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Read LITTLE GOBLIN: Master, don’t come here! Chapter 18

LITTLE GOBLIN: Master, don’t come here! is a Webnovel completed by Su-hand Broken Branches.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Read WebNovel LITTLE GOBLIN: Master, don’t come here! Chapter 18

Peach Blossom, The G.o.ddess of Entertainment

Zhong Qing disapproved and frowned, “You should read the script every day time, not night time. If you really want to read the script at night, your light should be brighter than this.”

Chang shook his head, “No, it’s okay. I’m comfortable this way because it feels more peaceful.”

Love is almost subconsciously what Chang meant by what he has just said.

Then she thought about it first before she responded, “So, you should have a separate room.”

Chang said in reply, “Guo Yang and I agreed that I should not have any special treatment.”

He is now the lead man actor of Yellow Sand Song but if he would receive any special treatment, the other crew might get jealous and complain.

Anyway, it is for certain that Chang would not act like a spoiled brat in the set because he is a humble person.

Zhong Qing found a rag, cleaned the floor and then sat down.

As the saying goes, “Watching beauty under the lamp”

And now she’s sitting in the floor l.u.s.tered upon by the light that is not so bright. He’s looking at her; his eyes don’t even blink.

Because the distance is not so far, Chang can see her charming, big eyes with curly, long eyelashes.

He breathed.

Chang maintained a smooth voice despite being distracted by his thoughts and said, “What are you doing?”

Zhong Qing with her hands on his chin said in reply, “I don’t want you to read the script this evening but you don’t want to listen, so I’m here, sitting down with you and will supervise you.”

She added, “I don’t want to see my partner squint his eyes when we are filming.”

She can’t help but show him her disapproval.

Chang Zheng paused.

He finally closed the script and looked at Zhong Qing, He said: “Thank you.”

She smiled and asked, “Thank me for what?”

Chang responded, “Hmm. I just want to… Thank you for all that you’ve done for me. Thank you for the advises and words of encouragement. Thank you for today… you were asked about your opinion and… thank you.” Chang smiled.

“Because you care about me…” He added only on his thoughts. He did not say these last words.

Zhong Qing heard Chang’s last words but she acted like she took no notice.

She was flattered, though, and fell upon a very good mood.

Suddenly, System appeared.  Zhong Qing said, “This man is good. He knows how to appreciate.”

The small white light of the System was glowing and then it replied, “Yes, host.”

Zhong Qing: “……”

At that time, Zhong Qing was too enthusiastic that she could not help but ask for it. Now that the system detached, she’s left with no words.

She smiled at Chang and asked, “So, how are you going to repay me?”

Chang: “…”

Chang was surprised on Zhong Qing’s straightforward question.

But he paused before immediately replying, “If there is anything I can do for you, just tell me and I will try to do it for you.”

Zhong Qing nodded and said, “I will remember that.”

“You have to work hard and if you want to help me, you have to do a good job at filming. I’ll wait for your success and you’ll be my big brother.”

Chang laughed.

How could he ignore that? That’s what Zhong Qing has just said intentionally but probably not wanting to make him feel uncomfortable.

But even then, he answered her with great seriousness, “I will work hard!”

Zhong Qing looked at him, pointing to the script in his hand, and said, “If you want to be successful, you should take care of yourself first, so that you would have a good mental and healthy body.”

…Now, take your script and go back to sleep.”


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