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Chapter 20: Brandishing shameless aliens

Tanamo continued, “I don’t know how many people in the galaxy are thinking of taking the zirconium from our planet, Auguste.” He turned around, two pairs of forefeet waving excitedly, and the hair of his feet waving in the air. “If it hadn’t been for the sake of you saving me, I would not have sold you the zirconium or gold, even defective ones!”

Auguste quickly laughed at Tanamo, “Since you thank me so much, the deal is still there. There is an old saying on the ancient earth that the grace of dripping water should be reciprocated by the gushing spring. It’s time for you to repay me.”

== Hai’an never knew that his owner could be so brazen. It seemed that Carl’s face must have been learned from Auguste.

Tanamo pretended not to hear Auguste, and Bena waited for them on the steps not far ahead.

“Bena! Give the bottle to Auguste!” Tanamo said to Bena.

Bena held a bottle in her hand. It contained liquid zirconium and gold. Flowing like water, it emitted a light yellow fluorescence. She handed the bottle to Auguste.

Suddenly Carl came up and took the zirconium. “Let me take it.”

Auguste didn’t care about Carl either. “You won’t have peace here for long.” He glanced at Tanamo. “The arms of the Free Alliance are no better than those of the Empire. Zirconium is a must have for them.”

Tanamo listened with two pairs of insect feet raised, then shrugged, making a very indifferent appearance. “That depends on whether we want to give it to them. Lota beta 11 is not where they can come at will.” He raised one insect foot, tried to put it on Auguste’s shoulder but was evaded by Auguste. Tanamo didn’t care, and went on to say, “Besides, the people of the Freedom Alliance are not so foolish. They must not be the Freedom Alliance, but a group of brain-damaged ministers of the Empire that have abetted the Legion to come and attack us directly.”

“Not necessarily.” Auguste looked at the bottle in Carl’s hand. The zirconium and gold essence in the bottle was slightly shaky, and some fine-grained fluorescence was floating down from the liquid level and falling slowly. The more precious thing, the more beautiful it is.

Zirconium was essential for the evolution of Lota beta 11. If Zirconium is insufficient, their civilization would stagnate. Zirconium was also one of the best metal materials for forging Star Warships. With a little, it could enhance the defensive capabilities of the entire warship and isolate all current means of interstellar exploration.

Auguste’s Sixth Legion was very small, but it ranked in the top ten of more than 200 Legions for a reason. This was because they had the inseparable addition of zirconium to the construction materials of the Vagrant.

“Freeport has broken out in war. Time is their most precious thing. The nearest zirconium-gold miner to Freeport is Lota beta 11. Whether the Empire or the Freedom Alliance wants zirconium, how can you be sure that the Freedom Alliance people will not come?” Auguste looked into Tanamo’s eyes and asked.

Tanamo was stunned when he heard these words. “But if I don’t want to give it to them, they can’t take it away.”

“What if you have to?” When Auguste finished asking, he paused and looked down at Hai’an. “Dean joined the Freedom Alliance. If he comes with the Freedom Alliance and asks you for zirconium, you will give it.”

Tanamo was silent. After a while, he sighed and said slowly, “You’re right. I would give it to him…”

More than a hundred years ago, the Sixth Legion rescued an interstellar public merchant ship that was hijacked by interstellar pirates. One of the merchants on board was Tanamo. Tanamo was one of the most exotic beings coming from Lota beta 11. Those from Lota beta 11 would never leave, but Tanamo wanted to be an interstellar merchant, which meant that he had to leave Lota beta 11.

The technology on Lota beta 11 was very ancient, which could be seen from the fact that they still lived in sand walls a hundred years later. They didn’t even use technology to improve their lives. The technology of hotels was just to deal with foreign tourists.

Tanamo had to travel on the interstellar public merchant ship because Lota Beta 11 did not have enough technology to provide him with a s.p.a.ceship, even if they owned the largest zirconium and gold deposit in the entire interstellar s.p.a.ce system.

Unfortunately, for the first time in business, he met with interstellar pirates.

It was Auguste and Dean who saved him. Dean was also a fighter in the Sixth Legion at that time. But in that operation, he and Auguste’s uniforms were damaged, but he did not have Auguste’s physique. So he was attacked by strong radiation and could only have the same physique as ordinary people.

He could no longer fight. Dean had rarely appeared since he retired from the Sixth Legion, but he became a member of the Freedom Alliance.

“If Dean comes, you will give him zirconium. The Empire will not care about your personal grievances. They will only think that you are on the side of the Freedom Alliance.”

“That’s it. We’re ruined.” Tanamo’s insect feet waved in disorder, and then suddenly rushed Bena. Bena quickly held him, “What do we do? Bena, the clan will eat me!”

“Boss, calm down.” The insect feet of the two insects are rubbing and pushing against each other. This picture was too beautiful for Hai’an to see.

“You can also leave Lota beta 11.” Obviously Auguste couldn’t look down on it either.

Tanamo was desperate, “Where can I go if I leave here?” He tried to cover his eyes with two insect feet and was stuck by his own foot hairs. The mournful cries that came through the translator were even more terrible.

“You can go to Flower Street,” Lydney interposed, but he was afraid of his impoliteness and looked at Auguste. After all, he was the captain and he was only a crew member.

Auguste motioned Lydney to continue.

“If you take zirconium and go to Youden Garden on Flower Street for auction, Dean will surely come to you and let you sell it to him at a low price.” Lydney continued to finish what he was thinking. He was a little nervous.

Carl was the first to encourage him, “Lydney, you’re so smart!”

Tanamo’s eyes lit up after listening. “Ah, you aliens not only eat, but you’re also very smart.”

That’s right, it wouldn’t be related to Lota beta 11 in an auction. This could give them closure and stay away from politics.

Tanamo raised his insect feet again and tried to pat Lydney on the shoulder. As a result, Carl pulled Lydney over and refused to let Tanamo pat him. Auguste took his eyes off Hai’an and looked at them both. Carl seemed to realize that something was wrong with his actions, and quickly let go of Lydney’s hand.

“Ah!” Lydney let out a cry of pain.

“What’s wrong?” Carl got nervous again and asked. Then it suddenly occurred to him that just now he had no control over his strength and had probably hurt Lydney’s arm.

After all, Carl had enough strength to kick open Auguste’s door.


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