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Read Little Miss Devil: The President’s Mischievous Wife Little Miss Devil: The President“S Mischievous Wife Chapter 651: Lmd Special: Better Luck Next Time, Loser

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The peaceful months that followed almost made Lu Xinyi forget about the stressful events that led to Sun Mingai and Feng Zexian’s death. With Qing Qing on tow, they visited Grace Palace and Blue Haven’s kitchen a week before while Shen Yi was busy checking the sales report for both restaurants for the past years. 

During their short visit, the little girl was also subjected to a blind taste test by Lu Xinyi’s mentor, much to her chagrin. Ah, just remembering how her Uncle He dared tried to ruin her palate years ago was enough to p.i.s.s her off. Fortunately, the old man opted to test Qing Qing’s palate using fruits and spices the young girl could tolerate. 

Lu Xinyi had no problem running Oriental Bliss since it was now being managed by her own brother, Tian Lingyu, as soon as he finished his studies at Country F. 

“Qing Qing, how does it taste?” Tian Lingyu rested his hand on his hip as he watched his niece sitting on his kitchen counter, devouring the moon cakes they’d prepared earlier. 

Shen Lingqing lifted her head up towards him, her bulging cheeks moving as she ate the moon cake on her small hands. 

“Yummy,” she responded happily while her mother wiped the crumbs from her cheek. They were here today to discuss the changes on the menu of the restaurant while still keeping the Ji family’s recipe. 

“You still can’t come up with the final menu?” He Haotian stepped inside the kitchen and saw Shen Lingqing happily eating the moon cakes next to her. He and Gu Meina were visiting the capital while Chef Gao oversaw both Grace Palace and Blue Haven in his absence. 

“Xinxin is insisting on adding Sesame Chicken and a couple of pastries on the list, but I think we have enough chicken dishes on the list and should add more vegetable dishes and seafood to offer,” Tian Lingyu answered the two-star Michelin chef. 

He Haotian rubbed his chin as he thought about resolving the problem. While Lu Xinyi was indeed the owner of the restaurant, what the executive chef said also mattered here. 

Eyeing the Lu siblings and the little girl munching her snack, a thought crossed his mind. 

“Why don’t we have a little compet.i.tion here?” He started. “Lingyu and Xinxin should prepare the dish they wanted to add on the menu and also cook a dumpling or a dim sum to add on it.” 

The Lu siblings stopped arguing right then and stared at him amusedly. Oh, a cooking compet.i.tion between them? This certainly sounds interesting. Tian Lingyu wondered if his sister totally forgot her cooking skills as she ventured and mastered pastries and baking.

“Sure, why not.”—he shrugged—”but who’ll judge the dishes?” 

“Who else but Xinxin’s children?” He Haotian grinned. With Qing Qing here and the twins just right outside playing, it wouldn’t be hard to judge this impromptu battle. 

At the mention of her children, Lu Xinyi pondered how she’d be able to win the votes of her kids. However, it would be hard especially to Qing Qing as her daughter was brutally honest whenever she disliked the dishes she made for them. 

Lu Xinyi excused herself and borrowed a spare chef’s uniform from Ji Mingqian. She returned later fully equipped with the right clothes, her long hair tied in a low ponytail. 

“Okay, I’m ready when you are,” she told her brother. 

Tian Lingyu smirked and went to his working area as they waited for further instructions from their mentor. 

“You only have two hours to prepare both dishes,” He Haotian pulled a timer out of his pocket; he then looked at the children of his best friend and noticed how time flew by. Wasn’t it only yesterday when he and Sibai were trying to cut off from their and sneaking out of the academy premises to have a food trip downtown? 

“The time starts now!” 

The Lu Siblings immediately busied themselves on their working stations. Both were working with efficiency like professional chefs like them would do. Lu Xinyi wasn’t falling behind her brother as she chopped the chicken in swift motions, removed its bones, and cut it in bite sizes. 

She really thought that this delicious Sesame Chicken should be part of the menu since it wasn’t only easy to cook but would surely be loved by children. She couldn’t deny it’s not the healthiest meal—with the honey and brown sugar, and of course a little oil to crisp up that chicken; but it was still way better than take-out meals. 

Lu Xinyi usually served it with some steamed broccoli and sugar snap peas to just boost the health factor. 

When her oil in wok reached the right temperature, she first dredged her chicken cuts with cornflour, dipping them in egg she prepared earlier before finis.h.i.+ng the coat by dredging them on her seasoned flour. 

As she waited for her Sesame Chicken to cook, she also paid attention to her Fluffy Sesame Rolls to partner with her chicken dish. 

Behind her, her brother also started cooking his Garlic Chives and Clam Meat Stir Fry. The aroma started permeating through the air, its aroma drifting to the main hall attracting the attention of their diners. 

“Ah, what is that scent? My mouth is salivating,” someone exclaimed. 

“I smell sesame! Whoa, I’m really curious now; my stomach is growling from hunger again!”

“I saw Madam Shen enter the main kitchen earlier. Is she cooking right now?”

“Really? It’s been a long time since she cooked here. I wonder if they’ll serve something special for us to eat!” A young man joined the conversation, but his friend beside him let out a sigh. 

“I wouldn’t be hopeful if I were you, Madam Shen rarely cooks here; but Chef Tian is also great. I never was satisfied with my meals until I ate here.” 

Minutes later, two sets of dishes were served on a table inside the kitchen. The twins went inside and washed their hands before their eyes sparkled with delight from the dishes for them to try. Except for Shen Lingqing, neither of the two knew who cooked the two sets. 

Lu Xinyi helped her daughter by placing a small bowl of rice and a spoon for her to use. Little Qing Qing wasn’t good at gripping her chopsticks yet so she had to use a spoon when eating alone. 

“Wait!” A familiar voice yelled for them to stop. Shen Xue came rus.h.i.+ng inside the kitchen and found his nephew and nieces ready to eat without him. 

It was his off today, but his brother asked him a favor to pick up Lu Xinyi and the children from Oriental Bliss. He agreed since he also planned to have lunch (possibly for free), but he overheard the patrons outside that Tian Lingyu and Lu Xinyi were having a cooking match. 

How could he possibly miss this chance to eat both dishes prepared by the Lu Siblings?! 

“Ah Xue, you’re here early, but the children will be the judges today.” His Big Sis told him, but Shen Xue will hear none of it. 

“Nonsense, Big Sis. Of course, I wouldn’t judge the dish; but it would be bad if they won’t finish these dishes, no? So let me help them.” He grinned. 

The people around them laughed, and Lu Xinyi could only shake her head at his antics. 

Shen Xue let the children take their share before he dug into his food. Taking the Sesame Chicken, he put a piece on his mouth and chewed. 

‘Ah, this is the best chicken I’ve tasted for a while,’ he mused. 

The chicken was sweet, salty, crispy, sticky, and a little bit spicy; it covered all the bases for one of these meals that everyone polishes off. The sauce was out of this world, and the coating for the chicken added a great flavor.

However, Shen Xue couldn’t also resist the Garlic Chives and Clam Meat Stir Fry. The clam meat had easily absorbed the flavors from the seasonings, and the garlic chives felt refres.h.i.+ng and delicious at the same time. 

The twins only ate a little of the two dishes but enjoyed the dumpling Tian Lingyu prepared. Shen Lingqing was so absorbed in her meal that she matched her Uncle’s appet.i.te, and together, they ate everything on the platters. The four destroyed everything until there was nothing left. 

“So what’s your favorite?” He Haotian was amused that nothing was left on their plates and bowls. Fortunately, the Lu Sibling left some on their woks and steamers for them to eat while waiting for the kids to finish their lunch. 

“The chicken is so yummy, Grandpa!!” Shen Yuyan beamed, her twin brother agreeing with her opinion. 

Ah, children. Of course, they’d prefer chicken over clam meats.

“I like Uncle Yu’s better, but Mommy’s chicken is also delicious,” came Little Qing Qing’s comment. 

Lu Xinyi pouted a little on her daughter, but she understood well that Qing Qing rarely ate fatty food like fried chickens. While the taste must be great, the girl disliked the greasiness of her food. 

Overall, Lu Xinyi’s dish lost against her brother’s due to his brother dominating the dimsum part with his mouthwatering Glutinous Rice Siu Mai that the children could never resist.

“Better luck next time, loser.” Tian Lingyu put a hand on his forehead, sticking his thumb and forefinger out to form an ‘L’ shape, teasing his sister. 

Lu Xinyi stuck her tongue at him and harrumphed just like what she used to do when they were younger. There’s always a next time to beat her b.u.t.t-face brother. 


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