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Chapter 386: Hall Master, Save Me!

Translator: StarveCleric Editor: Millman97Zhang Xuan had no weapons in his storage ring, and he gave the one which the elder of the Beast Hall gifted him to Zhao Ya.

Since the other party had taken out his weapon, Zhang Xuan immediately turned to the lady and shouted.


Zhao Ya hesitated for a moment, but eventually, she still took out her sword and threw it straight toward Liu laos.h.i.+.

She didn’t know why Liu laos.h.i.+ would ask to borrow her sword, but since she was here to help him, she didn’t think too much about it.


As soon as the sword was unsheathed, a cold light immediately shot out into the surroundings. In an instant, Zhang Xuan’s disposition immediately changed. For a moment, it seemed as though he had fused together with the sword in his hand, and his aura blasted straight into the heavens, threatening to slice even the blue sky apart.

Ding ding ding ding ding!

Suddenly, all of the swords in the surroundings released a crisp buzz, as though greeting their sovereign. The buzzing harmonized together to form a pleasant and bright melody.

“Call of the Myriad Swords… This is the realm beyond that of Sword Intent, Sword Heart?”

“Despite being in his twenties, Guild Master Liu has comprehended Sword Heart?”

“H-how did he do it?”

Everyone trembled violently in shock, and all gazes were immediately fixed on Zhang Xuan.

Weapon Intent was only the start of a long path for those specializing in weapons. Those who had reached a higher level could comprehend the Heart of Weapons.

Sword Heart was the crystallization of one’s deep comprehension in swordsmans.h.i.+p, and even experts who had transcended Zhizun were unable to reach that level easily. Yet, it had appeared from a Zongs.h.i.+ realm pinnacle youngster at this moment, so how could they not be shocked?

Sword Heart, moving one’s sword with one’s heart, turning the tides with one’s will. Every single movement is a sword art.

Having comprehended such a state, there wasn’t a single sword user who could match him at his cultivation realm.

“No, it isn’t Sword Heart!”

At this moment, Pavilion Master Jiang arrived and he shook his head.

Others might not know Guild Master Liu’s true ident.i.ty, but he was well-aware of it. Given the talents Zhang Xuan had displayed, if he were to allow Zhang Xuan were to be killed by the Lin Clan, the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarter would definitely slaughter him.

Thus, he rushed here as soon as he heard the news.

However, seeing that Zhang Xuan had the upper hand, he decided to watch by the side.

“No?” Elder Zhu asked doubtfully.

Call of the Myriad Swords, Roar of the Dragons, that was the distinctive trait of one who had comprehended Sword Heart. If that wasn’t it, what else could it be?

“Depending on how deep one’s understanding is, there are three levels to Sword Heart, primary, intermediate, and advanced. One who has comprehended Sword Heart will be capable of nouris.h.i.+ng spirit into a sword, allowing it to harmonize with one, making it an extension of one’s limbs in the truest sense! Even though Zhang s.h.i.+ has managed to induce the Call of the Myriad Swords, he has only managed to stir the aura of the swords. He hasn’t completely grasp the spirit of the sword yet…”

Pavilion Master Jiang explained.

Sword Heart was a realm, as well as a state. It represented the spirit and heart within a sword.

Even though Zhang Xuan’s level of comprehension towards swords was outstanding, going to the extent of even inducing the Call of the Myriad Swords, his understanding of ‘spirit’ was still too lacking. In fact, he hadn’t even come into contact with it yet, so naturally, he couldn’t be considered to have completely stepped into the level of Sword Heart.

“Then, this is…”

After hearing Pavilion Master Jiang’s explanation, Elder Zhu asked doubtfully.

If this wasn’t Sword Heart realm, then what could this be considered as?

“It’s Partial Sword Heart realm!”

Pavilion Master Jiang answered with a grim expression. “He has comprehended Sword Heart, but due to the limitations of his cultivation, he is still unable to grasp the idea of spirit completely. As long as he achieves a breakthrough in his cultivation, it’s just a matter of time before he comprehends it. By then, he would be invincible among sword users!”

“However, to reach Partial Heart realm despite not knowing what ‘spirit’ is… How in the world did he do it?”

Even though Zhang Xuan hadn’t fully stepped into the level of Sword Heart, just reaching Partial Heart realm was sufficient to fill Pavilion Master Jiang with astonishment.

Many of the experts that had transcended Zhizun had spent their days observing and researching, only to be kept out of the entrance of the Sword Heart realm. Yet, this fellow who didn’t even know what spirit was… to the extent of not even owning his own sword, was able to reach this realm…

Just the thought of it was sufficient to send one into a breakdown.

If those who specially researched swordsmans.h.i.+p but were unable to achieve a breakthrough in their entire life were to learn of it, would they die from frustration on the spot?

“Such powerful Sword Intent…”

Zhao Ya didn’t know what Sword Heart was, but the Sword Intent that flurried from Liu laos.h.i.+ made her body tremble instinctively. It felt as though a pressure was pus.h.i.+ng down on her, leaving her devoid of the courage to even draw her sword.

The intimidation from a far stronger Sword Intent!

Those who possessed deeper understanding of Sword Intent could suppress those with a weaker understanding with their disposition.

“Suggesting the use of weapons is the most foolish decision you have made in your life!”

Grasping the sword in his hand tightly, Zhang Xuan chuckled.

Heaven’s Path Fist Art and Heaven’s Path Leg Art only consisted of a single movement, and it could only be executed in close quarters. However, Heaven’s Path Sword Art was different. Having comprehended Sword Intent, every single move one made was a sword art in itself!

Previously, when crossing hands with the other party, due to the might from the other party’s zhenqi, Zhang Xuan was unable to attack easily, so he could only dodge continuously. However, with a sword in his hand, the situation had changed.

He could fight with the other party on the same footing now!


With a slight jerk, the glint of a sword shot across the air, and a radiant sword emanation shot out straight toward Lin Ruotian.

“What?” cried Lin Ruotian.

The other party had been dodging his attacks before, causing all of his attacks to fall flat. He thought that using a weapon could widen the range of his attacks, making it more difficult for the other party to dodge, thus forcing him up a corner… How could he have known that the other party would have comprehended the Heart of Weapons!

The heck!

How could he match up to that?

Even though his cultivation had reached Half-Zhizun, his comprehension of the sword hadn’t even reached Sword Intent, needless to say, Sword Heart!

With an awful expression, his body immediately scrunched together to avoid the other party’s sword qi. Just as he was about to counterattack, he saw another white light flying straight toward his neck.

“The heck!”

Sensing the killing intent imbued into the attack, he knew that his neck would be severed if he were to face it head on. Thus, without any hesitation, he immediately rolled away.


The sword qi struck the ground and a deep gorge appeared. Rock fragments and dust flew in the air.

“d.a.m.n it!”

To think that a Half-Zhizun expert like himself would be forced to roll to avoid an attack! Lin Ruotian’s rage bubbled within. In the midst of his roll, his hand struck the ground to provide him momentum to leap up, but at that very moment, his hair stood on ends, and he instinctively rolled forward.

Zi la!

A deep gorge appeared at where he was originally at.

Having comprehended Sword Intent, one would be able to produce an emanation of one’s sword and zhenqi in the form of sword qi. Sword qi was incomparably sharp and indestructible by those of a similar cultivation realm. Even though Lin Ruotian was a Half-Zhizun expert, he was still unable to withstand the might of it.

Previously, he was able to force the other party to keep a distance through his deep and powerful zhenqi. However, before the sharp sword qi, this technique became completely useless. If he were to try to do so, he would simply be cut through in the next instant.

“Liu Cheng, you…”

Forced to roll twice consecutively, Lin Ruotian was anxious and furious. He roared furiously, but before he could do anything, another sword qi came flying straight toward him.

Si la!

This time, his reaction was a little slow. Feeling a slight chill, his loose robe was torn apart from the middle, and a few strands of his hair fell to the floor.

Sensing the bone-piercing chill from the sword qi, he knew that his guts would be cut through if he were a moment slower. Knowing that this wasn’t the time to speak, he continued rolling about.

“This is truly weird. In terms of fist art, Liu laos.h.i.+ could only dodge continuously, helpless before Guild Master Lin… But in terms of sword, Clan Head Lin couldn’t even stand on his own two feet, forced to roll around the area…”

“The Lin Clan is reputed for its swordsmans.h.i.+p, and the head of the Lin Clan is a famous swordmaster in the kingdom… And Guild Master Liu, as a physician and a normal teacher, doesn’t even own a sword! Yet, to think that the swordmaster is more skilled in fist art, and the sword-less physician is more adept in swordsmans.h.i.+p…”

“What in the world is this…”

Staring at one another, everyone was dumbstruck at the sight before them.

The Lin Clan possessed a heritage of over several centuries in swordsmans.h.i.+p, and it stood at the very pinnacle of the field in Tianwu Kingdom.

Everyone thought that Guild Master Liu would lose tragically upon seeing Clan Head Lin taking out his sword. No one could have imagined that there would be such a twist.

To think that the Swordmaster Lin Ruotian would be forced to roll around the field, unable to retaliate at all…

Wasn’t he way too weak!

“It isn’t Clan Head Lin who is weak, it’s that… Guild Master Liu is too strong!”

A grave expression sat on Liu’s face. “Under normal circ.u.mstances, even if he comprehended Sword Intent and Sword Heart, his cultivation is still only at Zongs.h.i.+ realm pinnacle. It should have been impossible for him to throw out sword qi one after another. On top of that, sword qi also has a maximum range. The further the attack, the greater the expenditure of one’s zhenqi!”

A few elders of Tianwu Academy nodded in agreement.

Sword qi was the emanation of zhenqi. The further the attack, the greater the dissipation. Putting aside the weaker might of the attack, it took a huge toll on one’s zhenqi as well.

“Look, despite having thrown so many attacks, his sword qi still remains radiant and powerful, causing Clan Head Lin to be completely helpless before it… This shows that his zhenqi is incomparably dense and pure!” Xie continued explaining, “Only when one’s zhenqi reaches a certain level of density can one execute sword qi continuously without fearing it running dry! Only when one’s zhenqi reaches a certain level of purity will one be able to prevent one’s zhenqi from dissipating in midair, thus maintaining its might!”


The crowd nodded.

While the crowd was dumbstruck by the sight before them, Zhang Xuan’s sword was dancing in the air.

“Clan Head Lin, didn’t you say that you want to compete with me in a weapon duel? What do you mean by rolling around on the floor…”

Bellowing loudly, Zhang Xuan declared righteously, “Do you dare to face me head on?”


Hearing those words, Lin Ruotian’s anger clouded over his mind for a moment, causing him to be struck by a sword qi. A mouthful of blood immediately spurted from his mouth.


This was what he’d said a moment ago. To think that the fellow would bring it up at this moment!

Face you head on?

To the h.e.l.l with that!

I don’t even have the strength to withstand your sword qi, how can I face you head on?

With his fist, he was still able to force the other party to dodge continuously, not daring to face him head on. Why did he have to suggest the usage of weapon? In the end, he only made a mockery of himself.

For the number one expert of Tianwu Kingdom, a Half-Zhizun expert, to be forced to roll around the floor!

“Hall Master Liao and the Great Herb King, hurry up and make a move… As long as you kill this fellow, I’ll agree to any request of yours, and I’ll even double it at that!”

After a moment longer, Lin Ruotian realized that if this continued on, it would just be a matter of time before he was killed by the other party’s sword qi. Unable to hold it in any longer, he immediately bellowed.

The elders in the clan were already crippled, so his final hope was on Hall Master Liao and the Great Herb King.

As the master of the Poison Hall, Liao Xun was a poison expert which granted him the ability to kill even experts above his level. Before him, Guild Master Liu’s sword qi would be completely useless!

“Alright, remember your words. I’ll settle things with this man for you!” Hearing the other party’s promise, Liao Xun nodded in satisfaction and walked out.

“Hall Master Liao? Great Herb King? Could they be… the Red Lotus City’s Great Herb King and the Poison Hall’s Hall Master Liao Xun?”

Someone suddenly shouted, and everyone’s faces turned pale. A commotion broke out.


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