik finally calmed down, but that still didn’t stop him from hiding his face. The divine power that was attacking his soul slowly faded and he quickly regained his strength, but he still couldn’t contact Demos.

“So… what is this place?… what is the sky rift?… what is the purpose of this dungeon?… and if you are the creator, why didn’t you take the chance to defeat Samael while we fought against him… I know he rebelled against you and to escape your wrath he ran into his domain where you can’t reach him” Derik spat out all the questions in his mind immediately.

“Hahahahaha! So many questions from a child… interesting… What is this place? this is one of my numerous domains… the sky rift is just a pa.s.sageway leading to other, unexplored parts of this planet… the main purpose is to equip the inhabitants of this world with proper equipment for what is to come… and why would I interfere with the business of mortals? Samael’s quarrel with you all is not my concern… even if he should break into the G.o.d realm, I will still defeat him… Originally, I planned to kill him off if he defeats you all and made his way through the ancient teleportation formation… but you and the other hosts prevented such an event, so no worries” The creator took his time to reply each and every question thrown at him.

“If you want to equip your creations for what is to come… why make us fight each other to reach here… why the conflict?” Derik asked

“It is simple… entertainment…” The Creator answered honestly

“What?” Derik was startled by the answer he got

“Isn’t it obvious? I have been alive from the beginning of time… I too get bored… why did you think I created you all? To serve me? Hahahaha! Not really… it’s all for the entertainment! This is necessary, lest I get bored… and trust me, no one wants to see me get bored” The creator said nonchalantly.

Hearing this Derik was shocked, all this while and even now, the world holds the creator in high esteem. If they found out they are all created with the sole purpose of entertaining this G.o.dly being, how will they feel? Derik gritted his teeth in anger but dared not utter a word against the creator, he finally understood one of the reasons why Samael tried to rebel against the creator and partially cursed Demos for getting in his way.

“I can read your mind… I know you are discontented with my actions but it doesn’t really matter to me… Do you think that Samael would have survived the encounter with me if I wished him dead? Impossible… he would have been obliterated if I wanted him dead… but I let him live… I know he gains more power as long as his worshippers and dedicated apostles of the holy church keep praying to him… yet I let them live because they are not considered a threat to me… Samael is not a threat… even if all the guardian spirits band together, they cannot stand my power… I AM ABSOLUTE! PERFECTION!!!” The creator’s voice roared like thunder once again.

But this time, Derik was not scared, he pulled away his hands from his face and stared into the blinding light at the distance with a frown on his face.

How can the world serve a being like this? A tyrant!

“Nothing is absolute… no one is truly immortal… claiming to be perfection simply means there is no room for growth…” Derik sneered

“Hahahahaha! This one has a backbone… brave kid… really brave… the others who have succeeded in clearing the dungeon in the past bowed before me and showered me with kind words, hiding their anger… cowards! But you… you are different… Do you dare stand and speak your mind right to my face? Excellent! I will give you something special as a reward for your courage… if this world had more people like you, then things won’t be so boring… I like you, kid and I am watching closely!’ The creator’s laughter echoed for minutes even after his presence faded.

This time, three items shrouded in b.a.l.l.s of light fell from the above and quickly dashed into Derik’s storage ring even before he could react.

“The expedition troops of the four kingdoms are waiting for you at the moonlight forest with malicious intentions… let’s not keep them waiting… I like you kid… hopefully, you won’t die here… off you go!” the creator’s words echoed in Derik’s head and he was soon shrouded by a ball of dazzling light.


Derik reappeared on the ma.s.sive boulder where the sky rift appeared and all around him and even in the forest were the remnants of the various expedition troops of all four kingdoms. They all wore malicious faces as their murderous gaze remained fixed on Derik.

“And this is the hard part…” Demos’ voice echoed in his head


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