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Limitless Sword God is a web novel produced by Fire God, 火神.
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“It’s too late, can you not have a temper!?”

Su Yun was getting anxious.

Su Yun, my demand for cultivation is not high, because I have been in the sword sheath all year round, so I do not need to take any risks, but you are different, you need to exchange blows with all sorts of experts, so your desire for cultivation and strength is the strongest, the Celestial Lake is able to forcefully increase a deity’s strength by a huge margin, for the current you, without a doubt, have met with misfortune, your strength in the Immortal World is too weak, just relying on the power of the devil soul, you will not be able to get through any difficulties.

Ling Qingyu said in a serious tone, he frowned and listened, but did not refute.

When she finished speaking, Su Yun took a deep breath.

“Qingyu, don’t worry. I will definitely protect you in the future.”

“Protect me?”

Ling Qingyu stared blankly for a while, and subconsciously asked: “How long?”

“This …” Su Yun was speechless, and did not know what to say.

Ling Qingyu seemed to have realized his words were a little sudden, and immediately said: “Su Yun, don’t waste time, quickly enter the Celestial Lake Pool, absorb the energy from the Celestial Lake, and leave this place as soon as possible. If the Celestial Court is here, it will be troublesome.”


Su Yun nodded, he did not head towards the Celestial Lake but instead flew towards the tunnel.

“Su Yun, where are you going?”

“I will first place a barrier here. The Demon Saint’s Demon Soul won’t be able to last much longer. I must take advantage of its effect to place a few barriers here to prevent the people from the Immortal Court from coming.”

With that said, Su Yun rushed towards the tunnel entrance, but just as he was about to enter the tunnel entrance, he suddenly stopped.

Ling Qingyu who was inside the sword sheath looked at him strangely, only to see Su Yun’s expression flicker for a moment, before he opened his mouth and said: “That Qingyu.”


“As long as I, Su Yun, am still alive, I will definitely protect you to the end!”

Su Yun muttered, and immediately dove into the tunnel.

Ling Qingyu was stunned.

A pair of bright eyes revealed a sword sheath’s gaze, looking at the tunnel entrance, he did not recover his senses for a long time.

Entering the tunnel, Su Yun dared not hesitate at all, immediately activating the devil qi, filling the tunnel’s entrance up, at the moment he was being forcefully promoted to the devil qi by the Demon Saint Soul Master, the purity of the devil qi was unbelievable.

He drew on the walls of the tunnel according to the array he learned from the True Devil Sect. After half an incense stick of time, the tunnel was filled with devil qi.

When Su Yun saw that he was done, he immediately leaped and jumped into the Deity’s Lake. Puff!

The water in the Celestial Lake was extremely cool and refreshing. When one entered the Celestial Lake, it was as if they had fallen into a clump of cotton. The water in the Celestial Lake was like living creatures.

But very quickly, Su Yun sensed that something was amiss.

After soaking in the water for about twenty breaths of time, the water started to seep into his body.

Su Yun’s hands, legs, body and even his head were actually all corroded by the water. Even if he wanted to, he was unable to resist, as the devil qi was simply useless in front of the water of the Celestial Lake.

He felt that the pool water had already pierced his skin and seeped into his Immortal meridian, directly entering it and flowing along his Immortal meridian as it headed straight for his eyes …

Su Yun was shocked, he suddenly opened his eyes, and the blood red pupils became extremely clear, the devil qi around his entire body also disappeared without a trace, but a burst of panic and uneasiness surged within his heart.

This situation didn’t seem right.

He turned his head to look at Shangguan Mei Yuan and Su Qing’er who were at his side, only to realize that the two girls were curled up like babies in a placenta, floating in the water with a calm expression, as if nothing was amiss.

Did he think too much?

But this feeling?


Right at this moment, Su Yun, who was in the pool, could not help but growl, he opened his mouth, and the water immediately poured into it, but the pain of choking was not something he cared about, the current him, he was completely tormented by the intense pain coming from all over his body, in that moment, all the water surrounding his body turned into blades, and directly ripped apart his flesh, releasing a large amount of black Qi that leaked out from his body, and dyed the water around him black.


On the sh.o.r.e, a white light came out from the sword sheath and Ling Qingyu who was dressed in white stood at the side of the lake with his feet bare. The golden cloaked man who was close to fainting in the distance saw Ling Qingyu who had appeared and was slightly startled.

“What’s going on? Su Yun, this water of the Celestial Lake seems to be extremely disgusted with him? ” Ling Qingyu’s face turned ugly, she stared at the pool Su Yun was in, and after a long while, a complicated look appeared in her eyes: “If it’s like that, then I’m in trouble.”

The pool water was originally blue and bright, but after Su Yun entered the pool water, not long after he did so, half of the pool water had turned black!

“The water in the pool is repelling it! That’s right, they must be rejecting it! “

Ling Qingyu seemed to have noticed something amiss, he immediately bent down and shouted towards the water: “Su Yun! Come out, the water from the Celestial Lake is repelling you, come out quickly! “

Su Yun had completely sunk into the black water, and had not made any sound at all. However, from the faint and low sound that came from within the black water, one could infer that Su Yun was currently in extreme pain.

“Su Yun! Su Yun! “

Ling Qingyu shouted once again.


It didn’t work at all.

At that moment, she, who was extremely anxious, planned to directly fish Su Yun out of the water.


At that very moment, an earth-shattering explosion suddenly rang out from the other end of the tunnel. Immediately after, the s.p.a.ce around the Celestial Lake started to shake violently.

Ling Qingyu was startled, then his face changed.

The golden cloaked man whose face was ashen felt something strange, his eyes immediately lit up with a gold light and shouted: “The Immortal Court has arrived! They’re coming! They are here! “

His face was filled with excitement and pride, as if he had already seen the people from the Immortal Court take down these despicable people.

Hearing that, Ling Qingyu immediately looked towards the tunnel.

A series of loud roars came from within the dark tunnel, as if it was the voice of the guardian beast.

Its voice was filled with pain and sorrow, as if it had received an extremely powerful blow. Waves of destructive aura also overflowed from the cracks in the tunnel.

Ling Qingyu closed his eyes, sensing the destructive aura, his face congealed.


At this moment, an extremely ear-piercing sound echoed out.

Immediately after, the Guardian Beast’s voice stopped, and there was no other sound.

Has it changed?

It was already impossible, if it continued to evolve, the guardian beast’s strength would reach the peak of the Spirit Profound Realm, and the Celestial Lake would not produce such a terrifying existence, so there was only one possibility for it to be killed.

Sure enough, the sound of dripping blood could be heard from the tunnel. It was the blood of the Guardian Beast.

The immortal beast that was extremely strong when dealing with the thousands of soldiers was being beheaded right now, so how strong was the person from the Immortal Court this time around?

Soon, the sound of a lot of collisions could be heard in the tunnel.

Ling Qingyu leaped up, and went closer to the tunnel entrance, looking in, he realized that the devil qi that Su Yun had left behind was trembling frantically.

What kind of expert had arrived? It hadn’t even been half an incense’s time and he had already broken through the guardian beast?

Ling Qingyu stared at the devil qi barrier inside the tunnel.

It had to be said that the barrier enchantment that Su Yun had set up with his peak Spirit Soul Realm strength was extremely strong. Although the devil qi was surging, the barrier enchantment did not loosen up that easily, and that was only done hastily by Su Yun. If he were to focus on setting it up, the experts from the Immortal palace would not be able to do anything.

These barriers should be harder to deal with than Guardian Beasts.

Ling Qingyu snorted, he no longer bothered with it, and directly landed at the side of the pond, and looked quietly at Su Yun who was in the water.

If the experts of the Celestial Lake were to break these enchantments, it would probably take a long time, and in that period of time, Shangguan Mei Yang and Su Qing’er should be able to come out in time. But Su Yun was different, he was currently being expelled by the water, but he was still trying to forcefully absorb the water and obtain the power of the Celestial Lake.

Gradually, bubbles started to appear in the pitch-black water, the water in the pool was especially strange, Su Yun’s side was unstable and the bubbles were incessant, while Shangguan Mei Yang and Su Qing’er’s side were extremely calm, and even the water in the pool was extremely clear.

This was simply a typical example of light and darkness.

Ling Qingyu stared at the half of the bubbling water, she was a little absent-minded, she leaned over and extended her finger out, wanting to touch it.

However …

The moment her fingertips touched the water, the Limitless Sword Sheath that was lying quietly behind her suddenly trembled violently.

Ling Qingyu’s body tensed, as though she was electrocuted, she retracted her finger, covering her finger, she bit her lips, then turned Su Bai’s neck, and looked at the water, and sighed.


At this moment, there was a slight explosion from inside the tunnel.

It was as if the first barrier had been broken.

The smile on the golden-cloaked man’s face became more and more p.r.o.nounced.

But what he did not know was that Su Yun had set up dozens of enchantments, if they were to go at the speed of the Immortal Court, they would need to dry in the water before being able to reach it.

Ling Qingyu did not care about the disturbance outside the tunnel, she did not even bother to look, her gaze was fixated on the water surface. After who knows how long, as though she had made a decision, she suddenly turned around and ran into the sword sheath.

The divine power of the Imperial Armor had been completely eroded, and at the moment, it was basically attaching its weakest form to Su Yun’s body, while a majority of the magic treasure s on Su Yun’s body were completely corroded and destroyed by the water.


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