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Chapter 400: How Exciting Late at Night!

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Tong Xue’s high heels kicked hard against the soft carpet. Her hands rubbed against the carpet as she used the push to retreat frantically.

“You, you! Who are you!”

Tong Xue looked like she had seen a ghost. She stared at the handsome man in fear.

“It doesn’t matter who I am.” Jiang Zhen bent down and picked up the photo. Holding it, he approached Tong Xue step by step.

Tong Xue retreated all the way to the end of the luxurious leather bed. Only when her back was pressed against the pillar at the end of the bed and there was no way out did she stop and stare at Jiang Zhen, who was chasing her.

“Don’t come over!” Tong Xue tried to raise her feet and use her high heels to attack Jiang Zhen, but her legs were already jelly from fear and she couldn’t lift them at all.

Jiang Zhen’s leather shoes stepped on Tong Xue’s feet and placed her right foot on the carpet along with her high heels.

Jiang Zhen bent over and raised the photo in front of Tong Xue. He smiled so widely that his white teeth were exposed. He pretended to be puzzled and asked, “Miss Tong, why are you not happy at all to see your good friend?”

Tong Xue roared with a trembling voice, “Take it away! Take that thing away! Quickly take it away!” She waved her arms wildly, not even daring to look up at that photo.

“Why are you so afraid? You two are best friends. You shouldn’t be afraid. You should be happy to see Liu Qing.”

Tong Xue’s heart turned cold at the mention of Liu Qing’s name. “Get lost! I don’t know you!”

“No, we know each other now.” Jiang Zhen directly pressed the photo on Tong Xue’s face.

Tong Xue saw that photo and instinctively closed her eyes.

Jiang Zhen purposely scared Tong Xue and said, “Open your eyes and look. Your nose is right next to your good friend’s stomach. Do you know? She’s pregnant with a child. I heard that when the forensic doctor cut open her stomach, that child had not completely rotted.”

“Tong Xue, open your eyes and look!” Jiang Zhen’s tone was dark, like the voice of a demon from the depths of h.e.l.l.

“I won’t look! I won’t look!” Tong Xue’s entire body was trembling. She closed her eyes and reached out to hit the photo in Jiang Zhen’s hand. “Take it away!”

But how could her strength shake Jiang Zhen?

Jiang Zhen lost his patience when he saw Tong Xue struggling wildly.

He lifted the foot that was pressing on the back of Tong Xue’s foot, walked to her side, and knelt down on one knee. Jiang Zhen’s left hand held the photo, and his right hand forcefully opened Tong Xue’s tightly shut right eye.

Tong Xue’s tightly shut eyelids were slowly opened by Jiang Zhen. As the light shone in, Tong Xue had no choice but to open her right eye.

Opening her eyes, she saw a highly decomposed corpse!

“Ah!” Tong Xue screamed. She reached out to s.n.a.t.c.h that photo, wanting to destroy the photo.

Jiang Zhen moved his elbow back and dodged Tong Xue’s attack.

He added. “It rained last night and the rain poured into the ground. Your good friend is very cold. Tong Xue, take a good look. This is your best friend. Why are you so afraid of her?”

This photo was taken during Yan Jiang’s autopsy as evidence. He had only sent one to Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen wanted this photo to scare Tong Xue.

Tong Xue broke down and went crazy. She hugged her head with both hands and begged for mercy. “I beg you, I beg you, please let me go! Take the photo away, take it away, I beg you!” Tong Xue cried until her snot and tears mixed together. Because of her fear, her voice became hoa.r.s.e.

Jiang Zhen felt that it was boring and stood up from Tong Xue’s side. He stuffed a hand into his pocket and calmly admired Tong Xue’s reaction.

Tong Xue got up on all fours. She quickly climbed onto the hotel bed, lifted the blanket, and wrapped her trembling body tightly. Only then did she feel slightly more at ease.

Only after hiding did Tong Xue size up this room with trembling eyes. She felt that Liu Qing’s ghost was hiding somewhere in this room and could pounce out and bite her to death at any time!

This world was filled with malicious ghosts!

Jiang Zhen crossed his arms and stood at the end of the bed, staring coldly at the shivering Tong Xue. Seeing Tong Xue’s darting eyes, he knew that this person had a guilty conscience, so she looked at her surroundings like there were ghosts around.

“So this is what you look like when you feel guilty.” Jiang Zhen lifted his chin and lowered his eyes slightly. He stared at that girl arrogantly and ordered her, “Tell me what you did to Tong Xue.”

Tong Xue kept clenching the blanket tightly and trembling.

Hearing Jiang Zhen’s words, she looked up. Her hair that hung over her forehead automatically parted to reveal a face as ugly as an evil spirit.

That face was mixed with eyeliner powder and tears, like a colorful world map. It was comical, ugly, and twisted.

Tong Xue stammered. “I… I didn’t do anything. Liu Qing and I are good friends. I was also very surprised and heartbroken when she swallowed medicine and committed suicide. I only knew that Liu Qing was pregnant after reading Weibo. She was hara.s.sed when she was alive…”

“I really don’t know anything! You misunderstood me!”

Until this moment, Tong Xue still refused to tell the truth. She knew very well that Gu Qinchuan had a powerful background. It was very difficult for Liu Qing to really overthrow Gu Qinchuan. Worried that Gu Qinchuan would take revenge on her after he was released, Tong Xue was determined not to tell the truth.

If she couldn’t afford to offend a living person, she could only bully the dead.

At this point, Tong Xue still refused to tell the truth. Jiang Zhen was so angry that he laughed. “Haha, you really have a vicious heart.”

Hearing this evaluation, Tong Xue didn’t dare to retort.

Jiang Zhen suddenly said, “Three months ago, w.a.n.gdong TV Station launched a new variety show. The organizer planned to choose a female university student to host a variety show at Media College.”

Hearing this, Tong Xue’s sobs became softer. Her ears twitched and she pretended to be puzzled. “I don’t know anything about what you said.”

“You don’t know?” Jiang Zhen smiled in anger. “You’ve already signed an artiste agreement with Sharp Entertainment. Your future is promising, so the school recommended you. But the school didn’t only recommend you. There were also two other women recommended. Your mentor must have informed you about this.”

Tong Xue added. “I only found out about my recommendation these few days…”

“You unrepentant fool! You really know how to defend yourself.” Jiang Zhen suddenly took out a blue lighter and turned it on his fingertips. That dark blue flame was like the flames of h.e.l.l, swaying Tong Xue’s eyelids and making her heart race.

“I got hold of that recommendation list and realized that other than you, Liu Qing was also on it. Apart from Liu Qing, there was also a girl called Sheng Xue. But coincidentally, Liu Qing suddenly committed suicide 20 days ago by taking medicine. And last Tuesday, the National University Forum suddenly released a video of Sheng Xue sleeping with her mysterious boyfriend.”

“Of your two compet.i.tors, one is already dead and the other is involved in a scandal. Then the position of host will naturally belong to you. If you tell me now that you know nothing about this matter, would I believe you?”

When Tong Xue heard Jiang Zhen reveal all these secrets, she knew that this person knew everything.

She wiped her tears and said tearfully, “It’s me. I know about this, but Liu Qing’s matter really has nothing to do with me! That Sheng Xue’s private life was exposed on the forum. What has it got to do with me?”

“You can’t convict me just because we both appeared on the recommendation form at the same time. Liu Qing and I are good friends. Why would I harm her just to get a chance to be a host?”

“We are best friends!”

Jiang Zhen was about to vomit at the word “best friend”.

It was unknown when it started, but her ‘best friend’ had already changed from being a close friend to being synonymous with ‘angelic b.i.t.c.h’ and ‘white lotus’.

“You really won’t shed a tear until you see the coffin!” Jiang Zhen couldn’t be bothered to beat around the bush with Tong Xue anymore. The lighter in his hand that had been spinning all along suddenly lost its flame.

Tong Xue heard a click. She looked up and saw the lighter in Jiang Zhen’s hand turn into a hidden dagger!

Tong Xue’s pupils constricted. She lifted the blanket and was about to escape.

Jiang Zhen raised his hand and threw out a lighter. The lighter brushed past Tong Xue’s ear as she was running, stirring up a gust of wind.


The dagger stabbed into the door of the hotel and landed firmly on it.

Tong Xue stopped in her tracks and looked up at the dagger. Her legs went limp and she instantly leaned against the wall and fell to the ground.

Jiang Zhen walked over leisurely, took off the dagger on the door, squatted beside Tong Xue, and held the dagger against her neck.

“Looks like you won’t be cowed by soft tactics.” Jiang Zhen had a bad temper and hated this kind of crying and unrepentant b.i.t.c.h the most. It was more effective to directly use a knife.

Jiang Zhen pressed the blade of the dagger between Tong Xue’s brows. He leisurely told her, “All the girls in your broadcasting major want to be hosts in the future to enter the entertainment circle, right? It’s a pity that such a beautiful face of yours has been scratched rotten.”

Tong Xue looked at Jiang Zhen in horror and opened her mouth to cry silently. “I beg you, don’t cut my face, don’t hurt my face!” To be a host on stage, a beautiful face was more important than a s.e.xy and perfect figure and hosting skills!

If she was disfigured, her future would be ruined!

Not only could she not be a host, she could not marry a rich person either!

Jiang Zhen roared at her roughly, “Are you going to tell me or not!” At the same time, the tip of the dagger had already stabbed into Tong Xue’s glabella!

Tong Xue felt the pain and shouted in horror, “I’ll say! I’ll say! I’ll say everything!”

Jiang Zhen smiled. “It’s better to be so obedient earlier.”

“Tell me.”

Tong Xue tearfully told Jiang Zhen everything about Liu Qing and Gu Qinchuan—

]”Three months ago, my manager secretly revealed to me that w.a.n.gdong TV Station was going to launch a variety show where people and celebrities dated. The television station wanted to make another batch of hosts popular and wanted to choose a female university student from Media College.”

“My manager said that she would get me this spot. I thought that I would definitely get it. But a few days later, on Liu Qing’s birthday, she secretly told me that her mentor had spoken to her and told her a piece of good news. She said that the school had decided to recommend her and Sheng Xue to w.a.n.gdong TV Station and wanted them to run for hosting.”

“Liu Qing has always been very good at hosting. She is usually the one hosting major events in the school. She has also partic.i.p.ated in some commercial hosting events in the past. If she partic.i.p.ates, I will most likely be eliminated. I…”

Tong Xue glanced at Jiang Zhen timidly. Meeting Jiang Zhen’s venomous snake-like cold gaze, she didn’t dare to take a deep breath and hurriedly said, “I was afraid that I would lose this opportunity, so, so I wanted to ruin her reputation!”

“What did you do to her?” Jiang Zhen asked.

Tong Xue’s eyes were filled with tears. She sniffed and sniffled before saying, “I know a few pimp managers in the circle. They specialize in using money to help small celebrities pull strings and also help rich young masters find beautiful and easy to play with small celebrities.”

“I found a manager and showed Liu Qing’s information to that manager. The manager was very satisfied and arranged a guest for Liu Qing. Actually, I don’t know who that guest is. I just need to be responsible for bringing Liu Qing to the place designated by the guest.”

When Jiang Zhen heard Tong Xue’s words, he felt extremely disgusted.

He said, “Didn’t you think that she might not face one person but a group of people? Didn’t you think that she might be injured or even killed because she swore to never be injured?”

“I…” Tong Xue instinctively wanted to defend herself, but when she opened her mouth, she realized that she had nothing to say.

Tong Xue was speechless.

Jiang Zhen suppressed the urge to kick Tong Xue to death and asked, “How did you deceive Liu Qing?”

Tong Xue hesitated for a moment before saying, “I lied to her. I secretly got the phone of the guy she liked and sent her a message to ask her to wait for him at a club I designated.”

“Liu Qing has always had a crush on that boy. When she saw the message, she believed it and even pulled me along to buy clothes. She said that she was going on a date with the senior she liked tonight and had to dress prettier…”

Jiang Zhen couldn’t hold it in anymore and slapped Tong Xue. “Are you still human to use a girl’s admiration to hurt her?”

Tong Xue’s head buzzed from Jiang Zhen’s slap. She covered her face and didn’t dare to say a word.

She didn’t really repent. She was just afraid that if she angered Jiang Zhen, this man would really scratch her face.

“So, on the day of the incident, Liu Qing didn’t need your guidance and dressed up beautifully. She went to meet the guy she liked with antic.i.p.ation alone? In the end, she was tainted by Gu Qinchuan, right?”

Tong Xue cupped her face and said softly, “I followed Liu Qing outside the clubhouse. I saw her enter the clubhouse and left. I don’t know what happened that night.”

“Which clubhouse?”

Tong Xue hesitated before saying, “It’s a private clubhouse. It’s Gu Qinchuan’s own property. It’s called the Night Banquet Clubhouse.”

“What’s the name of the manager who pulled strings for you?”

Tong Xue said another name.

Jiang Zhen asked what he wanted and left the hotel.

After exiting the hotel, he said to his subordinate waiting by the car, “Keep an eye on this person. She can’t die yet, understand?” Tong Xue was an accomplice and also a witness. If the Gu Family knew of Tong Xue’s existence, they would probably do something to her.

“Got it, Boss.”

Jiang Zhen relayed the information he found to Yan Jiang, who told Captain Lin about Tong Xue and that manager.

Captain Lin received the news and immediately sent someone to bring Tong Xue and her manager over for questioning.

It was Tong Xue’s first time at the police station and her legs were trembling.

She had already told Jiang Zhen the truth. When Captain Lin asked her a question, she didn’t dare to lie or neglect him. With trembling legs, she told him everything she knew about her involvement.

Tong Xue confessed to what she had done. She also became an accomplice in Liu Qing’s case of being violated and was temporarily detained.

The agent was also detained.

Upon receiving this news, Gu Qinchuan’s lawyer, Song Yun, hurriedly left the law firm to meet Gu Qinchuan at the detention center.

Han sat in the office and saw Song Yun carrying her bag and walking past the door in her high heels. She picked up the green tea and took a sip. She sighed. “What a delicious green tea.”

Gu Qinchuan had been locked up and couldn’t see his family. He could only see his lawyer. He heard from Song Yun that his manager and Tong Xue had been arrested and instantly scratched his head in frustration.

“Lawyer Song, my previous statement was full of mistakes. I have to retry, right?” he asked Song Yun.

Song Yun nodded and said solemnly, “We have all the witnesses this time. I’m afraid we can only plead guilty.”

Gu Qinchuan suddenly slapped the metal pillar in front of him and shouted at Song Yun fiercely, “You said that you would help me to minimize my sentence. Lawyer Song, you have to do it.”

Song Yun was so scared that her shoulders shook, but she quickly calmed down and said, “On account of your brother, I will also help you.”

Hearing this, Gu Qinchuan calmed down slightly.

Song Yun gave him advice and told him, “You just said that Liu Qing didn’t resist when she was violated and was very obedient. You also insisted that she had looked for you in private to ask for money and resources. I will try my best to reduce your sentence.”

Gu Qinchuan felt slightly more at ease. “I understand.”

Song Yun thought of something and suddenly asked him, “Apart from this, you don’t have any other offences, right?”

Gu Qinchuan was stunned.

Seeing this, Song Yun’s expression changed slightly. “What else did you do? You better tell me in advance so that I can have some confidence. If there are other lawsuits, it will be difficult to handle.”

Gu Qinchuan thought of the murder case many years ago. He licked his lips and shook his head. “No, there’s no other case.”

“That’s good.”

Song Yun said a few words to him and left.

Gu Qinchuan was escorted back to his room by the police. The events of a certain night many years ago flashed across his mind, and his heart couldn’t help feeling cold.

It had already been so long. That incident shouldn’t be exposed again, right?

Before Gu Qinchuan’s case was investigated, Li Mang was transferred from Nanxing City to w.a.n.gdong City.

On the first day he returned to work, Li Feng went to visit Li Mang. They had a meal at his house and told him about Gu Qinchuan.

Everyone knew about Gu Qinchuan’s incident. When Li Mang heard Li Feng mention it, she frowned awkwardly. “I can’t interfere in this matter.”

Li Feng asked, “Why?”

Li Mang said earnestly, “Li Feng, I just returned to w.a.n.gdong City. I haven’t warmed up my seat yet. There are countless eyes staring at me in the dark, waiting to catch my tail and punish me. At this time, I can’t interfere in Gu Qinchuan’s matters.”

“Moreover, I have also heard of Gu Qinchuan’s case. I heard that the person in charge of investigating his case is Lin Jing. That kid is a tough nut to crack. His family background is also deep and he is also impartial. It’s not easy to provoke him. Since he has this matter in his hands, even if I wanted to help, I’m afraid I would be helpless.”

Lin Jing was famous for his ruthlessness.

Lin Jing’s hometown was in the capital. He was released by his old man to train here. Sooner or later, he would be transferred back to the capital to take on a high position.

When Lin Jing’s release time was up, his family would naturally capture him back. Li Rong only hoped that he would return as soon as possible so that he wouldn’t be stupid enough to go against Lin Jing.

Li Feng felt troubled by Li Mang’s a.n.a.lysis.

“Gu Qinchuan’s matter has blown up. He can’t escape the crime. Feng’er, don’t worry about this first. He committed rape, not murder. At most, he will be released after a period of time.”

“But what I’m worried about is that Gu Qinchuan still has other lawsuits on him. Seeing that he has been arrested today, if those victims who have been bullied by him in the past all jump out to sue him, that would really be difficult to handle.”

Gu Qinchuan had always been a cautious person. The reason why he fell this time was because he had kicked a metal plate like Liu Qing. Who would have thought that Liu Qing would be so ruthless? In order to convict Gu Qinchuan, she actually risked her reputation to have a child and used the child’s DNA to do a DNA test with Gu Qinchuan.

How can you not wet your shoes if you walk by the river often?

Li Feng frowned and said hesitantly, “I don’t know about other things, but about Nanxing City, he…”

“Shut up!” Li Mang suddenly put down the white wine gla.s.s in his hand, glared at Li Feng, and questioned him. “What happened! Nothing happened in Nanxing City!”

Li Feng realized that he had said something wrong and quickly shut his mouth. “Uncle is right. Nothing happened.”



After dinner at Li Mang’s house, Li Feng was slightly tipsy and asked the driver to send him home.

After returning home, he called Gu Qinfeng’s elder brother and told him about his uncle, Li Mang, who was newly appointed and couldn’t partic.i.p.ate in this matter.

Gu Qinfeng had already expected that Li Mang would not be able to go down this path. Hence, when he received Li Feng’s call and heard his words, he also expressed his understanding.

u Qinfeng was not Li Feng. Li Mang loved himself and would never risk her life for an outsider at this critical juncture.

“I understand. I’ll think of another way.”

Gu Qinfeng hung up and couldn’t help rubbing his brows sadly. At this moment, Song Yun, who had just taken a shower, arrived beside Gu Qinfeng with a delicate fragrance and hugged his waist from behind.

“Qinfeng, are you still worried about your brother?”

Gu Qinfeng patted Song Yun’s hand and turned to kiss her forehead. He said, “Yun’er, I’ll leave my brother to you.”

Song Yun had been wooing Gu Qinfeng for a long time. If not for the fact that Gu Qinchuan was in trouble and Gu Qinfeng needed her help, he might not have agreed to her wooing. It was not easy to get Gu Qinfeng, so Song Yun naturally didn’t dare to mess this up.

“Don’t worry, the lawyer that Old Man Liu hired is also a lawyer from our law firm. That girl has just become an official and is just a rookie. She can’t win against me. I will reduce your brother’s sentence to the lowest. After the heat, we will get him out secretly…”

Hearing this, Gu Qinfeng asked curiously, “Who is that little lawyer?” She had the guts to go against the Gu Family.

Song Yun pouted and said disdainfully, “She doesn’t have any background. She’s just a newbie who wants to eliminate the strong and support the weak with her pa.s.sion.”

Gu Qinfeng was relieved.

After a round of investigation, Lin Jing determined that Gu Qinchuan was the culprit who raped Liu Qing and caused her to commit suicide. He determined that Tong Xue and her agent were accomplices in this case and transferred them to the prosecutor’s office.

During the investigation of this case, the prosecutor’s office didn’t know that someone had boarded the high-speed train to w.a.n.gdong City.

Her arrival would bring a storm of blood to w.a.n.gdong City.

Late at night, 11pm.

A woman in a black checkered shirt appeared at the high-speed rail station in w.a.n.gdong City. She stood at the door for a while and saw a man standing in the pouring rain with a black umbrella, approaching her step by step.

Yang Chong hugged the bag in her hand. She looked up at the other party’s unfamiliar face and asked uncertainly, “Su Run’s elder brother?”

Jiang Zhen handed the other umbrella to Yang Chong. His tightly pursed lips finally opened. “Officer Yang, you’ve come from afar. You’ve worked hard.”

Yang Chong asked him with tears in his eyes, “If I do as you say, will you let me and my sister off?”

Jiang Zhen’s lips curled into a faint smile. “Don’t worry. As long as you are willing to return my sister the truth, I will definitely not kill the innocent.”

With Jiang Zhen’s words, Yang Chong was relieved.

Lin Jing returned to his apartment and turned on the television to find a movie by Mr. Zhang Guorong. He listened to the familiar movie dialogue and prepared supper for himself in the kitchen.

Lin Jing cooked the supper and sat down beside the coffee table in the living room.

His eyes were fixed on the television as he quickly laid down his food. He had just finished a bowl of rice when his cell phone rang. Lin Jing clicked his tongue and muttered, “It’s so late at night and it’s not peaceful.”

Lin Jing took the phone and heard the subordinate on duty shouting on the phone. “Captain Lin! Someone is here to report a grievance that has been hidden for many years!”

Lin Jing rubbed his temples and asked lazily, “What injustice?”

The subordinate said, “The person who reported it is our colleague from Nanxing City. She is a forensic doctor called Yang Chong.”

“Yang Chong?” Lin Jing had carried out a transnational crime case and had done some investigation in Nanxing City for a period of time. He had met forensic doctor Yang Chong a few times.

“What is Yang Chong going to report?”

“They said they want to, want to report, report…” The subordinate glanced at the woman in black standing in front of him, silently swallowed his saliva, and said softly to Lin Jing,” Report Li Mang, abusing his authority to suppress a murder case! ”

Lin Jing was so shocked that he nearly threw his cell phone away.


Report Li Mang? 

The new boss, Li Mang?

Exciting, exciting!

Lin Jing didn’t expect to encounter such an exciting thing in his career. He instantly didn’t feel hungry and wasn’t even in the mood to watch his idol’s movie.

“I’ll be right there.” Lin Jing turned off the television, walked into the toilet, took a shower, shaved, changed into a shirt and jeans, and headed straight for the police station.

When Lin Jing arrived, Yan Jiang was about to knock off. He called out to him and asked, “What are you doing here?”

“The new forensic doctor is my junior brother. He’s afraid of ghosts and pulled me along to accompany him on duty. Tell me, people in our profession are afraid of ghosts. What will happen in the future? Is our standards for hiring so low now?” With that, Yan Jiang bit a cigarette.

Lin Jing smiled. “Although your junior brother is afraid of ghosts, his professional knowledge is too strong. His brain is like a Baidu Encyclopedia. He knows all about forensic science. He’s even more awesome than you.”

“That’s the only advantage.” Yan Jiang touched his stomach and said, “I’m a little hungry. I’ll go buy supper. What do you want to eat, Captain Lin?”

“Why are you still eating supper!” Lin Jing grabbed Yan Jiang’s hand and gloated. “Don’t eat supper. Come with me to watch the show.”

Yan Jiang followed Lin Jing into the building and asked, “What’s the commotion?”

“Boss Li just came from Nanxing City to investigate. A forensic doctor from Nanxing City ran over and reported him. He said that he abused his power and suppressed a murder case!”

Yan Jiang was shocked. “So intense?” Yan Jiang felt like he had met a madman. “Who is so intense? Do I know him?”

“Do you know the forensic doctor, Yang Chong?”

Yan Jiang thought for a moment and shook his head. “I don’t know him. I only know the big boss.” In other words, he didn’t like small shrimps.

“Go ahead being arrogant.”

Lin Jing pulled Yan Jiang into the building and saw that Little Shu, who was on duty, was fetching hot water and was about to send it to Yang Chong. Seeing that Lin Jing was finally here, Little Shu said, “Captain Lin, you’re finally here. You don’t know, after hearing that news, my hands are still trembling from excitement!”

“Look at you!”


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