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Read Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You Chapter 309 – The Real Show Had Begun!

Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You is a web novel made by 囧囧有妖, Jiong Jiong You Yao.
This webnovel is right now ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You Chapter 309 – The Real Show Had Begun!

Chapter 309: The Real Show Had Begun!

When Pei Yucheng opened his eyes, he realized that his surroundings had changed.

Pei Nanxu…

The lighting and cameras…

Jiang Yiming, Feng Anhua…

This wasn’t his perspective.

He had lost control of his consciousness once again and possessed Lin Yan.

Pei Yucheng had finally understood why he lost consciousness. Whenever his emotions were unstable or he missed Lin Yan too much, his consciousness would take over Lin Yan’s body.

As expected, his soul was much more honest than his body…

Everyone watched as ‘Lin Yan’ opened the door. She suddenly seemed to have transformed into another person.

The girl’s eyes seemed to be probing as they surveyed the ward. Her gaze fell on Pei Nanxu and paused momentarily before she turned to the crew members.

Almost everyone was startled when they looked into the girl’s eyes.

She was the same person, so why had she changed completely after opening the door?

Pei Yucheng, who felt something, frowned.

There was a familiar aching pain in Lin Yan’s left leg.

He caught sight of the clapboard a short distance away and realized that she had NGed more than 30 times already.

A second later, everyone saw ‘Lin Yan’ strolling in.

She looked different than the way she had walked in previously. Her back was straight, as though she was marching towards her enemy. Right now, she looked relaxed as she practically strolled over. She sat down on the couch casually as though she hadn’t noticed that anyone else was in the room.

The arrogance and aloofness exuded from her eyes were frightening.

She had done nothing. She hadn’t even uttered a single word, yet her aura, which reminded everyone of a high and mighty dictator, swept across the entire room.

After she sat down, the pain in her left leg subsided a little.

Pei Yucheng didn’t look very pleased. His eyes roved over Pei Nanxu as he tapped his fingers rhythmically.

The moment Pei Nanxu met Pei Yucheng’s eyes, he shuddered involuntarily as he watched ‘Lin Yan”s subtle habit of tapping her fingers.

After getting over his shock and fear, Pei Nanxu felt alarmed…

He had…

He had felt the same sense of fear and panic he experienced as he looked at Lin Yan right now when facing his Big Brother.

Jiang Yiming, who had finally snapped out of his reverie, almost teared up.

The real show had begun!

This la.s.s had finally immersed herself in the role!

Who was Lin Pianruo? She was a powerful, domineering businesswoman who had absolute authority. Her only goal in life was her career, and she would never be hindered by anything or anyone. From a certain aspect, Chen Jing would affect her more than her boyfriend.

What she cared about the most was her opponent!

Chen Jing was her only worthy opponent. Hence, when she saw that he had been in the dumps over a failure, she expressed her contempt and disdain.

First, Lin Pianruo opened the door and surveyed the ward. Then, she laid eyes on the dejected Chen Jing before her expression turned cold and forbidding.

‘Lin Yan”s entire performance, including her aura and expression, was on point.


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