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The news of team gyro’s defeat at the hands of team guardian spread like wide fire, starting from the kingdom pub to the other parts of the capital and then to the other parts of the kingdom. Even the thought of a recruit team from a small town, being able to fight on equal footing with teams from the capital is considered foolish, not to talk of the royal families’ adventurer team being defeated.At first, people rejected this news and branded it as an attempt by Derik’s group to make a name for themselves by spreading rumors around. Also, since the news came from the lips of all those irresponsible people who spend most of their time and money at the kingdom pub, drinking and hooking up with hoes, they decided not to take these people seriously. But then something miraculous happened, all over the capital were orbs of water similar to that used during the inter cla.s.s compet.i.tion but this one was reasonably smaller, the size of a human fist. On these sky blue orbs of water were images of member team guardian battling the members of the famous gyro team. The appearance of the adventurers a.s.sociation creator, Gerald gyro and the kingdom guardian, Kalos startled everyone who watched this. After they heard the elder prince and kingdom guardian claim that the members of the team guardian would have won if they didn’t step in, these people were stunned. As normal civilians, these two important figures were regarded as G.o.ds and they dare not doubt the words of these two legendary men.Soon, the discontent which they initially felt for Derik’s team changed to admiration, by the way, it’s not easy to earn the recognition of two top tier masters is not something anyone can do. Those team’s which initially bore evil intentions completely changed their mind.While the kingdom was still in the process of digesting this news, a new batch of water orbs appeared and floated around. New images appeared on the crystal clear orbs, showing Donald’s fight with a recruit adventurer team. Surprisingly, this pulled as much weight as the previous video. A single recruit, soloing a whole team? This is unheard of!For a complete week, the name “Team guardian” was on the lips of every man, woman, and child in the kingdom. The water orbs soon spread across the kingdom, getting to even the smallest towns! These people now felt empathy for the team whenever they remembered the words of the kingdom guardian. Considering all that has happened so far, the team has always been on the bad side of the royal family. All the royal family needed is a reason to act against them. Even though this is not enough to take their life, it should enough reason for them to torture this little team from a little town…Meanwhile…One week Later…In a s.p.a.cious hall filled with portraits of various red haired men and women which once ruled this great kingdom. Standing at the center of the royal courtroom, surrounded by various n.o.bles of various status in the kingdom, Derik and the rest of the team wore solemn expressions on their faces as they stared at the golden throne adorned with various rare ornaments which were placed on a higher platform in the room.

For the last seven days, Derik and the rest of the team have been kept in the palace where they have endured all kinds of harsh treatments and tortures! The punishment which was meant to last for only seven days has suddenly taken an unexpected turn. The team had initially agreed to silently endure this treatment, and for the past five days, they were visited by members of team gyro who was meant to be receiving the same treatment but was able to escape this because of their family background.In the eyes of the royal family, Kira and the others who were all from tier one n.o.ble households were almost as filthy as Derik who was just a comment. But in the end, they were still members of a n.o.ble of the kingdom so their treatments were not as cruel as that of Derik. He was placed in a different cell, isolated from the rest of the team. The walls of the cell seemed to be enchanted by the same magic as that of the kingdom pub with prevented those outside from knowing what was happening inside. Things were going smoothly until the sixth day when the jailer stumbled into their cell at night, he wasn’t putting his guard’s attire and his eyes were bloodshot. A strong stench hovered around him, where ever he went and the instant he walked into the cell, Kira and the rest knew that he was drunk and this made them nervous Not only was this man a low grade bronze rated warrior but they were also bound by magical chains that even this low grade bronze rated warrior won’t be able to break. As for the mages of the team, their magic has been suppressed by their own chains making them unable to concentrate and a certain level of concentration is needed for a mage to cast spells. This made them anxious!The jailer soon started uttering nonsense, speaking on his personal issues and things that didn’t even concern them. They even became more anxious when the mood swings began kicking inIn their presence, this man cried while laughing so hard his face reddened and it seemed as if it was going to pop any moment but everyone remained calm and didn’t utter a single word not to attract his attention. After the man finished speaking, he turned and walked towards the exit but stopped and turned his attention to Daemon whose clothes were partly shredded, revealing her mesmerizing figure which instantly stole the man’s attention. With l.u.s.tful eyes, this man ran towards Daemon with a crazed expression and began ripping her clothes. Even under the pleas of Kira and the others he kept ripping her clothes and ignored their words It’s was then that a brilliant golden light shone within the room and the shackles which bounded Cyrus were soon blown into oblivion! Even though his eyes were snow white, the anger in his eyes was still visible. Depending on the power which he attended from taking off his limiters, Cyrus battled the jailer for over five minutes and when other guards arrived, it was already too late. Cyrus struck down the jailer, taking the man’s life.….….….Bam!!!The large golden doors suddenly burst open and members of the royal family walked in under the protection of the royal guards. Feeling powerless under the shackles which bound their hands and legs, Donald and the others instinctively moved to the side creating a path for these people to pa.s.s. But to their greatest surprise, Derik stayed with an ugly expression on his face and signs of disgust on his face as he ferociously glared at the royal family.”Step aside boy!!!” One of the guards roared and quickly unsheathed his weapon”Derik, come on man… move!” Gin cried outAs this was regarded as a murder case, it was broadcasted throughout the kingdom and now everyone got to see the defiant face of the archer in the Guardian team!


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