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Student Mo Yu?

Pays respect to Zhang laos.h.i.+?

The entire room became ghastly silent. Everyone’s eyes widened in shock.

What is going on?

Princess Mo Yu is the second greatest genius of the kingdom, a figure who became a 1-star master teacher at such a young age… Yet, to respectfully greet someone younger than her as Zhang laos.h.i.+…

Where did he appear from?

What rights does he have to make the princess behave in such a manner?


Squadron Leader Yao felt his knees go weak and he nearly kneeled onto the ground.

Oh my gos.h.!.+

He thought that the other party was romantically involved with the princess, but to think that the princess was actually the other party’s student…

Is there a need for such exaggeration?

It was fortunate that he didn’t behave too recklessly the day before. Otherwise, even if he were to be killed on the spot, no one would have dared to speak up for him.

On the other end, Ling Xiaoxiao’s face became frozen.

She thought that her idol was here to speak with her. She couldn’t have imagined that she was here to greet this ignorant lad.

Brother, didn’t you not know where the Master Teacher Pavilion is? Didn’t you not know how the master teacher examination is conducted?

Didn’t you not know who Mo Hongyi is?

An insignificant and ignorant apprentice made the number two genius of the kingdom, the newly qualified master teacher, Princess Mo Yu, bow and respectfully address him as laos.h.i.+…

What kind of twist is this?

Even the expert beside her widened his eyes in astonishment, nearly dropping to the ground.

Initially, he had been feeling somewhat dissatisfied to see the young mistress wasting her breath on this fellow. But at this moment, he realized that this ordinary-looking guy was actually a hidden expert!

To be addressed by the princess as teacher… Based on just this fact alone, he was on an equal footing with several prestigious clans in the capital.

They weren’t the only ones, even Zhao Ya and the others felt bewildered.

The arrogant Physician Bai Chan was beaten to a pulp, but he didn’t dare to retaliate; the genius princess bowed respectfully and addressed him as laos.h.i.+…

Didn’t Zhang laos.h.i.+ say that… he arrived at Tianwu Kingdom just yesterday afternoon?

It had not been long since his arrival and he had already managed to cause such a huge ruckus, earning himself respect, fear, and awe…

If he were to remain here for any period longer, wouldn’t the pavilion master of the Master Teacher Pavilion have to come greet him personally as well?


Ignoring everyone’s shock, Zhang Xuan nodded his head faintly.

He was indeed worthy of the other party’s bow.

If not for his guidance back at Red Lotus City, it would have been impossible for her to pa.s.s the 2-star apothecary examination.

“Zhang laos.h.i.+…”

Princess Mo Yu had intended to ask about the matter in the Poison Hall, but after hesitating for a moment, she decided not to bring it up, especially with such a huge crowd present.

Back then, when she left Red Lotus City for Tianwu Kingdom, Zhang Xuan and the Great Herb King had already set off for the Poison Hall.

Impersonating the special envoy to enter the Poison Hall was extremely dangerous, so she had been worried about him. Initially, she thought that even if Zhang Xuan were to return alive, it would be difficult for the two of them to meet again. But never in her dreams did she expect that she would encounter him in just a few days’ time.

This was why she lost herself back then and stared at him.

Then after the end of the Question Symposium, she couldn’t hold herself back anymore and came forward to greet him.

As the number two genius of Tianwu Kingdom, she did possess her own pride. However, after the days accompanying this young man, she realized that the little talent she possessed meant nothing before him.

“Mo Yu, aren’t you going to introduce him to me?”

Mo Yu was about to continue speaking when a voice suddenly sounded. Then, a tall and muscular man could be seen walking over.

Looking to be in his thirties, he was dressed in a long robe, and the emblem on his chest signified his ident.i.ty as a 1-star master teacher. Judging from the aura he exuded and his immense strength, he was a Zongs.h.i.+ realm expert!

Being a 1-star teacher and a Zongs.h.i.+ realm expert in just his thirties, even though his talent was beneath that of Mo Hongyi and Mo Yu, he wasn’t too far from them.

Upon seeing him, a faint look of displeasure flickered across Mo Yu’s eyes. Nevertheless, she nodded, “The reason why I am able to forge a grade-2 pill and pa.s.s the 2-star apothecary examination, despite my cultivation not having reached Zongs.h.i.+ realm, is due to Zhang laos.h.i.+’s guidance. As such, he is half a teacher to me!”

The Apothecary is one of the top occupations among the Upper Nine Paths, and under normal circ.u.mstances, a pract.i.tioner’s cultivation has to reach Zongs.h.i.+ realm before he can take the 2-star examination.

This is because only upon achieving Zongs.h.i.+ realm can one better control the heat of the cauldron, the properties of the medicinal herbs, the clash of various energies within the cauldron… And from there, forge a grade-2 pill.

By merely following Zhang Xuan’s instructions, Mo Yu was already able to successfully forge a grade-2 pill in the Beast Hall.

Then after continuing to learn diligently from Zhang Xuan for several days in the Red Lotus City, her proficiency in pill forging improved even further.

After returning to the capital, with the support from the royal family, her cultivation escalated. Even though she was still a distance away from reaching Zongs.h.i.+ realm, she had already managed to reach Tongxuan realm pinnacle.

Under usual circ.u.mstances, no one is allowed to take the 2-star examination without first reaching Zongs.h.i.+ realm. However, she successfully forged a grade-2 pill and was granted a special exception to be promoted to a 2-star apothecary. From then on, her feats became a legend.

“Half a teacher?”

“For Mo s.h.i.+ to pa.s.s the 2-star apothecary examination at such a young age, that young man’s pill forging skills must be incredible!”

The crowd burst into an uproar, and they stared at Zhang Xuan in amazement. They finally understood why Mo Yu regarded that young man so highly.

If Mo Yu pa.s.sed the 2-star apothecary examination due to his guidance… Doesn’t that mean that he is superior to her in the field of pill forging?

Surpa.s.sing 2-star? It can’t be possible that he’s a 3-star apothecary, right?

A 3-star apothecary who has yet to reach twenty?

Everyone poured out a cold breath of air.

“Taught you how to forge pills?”

A flash gleamed across the muscular man’s eyes. He turned toward Zhang Xuan immediately and smiled, “So it’s a grandmaster apothecary. I apologize for my disrespect. My name is Jiang Chen, and I am grateful for your guidance to Princess Mo Yu!”

However, Mo Yu’s eyebrows knitted together in displeasure and she spoke sharply, “I don’t need you to thank him for me!”


Jiang Chen laughed dryly, not giving any heed to Mo Yu’s att.i.tude. Flinging his sleeves aside, he carried an aura of superiority as he looked at Zhang Xuan, “The Apothecary Guild’s Apothecary Hong is my friend, and he pa.s.sed the 3-star apothecary examination recently, Since Zhang laos.h.i.+ is a talented apothecary as well, I believe that the two of you should be acquainted with one another. But why have I never heard of there being a genius like you in the guild? Furthermore, I know every single apothecary in the guild who is 2-star and above… May I enquire what Zhang laos.h.i.+’s grade is?”

Hearing what he said, everyone turned to Zhang Xuan immediately, their eyes filled with curiosity.

“I am only a 1-star apothecary!” Zhang Xuan replied.

He had only taken the 1-star apothecary examination and didn’t think that he was a genius of any sort. Besides, he had never been to Tianwu Royal City’s Apothecary Guild, so naturally, he neither knows Apothecary Hong nor possesses any fame.


“A 1-star apothecary guided Princess Mo Yu to forge a grade-2 pill? You must be joking!”

“The hierarchy in the Upper Nine Paths occupation is extremely strict. How can a 1-star apothecary guide a 2-star apothecary…”

Everyone became baffled once again.

They had seen for themselves how highly Princess Mo Yu regarded the young man, and it felt as if she would really kneel down in admiration for the other party. Thus, they thought that the young man would be a formidable apothecary. In the end, it turned out that he was only a 1-star… Did someone make a mistake?


Jiang Chen was taken aback as well. An expression of disdain was revealed on his face but was swiftly hidden. “To be able to reach 1-star at your age, Brother Zhang is indeed talented. As long as you work hard, you will surely be able to reach great heights!”

He had addressed the other party as Zhang laos.h.i.+ previously, but in the blink of an eye, he had amended that to ‘Brother Zhang’. He had even dropped all of the pleasantries.

After which, he ignored Zhang Xuan completely and turned to Princess Mo Yu, “Mo Yu, I have prepared a feast to celebrate your successful promotion as a master teacher. Let’s go!”

“I refuse!”

Princess Mo Yu shook her slender hands.

“This celebration feast is specially prepared for you, how can the star of the show go missing…” Getting rejected before such a huge crowd, Jiang Chen felt somewhat embarra.s.sed.

“I still have things that I need to consult Zhang laos.h.i.+ with. Feel free to carry on with the feast without me!” Mo Yu replied coldly.

It seemed that she wasn’t fond of the other party.

“How about this, why don’t Brother Zhang come along as well? This way, you can consider it as repayment for his guidance.”

At which, Jiang Chen turned to Zhang Xuan and said, “What does Brother Zhang think? You seem like you have just arrived at the capital, and there are many VIPs joining in the celebration. Apothecary Hong will be there as well, and I can make use of this opportunity to introduce him to you. As a 1-star apothecary, it will be good for you to come into contact with high-ranking apothecaries like him.”

“I’m not free!” Zhang Xuan shook his head.

If the other party was inviting him sincerely, he would have considered heading over after he was done with his master teacher examination. However, Jiang Chen acted as though he was inviting Zhang Xuan out of charity. Taking into account the other party’s att.i.tude, even if it were the emperor’s birthday celebration, Zhang Xuan wouldn’t have bothered.

“You’re not free?”

Jiang Chen could tolerate being rejected by Mo Yu, but to be turned down in public by a 1-star apothecary, his complexion darkened immediately, and his eyebrows shot up. He emitted the pressure of a Zongs.h.i.+ realm expert, “An official apothecary may possess incredible status, but that is nothing compared to a master teacher. You should reconsider your option. Don’t let a moment of folly land you in deep trouble… Hey, I’m still talking to you! Hold it right there!”

Jiang Chen thought he could frighten the other party into obedience by pointing out the possible consequences of his rejection. However, before he could finish his words, the other party was already gone. Jiang Chen nearly fainted out of anger.

As a 1-star master teacher and a Zongs.h.i.+ realm expert, when had anyone dared to disrespect him like that?

Shaking his head, Zhang Xuan disregarded the conceited fellow and stopped before Mo Yu. “Bring me over!”


Back in Red Lotus City, Zhang Xuan had told her that he intended to take the master teacher examination. Thus, Mo Yu immediately understood the other party’s intentions, and the duo walked pa.s.s Jiang Chen.

“This fellow…”

Seeing how Zhang Xuan disregarded Jiang Chen and left just like that, the corners of Ling Xiaoxiao’s mouth twitched.

Do you know who this fellow is? To ignore him like that…

Even the emperor would have to give him VIP treatment, yet you ignore him…

Ling Xiaoxiao was about to go forward to offer some advice when she saw Princess Mo Yu stop before an elder and said, “Wu s.h.i.+, Zhang laos.h.i.+ intends to take the master teacher examination. I will have to trouble you to make preparations.”

“Take the master teacher examination?”

Ling Xiaoxiao had barely taken a step forward when she heard those words and staggered, nearly falling to the ground.

It is just a moment ago that you are clueless about the master teacher examination and you want to give it a try now… Brother, are you sure you aren’t joking with me?

After the conversation just now, she could have confidently declared that the fellow named Zhang Xuan knew nothing about master teachers. In fact, she had even suspected that Zhang Xuan’s master teacher apprentice emblem was bought…

Does he want to take the master teacher examination, just like that?

Do you know what master teachers represent?

Ling Xiaoxiao felt as that she was on the brink of going insane.

Jiang Chen, who intended to step forward to teach the other party a lesson, also stopped upon hearing Mo Yu’s words. His eyes narrowed, and he seemed to have fallen into deep contemplation.

“Alright, but I’ll have to check if you are qualified to take the examination!”

Wu s.h.i.+ nodded.

In the guild, he was in charge of conducting the master teacher examination, thus he was extremely well-versed in the procedures.

Before taking the examination, he had to ascertain that the candidate fulfilled both the internal and external conditions.

The external conditions are: the recommendation from a master teacher, the ident.i.ty of an a.s.sistant master teacher, and at least one supporting occupation!

The internal conditions are: reaching the State of Insight of the Heart of Tranquil Water and Tongxuan realm cultivation!

Liu Ling had told Zhang Xuan about these conditions at Tianxuan Kingdom, so Zhang Xuan was no stranger to them. With a flick of his wrist, he took out his master teacher apprentice emblem and 1-star apothecary emblem and pa.s.sed them forward. At the same time, he revealed his Half-Zongs.h.i.+ cultivation.

With a glance, Wu s.h.i.+ verified that the emblems were genuine. Thereafter, he took out a Stone of Insight and pa.s.sed it to Zhang Xuan.

“It’s a test of your Soul Depth!”

Zhang Xuan nodded. He grabbed the Stone of Insight and adjusted his state of mind.

“Jiang s.h.i.+, there’s no need to get angry. He is just an ignorant countryside b.u.mpkin. I doubt that he will even be eligible for the examination!”

Upon seeing Jiang Chen’s darkened expression, an apprentice walked up and fawned on him. “Besides, even if he is eligible for the examination, it is impossible for him to match up to you! After all, you are a genius who is born with a Soul Depth of 4.0!”

The requirement for the master teacher examination was a Soul Depth of 3.0.

Most apprentices, upon achieving Heart of Tranquil Water, would only possess a Soul Depth of 1.5. They would require countless years of cultivation before they are able to raise it to 3.0.

But this Jiang Chen possessed a Soul Depth of 4.0 from the moment he reached Heart of Tranquil Water.

His name was spread far and wide.

Even though he wasn’t able to match up to Mo Hongyi’s 6.0 and Mo Yu’s 5.0, he was still ranked among the best of geniuses in the capital.

“Competing with me? Who does he think he is!”

Upon hearing those words, Jiang Chen’s grim complexion lightened greatly.

Other than those two monsters, he didn’t fear anyone when it came to Soul Depth.

The other party was just a n.o.body. He might be skilled in pill forging, but his Soul Depth… This is the foundation of being a master teacher, similar to what zhenqi is to a fighter. Even if the other party’s Soul Depth had reached 3.0, he would still be a far way off from him, who was blessed with a natural Soul Depth of 4.0.

The difference between 3.0 and 4.0 doesn’t appear to be great, but this gap can only be bridged by decades of effort.

Ling Xiaoxiao looked over as well.

She didn’t think that this ignorant fellow would possess a Soul Depth that was eligible for the master teacher examination.

After all, have you ever met a master teacher who came for the examination without knowing what would be tested?

Every other master teacher had to study and prepare for their master teacher examination in advance, not daring to slack off in any way. Yet, this fellow wants to make an attempt without knowing anything about it. Examination… your head!

If even this guy manages to pa.s.s the examination, didn’t that mean that I, who know everything about the tests, am ready for the 2-star examination?

She was thinking about what she should say if the other party’s Soul Depth didn’t meet the criteria when she heard a light buzz.

The Stone of Insight in Zhang Xuan’s hands shone, and a line of digits slowly floated into appearance.

Wu s.h.i.+ received the Stone of Insight over from Zhang Xuan and lowered his head to take a glance. His indifferent expression was shattered immediately, and his lips quivered uncontrollably, “This… this…”

“Quick, let’s see how much it is!”

Everyone was startled to see the usually calm Wu s.h.i.+ behave in such a manner. With faces full of curiosity, they could not help but direct their attention to the Stone of Insight.

With a single look, each and every single one of their bodies shuddered.

“Go and take a look!” Full of pride, Jiang Chen refused to go forward and instead, sent his apprentice.

The young man nodded and walked forward. But when he returned, he had an expression that seemed as if he had just seen a ghost.

“Why? Can it be that his Soul Depth matches me, Jiang Chen? Did he attain 4.0 as well?”

Jiang Chen frowned. “I come from a clan of master teachers, and from young, I have been receiving guidance from master teachers. This is also the reason why I can achieve such a high Soul Depth upon reaching Heart of Tranquil Water. How can a wild brat like him compare with me? How much is it?”

With an extremely red face, the apprentice spoke hesitantly, “He… 5.1!”


Jiang Chen’s body swayed, and he immediately felt his heart stifle.

The heck! He had just claimed that this fellow could never compare up to him and his Soul Depth was revealed to be 5.1… This was superior even to that of Princess Mo Yu!

Jiang Chen could feel fresh blood welling up in his mouth.

“5.1? This…”

Ling Xiaoxiao’s eyes widened in shock. Brother, you have achieved a Soul Depth of 5.1 and yet you don’t know what the master teacher examination tests are about? Do you live under a stone?

5.1, that’s already the level of a top-notch genius! With just a bit of effort, your Soul Depth will be able to reach 6.0, and you will be eligible to take the 2-star master teacher examination!

Despite the geniuses that have appeared in Tianwu Kingdom over the years, less than a handful became 2-star master teachers…

The person whom she thought to be an ignorant countryside b.u.mpkin suddenly became an absolute genius. Ling Xiaoxiao’s face reddened, and for a long while, she was unable to say a single word.

“Soul Depth of 5.1, you are a genius among geniuses. Let’s go to the field, I’ll conduct the examination for you right now!”

With a greatly agitated expression, Wu s.h.i.+ took large strides as he headed out of the room.

Zhang Xuan and the others quickly followed behind him.

In no time, the group arrived at a vast hall.

At the very end of the hall were five tightly shut doors.

“The five tests for the master teacher examination are House of Trust, Supporting Occupation Pavilion, Puppet Hall, Cultivation Technique Ocean, and Unerring Pavilion! If you have students, you can have them enter that room. As long as their Trust Level exceeds 50, you will pa.s.s the first test!”

Pointing to the very first door, Wu s.h.i.+ said.


Having heard the rules from Ling Xiaoxiao, Zhang Xuan nodded and beckoned for Zhao Ya and the others to come closer. “These are my students!”


Glancing at the crowd before looking back at Zhang Xuan, a sliver of doubt flashed across Wu s.h.i.+’s eyes.

Usually, there would be a significant age gap between the teacher and student because it would be easier to establish a trust that way.

Taking, for example, if a twenty-year-old man were to teach a seven-year-old child, he would be likely to hold unconditional trust for your words. However, if that same man were to teach a sixteen-year-old teenager, putting aside whether he would trust your words, it would be a problem in itself to have him acknowledge you as his teacher.

Why should he?

This was exactly the situation before him. This Zhang laos.h.i.+ appeared to be below twenty, but his students were sixteen to seventeen, and there was a small age gap. Are you sure that the Trust Level these students have in you exceeds fifty?

“That… May I ask how long have you taught these students for?”

After hesitating for a moment, Wu s.h.i.+ asked.

While the small difference in age posed a problem, it could be made up with time. If one could impress his students with his guidance over time, the Trust Level would surely rise.

“Around half a month…”

Then, after hesitating for a moment, Zhang Xuan added sheepishly, “For that half a month, I’ve been out often, so adding it all up, it’s probably only around five to six days!”

“Five to six days…”

Wu s.h.i.+’s body swayed violently, and he nearly pa.s.sed out. He stared at the fellow before him as if he were looking at a monster.

When others take the master teacher examination, they would bring students whom they have groomed for numerous years. This way, the Trust Level would be higher, increasing the likelihood that they pa.s.s the examination. Yet, you sure are bold… Bringing students whom you have taught for just five to six days…

Are you sure that their Trust Level in you exceeds 50?

“What’s wrong?” Zhang Xuan didn’t know that there were so many things to consider about deciding on which student to deploy, so he felt perplexed.

“That… It’s nothing. I would like to ask if you have any other students whom you have taught for a longer period of time or are younger…”

Fearing that the other party wouldn’t understand his meaning, Wu s.h.i.+ explained patiently.

“There’s none. They are the ones whom I have taught for the longest period of time, as well as the youngest!” Zhang Xuan nodded.

Wu s.h.i.+ rolled his eyes.

The heck! They are almost the same age as you and you’ve only taught them for five to six days. And you say that they are your youngest students, those whom you have taught for the longest period of time?

You must be pulling my leg!

Feeling dismayed, Wu s.h.i.+ was thinking about how he should explain to that fellow when the other party shot him a doubtful look, “If they won’t do, I have taught Princess Mo Yu for a few days as well. She can give it a try too!”

Give it a try?

Try your head!

Do you think that the master teacher examination is a joke?

He thought that since the other party had a Soul Depth of 5.1, a top-notch talent, it shouldn’t have been a problem for him to pa.s.s the examination. Yet, to think that… even such simple words could not get through to him.

“If these are your only students, you can get them to enter. However, allow me to remind you in advance. Their Trust Levels in you must reach at least 50 in order for you to pa.s.s. If they don’t… You can only try again the next time!”

Forcefully suppressing his own feelings of frustration, Wu s.h.i.+ couldn’t be bothered to explain any further.

“Un, I understand!”

Zhang Xuan turned to Zhao Ya and the others. “You all should enter!”

“Yes!” Zhao Ya and the others nodded their heads before stepping into the room.

“Drip a droplet of fresh blood here. Just like the crystal ball used to test Trust Level, all kinds of illusions will appear in this room to a.s.sess your student’s trust in you. Eventually, the result will appear on the wall!”

Seeing the fellow urge his students to enter without even giving them any instructions, Wu s.h.i.+ felt increasingly dumbstruck. At this point in time, he was no longer carrying any expectations for him.

Other teachers would explain to their students what they should do upon encountering the illusion to hint their students about how they can achieve a higher Trust Level…

Yet, he didn’t even bother to say anything. It was a wonder how someone like him became a teacher.

It was true that Zhang Xuan wasn’t aware of the rules for the master teacher examination, but from his perspective, there wasn’t really a need for any clarifications. He simply came to the front and released a droplet of blood onto a pedestal.


With a light ring, the entire House of Trust burst into action, and a glaring radiance filled the room.

Seeing that the first test of the master teacher examination had begun, the crowd, who had followed along, focused on the tightly shut doors with great anxiety.

“To bring similarly-aged students whom he had taught for just five to six days… It would already be considered incredible if his Trust Level reaches 20!” Jiang Chen sneered coldly.

Even though the master teacher examination was difficult, there were certain tricks.

As a 1-star master teacher who came from a clan of master teachers, he was well aware of the ways to maximize the possibility of pa.s.sing the examination.

One’s Trust Level toward one’s parents would be only around sixty, while this test required a Trust Level of fifty at the minimum. This was equivalent to trust that people have for their own siblings.

How can he establish a trust of this level with students whom he had taught for just a few days?

Putting aside a star teacher, even 1-star teachers are unable to induce this level of trust in similarly-aged students within such a short period of time.

“Did you really only teach these students for… five to six days?”

Jiang Chen wasn’t the only one who thought so. Mo Yu could not help but ask Zhang Xuan.

“Actually… If I were to add up the time I’ve been together with them, it’s only about fifteen to sixteen hours!”

Zhang Xuan contemplated for a moment before answering.

During the period he was teaching Zhao Ya and the others, he was busy every single day with many different things. Thus, he would often just lecture and correct their flaws in the morning before disappearing in the afternoon. Thus, the time in which they spent together might only add up to a total of fifteen to sixteen hours.

“Fifteen to sixteen… hours?”

Princess Mo Yu saw her vision turn gray for a moment.

What kind of trust can you establish in such a short period of time?

She thought that this fellow was well-prepared, that’s why she brought him here. To think that he would be so unreliable…

“Look, the Trust Level is out!”

Just as she was considering how she should explain the matter to this fellow and have him prepare himself properly before retaking the examination, she heard someone from among the crowd shout.

Mo Yu turned to look immediately.


The first door trembled violently, and a row of digits slowly appeared on its surface.

“What? How is that possible?”

Mo Yu, Jiang Chen, and the others exclaimed in shock.

“The Trust Level of Life-and-death Kindreds? This is what only a 5-star master teacher can achieve…”

Wu s.h.i.+ trembled vigorously in agitation.

All of the master teachers who tagged along fell silent, displaying their shock for the numbers before them.

The two large digits that hung on the door were exceptionally conspicuous, but those looking at it couldn’t help but doubt their eyes…



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