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Library Of Heaven Is Path is a web novel produced by Heng Sao Tian Ya.
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Read WebNovel Library Of Heaven Is Path 2000 A Bet?

Zhang Xuan nearly fainted from anger.

He knew that the Dongxu Gourd was unreliable, but he had never thought that it would actually be such a blithering idiot!

I told you to devour the swords of those b*stards! Why did you swallow Elder Chou Huo’s sword too?

He’s a sword pract.i.tioner, and his greatest strength lies in his swordsmans.h.i.+p! How do you expect him to fight his opponents without a sword?

Peng peng peng peng!

Just as this thought formulated in his mind, the two black-robed Heavenly True Immortals began clas.h.i.+ng with Elder Chou Huo once more.

Without a sword in his hand, Elder Chou Huo’s fighting prowess was severely affected. Under the a.s.sault of those two, he was slowly falling into a disadvantageous position.

I need to hurry up and defeat this one so that I can back Elder Chou Huo, Zhang Xuan thought.

Knowing that he was pressed for time, he decided to ignore the Dongxu Gourd for the time being and drove the Tongshang Sword toward the black-robed expert before him.

Deprived of his sword, the black-robed expert’s fighting prowess was clearly crippled. After several blows, a few holes had already been punctured through his body.

While attacking the black-robed expert, Zhang Xuan kept an eye out on the Heavenly High Immortal expert, but the latter did not seem to be intending to offer his help at all. Heaving a sigh of relief, he intensified his offense.


After three moves, the Tongshang Sword pierced right through the black-robed expert’s forehead. Zhang Xuan forcefully twisted the sword sideward.


The black-robed expert’s head immediately burst apart, causing him to die on the spot.

Meanwhile, the Heavenly High Immortal remained unfazed, as if everything that was going on was none of his business at all.

“Those from the Hall of G.o.ds have always been cold-hearted.” Elder Chou Huo’s voice suddenly sounded in Zhang Xuan’s ears. “All they are concerned with is the accomplishment of their mission. In contrast, the fate of their comrades means nothing to them.”

Nodding in realization, Zhang Xuan quickly charged toward the closest Heavenly True Immortal expert to alleviate Elder Chou Huo of his burden.

With his recent breakthrough to Lesser True Immortal realm and the Tongshang Sword, his true fighting prowess was on par with an average High Immortal. In a few moments, the Heavenly True Immortal expert had his hands full dealing with him.

As the burden on him alleviated, Elder Chou Huo swiftly knocked back the remaining Heavenly True Immortal expert with a strike of his palm before checking on Zhang Xuan’s condition. Considering how he had difficulties dealing with these two, he was not too sure if Zhang Xuan would be able to stand his ground against one of them.

“You have managed to tame the Tongshang Sword?”

That was a sword that the sect leader had just given Zhang Xuan in the Elder Council, and the latter had run over to Wuhai City right after the bestowment. After arriving in Wuhai City, he had gone to explore the Ethereal Hall, and shortly after, he had gone to visit the Wuhai Market to appraise some artifact…

Despite his busyness, how in the world did he manage to find time to tame the Tongshang Sword? Furthermore, he had managed to achieve Sword-Man Union with it, which meant that the Tongshang Sword had fully acknowledged him!

When did it become so easy to tame a High Immortal-tier sword?

If that was the case, why in the world did he go through so much in order to tame that sword of his?

Putting aside the fact that he had expended several liters of his blood, he had squandered a good chunk of his fortune for it as well!

Just thinking about all he had spent on his sword disappearing with a poof, Elder Chou Huo felt his heart spasming painfully. He glared at the Heavenly True Immortal expert before him with fury burning in his eyes.

The culprit could not be anyone other than these two fellows! Otherwise, why would his sword suddenly disappear in the midst of battle?

You b*stard! Return my sword!”

Peng peng peng peng!

In a fit of rage, Elder Chou Huo launched devastating palm strikes one after another on his opponent.

He was a Heavenly High Immortal, one of the most powerful existences on the Azure. His full strength caused the folded s.p.a.ce to tremor endlessly, as if the place would collapse very soon.


Struck several times squarely by Elder Chou Huo’s palm strikes, the Heavenly True Immortal expert facing him felt so indignant that he could vomit blood.

Are you sick in the head? I’m not the one who took your sword!

Even if I did take your sword, why would my sword disappear as well?

You scoundrel, do you think that you’ll get away scot-free after stealing my baby? Return my sword right now!” Elder Chou Huo bellowed like a madman.

“I said that I didn’t take it! You are the one who should return my sword!” the Heavenly True Immortal expert shouted back indignantly.

Infuriated, he was just about to pit his life against Elder Chou Huo when he suddenly felt a stabbing pain in the aperture located in his lower body. He turned around, only to see Zhang Xuan, who should have been fighting with his comrade, standing behind him all of a sudden. Naturally, it went without saying that the stabbing pain came from the young man’s sword too.


Fresh blood spurted out from his lower aperture.

“Ah, my bad. I accidentally penetrated you with my sword,” Zhang Xuan replied with an apologetic look as he pulled out his sword forcefully and bolted away to attack his comrade.


The Heavenly High Immortal expert was infuriated, but there was a Heavenly High Immortal expert standing right in front of him. He knew that this was an opponent he had to focus all his attention into dealing with, so he could only let the young man get away for the time being.

He dashed with incredible speed to strike down Elder Chou Huo, but barely after making two moves, he suddenly felt another stabbing pain in his alimentary ca.n.a.l.

Turning his head around, once again, it was an apologetic Zhang Xuan.

“Great heavens, I have made a mistake again!”

“Made a mistake your head!” the Heavenly High Immortal expert bellowed furiously.

I’m not even your opponent, so why do you keep coming over to violate me?

Made a mistake? Screw that! Would anyone make such a blatant mistake?

There’s no doubt about it, you must be doing it on purpose!

Exploding with fury, the Heavenly True Immortal was just thinking of putting his opponent aside down to kill Zhang Xuan when he suddenly felt a burst of pressure a.s.saulting him. Elder Chou Huo had launched yet another attack on him.

A series of consecutive palm strikes rendered him unable to move, and fresh blood spurted from his body. His meridians were jolted from the impact from the strikes, and before he knew it, he was already severely injured.

This won’t do. At this rate, I’ll really die, the Heavenly True Immortal expert thought grimly.

With an awful look on his face, he racked his mind to think of a solution when he suddenly felt another stabbing pain on his bottom.

When he turned his head over, it was yet again another apologetic Zhang Xuan waving his hand. “It’s a mistake, a mistake!”

“Mistake your head!”

Unable to tolerate it anymore, the Heavenly True Immortal expert completely ignored Elder Chou Huo and dashed right toward Zhang Xuan. However, before he could even attack at all, he suddenly felt a surge of sword qi bursting into his body through the latter’s blade.


His organs were immediately shattered. With a look of disbelief in his eyes, his corpse fell to the ground.

On the other hand, seeing that he had managed to get rid of another one of the Heavenly True Immortal experts, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

The experts from the Hall of G.o.ds were simply too powerful. Even with his Lesser True Immortal realm cultivation and the Tongshang Sword, it would still be difficult for him to defeat them within a hundred moves.

Thus, he could only intentionally lure one away and hara.s.s the other one fighting Elder Chou Huo.

It had taken him several provocations before he managed to enrage the other party to reveal an opening, which he had then exploited to subdue the other party in an instant.

With this, the single remaining Heavenly True Immortal was a walk in the park. Collaborating with Elder Chou Huo, they managed to defeat him with ease.

Surprisingly, even as they killed the three Heavenly True Immortal experts, the black-robed Heavenly High Immortal expert from the Hall of G.o.ds showed no signs of interfering at all. Instead, he smiled lightly and said, “You are indeed an extraordinary individual. Within such a short period of time, you were able to formulate a plan and slay three members from the Hall of G.o.ds. It’s no wonder the leader wants us to capture you alive!”

Slowly, the Heavenly High Immortal expert began making his way toward Zhang Xuan.

“Capture me alive?” Zhang Xuan frowned.

He had been wondering why those black-robed figures did not whip out their weapons right from the start. It turned out that they were afraid of accidentally going too far and killing him, but eventually, they had realized that it was impossible for them to win without a weapon in hand.

Nevertheless, even when forced into a corner, they did not resort to exploding their cultivation or anything of the sort. Clearly, they were afraid of going too far.

“That’s right,” the Heavenly High Immortal expert replied with a leisurely voice. “It was their test to capture you alive, and I thought that they should be able to do so without my aid. I must say that your strength has exceeded my expectations. Since that’s the case… you shall have the honor of facing me!”

“You’ll have to get past me if you wish to make a move on him!” Elder Chou Huo stepped forward and harrumphed.

Even though he did not have a sword in hand, the Sword Intent shrouding his body was so great that it seemed as if it would pierce through the folded s.p.a.ce.

“I have long heard that the experts of the Hall of G.o.ds are unrivaled among their counterparts, and I have been wanting to verify those rumors for a while!”

You?” The Heavenly High Immortal expert shook his head and chuckled, as if mocking a fool who did not know his place.

He flicked his finger lightly.


Elder Chou Huo’s body rose into the air helplessly as fresh blood spurted from his mouth. No matter what he did, he was unable to regain control of his body.

In that instant, his eyes were filled with horror.

When he realized that those two Heavenly True Immortals were able to fight with him on equal grounds, he had realized that this Lesser True Immortal would definitely be a formidable foe. However, he did not think that the latter would be so powerful!

To seal off the energy in his body with a single move, leaving no room for him to retaliate at all…

“It doesn’t seem like you are qualified at all,” the Heavenly High Immortal remarked coldly.

From the moment he made a move to the moment he finished his words, there was actually no pause at all. In other words, despite being one of the strongest elders of the Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion, he did not even last a breath before he was helplessly pinned in the air!

It was no wonder he did not make a move even when the three Heavenly True Immortal experts were being killed earlier. Given his strength, there was indeed no need for him to work together with others!

While holding Elder Chou Huo firmly in place with a single finger, the Heavenly High Immortal expert turned to Zhang Xuan and calmly asked, “Are you going to come with me, or are you waiting for me to make a move?”

Given his level of strength, there was no need for him to resort to vicious words. There was nothing that spoke louder than absolute strength!

Instead of answering the other party’s question, Zhang Xuan looked at him intently and asked, “Why does your leader wish to capture me alive? Is it because I have comprehended the G.o.ds’ Sword Intent?”

“That’s not something you need to know,” the Heavenly High Immortal replied impa.s.sively.

“I guess there’s no way you would reveal anything…” Zhang Xuan shook his head and sighed. “To be honest, you are probably the strongest person I have met in the Azure aside from Sect Leader Han. However, you aren’t a match for me. All it takes is a single thought for me to obliterate you.”

“I’m not a match for you?” The Heavenly High Immortal nearly burst out laughing. “Would you like to give it a try?”

There was no denying that the young man was indeed very powerful. In fact, he probably could have triumphed over all warriors that were of the same cultivation realm as him from their Hall of G.o.ds easily.

Unfortunately, the young man’s cultivation was simply too weak. They were not on the same level at all!

Yet, to claim that he was not a match for him…

What a joke!

The trapped Elder Chou Huo was also rendered speechless by Zhang Xuan’s ridiculous words.

Bro, this is a life-and-death situation. Can you stop bragging and get serious?

If it was possible to defeat him by bragging, I would have long done so. Don’t you see how I’m completely pinned down here before I could even finish my bragging?

“Indeed. If you don’t believe me, shall we make a bet then?” Zhang Xuan asked calmly.

Chuckling softly, the Heavenly High Immortal expert’s interest seemed to have been piqued. Placing his hands behind his back, he asked, “What kind of bet do you intend to propose?”

With strength of his level, he was not scared of any schemes that Zhang Xuan might try.

“It’s very simple. I want you to stand on the spot and not move at all. If you are able to withstand my attack, I’ll leave with you obediently. Otherwise… I guess that will be the end of you then,” Zhang Xuan replied.

You are challenging me to withstand your attack?” The Heavenly High Immortal expert’s eyebrows shot up. “Do you have a Semi-Divinity weapon with you?”

The fact that the other party dared make such a bet showed that he had some trump card up his sleeves. Most likely, it would be a Semi-Divinity weapon!

However, even with a Semi-Divinity weapon in hand, there was no way he could be defeated that easily.

“It isn’t a weapon but a book. If you can withstand the weight of my book, I’ll do whatever you tell me to. Otherwise… don’t blame me for not going easy on you,” Zhang Xuan replied.

“A book?” The Heavenly High Immortal expert burst into laughter. “You must be joking. Do you think a book can kill me?”


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