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Lessons On Raising A Partner is a web novel created by Ācí Gūniáng.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Chapter 47: The night before the little Hai’an

Whatever they were doing, take the fruit first!

Carl quickly shook off his bag he got on Lota Beta 11 and filled it with the fruit. Colin and Corson also quickly squatted down to help.

Hai’an was actually a little embarra.s.sed, in the process of his communication with the plant goblins, the strongest message was “this fruit looks terrible, but it is very useful.” How could plant goblins allow others to say that the fruits of their own plants were unpleasant, so they sent a message to Hai’an: “You eat. It’s delicious, if you don’t believe it, you can also share it with others, and those who have eaten say it’s good!”

So there was the scene of the plant goblins desperately throwing fruit. The plant goblins were actually a very lovely race.

Hai’an also asked the plant goblins about the meaty pink planet. The two goblins said they didn’t know. They had been living in this cave all this time and depended on small animals to feed. As a result, they didn’t know what day the animals froze to death. This also cut off their food sources, but they could not leave their plant and almost died of hunger. .

As a result, a group of worms suddenly came out one day. There was no doubt that the first worm was eaten by the goblins, but the goblins thought that the worms were nasty to eat as they tasted bad, and were sour. Soon after the worm died, it would turn into stone, making it not only unable to eat, but also difficult to clean up. However, they wouldn’t starve to death, so they planned to raise a few worms first. They’d think about tomorrow.

The two goblins used to feed on small animals, gra.s.s and leaves, but Pyramid was stuck in winter, and the plants had frozen to death. They had to pick their fruit and feed them to the worms.

The worm monster ate the fruit and became worm-men. They tasted great in that form!

They tasted soft, a bite of sweet juice splashed out, making them sweet and delicious.

Hai’an: …

Now the two goblins were excited. What was better than having a group of delicious reserves? So that was why there was a bunch of fat worms out there. But Auguste burned up their grain reserves in a single blow.

The two goblins were very unhappy. Auguste could blow fire; most plants were afraid of fire. They could not beat Auguste and they did not know the next time they could make a food reserve.

Hai’an had to let them vent, and when they were able to communicate with Auguste, the crew would help them solve their food problem.

They wanted to wait for Hai’an to change forms.

Auguste had already grabbed enough fruit to leave. When they left, the two goblins gently tugged their lips upward and learned Hai’an’s form of waving. The others did not respond, except Colin, who waved at the two goblins.

The two goblins grinned and expressed their friendship to Colin.

Colin: I’m so cheap! 

It was so easy for this man to be happy. Plant goblins also grew beautifully. Colin began to feel that the world was too unfathomable, that he was too young.

Red Shield stood outside the cave and picked them up one by one. Jones said goodbye to them at the foot of the snowy mountain. Carl was left with only ten pieces of fruit. All the other fruit was taken away by Jones. For Auguste, the fruit was only for the sake of JianJian. They did not need many.

Auguste pa.s.sed the coordinates of the snow wolf’s cave to Leston, who was left on the ship, and asked him to drive the ship over. They still couldn’t find a way out of this constellation and they had to live on Pyramid first. The worm monsters had not been cleaned up yet so they decided to live close to the snow wolves for convenience, that way they could find ways to deal with the pink planet.

In the distant snowy sky, suddenly a huge black s.p.a.ceship appeared, Leston descended the stairs and let Auguste get on board.

When Auguste returned to the ship, he asked Carl and Lydney to send some clothes, quilts and fire kits to the snow wolves for the winter. Then he let Lydney show them the current situation of interstellar science. Pyramid was a newly discovered planet, and the snow wolves and plant goblins were the only intelligent creatures found on the planet.

The plant goblins obviously couldn’t communicate. They could only start with the snow wolves and help them integrate into the interstellar chain as soon as possible.

Hai’an shook his leaves happily. Although the human fruit seemed to make him have no appet.i.te, but! He’ll be back soon! There will be a little Hai’an in a minute! Hai’an wriggled left and right in the nest.

“JianJian is mad.” Colin pointed at Hai’an who was shaking wildly to Auguste. “I suspect that the saliva of the two plants in the cave is poisonous!” Colin frowned and spoke seriously.

Not to mention his stubble, Auguste’s face was more serious and frightening than Colin’s.

Auguste clasped the little nest and went back to his room with Hai’an in his arms. Once inside, Auguste took Hai’an out of the nest, replaced Hai’an’s soil and gave him a new orange flowerpot. Hai’an was able to drink water by himself, but this time Auguste took a small sprinkler and showered Hai’an from head to roots.

Hai’an shook his leaves and dropped some water. He wondered what Auguste was doing.

In fact, Auguste was depressed. He carefully guarded Hai’an for so long that no one else touched Hai’an. As a result, he was licked by two wild plants the moment he left the Vagrant.

Instead of smelling Auguste’s little sour feeling, Hai’an stretched out a vine to hook Auguste’s little thumb and shook it gently, as if he were trying to be coquettish.

I want the fruit, I want to transform.~

Auguste, who was still angry, was so shaken by Hai’an that he pulled up his stool and sat in front of him. He took out a fruit and put it in front of Hai’an. Hai’an stretched out his vines and wanted to drink the fruit but Auguste stepped back, and Hai’an could not reach him. The wronged vines rolled back.

“Don’t let anyone touch you next time.” Auguste looked down at Hai’an and said softly. “I will be sad.”

So was Auguste unhappy because the plant goblins touched him?

Hai’an changed his position and thought that if someone else was so close to Auguste, he would not be happy either. This time, he made a mistake, so he stretched out a vine and held Auguste’s finger, pulling it in front of him, and rubbed his bud.

Touch my most precious bud. Don’t be angry, alright?

Auguste lightly touched Hai’an’s bud and put down his hand. Hai’an’s bud was now very big, like a round drum ball. The calyx had completely split and Auguste could see that the top of the bud was light blue. When the flower opened, the petals would be the same color. It was just that the stamens hadn’t appeared yet and couldn’t be seen.

JianJian has grown so big.

Auguste recalled how big Hai’an had been when he was just bought. At that time, Hai’an had only two tender leaves, which seemed likely to die at any time. Now he was about to blossom and would soon become human.

Thinking of it, Auguste suddenly got up and took a small juicer and put the fruit into it. After a few turns, the fruit turned into a cup of scarlet red juice. It looked like a cup of red meat juice, and there was a thin pink bubble on it, like blood red flesh.

Looking at the juice, Hai’an was silent.

He felt more nauseous now…

Hai’an found out the disadvantage of his omni-directional vision. First, he couldn’t close his eyes. Second, he could see the juice wherever he looked.

Auguste had already pushed the juice to Hai’an’s face. Hai’an shook his leaves stiffly. It took a long time for Hai’an to stop trembling and stretch out a vine. Slowly, stretching his vine out to the mouth of the cup, Hai’an took a big sip of the juice on the principle that long pain was worse than the short one.

It actually tasted really good! The taste of human fruit juice was not so terrible as it looked, but it was full of a light fragrance, sweet and sour with a comfortable flavor. If the entire world was not frozen, people would want to drink it again and again.

In a few seconds, Hai’an chugged a large gla.s.s of the human fruit juice.

Hai’an: Good support, good food.

Hai’an waited for the moment of transformation. As a result, he and Auguste sat face-to-face for several minutes. However, he had no other feeling except a light and floaty feeling. Hai’an twisted a few times and looked at his body – still gra.s.s, no legs, no mouth, no little hands.

I’m so disappointed… I was in a good mood…

Hai’an was so sad that his leaves drooped down and his whole being became depressed.

Auguste laughed and took Hai’an to his bosom. He bowed his head and kissed Hai’an’s bud. “Don’t worry, wait till tomorrow. I like JianJian whatever form you’re in.”

Hai’an was slightly comforted and perked up. He raised the bud and rubbed it against Auguste’s chin. Auguste also rubbed Hai’an’s bud gently with his lips.

Although he was kissed, Hai’an was busy and sad, and did not care about Auguste’s intimate behavior.

He intended to sleep first, hoping that when he woke up in the morning that there would be surprises.

As a result, Hai’an did not wake up until lunch time on the Vagrant the next day.

Hai’an stayed in his flowerpot. It looked like nothing different from usual. But Auguste knew that Hai’an was not awake. When he poked Hai’an, Hai’an would only shake unconsciously, and then there would be no more superfluous movements. He used to wrap his vines around his fingers.

Auguste took Hai’an to the hall. Lydney used to be a plant auctioneer. He thought he should go and ask him. Hai’an was placed on the round table in the hall. The crew gathered around him and stared at him.

According to normal, if Hai’an was awake and watched by so many people, he would stretch out his vines to pull Auguste’s hand and let Auguste take him away. In a sense, Hai’an was embarra.s.sed as he felt naked.


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