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Little Phoenix Is Not An Immortal is a web novel created by Shu Ke, 蜀客.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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Chapter 42

Chapter 42 G.o.d and Phoenix (2)

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Tian Zhen truly believed in the prophecy of the Shenyu Clan, but expressed absolute doubts about the possibility that she will follow it . With her inadequate ability, she can only be used for something trivial . The only way for her to get chosen is if G.o.d has myopia and cannot see her clearly .  What was G.o.d’s intention? That is the protagonist and everyone should revolve around him . How difficult will that be? First, it was unfortunate to be chosen as the phoenix with the dragon girl . Now I have to chase after the ancient G.o.d which had almost caused me to lose my life . Elder Heavenly King Lu is so against me . Are you jealous that I am stealing your father’s love?

It’s been two months and the Devil G.o.d still did not express anything . For those G.o.ds that lived for tens and millions of years, who would remember a gray phoenix . Fortunately, the treatment given by the Elder Heavenly King Lu wasn’t bad . The only thing Tian Zhen could do was to accept the arrangement and be a normal civilian of the Devil World .

Ten-sided Wilderness is a good place for field trips . There will always be endless beautiful sceneries and countless new things . Within these there are also some strange places, such as drastic climate differences . It could be bright sunshine and warm spring breeze today and then have snow or lightning the next day .   

The demons are competing to see who can win at the martial arts conference on the gra.s.sland in the back . Learning from previous lessons, Tian Zhen dares not to go too far . She sat down under the shade of a tree and watched the rainstorm occurring at the mountain valley on the other side .

“My father does not want you anymore?” said the little figure who jumped over .

“Bad Boy! What are you talking about?” Tian Zhen was so angry that she messed up his red hair .

Lu Xiaocan tried to free himself from her arms and said: “Hey! I did not even annoy you!”

Tian Zhen muttered: “Your father has provoked me, your older brother has provoked me, and I will provoke you . ”

“Women are so unreasonable . No wonder you got kicked out by Father Emperor . ” Lu Xiaocan tried to use magic to push her away and said: “You are angry that he is unfaithful and since you don’t dare to scold him, you released your anger on me . ”

Unfaithful?  Tian Zhen got embarra.s.sed .

Well, living together for such a long time, this G.o.d is very decent . He did nothing except hugging her and does not need to hold himself responsible . Besides, he already expressed “I don’t like you” earlier on . How can it be regarded as unfaithful?

“My brother is right,” Lu Xiaocan muttered, “You’re from the Phoenix tribe and you always caused Father Emperor to get injured . If you hadn’t helped me before, I would have also driven you away . ”

Tian Zhen sighed and said: “Fine, they were right, but I am very unhappy right now and need to find someone to vent my anger . ”

Lu Xiaocan turned around and ran away .

Tian Zhen laughed .

Since I failed in chasing after Lord Devil G.o.d, picking up a cunning and powerful son could also be counted as a profit!

After such a disturbance from the little guy, Tian Zhen felt a flood of motherly love and her mood got much better . She stood up lazily and planned to go watch the compet.i.tion . Suddenly, she felt her waist tightened by something, and then saw the scenery in front of her quickly disappeared in sight .

This area is near the XuTian Gate which still belongs to the protection area of the Devil World . Elder Heavenly King Lu is very careful in his work . Who can sneak in under heavy security and not get caught?

Sensing no danger from the person, Tian Zhen’s first response was: “Your Majesty?”

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 “You can’t remember anybody except your king?” The laughing voice echoed in Phoenix’s ears . “Little Phoenix . ”

“Wenxi?” Tian Zhen was so surprised to find out who he was .

Wenxi, who was carrying her, landed in a valley . He then let go of her and smiled, “It’s not easy to see you . After waiting several days, I finally found you . ”

Unlike the dress from last time, the plain cloak has just the right amount of gold patterns on its corners .

Tian Zhen looked at him a few times, then looked around and asked, “Are you here alone?”

“Rest a.s.sured, it’s just me,” Wenxi also looked at her and praised: “Without the gray wings, you look much prettier . I almost didn’t recognize you . ”

Tian Zhen solemnly explained: “The gray wings are still here, just that you can’t see them .   I was originally a gray phoenix . ”

“This area belongs to the Devil Palace boundary, they will catch up soon so we need to talk over there . ”

He did not use any magic anymore and took Tian Zhen toward the South by foot . Tian Zhen also understood the reason behind this . All the magicians rely on it, nothing more than the aura of heaven and earth, taking the aura for one’s own use, exerting mana, and causing the surrounding airflow to become abnormal . Of course, the masters usually do not have to worry about being noticed, but there is a great G.o.d in the devil world . Any master will need to be more careful than usual .

Using the trees and rocks as coverage, two of them walked along the path stopped after a few miles .

Wen Xi sighed: “The defensive gates here are skillfully laid out . Even the masters can hardly get in . The Heavenly King of the Devil World definitely lives up to his name .

Heavenly King Lu is indeed well-known . Looking at our present situation, Tian Zhen joked: “this means that you are not just merely a master?”

Wen Xi added: “Those that can trick me are not merely a master either . ”

Tian Zhen quickly replied: “sorry, I tricked you last time . ”

With a straight face, Wen Xi said: “You are quite frank . ”

Tian Zhen replied: “Don’t get mad . I didn’t mean to use you, but was forced to since I had no other ways at that time . I was afraid that you wouldn’t agree if you knew about it, so that’s why……”

Wen Xi laughed and said: “If I did not agree, you think you could have left that easily, Little Phoenix?”

Tian Zhen was stunned .

“You really joined the Devil World,” Wen Xi stated . “You will never be a spy if you survived even after saving people from the hands of the Devil King . ”

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Tian Zhen suddenly realized and said: “So you already knew a long time ago that since I was from the Shenyu Clan, Heavenly King Lu will be super cautious . If I were a spy, how could I survive till today?”

Wen Xi stared at her for a bit and said: “Probably it was due to me getting tricked, that I went to Mount You Po to search . ”

Tian Zhen helplessly laughed, “Nothing could be hidden from you . ”

“When I was testing you then, I already knew something was off . There must be some things hidden from me . My doubts were confirmed when I met Chao Hua Jun later on . ” Wen Xi stated, “who do you think my guards are? The night you left, they reported it to me . I made a huge mistake letting you leave . Do you know how many problems you caused?

Tian Zhen asked: “What?”

“Chao Hua Jun tried to help you hide it . Because the Divine World did not issue a hunting order that time, I did not really care even though Moon G.o.ddess also went to Mount You Po . Who knew she would die in the hands of Devil King . Moon G.o.d went to Emperor G.o.d to complain . This matter involves you and now Emperor G.o.d already issued an order to arrest the traitor . Your king also got punished because of you . ”

Tian Zhen was shocked and muttered, “How did the Moon King know that the matter is connected to me?” She suddenly remembered something and shouted, “That maid, Yuelin! She was not dead; she was the one who told him!”

Wen Xi said, “Silly Phoenix, you don’t even understand something so simple? Cutting the gra.s.s does not eradicate the roots……”

Tian Zhen sadly added, “With the spring breeze, it is born again . ”

Wen Xi laughed: “Even at this time you still have the effort to bicker . Cutting gra.s.s and not removing the roots will eventually lead to the endless troubles . I forgot to mention this to you last time that after you got your human form, you should not act the same way as before . You should be cautious about everything in the future . ”

It’s clear that HengYue wanted to harm her . Now that she’s dead, I get all the blame . It can’t help that she is a respected G.o.ddess! The more Tian Zhen thinks about it, the more angry she gets . “Why don’t you ask her how she died?”

“Since it already happened, it is pointless to ask,” Wen Xie said as he holds her soldier with one hand . “As long as little phoenix thinks it is necessary for her to die then she should die . ”

Tian Zhen was greatly moved .

Devil G.o.d, a highly worshipped G.o.d, is used to judge things from a higher perspective and to pay more attention to reasons and knows the rights from wrongs . But in front of his good friend, how it happened and who it happened to are the main focus, knowing who is right or wrong becomes relatively less important . He will become more biased and more humane .   

“Since it is rare for us to meet, we should not rush to go home tonight . ” Wen xi pulled her and continued to walk . “It’s late and let’s go find a place to talk . ”

Even though it is inappropriate to stay out all night, remembering how the father and son all wanted her to stay away, Tian Zhen doesn’t think they would mind if she does not return home . She puts down her worries and follows him .

After dusk falls comes the long night .

This night is far from being calm as thunder and lightning break through the dark night . The wild wind, rain, and the lightning strikes lead to burning trees in the distant mountains .

Lightning affects the airflow which helps hide someone’s whereabouts . It is difficult to find someone in this weather, but for safety, Tian Zhen still does not allow WenXi to use any magic . Two of them found a hidden giant rock to hide from the rain and started a fire to keep warm .

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“If he detects the entry of outsiders, Lu Bing He will increase the guards…”

“If I can come in, I am sure I can get out . ”

With the wild winds. .h.i.tting her wet clothes, Tian Zhen shivered and replied: “That’s good then . ”

Wen Xi held her close to his body to help keep her warm . Tian Zhen knew he was not afraid of the cold due to his high mastery in magic .   It is absolutely impossible just to rely on her power and the small fire to keep warm so why not rely on him .

Wen Xi said: “I heard some things about you from Chao Hua Jun . Being able to transform into human form is good enough . It’s a slow process and it will be difficult at first .

Tian Zhen rolled her eyes and said: “You don’t need to comfort me . I know I’m not the right material for this . ”

Wen Xi smiled and said nothing more . He looked out into the dark night .

Tian Zhen waved her hands in front of his face and asked: “What are you thinking of, Lord Wen Shao?”

“I’m thinking about the time I was in a difficult situation . I was also in the wilderness with the weather just like this . I hid in the cave by myself and dared not to use my magic since I was so scared that the enemies would find me . Who knew almost one thousand years had pa.s.sed in a blink of an eye and I still can return to the Fairy World . ” Wen Xi then continued: “I was injured that day and almost fell into the hands of Lu Heaven Emperor . I almost gave up . Fortunately you came and saved me, Little Phoenix . ”

It’s hard for ordinary people to endure decades of wandering life and this fairy can endure over thousands of years . Tian Zhen, who admires him, said: “Saving you was just an accident . You are the winner as you can still persist in that kind of situation . I can’t even match you even one bit . ”

Wen Xi said: “Staying in the Devil World is equal to becoming enemies to G.o.d and Fairy World . Even if the Demon World is strong, it is carried by one person . You have already heard of the holy prophecy and if it becomes true, he will be sealed again . The two heavenly kings are likely to put the blame on you .   As a traitor to the G.o.d World, who will protect you then?”

“I understand everything you said,” Tian Zhen said, “but even if I go back now, would the Moon Tribe forgive me?”

“Heng Yue did not die in your hands . The G.o.d Emperor and the Moon King dared not to send troops into the Demon World so they put their anger on you . If you take the initiative to go back and plead guilty now, there might be another chance for you . Chao Hua Jun still has the ability to protect you thoroughly . ”

“Did his majesty tell you to come?”

“He indeed told me to come and persuade you, but that is not the reason why I came . ”

“I am not returning to the G.o.d World . ”

Wen Xi nodded and said: “I know . You can come with me to the Fairy World . ”

Tian Zhen murmured, “The cost of betraying the Devil’s Palace will be greater . Once they find out, Devil G.o.d might put his anger on the Fairy World . The Fairy Emperor will still agree to take me in?”

“You don’t need to worry about that . I have my own plans” Wen Xi replied while patting her head . “I still have a right to voice my opinion in the Fairy World . ”

“Hey, I’m not a phoenix anymore, don’t pat my head!”

Wen Xi started laughing, and patted her head a few more times . “Forgetting your true form after transforming into human form, but in my eyes, you will always be the phoenix that brought me good fortune . ”

“With my current state, how can I bring you good fortune? I can only be a burden to you . ”

“Then it is my turn to protect you . ”

With the loud thunder in the background, his voice seems even gentler to her ears . Tian Zhen felt uncomfortable and quickly broke away from his embrace . She pretended to add more wood to the fire . “I guess tonight’s rain will not stop anymore……”

Wen Xi pulled her into his embrace and said: “I’m not trying to take you with me right away . I just want to ask for your opinion first . So what is your plan?”

Tian Zhen hesitated and said: “Let me……think about it . ”

Wen Xi frowned and then smiled . “Well, you can find me in the Fairy World when you make up your mind . ”

As soon as he finished talking, a gust of wind blew at them .

It extinguished the fire on the ground and the fire sparks flew everywhere .

The atmosphere suddenly became very cold and a bit scary . Tian Zhen couldn’t help but tremble and raise her head and look out ahead .

After noticing what’s wrong, Wen Xi smiled and slowly released her . He stood in front of her and held her right hand while standing guard .

Coincidentally, there was a flash of lightning, lighting up the surrounding land . In an instant, the surrounding scenery became clear .

Under the lightning was a tall figure with long hair that stood in the empty land ahead . The gold accessories on his black robe were glowing from the lightning .

Tian Zhen jumped up in shock . “Your Majesty!”

Gold can also conduct electricity! You came out wearing that? Are you not scared of lightning strikes?

The heavy rain was pushed aside like a curtain with the power of G.o.d and formed a rain-free s.p.a.ce . With the roaring sound of thunder and the clouds of lightning, the figure seemed even more powerful .

In the flashing lightning, the Devil G.o.d stood in the same place with his right hand behind his back and left hand lifted out from his wide sleeves .

“What a fickle phoenix!”  A murderous aura spread into the atmosphere .  

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