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After Su Yun gave his order, the people from the four sects started to move quickly. He brought Faceless back to the Immortal Seeking Sect and waited for the other few sect elites to arrive. Qin Hidden Dragon Wei Ming and Xing Bai went to the Immortal Seeking Sect early on to discuss the plan for this trip with Su Yun.

The group sat in the hall.

Everyone did not say anything, they all looked at Su Yun, who had closed his eyes and was deep in thought. After a long while, he finally opened his mouth.

“After everyone is in position, we will leave from the west and circle around to the gate of the dome. We will first launch a surprise attack on the Eight Trigrams Gate.”

“Eight Harmonies Sect?”

Everyone was shocked.

“Yes, the Eight Trigrams Sect.”

Su Yun stood up and casually waved his hand, causing a piece of fluorescent paper to fly out from his palm. The paper cracked into snowflake like substances in the air and rotated at high speeds, transforming into a beautiful light picture.

Su Yun pointed to an area that was filled with thick blue clouds, and said indifferently: “This is the Blue Cloud Sky Sect, we will first bring our people to gather here, and then send a vanguard force to provoke the Eight Trigrams Sect, while the rest of us will circle around and launch a sneak attack. The goal of this operation is still the same, to plunder resources as usual, if the situation is critical, we can directly kill them, do you understand?”

Su Yun said.


Everyone nodded.

However, Xing Bai had a puzzled look on his face as he asked, “Sir, since we’re going to act against the Alliance, we should deal with the weaker ones first. Since we’re going to act against the weaker ones, sooner or later the other side will notice. However, in the Alliance’s Immortal Sects, the Eight Harmonies Sect is considered to be very strong. If we start looking for someone as strong as him, then I’m afraid that after knocking down the Eight Harmonies Sect, the Alliance members would have already sensed our presence and gathered together. At that time, it will be very hard for us to make a move against the other sects. “

“You’re right.” Su Yun nodded, then shook his head: “But your a.n.a.lysis is wrong.”

Xing Bai stared in shock.

But’s voice suddenly came out: “The Eight Unity Sect is considered a high level sect in the Immortal World, but that was in the past. After going through such a thing, most of the elites of the Eight Level Sect died miserable deaths, and their strength has already dropped to the level of the middle grade Immortal Sect. Now we have three high and middle level Immortal Sects, one is a low level Immortal Sect, to use a sneak attack on a Eight Level Sect, would we waste too much time doing that?”

Be that as it may, Lord Four Seas is a great deity who has been famous for a long time in the Immortal World. It would be very difficult for him to deal with him alone, although the sect has suffered heavy losses in terms of elites, its foundation is still present. It is said that all of the sect’s spirit formations and other defensive systems inside and outside of the Eight Clouds Sect were personally set up by Lord Four Seas himself.

Xing Bai had spoken hesitantly, but he had only spoken his thoughts.

Although these words weren’t particularly kind, Su Yun was still very happy when he heard them. After all, the current Xing Bai was already standing on everyone’s side considering the situation. This wasn’t a bad thing for Su Yun.


Su Yun shouted towards the door.

It was unknown when a tall and st.u.r.dy man wearing a mask walked in from outside. The man’s aura was especially heavy, and with every step he took, he gave off a feeling of being scared witless.

Seeing this person walk in, everyone felt an invisible pressure charge towards them. In that instant, Xing Bai and the others all knew that this person’s strength was probably not any weaker than theirs, at least at the fourth stage of Spirit Immortal.

When one reached the Spirit Immortal level, the difference between Immortals would often be greatly reduced. Even if one was a stage lower than the other, it was still like the difference between heaven and earth.

He then walked straight in front of Su Yun, knelt down on one knee, and bowed respectfully to Su Yun: “Master.”

“Mm, get up.” Su Yun nodded lightly.


With that, he stood up, looking like a pillar.

Now that he had taken off his armor and put on a mask, no one would know what his original ident.i.ty was.

“What do you think of his strength?”

Su Yun pointed to Faceless, and asked.


The four of them focused on Faceless. They looked at each other and Qin Hidden Dragon spoke first, “His strength is unfathomable. He is not an ordinary person.”

“If I fight with you, Hidden Dragon, do you have the confidence to win?”

“About this …” Qin Hidden Dragon hesitated for a moment and shook his head. “It’s hard to say.”

“Is that 50 to 50%?”

“This …”

“How about this for now? Say, whether he can defeat you or not, and only ask you one question. Will you be able to defeat him and even kill him within two hours?” Su Yun asked.

“Of course not.” Qin Hidden Dragon shook his head.

“In that case, with Empyrean Four Seas’ ability, can you kill him within two hours?”

“This Hidden Dragon dared not to underestimate it.”

“What about an hour?”

“This is not that surprising. It would be impossible to kill an existence with such power within an hour, even if it’s Empyrean Four Seas. In the Immortal World, those who have such strength can be counted on one hand.” This time, Qin Hidden Dragon said very straightforwardly.

“Then there’s no problem.”

Su Yun said indifferently: “We have at least an hour’s time to move. Moreover, we might not even need an hour.”

Hearing that, the four of them were astonished, all of them looked at Su Yun.

“Lord, what do you mean by this?”

“It’s a very simple meaning.” Su Yun pointed to Faceless once again and said, “Let him delay Celestial Sovereign Four Seas.”


“Was he alone?”


Su Yun said indifferently.

“Lord, although this expert does not seem to be weak, if it were just him alone, I’m afraid that he would not be able to hold off Empyrean Four Seas. If Empyrean Four Seas were to throw him off and come to stop us, he would not be able to stop Empyrean Four Seas.”

Xing Bai said with a worried expression.

However, when he said that, a sinister look swept past Su Yun’s eyes, and he said: “My goal this time might not be to devour the Eight Trigrams Sect. If I can grab the opportunity, I still want to do something else.”

No one said a word, they looked at Su Yun in shock.

Su Yun spoke out again, his voice sounding heavy.

“It would be even better if it could behead Empyrean Four Seas.”


Everyone cried out in alarm, and Xing Bai lost his composure and stood up. He opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but was stopped by Su Yun.

“Xing Bai, I know what you’re going to say, but there are some things that you’ll never know if you’ll succeed if you don’t do them. Empyrean Four Seas is strong and his connections are wide, so if we kill him successfully, that would be fine. But if we fail and he escapes, that will bring about a great disaster to our four sects.”

Su Yun’s face turned cold, and said: “The Four Seas G.o.d is a famous immortal in the immortal world, but there are rumors saying that the Four Seas Sky Sovereign has trained a secret technique that comes from the True Evil Realm in recent years, and it is extremely vicious. It can transform a living person into a pill, and completely devour their entire cultivation realm and cultivation realm, using this technique, the Four Seas Sky Sovereign used this technique to soar his cultivation, don’t you guys feel that the cultivation of the Four Seas Sky Sovereign is not normal?”

“That’s true.” “I heard that Empyrean Four Seas once completely annihilated a small sect of three thousand people and captured all of them alive. However, now that there are three thousand people, no one knows where they went, and this matter was discovered by a disciple of the Eight Harmonies Sect. That disciple seemed to know about it, and he couldn’t bear to watch Empyrean Four Seas’s vicious methods any longer, so he sent people over to the Celestial Court to inform them. However, I don’t know what methods he used to beat up the Celestial Court.

It seems that all of you have heard about the Four Seas G.o.d World, but this time I want to tell everyone, the Four Seas G.o.d World has already placed his hand on the head of the Immortal Seeking Sect, last month, we already had eleven disciples suddenly disappear when we were pa.s.sing by, ten days ago, I sent a team of twenty people to investigate the matter, but these twenty people were attacked by the Eight Trigrams Sect. Although the Eight Trigrams Sect has been disguised and did not look like they were worth anything, but their methods were recognized by their disciples, and one of them escaped for their lives to report back, thus I know that this is not a rumor, but it is true.

Su Yun said.

“d.a.m.n it! There is actually such a thing! “

Xing Bai turned his head to look at Xiangyang. “Sir Xiangyang, when you discovered that something was amiss, you should have informed master Xiang Yang. You shouldn’t have delayed until now!”

“When something happened to those disciples, I reported it to the lord. However, at that time, the Eight Harmonies Sect was not someone that could be easily provoked. The lord has said that we cannot act rashly.”

Xiang Yang said with a bitter face.

There is no need for you to blame Xiangyang. At that time, we had too many things to deal with, and would only have been powerless against the Eight Trigrams Sect. Furthermore, the strength of the Eight Trigrams Sect was much stronger than now.

Su Yun said indifferently.

“Since the time is ripe, Sir, we must not let the Eight Trigrams Sect off the hook this time.” Xing Bai stood up, clasping his fists as he said, “Sir, in three days’ time, the elites of our sects will be able to gather in the Immortal Seeking Sect. An initial estimate is that there will be at least a hundred thousand of them, and these people are all third grade Spirit Immortal experts.

“There’s no hurry. We still need to make a plan before we can act. I still have the same words, do not let hatred affect your judgement. “

“For Empyrean Four Seas to commit such a heinous act, it is impossible for us to be the only ones who know. I’m afraid that there may be many people who resent the Eight Level Sects. Master, can we borrow their power to fight against the Eight Trigrams Sect together? ” Qin Hidden Dragon said.

“No need.” Su Yun shook his head and replied indifferently: “It’s best if we do this ourselves. And it’s best to keep it a secret, to not let anyone else know about it. “

Qin Hidden Dragon heard his voice and hurriedly asked, “What do you plan to do, sir?”

“Plans?” Su Yun thought for a moment, then said: “I have a lot of plans. No matter what, let us first kill the Four Seas G.o.d World, then talk about the future plans.”

He stood up, stared at the five people in the hall, and said in a low voice, “After the forces gather, we will first have Wei Ming lead a group of elites to go to the Eight Dragons Gate to stir up trouble, while the others will circle around and prepare to launch a surprise attack. Faceless and I will follow behind Wei Ming, and once we lure the Four Seas G.o.d out, we will immediately make our move.”


Everyone stood up and clasped their fists.

“Once the power is gathered, take a break for half a day. Once the materials are distributed, bring it out immediately.”


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