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What was supposed to be a romantic dinner night turned out to be a night full of worries and tears. After what happened to Shen Yi’s office, Lu Xinyi and Yan Cai brought Shen Yi to the hospital to make sure he wouldn’t suffer from whatever drug Duan Yong used on him.

She’d waited for two hours before the doctors cleared out the drug out of her husband’s system. If only his employees were on the right mind, they could have helped Shen Yi earlier.

Fortunately, it wasn’t an aphrodisiac that they first suspected but it was enough to make Shen Yi temporary disabled. With Yan Cai’s help, Lu Xinyi was able to bring her husband back to their hotel suite. Shen Yi will need to take a rest and they need to postpone their romantic dinner for another time.

Lu Xinyi placed his medicine and a gla.s.s of water on their bedside table then slid into the bed beside her husband and turned off the lights. She was really worried when he didn’t come home earlier. Her heart couldn’t stop the fear that blossomed within her. Remembering what happened to her previous relations.h.i.+p, she was so scared that her heart might get broken again.

G.o.ds, she hoped she didn’t look so pathetic earlier.

To say that she didn’t love Shen Yi was a lie but it had nothing to do with their contractual marriage. Their marriage should mean nothing to her, just a friendly companions.h.i.+p they should have and yet here she was falling in love with her husband.

Her love life was a mess.

First, she had an ex-boyfriend that she thought was the best man for her. Gong Yijun had been kind, caring and ambitious. She thought she could spend the rest of her life with him. Never did she realize earlier that all of those was just a perfect facade.

By now, Lu Xinyi was certain that Gong Yijun never loved her and had only treated her as a possession. They had probably stayed together because it had been convenient for the two of them.

Now, Lu Xinyi’s heart belonged to a man she’d agreed to marry out of convenience again. She knew she shouldn’t have married him in the first place. Looking at her sleeping husband, she questioned her sanity.

How could she love him with the intensity she didn’t she was capable of? Why was her heart feel more at peace with a man she only knew for a few weeks than the man she’d been in a relations.h.i.+p for seven wasted years?

She wasn’t even supposed to love Shen Yi! Frustrated with herself, Lu Xinyi it would be impossible for her to stop her feelings now. If she didn’t love him she definitely wouldn’t be in this messed up situation. She’d confessed her feelings for her husband, but did he even reciprocate it?

It would be hard to start over again if he didn’t but she hoped that at least he will spare her and tell her the truth if he didn’t feel the same.

Shen Yi stirred in the bed and slowly opened his eyes. His eyes seeing the familiar ceiling of the hotel room. Turning to his side, he saw Lu Xinyi looking at him with a dazed expression in her face.

She was so breathtaking earlier. So fierce, so lovely that he couldn’t take his eyes away from her when she confronted Duan Yong. Never did any woman made him feel this way. She put the b.i.t.c.h on her place. For him. For his honor. Because he was hers and he knew it.

He s.h.i.+fted on the bed and sat up, with his pillows propping him up.

“How do you feel now? Do you need something?” Lu Xinyi sat up beside him.

Shen Yi shook his head, his fingers finding one long strand of her hair near him. His thoughts were still on what happened that afternoon.

Duan Yong drugged him and tried to seduce him but he resisted. Imagine his surprise when Lu Xinyi arrived at his office and stake a claim on him, telling everyone that he was hers. His mind rejoiced at the scene on how she dominated and fixed the problem presented to her.

“I’m okay now. Don’t worry too much,” he said as he patted her head like a child.

“Then don’t make me worry about you.” Lu Xinyi huffed. “So troublesome. How many Duan Yong should I eliminate for you?”

Shen Yi laughed at the irritated look on his wife’s face. Was it weird if he found her alluring whenever she’s mad at him?

“There aren’t that much but you may meet someone like her in the future.”

“You better compensate me well if I’m going to crush them one by one.”

“Of course, darling. Anything you want.”

This marriage might have started as a sham but she was already his, even though she hadn’t realized it yet. No man can take her away from him because she was his.


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