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Chapter 18: Matchmaking Brother Han

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Upon hearing this, everyone’s face, including Li Li, changed.

“That’s a no go,” Han Zhan rejected decisively.

With no care about the frown on Long Zhize’s face, Han Zhan continued, “I don’t think a mere hundred billion yuan is enough to buy twenty percent of Zeus’ shares. CEO Long is very clear just how much my company’s shares will be worth once we successfully launch the ‘Star Reaching Plan.’”

Han Zhan’s tone was still calm and with no sign of anger, but his gaze had a stubborn determination. It showed just how much he didn’t want to engage in any outflanking tactics with Long Zhize.

Long Zhize predicted this possible outcome, but he didn’t give up and continued, “I’ve checked on Zeus Airlines. Your company only has four shareholders—the other three shareholders hold thirty percent shares, and Mr. Han holds seventy percent shares alone. I’m using a hundred billion yuan to buy the twenty percent shares from you. With that, you’ll still be the major shareholder. I don’t think this is making things difficult for you?”

A gentle and handsome smile appeared on Han Zhan’s face. Long Zhize thought Han Zhan was such a somebody. Even when faced with such an overbearing request from him, he still could maintain a smile.

It seemed like he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Han Zhan looked very perplexed as if he discovered something unimaginable. He then suddenly said, “Because CEO Long can attain such a position, logically, you shouldn’t be a silly blonde.”


A silly blonde?

Long Zhize’s expression froze slightly.

Han Zhan added, “CEO Long’s request seems extremely ridiculous to me. I thought only silly blonde ladies in dramas would be so naïve.”

Han Zhan leaned forward. Long Zhize suddenly felt as if a ravenous beast had locked him down and started having gooseb.u.mps.

“The fact that I hold seventy percent shares means that I have the absolute deciding authority for major issues. Once I give up twenty percent of my shares, I’ll be left with fifty percent shares. Although I’ll still be the major shareholder, won’t I be in a dangerous situation when the other four people join forces against me?”


Han Zhan’s gaze on Long Zhize seemed to exude some mockery. “CEO Long is treating me like a fool!”

Han Zhan said the words that had long brooded inside Long Zhize’s mind, and this made the latter feel extremely embarra.s.sed.

“Since it’s a sincere collaboration, we should find a win-win situation. Hence, CEO Long shouldn’t land me in an unfavorable situation. It isn’t kind, don’t you think?” After saying that, Han Zhan leisurely opened the thermos cup he had brought with him and sipped some warm tea.

Long Zhize was very good at controlling his emotions and had a thick skin, so he calmed down rather quickly. Indeed, Long Zhize didn’t want to collaborate with Han Zhan. Instead, he wanted to devour Han Zhan’s Zeus Airlines.

Long Zhize, by now, was expressionless. He said, almost threateningly, “But if you miss me, it shouldn’t be easy for Mr. Han to look for others to invest in you.”

Han Zhan didn’t give in as he firmly retorted, “Everyone can tell just how optimistic is the outlook for Zeus Airlines. At this point, we’re like a piece of fresh meat. If you don’t want to invest in us, there will be many others. For example, those three good brothers of yours?”

Long Zhize’s face changed slightly as a thin layer of gloom slowly covered his thin face. “Mr. Han, it’s not a good idea to disregard someone once he isn’t useful anymore.”

Han Zhan smiled elegantly and amicably, but his words were rather harsh. “You even wanted to push me into hot soup. It isn’t too much for me to disregard you.”

Li Li thought to himself, ‘This is Mr. Han, indeed. The words that came from his beautiful mouth were so infuriating.’

Long Zhize stopped speaking and started a.s.sessing Han Zhan closely.

Who gave him the guts to be so arrogant?

However, he had no way of retorting Han Zhan’s words.

Li Li looked at the time and audibly reminded Han Zhan, “Mr. Han, the meeting is up. You have an appointment with Old Chen to go to his place for dinner and can’t be late.”

Old Chen was the president of the Chinese Business a.s.sociation, and Han Zhan had an appointment with him.

Hearing this, Han Zhan got up.

He tidied and b.u.t.toned up his suit, and then lowered his gaze. He then steadily looked at Long Zhize, who was sitting opposite him, with a look that screamed of victory.

Little jerk who wanted to play tricks with his senior—fat hope!

“Since CEO Long has some reservations, you can think it through. I still have an appointment with Old Chen. Excuse me.” After saying that, Han Zhan stretched out his right hand to Long Zhize.

Long Zhize got up, shook his hands, and watched as Han Zhan left with his subordinates.

Seeing how Han Zhan had arrogantly left like he didn’t need a hundred billion yuan, Jiang Shang looked stunned.

Jiang Shang glanced at the similarly silent Long Zhize. He said in disbelief, “How did he have the courage to leave just like that?”

Long Zhize chuckled. “Oh, Jiang Shang, this Zeus Airlines is a tough nut to crack.”

Jiang Shang turned serious as he looked down. He inquired, “In that case, are we still going ahead with the collaboration?”

Pushing his tongue against the roof of his mouth, Long Zhize said, “Go ahead. Zeus Airlines is a sleeping dragon—if it’s going to fly, no one can stop it.”

In the car, Li Li told Han Zhan, “The present prepared for Old Chen is in the boot. It’s a Golden Phoebe wood Chinese chess set.”

After Old Chen had retired, he had loved to play chess with others at the birch forest park outside the administration building of Shunchen City. For someone who loved chess, there was no better gift than a good chess set.


After pulling up in front of Old Chen’s house, Li Li waited in the car. Not knowing when Han Zhan would come back, he ordered takeout and ate his meal in the car.

Han Zhan took the present and walked into the courtyard house.

Old Chen knew that Han Zhan was coming and had already asked his wife to prepare a sumptuous meal. The dishes were all home-cooked local food of Shunchen City.

Upon entering the house, Han Zhan saw some dishes laid out on the table, and that warmed his heart.

Han Zhan grew up in Shunchen City. Every time Old Chen’s wife cooked, Han Zhan would eat three bowls of rice.

“Old Chen.”

After Han Zhan had spoken, Chen Shu, who was watching a legal show, turned around in surprise. “Hey, Zhanzhan is here!” Old Chen hurriedly got up and shouted to his wife who was preparing soup in the kitchen. “Ling, Zhanzhan is here!”


Chen Shu signaled for Han Zhan to sit down. Han Zhan set the chess set in front of Old Chen. “Old Chen, this is a Golden Phoebe wood chess set I’ve specially brought over for you. Tomorrow, you can bring it to the park and be the envy of the other old folks.”

Chen Shu chuckled and accepted the present joyfully.

Hearing that someone was walking out from the kitchen, Han Zhan looked up, thinking it was Mrs. Chen. However, he saw a young lady instead.

The lady wore a demure white dress with her flowy black hair tied up neatly. She looked pure and clean, with a slight tinge of red on her cheeks, much like a lotus flower in early June.

For a man as smart as Han Zhan, he immediately knew what Old Chen was getting at.


It confused Han Zhan. “Why is everyone introducing girls to me? Do I look very deprived? Or very lonely? Or very pathetic?”



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