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Read Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon Chapter 323 – The Forest Is Big, There Are All Sorts Of Birds

Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon is a web novel completed by Emperor Song.
This webnovel is presently ongoing.

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Chapter 323: The Forest is Big, There Are All sorts of Birds

She picked up her chopsticks and took a bite of the bland food. She suddenly smiled.

Seeing that Mo Fengying suddenly smiled through her tears, Mo Yang also smiled. “Why are you smiling again? Did you remember something funny?”

Mo Fengying nodded and told Mo Yang, “I saw Song Ci playing the violin just now and my hands were very itchy. I also tried it, but it ended up being especially terrible.”

Mo Fengying put down her chopsticks and looked at her mother. Thinking that her mother was the only girl in the family who didn’t study medicine but went to university outside, Mo Fengying asked her, “Mother, do you know music?”

Mo Yang shook his head. “I don’t understand this. Music also depends on talent, just like how you learn medicine.”

“Then what major did you study in the past?” Mo Fengying only knew that her mother had studied in university, but didn’t know what major her mother studied.

Mo Yang said, “I studied art. At that time, I was obsessed with wanting to be an artist. After graduating, I tried for two years and almost no one bought my paintings. In the end, I returned to the family.”

Mo Fengying said, “You should have stayed outside. The outside world is so exciting.”

Mo Fengying poked a taro with her chopsticks and ate it in disdain. She said, “Our Mo Family is filled with people who deal with herbs. There’s no one interesting.”

“Mother, Song Ci married Han Zhan at the age of 22. I am going to be 20 soon and don’t even have someone I like. If this goes on, I am afraid I will be single forever.”

The main thing was that the people in the clan were all average-looking. Mo Fengying didn’t fancy any of them.

The last time she went out to treat Old Mr. Chen Shu, Mo Fengying was stunned to see Han Zhan. It turned out that the men outside were really like the CEOs in television dramas—handsome, elegant, and elegant.

Having her eyes cleansed by a stunning man like Han Zhan, Mo Fengying was even less interested in looking at these dull people in the family.

Mo Yang smiled. “I was coaxed by your father when I was 15 years old. After I graduated from university, your grandparents didn’t support me, but your father wanted me to live happily, so he fought against everyone and sent me to school.”

“Your father personally sent me to university the first time.” Although the Mo Family lived in a remote area, they were very wealthy. When Mo Yang went to university, Mo Suixin personally drove her there.

During university, everyone knew that Mo Yang had a rich boyfriend.

Mo Fengying asked her, “Then, Mother, will you never yearn for the outside world if you stay in the family forever?”

Mo Yang remained silent.

Having seen the exciting world outside, how could I be willing to stay in this big G.o.d? But the roots of the Mo Family were here, and my parents, husband, and children were all here. Where could I go?


Mo Yang gazed at her adorable daughter. Thinking of the curse on her, she didn’t have any other thoughts.

As they were talking, Mo Suixin returned. Seeing that his daughter was eating with his wife, Mo Xinyi walked over and stroked Mo Fengying’s hair. “Fengying, you really met a formidable opponent this time.”

The results of the a.s.sessment last night were out. Mo Fengying and Song Fei were tied for first place with full marks.

Mo Fengying was the little genius of the clan. There were very few people of the same generation in the clan who could fight Mo Fengying to a draw. Finally, a tough opponent had appeared. Mo Suixin appeared to be gloating.

Mo Fengying frowned slightly. She said, “Song Fei is really very capable. She took slightly less time than me to answer those herbs correctly. Father, Song Fei will definitely be in the top three.”

“Your grandfather also said so.” After the results of the a.s.sessment in the morning were out, Mo Suixin was called over by Mo Kuang to tell him about Song Fei.

“Your grandfather means that if this Song Fei can enter the top three, he wants to take her in as his disciple.”

Hearing this, Mo Fengying and Mo Yang were both shocked.

“Father really said that?” Mo Yang asked her husband in surprise.

Mo Suixin nodded and said worriedly, “Among the younger generation of our Mo Family, apart from Fengying, there’s no other good seedling. Our Mo Family has developed for 600 years, and our talent has withered and is already beginning to decline.”

“Father means to take Song Fei in as a disciple and let Song Fei and Fengying continue to bring the Mo Family’s medical skills to greater heights.” Mo Suixin could understand and support his father’s actions.

The Mo Family must never end in their hands.

Mo Fengying suddenly put down her bowl and chopsticks, got up, and said, “I still have a prescription to make this afternoon. I won’t eat first. Enjoy.” With that, Mo Fengying turned and left in a hurry.

Mo Suixin looked at Mo Fengying’s back view in confusion. He turned and asked his wife, “Is she angry?”

Mo Yang remained silent.

Not only was Mo Fengying angry, Mo Yang was also angry.

o Suixin understood the knot in his wife’s heart. He patted the back of his wife’s hand and comforted her. “Mo Yang, Fengying is young and ignorant, are you also ignorant? Father’s decision this time is beneficial to our Mo Family, why don’t you understand?”

Mo Yang threw her chopsticks on the table. “It’s beneficial, but not necessarily good for me!”

Mo Suixin frowned and remained silent.

Mo Yang added. “Song Fei is smart and smart. She is also a virus specialist. It is naturally a good thing that she can become a student of our Mo Family. But Mo Suixin, have you understood Father’s true intentions? Does he really just want to accept a genius and expand our Mo Family’s medical field?”

Mo Yang was enraged. She roared. “He just saw a good seed and decided to give up on our Fengying!”

Mo Suixin suddenly scolded Mo Yang. “Mo Yang, don’t spout nonsense!”

Mo Yang sneered. “Don’t you know that I’m not spouting nonsense? Because of that stupid curse, Fengying won’t live past 25 years old! Father can’t bear to use Grandma Yao’s life to exchange for Fengying’s, but there’s nothing wrong with Song Fei’s health. Father is making second-hand preparations! Once our Fengying dies, Song Fei will become the next family head of the Mo Family and the Mo Family will continue to exist. Am I wrong?”

Mo Yang knew exactly what Old Master was thinking.

The muscles on Mo Suixin’s face twitched, but he couldn’t retort.

How could an old fox like Mo Suixin not think of something that Mo Yang could think of? He was just like Mo Zhangkuang, purposely not mentioning the curse on Feng Ying, as if he could disguise it.

Mo Yang was so angry that the corners of her eyes were red and his body was trembling. “It’s all that d.a.m.n curse! It’s all your own fault. You harmed the people of the Nangong family. Now, retribution has finally come!”

But why did retribution happen to my daughter?

Mo Yang cried as she said, “It’s all our fault for being inhumane and treating the Nangong Family like animals. Great, because of Nangong Xian’s curse, our Mo Family is about to go extinct.”

Mo Suixin was slightly angry because he couldn’t retort. He got up angrily and left without comforting his wife.

Actually, Mo Suixin also agreed with Mo Yang’s reasoning. If the Mo Family didn’t eradicate the Nangong Clan, they wouldn’t have fallen to such a state.

It was really karma.

Song Ci didn’t know that Mo Zhangkuang had already taken a fancy to her and wanted to take her in as his disciple. Song Ci was still racking her brains on how to get information about Grandma Yao from the Mo Family.

The foreign students were eliminated and knew that Song Ci and Zhou Wu were the only ones left. The Mo Family’s professional had already been completed and they would be taking them to theory for the next period.

Song Ci and Zhou Wu were brought to the Mo Family’s medicinal herb store to learn how to differentiate the ingredients with the Mo Family’s candidates. Song Ci and Zhou Wu sat in the last row. In front of each candidate was a pill. The teacher teaching was a lady.

That Madam Mo was wearing reading and had white hair. She stood on the stage and said to everyone, “The medicine in front of you is a new medicine that I just developed last month. I want everyone to a.n.a.lyze the composition of this medicine. Everyone, you can’t rely on the help of instruments. You can only a.n.a.lyze its composition through your sense of smell and vision.”

“Alright, the time starts now.”

Song Ci and Zhou Wu exchanged glances. Zhou Wu said, “How many scents can you smell?”

Song Ci picked up the small medicine tray, lowered her head, sniffed for a few seconds, and said, “About five types.”

Zhou Wu also picked up the medicine plate. He sniffed for a long while before saying, “I can only smell four types.”

Song Ci said, “There are two drugs with similar auras. It’s very difficult to tell.”

“It’s the same nose, but why is your nose so outstanding? Is it a dog’s nose?” Zhou Wu lowered his head and sniffed hard for a moment before saying, “There seems to be only three now.”

Song Ci was speechless.

Song Ci crushed the pill and rubbed it with her hands. She then picked up the magnifying gla.s.s and carefully observed the composition of the pill. Upon closer inspection, the pill had three colors: black, beige, and a little white.

Song Ci thought for a moment and said, “I know the answer.”

Song Ci picked up the pen and answered quickly on the paper. Zhou Wu glanced at it but didn’t see anything. Song Ci told Friday, “Uncle Zhou, you’re already so old, don’t cheat.”

Zhou Wu blushed and muttered. “This is called sharing.”

“Forget it.”

Song Ci raised her hand. The lady walked down and took her answer.

]After seeing the answer, the lady’s eyes softened. “You are Song Fei?” she asked Song Ci.

Song Ci nodded graciously. “Teacher, is my answer correct?”

The female teacher acknowledged and returned the answer sheet to Song Ci. She returned to the podium. Soon, Mo Fengying also handed the answer over. The female teacher saw the answer and nodded in satisfaction.

After school in the afternoon, Song Ci was about to look for Song Fei for dinner when Mo Fengying stopped her. “Song Fei.”

Song Ci would instinctively stop in her tracks at the mention of Song Fei’s name. Song Ci turned and gazed at Mo Fengying with eyes as cold as the mountains and as cold as ice.

Mo Fengying was already used to Song Fei’s coldness. She walked towards Song Ci in small steps and said, “Shall we have a chat?”

“Song Fei” was as cold as ever. “It’s time for dinner. I’m going to eat. Let’s chat again later.” With that, she didn’t care what Mo Fengying was thinking and just left.

Song Ci found Song Fei the moment she arrived at the canteen.

Song Fei had already prepared dinner for her. Seeing that Song Ci had arrived, Song Fei waved at her. “Here.”

Song Ci walked over and was rather surprised to see that there was a macaron for today’s dessert. “I have to keep this macaron and return to the dormitory to slowly eat it. Coincidentally, I brought Longjing tea.” When Song Ci ate macaron, she loved to match it with tea.

Song Fei said, “Up to you.”

After dinner, Song Ci carried the packed macarons and was stopped by Mo Fengying at the entrance of the canteen.

Mo Fengying said, “Let’s have a chat since you’re done eating.”

Song Ci wanted to find an excuse again, but Mo Fengying’s words blocked all her excuses. “It’s only 6.40pm now. Are you going back to the dormitory to sleep?”

Song Ci was speechless.

“Let’s chat.”

Mo Fengying invited Song Fei to her house. She lived in a small, solitary building next to Song Ci’s dormitory.

Mo Fengying had a television and an oven at home. There were also several posters of Yan Jiang on the wall. Song Ci stared at those posters with a teasing look in her eyes. Song Ci said, “You are Yan Jiang’s fan?”

Mo Fengying’s face turned red and she didn’t answer. Thinking that this woman in front of her was her idol’s wife, she wanted to find a hole to hide in. The more awkward Mo Fengying was, the happier Song Ci was.

Song Ci added. “If you want Yan Jiang’s autograph, no.” Song Fei was very domineering and didn’t allow Yan Jiang to sign autographs for the girls.

Only then did Mo Fengying say, “No, I don’t want an autograph.”

“Then what did you say to me?” Song Ci felt that acting as Song Fei was quite good. She could speak if she wanted to and couldn’t be bothered to talk to anyone if she didn’t. Anyway, she was a big boss and if the big boss did whatever she wanted, no one would think that she was rude. They would only say that she had character.

Mo Fengying gritted her teeth, looking conflicted and hesitant. Song Ci was impatient and urged her. “If you don’t speak, I will leave.”

Hearing this, Mo Fengying said, “I know something.”

“Mmm.” Song Fei’s att.i.tude was rather cold. That look of disinterest on her face made Mo Fengying feel helpless.

Mo Fengying looked at her angrily and asked, “Aren’t you curious?”

Song Ci glanced at her mildly but remained silent.

Mo Fengying was furious. She sat down and took a sip of warm tea before saying, “My grandfather said that if you can enter the top three, he will take you in as his disciple.”

Song Ci’s eyes finally wavered. She looked at Mo Fengying and asked skeptically, “Did your grandfather say this himself?”

“My father told me. It can’t be wrong.”

Song Ci nodded. She saw that Mo Fengying was very angry and asked her, “Are you afraid of me? Are you afraid that I will steal your talent? Are you looking for me in private to bribe or threaten me?”

Mo Fengying was even angrier. “You are too confident.”

Song Ci said, “After all, I have the right to be confident.”

Mo Fengying sneered and said disappointedly, “Why would Yan Jiang marry someone as arrogant as you?” So what if she was a genius? She was too arrogant and not cute at all. Brother Jiang should find a delicate little girl.

Song Ci sneered and purposely retorted Mo Fengying. “I am arrogant and Yan Jiang is also willing to marry me. I have no choice. He loves me so much. You are so gentle and lovely, but I don’t see Yan Jiang remembering someone like you.”

Mo Fengying was even angrier.

She sulked for a while. Seeing that Song Fei had lost her patience and was about to stand up to leave, she grabbed her arm. Song Ci looked down at the stubborn young lady and stopped.

“Speak up!”

But Mo Fengying said, “I am not in good health and might not live for many years. Song Fei, if you really enter the top three and become my grandfather’s disciple, I hope you can learn medicine from him. I hope that the future Mo Family will continue to flourish in your hands…”

Hearing Mo Fengying’s words, Song Ci was shocked. She didn’t expect this little princess to have such a sensible side.

Song Ci pretended to be cold as she took Mo Fengying’s hand and said disdainfully, “Let’s talk about it again. I haven’t decided whether to agree to your grandfather being his disciple.” With that, Song Ci left.

Mo Fengying’s eyes widened. She felt like she had heard something unbelievable. Someone actually refused to be my grandfather’s disciple!

My grandfather was the true leader of the Chinese medical world. Even the leaders of the country had to be respectful to him.

Is Song Fei stupid?

As Mo Fengying scolded Song Fei for being stupid, she also envied her. It was so cool to do what she wanted and to reject what she didn’t want to do.

Song Fei was communicating with her disciple on the computer. Hearing the door open, she hurriedly looked up at Song Ci, lowered her head, and asked, “Why did that little princess look for you?”

Song Ci told Song Fei what Mo Fengying said.

Song Fei was also surprised, but she was even more surprised about…

“That little princess is Yan Jiang’s fan?”

Song Ci replied, “Mmm.”

“The forest is really big. There are all sorts of birds.”

Song Ci saw Song Fei’s hands tapping on the keyboard non-stop and asked her, “What are you doing?”

“Exchange skills with my disciple.”

“Jiang Bi?” Song Ci glanced at the computer screen and realized that it was filled with things she couldn’t understand. She lost interest. She boiled water, brewed a cup of tea, sat by the window, and enjoyed the night view as she ate her macarons.

Suddenly, Song Ci bit something. She spat out the thing in her mouth into her palm with a strange expression.

Song Fei looked up and saw this scene.

She asked, “What’s the matter?”

Song Ci turned to look at her. “There’s something in my macaron.”


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