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Read Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon Chapter 65 – Blame It On My Good Looks

Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon is a web novel produced by Emperor Song.
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Chapter 65: Blame It On My Good Looks

The two of them took the lift to the company cafeteria on the 7th level. When Li Li pressed the lift b.u.t.ton, he glanced at Han Zhan’s right hand again.

Recalling those nosy and disgusting comments about Han Zhan’s right hand on the forum, Li Li felt slightly unhappy. He remained silent the entire time. Just as the lift was about to reach the ninth floor, he suddenly asked, “Mr. Han, your hand…”

Li Li couldn’t continue.

He carefully sized up Han Zhan’s reaction. Han Zhan would never remove his glove in public, showing that his handicapped right hand would always be a pain in his heart. Li Li couldn’t bear to poke at Han Zhan’s wound.

Hearing that Li Li only spoke a little before keeping quiet, Han Zhan glanced at him and saw that Li Li looked like he wanted to say something but hesitated, and looked very guilty. Han Zhan finished his sentence for him. “You want to ask, how did I lose my fingers?”

Li Li nodded hesitantly. “Can I ask?”

A tragic scene flashed across Han Zhan’s mind. He closed his eyes and said softly, “During the earthquake in Bijiang City, roads, water, and electricity were all cut off. We were the closest batch of soldiers to the epicenter of the disaster.”

“The entire team was ordered to go to Bijiang City to rescue the victims who were trapped at the site of the earthquake. While trying to save someone, there was an aftershock and my right hand was. .h.i.t by a concrete slab.” After a pause, Han Zhan said expressionlessly, “…It was crushed for 60 hours.”

For nearly three days, his right hand had been pressed under the concrete and the hand tissues had long been destroyed. In order to ensure that his right hand was not infected, the doctor sought Han Aoyu’s approval and cut off two of Han Zhan’s fingers. “By the time I woke up, my fingers had already been severed.”

When Han Zhan woke up and found out that his fingers had been amputated and that he would never be able to touch a gun or repay his country in this life, he felt like he had been struck by lightning. He had never felt so much pain and despair, even when the aftershock came and the building was leaning on him.

It was the darkest moment of Han Zhan’s life.

After hearing this, Li Li’s heart was filled with emotion. During the year of the Bijiang City earthquake, he was just an ordinary university student, but Mr. Han had already personally gone to the scene to rescue people.

“Then what did you do in the military previously?”

Perhaps it was because he had touched Han Zhan’s greatest taboo, the man’s bright and clear eyes dimmed visibly, and his usually calm face lost its smile.

Li Li realized that he had said something wrong and felt very regretful. “I said something wrong…”

The door opened and Han Zhan walked out of the lift. Li Li heard the words float into his ears —

“A sniper.”

Li Li’s eyes widened.

His feet were pinned to the lift and he couldn’t move.

A sniper!

It was truly heartbreaking for a sniper to lose his index and middle finger!

Not hearing Li Li’s footsteps following behind him, Han Zhan turned around impatiently and asked him with raised brows, “Are you still not following me? You like to take the lift so much?” Taking advantage of the fact that the lift doors were not completely closed, Li Li hurriedly turned sideways, got out of the lift, and went to the cafeteria side by side with Han Zhan.

Zeus Airlines’ cafeteria was famous for its delicious food and beautiful surroundings, and had even been named as w.a.n.gdong City’s No.1 Company cafeteria by an authoritative magazine. Although it was Zeus Airlines’ cafeteria, it also served non-company customers.

The cafeteria was divided into Chinese, Western, and j.a.panese restaurants. Li Li and Han Zhan planned to go to the Chinese restaurant for a meal. As they walked past the main hall of the canteen, they were stared at by many employees, as they gossiped.

Noticing his subordinates’ behavior, Li Li teased Han Zhan. “Look, this is the daily routine after marrying the top socialite. You must get used to it.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan didn’t comment and had a mild expression.

Having just torn open Han Zhan’s wound, Li Li felt guilty and wanted to do something to please Han Zhan. Han Zhan was about to reach for his plate when Li Li suddenly grabbed his arm. Han Zhan raised his brows at Li Li and asked, “Hmm?”

]Li Li said ingratiatingly, “Go and sit down. I’ll get you some food.”

Knowing that Li Li was trying to cheer him up, Han Zhan didn’t refuse. “Thank you.”

Han Zhan sat down at his usual seat.

Apart from Li Li’s team, no one in the entire company knew Han Zhan’s true ident.i.ty. After he sat down, the other senior management couldn’t help but steal glances at him. After reading the news on the forum, they still couldn’t believe that Song Ci would really marry Han Zhan.

Han Zhan was the most handsome man in the company, but apart from his face, he didn’t seem to have any other good points.

Family background?

Although he was not short of money, he was not rich either. His car was also an ordinary Volvo. Moreover, he was handicapped.

What exactly did Song Ci want by marrying him?

Everyone’s eyes were scorching. Han Zhan was not blind and could definitely detect it. He took out his cell phone from his pocket and placed it on the table. Looking at his colleagues who had lowered their heads to pretend to be ostriches, Han Zhan said in an exceptionally calm tone, “It’s just a handicap of the hand. It’s not like I can’t get married?” He was a werewolf!

There was silence in the cafeteria.

Everyone was embarra.s.sed as they did not expect Han Zhan to be so straightforward.

This silence only lasted for three to four seconds, before being broken by a man. “Mr. Han, are you really married to Song Ci?” The person who spoke was the a.s.sistant manager of Bei Zhan’s department. He didn’t know that Han Zhan was the boss of the company, but because Han Zhan was highly regarded by Manager Li, he had to respectfully address him as Mr. Han.

Han Zhan nodded and admitted openly. “Yes.”

Everyone gasped at Han Zhan’s admission.

It was real! (italics)

Song Ci was really married to Han Zhan! (italics)

“Mr. Han, you’re awesome.” Someone gave Han Zhan a thumbs-up, feeling both envy and jealousy. “The Chuan Dong Second Young Master couldn’t even get her after several months, but you actually managed to win her over! Mr. Han, you’ve done our company proud.”

Although he said that, everyone was not convinced. In their eyes, apart from their looks, they were not inferior to Han Zhan in any way. How could such a gorgeous beauty like Song Ci marry Han Zhan? It was truly incomprehensible.

A married middle-aged man also asked curiously, “Mr. Han, how did you manage to woo Song Ci? I heard that she is very difficult to woo, and there are many wealthy young masters who have wooed her before.”

Han Zhan pointed at his face and said humbly, “Nothing else. She said that I look like her type.”

Everyone was speechless.

Chuan Dong Second Young Master would vomit blood if he heard this.

[Han Zhan used his thick skin to control the situation, and everyone lowered their heads to eat.

It was only a matter of time before his grandfather heard about his wedding, so Han Zhan decided to tell his grandfather about it. His grandfather, Han Aoyu, was a very interesting old man. His WeChat profile was very festive. It was a photo of him holding a basket of tomatoes with both hands and laughing at the camera.

He was like an old farmer.

Han Zhan found a photo of the uncle farmer on WeChat, typed a sentence, and sent it: Grandpa, I am married.

Han Zhan was only satisfied after he dropped a bomb.


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