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Read Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You Chapter 288 – Rise to Fame!

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Read WebNovel Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You Chapter 288 – Rise to Fame!

Chapter 288: Rise to Fame!

“G.o.d Z, Zhang Hao has entered the WW team as captain this year. Is he the reason ZH1 is afraid to accept WW’s challenge for fear of losing the chance to partic.i.p.ate in the third level of the international compet.i.tion this year?”

As the media fired questions at G.o.d Z, he stroked his eyebrows, lost deep in thought. WW had come well-prepared indeed.

If ZH1 accepted their challenge, it would be nearly impossible to beat WW, especially when they had Zhang Hao, who was the defending champion of the third level of the international compet.i.tion. However, if they were to decline, it would only be hours before their reputation in the racing arena was tarnished. They would also disappoint their hordes of supporters. ZH1 considered that even more unacceptable.

“G.o.d Z, is ZH1 too cowardly to race against WW? Have you been reduced to bullying a girl?”

A reporter in the crowd questioned him sharply as his eyes landed on Lin Yan.

“That’s right. We just saw ZH1 initiate a race with a lousy team like the He family. What are you trying to do? Is that what ZH1 specializes in? Bullying the weak and avoiding the elite?”

Old Master He Dingkun’s expression had turned stiff and cold. Why had they dragged his team into this? Besides, ZH1 was considering accepting He Mingkai. They merely wanted to test his skills.

“Miss, were you about to embark on a race with the ZH1 team?”

Suddenly, a reporter strode over to Lin Yan and asked her a question.

Lin Yan was wearing her helmet, so she was disguised well. Nevertheless, her eyes shone brightly as she shot a swift glance at the reporter. She wasn’t being paid, so why were they involving her in their issues?

“Yeah.” Lin Yan chuckled softly.

The reporters all smirked with satisfaction.

“We were training to accept the challenge that WW has issued,” Lin Yan suddenly replied sharply.

Her words stunned the reporters and left the He family team and ZH1 dumbfounded and shocked.

How could Lin Yan utter such nonsense so casually? Weren’t they pushing the ZH1 team to do something beyond their ability?

“G.o.d Z said that WW is too weak, so he is merely using the He family to train.” Lin Yan continued nonchalantly.

“He is using the He family to train?”

All of them were speechless…

G.o.d Z and his team members cast puzzled looks at Lin Yan. What was she doing?

“G.o.d Z even said that a team like WW isn’t worth their time. Therefore, he asked us to accept their challenge,” quipped Lin Yan airily.


Old Master He Dingkun was livid. She was acting as willfully as a kid!

“What is she saying?” He Xiong bellowed like an angry bull.

Was she treating the He family like fools?

She wanted the He family to compete with WW? The disparity between their levels and skills aside, there was no way WW would accept the challenge.

However, if WW really did, the He family team would be attacked by WW’s fans. They would be accused of exploiting the WW team’s fame and they would become the most despised team in the racing arena.

If a lousy, inferior team like the He family were to compete with the top, most prestigious team in the country, they would look like they were using them to elevate their status.

However, if WW accepted the challenge and the He family won, they would rise to fame. If they lost, they would be despised and humiliated. Old Master He Dingkun cared most about his pride and integrity. He would rather disband his team instead!

At that moment, all the cameras had convened and Lin Yan was thrust into the spotlight.

This was the first time they had heard such arrogant, unbridled words!

“Miss, are you a member of the He family? Do you know that this is tantamount to exploiting the WW team?”

“Ha ha… This hasn’t happened in years. A crumbling team like yours is still making a futile attempt. Are you trying to make use of WW?”


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