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Read Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon Chapter 128 – Wife…

Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon is a web novel created by Emperor Song.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Chapter 128: Wife…

]It was a grown man’s room with a poster of the same man hanging on the wall. The man was exceptionally handsome and gave Song Fei a familiar yet strange feeling.

Song Fei stared at the poster on the wall, deep in thought. After guessing this man’s ident.i.ty, she was stunned.

Since when did that coward in my memory become so good-looking?

After the set ended, the a.s.sistant drove Yan Jiang home. Knowing that Yan Jiang hated the dark, the a.s.sistant turned to ask him, “Brother Jiang, do you want me to accompany you into the house?”

Yan Jiang was sleeping.

He was truly very sleepy, but only dared to close his eyes for a short rest when the car was lit up and someone was accompanying him.

Hearing his a.s.sistant’s words, Yan Jiang opened his eyes immediately.

He shook his head slightly. “It’s getting late. You should go back and rest early.” With that, he pushed open the car door, stepped out of the car, and walked towards the main entrance of his house. Yan Jiang opened the main door of his courtyard and his tall and slender figure disappeared into the streetlights of his yard. The a.s.sistant started the car and drove away.

The moment he entered the house, Yan Jiang turned on all the lights on the first level. The house was instantly lit up. Only then did Yan Jiang feel at ease.

He went straight to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, found a bottle of cold water, and took a few sips. He went upstairs to the playroom, turned on the computer, turned up the volume to the maximum, and played a rock rap.

Yan Jiang returned to his room as he listened to the rap. He walked over to the bed and gave Song Fei a nutritional injection, before removing his clothes and walking towards the bathroom door.

The water flowed on Yan Jiang’s body and swept away his sleepiness.

After showering, he casually wiped his body and walked out. When he came out, Yan Jiang was naked and not wearing a bathrobe. He couldn’t even be bothered to find a towel to cover his waist area.

Anyway, he was the only one awake in this house. Without an audience, it didn’t matter whether he wore it or not.

Yan Jiang was humming a tune as he sat in the cloakroom, looking for the pyjamas he was going to wear tonight. His movements were bold and indecent. He didn’t notice at all that a discreet gaze was fixed on him, taking in everything she should and shouldn’t see.

Yan Jiang put on his clothes and sat down on the bed. He bent down and placed his ear on Song Fei’s chest to listen to her heartbeat. He was even counting the beats of her heart. “Knock knock! Knock knock! Knock knock!”

Yan Jiang listened for a long while, before sitting up and speaking to Song Fei happily. “Wifey, your heartbeat is so strong today!”

Song Fei, who was pretending to be asleep, was speechless.

Yan Jiang’s eyes were especially bright. He took out his notebook from the drawer of his dresser and jotted down today’s observation. He wrote: [Today, my wife’s heartbeat is slightly faster and more energetic than before. Is she going to wake up soon?]

Yan Jiang pursed his lips in silence for a few seconds, before closing the notebook and putting it back.

He sat on the bed for a long time. At 3am, Yan Jiang then went to the gaming room to turn off his laptop.

The huge house was completely silent.

Once the night fell silent, Yan Jiang felt uneasy. He hurried back to his room, burrowed under the blankets, hugged Song Fei’s overly slender waist, buried his head in her neck, and sniffed. Only then did he not feel so scared.

“Good night, wifey.”

With that, Yan Jiang kissed Song Fei on the shoulder and closed his eyes to try to fall asleep. After about 30 minutes, Yan Jiang’s breathing finally slowed down. He was still hugging Song Fei tightly like an insecure child.

Even when he was asleep, Yan Jiang’s room had a wall lamp on.

Song Fei opened her eyes and turned slightly to look at the young head on her neck. She wanted to push Yan Jiang away with her head, but he was holding her like an octopus and she couldn’t move at all.


To h.e.l.l with him!

Song Fei was still in a daze as she mulled over some matters. In her low spirits, she quickly fell asleep again.

The next day, when Song Fei woke up, Yan Jiang was nowhere to be seen, as he must have gone to work. Song Fei took off the nutrition needles and poured them all into the toilet. Throughout the entire process, Song Fei’s steps were unsteady. Every two steps she took, she would stop to rest.

She was truly hungry and her stomach felt like it was on fire. Song Fei held onto the railing as she made her way downstairs. She went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. She saw that it was filled with all sorts of drinks and fruits. She fell silent.

There was actually nothing edible in such a huge refrigerator. How can it just be all drinks? Father was right. One would become foolish if they drank too many drinks. Yan Jiang was the best example.

She would faint from hunger if she didn’t eat soon.

Song Fei returned upstairs and went into Yan Jiang’s cloakroom. She found a black and white blouse to change into, as well as a pair of casual pants and a baseball cap. She changed into a pair of pants and rolled them up twice. She put on the baseball cap and smashed Yan Jiang’s piggy bank. She then took Yan Jiang’s bag and left home with the 200 yuan note.

Walking along the bustling streets, Song Fei felt slightly uncomfortable.

All these years in a vegetative state, Song Fei was actually conscious. She knew everything that the people around her said and did. But strangely, she just couldn’t wake up.

Song Fei knew that she had been in a coma for eight years. She knew that her parents were dead. She knew that Song Ci, that little fool, had been bullied. She knew that the person who bullied them was on the loose. She also knew that a gutsy little coward was calling her his wife and hugging her to sleep every night…

Walking into a porridge shop, Song Fei glanced at the menu and stared at the numbers and words. After a moment of daze, she counted 18 coins from her black shoulder bag and tossed them onto the table in front of the boss.

“A bowl of porridge made from fish slices. Make it thinner and more mushy.” Having not spoken for so many years, Song Fei was shocked herself. Her voice was slightly hoa.r.s.e and chilly, like the snow at the North Pole.

Most people nowadays loved to use Alipay and WeChat to scan their QR codes. Few people even used cash, let alone coins. The boss looked at Song Fei strangely and smiled. “You can also use WeChat to scan Alipay.”

Song Fei was stunned.

Wechat Alipay?

Song Fei became comatose in 2012. In 2012, her WeChat account was just created and the platform was far from being well-known. Meanwhile, Alipay was only used by Taobao users. Back then, on the streets, everyone used cash and most of the time, they used credit cards to buy expensive items. It was not like now, where they could just buy anything they wanted by scanning a code.

“I don’t have it.” Song Fei appeared very calm.

The boss didn’t say anything. He counted the coins and confirmed that there was no lack of money, before letting Song Fei into the house. “Come in and sit for a while. It will be done soon.”



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