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“Kill us?” The Invigorated Meridian Stage 11 youth guffawed and retrieved a magical equipment. It was a palm sized green seal.

In the instant that it was activated, the green seal hummed and released a wave of majestic spiritual energy!

Almost as if it was channeling ancient energy!

In an instant, it was magnified many times and became a huge seal over a meter squared in area

The huge seal had mysterious inscriptions on all four sides and had a large amount of powerful energy flowing inside it.

It was like an ancient giant beast awakening!

Extremely awe-inspiring!

The youth boomed and it was echoed by the huge seal. The seal flew into the sky and came crashing down towards Chu Yu!

That powerful force exploded in an instant, almost as if the Milky Way was crashing down

“Trash, let me show you what is power!” The Invigorated Meridian Stage 11 youth laughed coldly.

Chu Yu’s silhouette jumped into action. He held the ancient bronze dagger in his hand and slashed at the huge seal.

It was as if he was a G.o.d returning to earth, and he was unbelievably bold and powerful. The ancient bronze dagger in his hand did not release any sword aura, but a large amount of light did explode along the blade.


A thunderous sound rang out and the ancient bronze dagger in Chu Yu’s hand slashed viciously at the huge seal.

Sparks flew everywhere!

The ancient bronze blade broke instantly!

However, that huge seal was also knocked away by Chu Yu. With a loud boom, it smashed into the desert thousands of meters away.

A large plume of sand flew up, the scene was stunning!

Almost like the apocalypse!

The yellow sand that was knocked up covered the sky for miles.

The sky was completely yellow!

The Invigorated Meridian Stage 11 youth who was controlling the seal looked as if he had been struck by lightning, his mind, which was not particularly strong, severely hit by this.

He spit out a mouthful of blood immediately.

In that instant that Chu Yu knocked the seal away, he felt a huge tremor in his arm, and an aching, numbing feeling came over him.

He felt like he had just f*cked a dog!

He knew that this seal was definitely a legendary equipment!

With his current power channeled into the ancient bronze blade, he could at least harness four fold of its power.

Yet it broke upon impact!

This was sufficient to prove that this seal was above the Xiantian realm!

As such, even though his hand was aching numb, and even though pain was creeping in, in the instant that the seal was knocked into the air, Chu Yu ran in the direction it was flying.

His reactions were too quick!

Whilst the others were still recovering from shock, Chu Yu was already gone in a whiff of smoke. He sprinted thousands of meters and lifted that heavy shrunken seal and placed it in his storage ring.

Then he turned and ran!

Just behind him, several terrifying attacks landed simultaneously at where the seal was.

One of the attacks even sc.r.a.ped Chu Yu, cutting a deep gash in Chu Yu’s back.

Blood flowed continuously!

Chu Yu did not feel it and kept his head down as he sprinted.

The group of Invigorated Meridian experts that gave chase were all from influential clans.

Which one of them didn’t have multiple treasures?

Chu Yu was not scared of them, but his vertical eye had just seen that in the distance, there were a few waves of extremely strong energy fluctuations that his vertical eye could not see clearly.

That was Xiantian!

The real cultivators!

Each of them were unbelievably scary, and Chu Yu, at his current level, could not go head to head with them!

As such, he immediately got rid of his thought of using these Invigorated Meridian Realm experts to train himself.

He was not as dumb as the weasel, there was a right time and place to act dead!

Furthermore, in that short battle, Chu Yu was extremely clear that even if he faced the best of the Invigorated Meridian Realm, he could give them a run for their money!

This knowledge, was sufficient.

As for the Xiantians in the distance, they caused Chu Yu to go numb. What else could he do but run?

They do take me seriously!

Chu Yu laughed coldly inside, and sprinted manically across the infinite desert.


A huge danger enveloped Chu yu in an instant.

His vertical eye suddenly exploded with a wave of unimaginable, stunning power.

It instantly formed into a shield that enveloped Chu Yu.


Chu Yu felt as if his body was about to shatter!

His body flew, it was the first time he flew this far in the air!

With a scream, he spit out a mouthful of blood.

After he landed, Chu Yu felt as if his entire body was going to break apart.

This attack was too vicious!

If not for his vertical eye, this attack would have broke his entire body apart!

Chu Yu was both furious and shocked!

Then he turned and ran!

At this point, the air echoed out with a ferocious and stunning boom!

A silhouette appeared all of a sudden, his speed unimaginable!

An elder stopped at where Chu Yu was just knocked flying. He could not belief what just happened.

He could not belief that his attack just now, didn’t actually kill the child?

As a Xiantian cultivator, he had a way of making Chu Yu hang on to life by a thread and account for everything!

As such, he did not hold back, and wanted to shatter Chu Yu’s body in a single blow.

What he used, was the sacred art!

Only the true cultivators could use the sacred art!

Such an attack, even for the best in the Invigorated Meridian Realm, much less an acupoint charging martial artist like Chu Yu, would have his body smashed to smithereens!

How was this possible?

The eyes of the elder revealed deep confusion, and he looked at the silhouette, sprinting towards a small city in disbelief.

At this point, the silhouette had already entered the small city.

Woosh woosh woosh!

A few figures appeared next to the elder.

The few of them did not speak, their gazes all fixated on the small city.

“He has… legendary equipment.” One of the youths in his 30s said lightly.

The youth looked rather young, but the age in his eyes betrayed his true age. He wore a robe, but he had modern short hair and looked rather handsome.

He placed his hands behind his back and stood there, his spiritual energy filling up the area.

“Elder Shi attacks extremely fast.” An elderly man in his 60s said with a hypocritical smile.

The elder who had attacked stiffened and said, “So what if I’m fast? Even if I can subdue the kid, can I take him for myself?”

As he spoke, he looked to Elder Yue and nodded, “Elder Yue, it has been so long, but you are still as youthful as before, your abilities are probably up a notch. I’m guessing that you’re within reach of the King’s Realm soon?”

Elder Shi’s words cause the others to shiver slightly, and their gazes at Elder Yue became more complicated.

There was respect, and envy.

The King’s Realm, that was past the Xiantian realm.

In the few decades that the world has returned to prosperity, the people who could enter this realm were extremely rare.

Even if they are the owners of sects and have access to limitless resources, it was immensely difficult to enter such a realm.

Elder Yue smiled lightly, “I am still far from it.”

“Elder Yue, Song Hong is injured, and he has entered that small city, he should not have the ability to run.” That robed, short haired youth looked at Elder Yue, “Should we have a chat with him about the rightful owner to the legacy in his posession?”

The others all looked to Elder Yue.

Over here, it was no secret that Elder Yue was the strongest.

However, the rest were not much weaker.

If they teamed up, Elder Yue may not be able to defeat them.

As such, even though they were humble when speaking to Elder Yue, they were not scared.

Elder Yue smiled briefly, “We can split the Crane Saint’s legacy equally, as for the other items, as well as Song Hong, I want them.”

“This… what Elder Yue wants, it’s a little too much isn’t it?”

The robed youth said, “I heard that he had quite a lot of loot from his expedition to the Ruins of the Pile of Three Stars…”

At their level, they could get whatever news they wanted easily.

Elder Shi laughed and said, “Actually, today’s earth… to be accurate, the entire solar system, has too many ancient legacies left behind.”

He looked at the others, “Before those who left return, these items are without owners. As such, we should try to get as much as we can right now… more importantly, we must breakthrough to higher levels as quickly as possible.

His words let the others to ponder over it solemnly.

Even though Elder Shi seemed to be talking about something completely unrelated, in actual fact, he was reminding everyone not to fall out over the little rewards now.

Elder Yue looked at Elder Shi, she knew that whilst Elder Shi’s words seemed to be advising the robed youth, in truth wasn’t he trying to remind her too?

Remind her to not be greedy!

Elder Yue smiled and said flatly, “We are a group of abandoned people. Over the millions of years, many things have changed. Now that the world has recovered, we will chase our dreams courageously and return to our former glory. I believe that this is also what our ancestors would want to see”.

She looked at the crows, “Back then, those people who left had hoped that they would return one day, but this world, is no longer theirs. It is ours.”

“Anyone who can come back along the stars is a true expert.”

The robed youth glanced at her, “At that point, we, the abandoned people, would become the target of everyone, willingly or unwillingly.”

Elder Yue smiled and thought to herself, “That is yet to be seen! Returning to our former sects is an equally good choice. Then, whoever has the better legacy, and more of it, would be the stronger one!”

As such, what she said and what she thought were two completely different things.

However, the others were not fools either, and what they said may not be their true feelings.

The robed youth said flatly, “How about this, Elder Yue, all of the treasures on Song Hong will be yours, he… will also be yours.”

He looked deeply at Elder Yue, “After blocking the attack from Elder Shi, Song Hong was still able to escape to that small city, this shows that he has legendary equipment on him. As for the other things, like the legacies… let’s split them equally.”

Upon hearing this, Elder Shi and the other Xiantian experts nodded in agreement.

Even though they were also salivating over the legendary equipment on Chu Yu which could block a Xiantian attack, they knew that if they didn’t give Elder Yue enough incentive, she will foil their plans.

Even though Elder Yue was not fully satisfied, she could only settle for this right now. She said flatly, “Ok then.”

After deciding how the incentives should be split, the few Xiantian experts turned their attention to that small city.

All their faces revealed traces of faint excitement!

The legacy of a saint was within reach!

Song Hong had nowhere else to run to, did he really think that he would be free of all his troubles by hiding in the small city?

How naive!

He had no idea that martial artists and cultivators were people from two different worlds!

Elder Shi said, “Just now, I had already put a sacred recording mark on him, I can clearly feel his position, let’s go.”

At this point, the few Invigorated Meridian experts from just now, as well as some who had caught up after stood from afar and looked at them.

Elder Shi looked at them, there was a young talent from his sect there.

“You all wait here, if there are any incentives, we will give you some.”

Those Invigorated Meridian martial artists looked at each other, bitterness filling their faces, especially the youth who had his magical equipment robbed from him.

He looked depressed and he said unabashedly, “My magical equipment… was taken away by Song Hong.”

Elder Yue looked at him, “We’ll return it to you after!”

The youth bowed deeply at Elder Yue, “The younger generation thanks Elder Yue!”

Elder Yue nodded faintly, “No big deal.”

In the city, Chu Yu had already taken on a central asian look, but he still felt like an invisible pair of eyes were watching him. How unsettling!


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