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Learning skills just by eating!

“This is the『Warm Small Stone』huh.”

“Looks like it!”

The Warm Small Stone is literally a warm pebble.

Although it is as black as coal, it is faintly warm when you pick it up.

It’s like a freshly prepared bath.

“It says that it’s a stone that was showered with mana for a very long time and finally started to release heat!”

“I see.”

I placed the pebble inside the magic bag.

The pebble fell inside the bag.

I took a peek, and there’s a pebble inside.

It doesn’t feel like magic at all.

I placed new pebbles inside, and its quant.i.ty also increased inside normally.


“It stopped increasing.”

When I placed more than ten, it stopped increasing inside.

Kachari, it sounded when I dropped the pebbles inside, but it doesn’t look like it increased.

However, when I turned it upside down, jyarajyarajyara, it fell.

“This bag, it’s amazing.”

“That’s why it’s magic!!”

When I got impressed like that, Laura seemed to be very moved.

“By the way, Laura.”

“n? What?”

“Can you take them out? Magic bags.”


Laura started to think deeply with her fingers to her temples.

“When I searched what I can take out1 with my current G.o.ddess Points, there’s a 10 kilo capacity that anything can be put in, and a 100 kilo capacity although it is limited for food only……”

“Take out the 100 kilo one.”

“I got it.”

Laura silently reached out her hands.

“World! Follow my command and make a miracle!

My name is, Laura Gines Amara!”

A white light emerged, and a red bag appeared.

“Here, Kehma.”


“You can praise me okay? Praise me! Ehhen!”

This time, this is great and lovely, honestly.

I patted her head.


My G.o.ddess smiled with a dumb face.

I feel relaxed.

“Auu! Ha! Auu……!”

“What happened? Femil.”

“I feel like, I just saw powers that I should not see……”

“Well, keep it a secret okay.”

“Is it okay, treating it that simple……?”

“Although we have only met for a short time, I think that you’re a girl who won’t spread about things I asked you to keep a secret.”

“Thank you2…………”

Femil hugged her staff and flushed her cheeks.

“Anyways, let’s go.”


We advanced.

We collected the quest item,『Warm Small Stones』, that can be found around, and pa.s.sed through three way junctions and crossroads.

We encountered Flame Bat and Flame Wolf. Also, Magma Slimes.

“Ice Needle!”

“Ice Needle!”

“Aiiisuu Neeeedle!!”

However, all of the monsters were swept by Femil with one attack.

“I did it!!”

Femil showed a smile towards me with delight from that.

“You look happy.”

“Yes!! Yes!! I was a drop I who could only use Fire Ball, for a very, veeery long time after all!”

“But that Fire Ball, wasn’t that top cla.s.s in your school year?”

“How, did you know……?”

“It’s because I have that kind of power.”


Femil became mesmerized and flushed her cheeks.

“But, your vitality is like paper right? Don’t get away from me.”

“D-D-D-Does that mean, I can……stick to you……?”

“As long as it doesn’t have obstruction when you’re chanting your spells.”


I wonder how she understood that? Femil had a bright red face.

Her face is really red that there might even be steam raising from it.

It looks like on top of being diligent, honest, and pure, it looks like she’s innocent as well.

I feel worried about her a little.

I should protect her properly.

“Kehma, Kehma. I’m also, I’m also, not that durable okay?”

“Is that so?”

“I’m a G.o.ddess, but a G.o.ddess of Wisdom you know. My basic stats for battle, it’s set very low you know.”

“That’s your intelligence on top of sacrificing your battle strength?!!”

“That way of saying it, isn’t that weird?!

This is the scene where you get convinced like『That’s why you’re that intelligent huh』, right?!!”

I felt a little envious about this useless G.o.ddess who still have confidence in herself.

There are no happier times when compared to the time when you’re drunk to alcohol or to yourself.

“Anyways, it’s like that, so protect me too okay!

You can prioritize Femi-chan if it becomes dangerous, but protect me if it is alright okay!!”

“I can prioritize Femil if it becomes really dangerous?”

“Although I’m not good at fighting, I’m can still do better than Femi-chan……”

It is Laura who is usually useless but says good things from time to time.

After advancing for a while.

Femil became very exhausted.

“Auu〜, auuu〜……”

Her breathing had gone up and her back curled, she sweating very hard too.

“From how the map looks, there’s a resting area soon.”

“Is that, so……”

“After we reach there and rest, let’s end our exploration for today.”


We reached the resting area.

It is a s.p.a.ce where the barrier stones that the Guild personnel probably set are in four corners.

That area where rainbow-like s.h.i.+ne with a milky white as base were released was simply beautiful.

And advancing a little, there is a magma river flowing.

That river that releases an orange s.h.i.+ne looks very beautiful although dangerous.

“It looks like it’s a resting place that the Guild personnel made!

It seems like it’s a double structure with sand that has smell that monsters hate were scattered to the ground and a barrier using barrier stones!!”

Laura-san who seem to have a setting as a G.o.ddess of Wisdom said that while she looked at the guide book.

“It was started with the cooperation of the academy that I went to and the Guild-san right.”

On top of that, she’s even helped by Femil who is a civilian.

I scoffed at Laura.

“W-W-W-What!! It can’t be helped right!

It seems like it’s only recently that sands and barriers started to get used!!”

It is the usual dictionary G.o.ddess.

Well, whatever.

I took out the preys from my magic bag.

Flame Bat and Flame Wolf. The chunk of the Magma Slime.

I dismantled the Flame Bat and Wolf.

I carefully fried it using the magma river and placed it on top of a plate.

The Flame Bat became shredded meat. The Flame Wolf became something like a steak.

Their meat is mostly red. It looked like it was soaked in red pepper.

“It looks delicious from how it looks……”

Laura’s stomach sounded like kyururururu, kuu〜〜〜.

I took a bite of the Flame Wolf steak first.


It’s spicy.

The spicy hotness entered my mouth and spread widely.

However, meat juice overflowed every time I took a bite and it mixed with the umami very well.

It’s delicious although it’s spicy.

I couldn’t stop, I did not stop.

“Haa, haa, haa, haa.”

I breathed like a dog.

Water. Cold water, please.

“E〜to, here!”

Laura who understood pa.s.sed me the water bottle.

I drank in gulps.

The residue of the spiciness remains.

Although it’s like thatーーit’s delicious.


I leveled up too.

Level: 1369→1391

HP: 11833/11833(↑170)

MP: 10954/10954(↑167)

Strength: 10650(↑168)

Vitality: 10642(↑152)

Agility: 10577(↑155)

Magic Powers: 10102(↑167)

Learned Skills

Sweltering Heat Resistance  LV2   11/150

Raised Skills

Flame Emission  LV6   1021/3000(↑8)

Sweltering Heat Resistance, I got it!!

On top of that, having it with level 2 is great.

Getting level 2 instantly means that it will become level 3 after eating just a little.

Since one can name their self as first cla.s.s with level 3, it is really great.

“Kehma! Kehma! Kehmaa!!

Laura placed her hands on my thigh and opened her mouth like Ah〜n.

The very close distance between us is a little dangerous.

I let her eat a slice of the steak while I looked to the side.


Laura silently chewed the meatーー.


Both of her eyes widened suddenly.

“What’s this! It’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hooot〜〜〜〜〜!

It burns. It burnsss〜〜〜!

Flame is coming out of my mouthhh〜〜〜〜〜〜!”

Laura swallowed the meat while she was like HafuHafu.

“Fuaaaaaan! Ahn! Ahn! Ahn! It’s hot, it’s hottt〜……!

The meat is slowly coming to my body, haa! Ha!♥

Haaaaa〜〜〜〜〜〜n! ♥!! ♥♥!!”

Laura who moaned with the spiciness and umami was somewhat s.e.xy.

Her voice is s.e.xy without any need to say it, but her body that is full of sweet is s.e.xy too.

“Kehmaa♥ Give me〜.

More, more, give me more of that hot thing!!

I want it, I want it〜!!”

“I got it! I got it already so calm down!”

I shove it into the G.o.ddess.

“Hafu! Hafu! Hafuuuuun!!

It’s spiciliciousss!! Spiciliciouuuussss!!”

The G.o.ddess moaned and moaned.

“It is food, that makes you『come』for it, huh……”

Femil also placed the meat on her plate and had a red face.

In fact, it is spicy.

After that, I ate a lot while I cooled my self with hafuhafu.




I leveled up a lot and my Sweltering Heat Resistance became level 3.

I transferred those to Femil and Laura, and raised my own resistance again.

I tried transferring the skill many times, but I wasn’t able to transfer it by parts.

When I thought of transferring a level 3 skill, it must be the whole 3 levels.

I cannot do it like dividing it with 1 and 2, and give Laura 1 while I have 2.


And lastly, I slurped the Magma Slime’s soup.

It was really spicy like magma, and it spread throughout my mouth.

My body temperature raised and I was covered with sweat.


I leveled up too.

It’s like this after all of that.

Level: 1391→1462

HP: 12361/12361(↑528)

MP: 11480/11480(↑526)

Strength: 11140(↑490)

Vitality: 11120(↑478)

Agility: 11032(↑455)

Magic Powers: 10532(↑430)

Learned Skills

Flame Magic  LV1  41/50

Sweltering Heat Resistance  LV3  8/500

Raised Skills

Flame Emission  LV6   1074/3000(↑53)

However, this Flame Magic, I will transfer it to Femil.

“Auu〜, n! nnh!……”

Is it because it is slightly thicker than other skills? Femil softly moaned.

“How was it?”

“Eh?! E〜to……”

Femil held her staff.

She pointed it to the magma river.


She condensed powers with her magic powers.

Her skirt flapped with the magic power’s surge.

And what she released wasーー

“Fire Ball!!!”

It was that in the end?!!

I thought of that, but its strength increased very much.

The scarlet ball flew straight through the river and hits the wall in the opposite sh.o.r.e.


It was a crater with a 2 meter diameter that was made together with that explosive sound.

And, Femil who released that staggered.

I quickly supported her and asked.

“Are you okay?”


Femil said that, buy her eyes were spinning.

Femil can only use Fire Ball, but the Fire Ball is very powerful.

『That right now, was not Flare……』

『That was……Fire Ball』

A conversation like that might happen in the future.

I drank the Magma Slime’s soup and learned the Flame Magic again.

I have the Flame Emission, but the consumption is different.

Magic consumes MP, but Flame Emission consumes HP.

That is why, having magic is convenient for certain situation.

Other than that, it’s a man’s dream.

Things like Flame Lance, just having that is very cool.

It does not clearly say whether Laura creates it or notdesu


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