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Little Phoenix Is Not An Immortal is a web novel produced by Shu Ke, 蜀客.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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[Little Phoenix] Chapter 6

APRIL 3, 2016 ~ LUEN

Ugh… I screwed up the chapter t.i.tles and put down c5 as c6 instead by mistake. Then I posted c5 on novelupdates n saw the stats go crazy…..yeah sorry for those of u who got excited then found out it was just c5 again. For those of you who don’t know what the heck I’m talking about good for you!!! No need to find out and add to the number of people  wondering what the heck I’m doing. Ahem, so in commeration of reaching over 1,000 views within 1 day (totally not cause I feel guilty over getting to 1,000 due to a screwed up post) I decided to translate c6 ahead of time. Enjoy!!!

Chapter 6: His Majesty the G.o.d Emperor (2)

The G.o.d Emperor’s decree was received that very night. It ordered Zhao Huajun to leave for Dong Yuan Yin Mountain to supervise the battle on his behalf. Early morning the next day, the sky had yet to light up when Zhao Huajun carried the sleepy and dazed Tian Zhen and set out in the escort of General Yue Zu as well as the 5,000 men and horses that he had brought.

Being a bird is so good. You don’t have to work and you can sleep until you naturally wake up. Tian Zhen hugged her wings while rolling around as she dreamed. Several hundred years of cultivating, these blissful days have come.

The sound of hooves came in bits and pieces. Her body rocked to and fro……seems like she was sitting in a carriage?

“What are you planning to do by bringing a crow?” A clear and sonorous voice.

It’s crow again. Dage¹, be a bit more creative! Tian Zhen was awakened by the provocation. Even if she had a better temperament, she still wouldn’t be able to stand these blows one after the other. She rapidly opened her eyes and angrily looked for the source of the voice.

Sitting across from her was a young heavenly official who was dressed like a common imperial bodyguard, but that distant att.i.tude of his as he leaned against the wall was just like that of a vice-leader.

Looking at his appearance again, it wasn’t the least bit ordinary. Lofty eyebrows and a straight and high nose bridge, complete with an imposing air. His thin lips formed a smile on his face, his gaze concealed a keen perceptiveness, and the golden band of jewelry at the center of his forehead further revealed a bit of a n.o.ble air.

“This is a little phoenix that has injured its bright feathers.” Zhao Huajun smiled as he lifted his hand and calmed Tian Zhen’s raised neck feathers without batting an eye.

That imperial bodyguard took note of that and in the end, gave out an “yi” sound. Full of interest, he sized her up: “It seems to be angry!”

“It has a bit of intelligence that’s all. How could it understand us? Otherwise, how would it dare to get angry in the presence of Your Majesty?” Zhao Huajun lowered his head to look at Tian Zhen. He restrained his laughter while comforting her: “It doesn’t matter whether or not you have bright feathers, little phoenix is still little phoenix. In the future, there will be great growth.”

Your Majesty? Tian Zhen immediately flattened the feathers that had puffed up again and became docile.

So it turns out that the His Majesty, the magnificent G.o.d Emperor, had disguised himself as an imperial bodyguard near Zhao Huajun and they would go inspect the subordinates’ work together. No wonder his entire person is filled with a pimp’s (王八)……tyrannical king’s (王霸) aura.

“Biaoxiong really does love the common people like his own children.” The corner of the G.o.d Emperor’s mouth twitched. It’s just perfect.

“Everyone is Your Majesty’s subject. I, your servant, merely wishes to help Your Majesty with your worries and difficulties for you.”

“In that case,” The G.o.d Emperor straightened his posture and then took Tian Zhen into his arms from Zhao Huajun, “I also love and cherish the people.”

Surrounded by the deity’s aura, Tian Zhen began to tremble. Although both are beautiful men, but this revered G.o.d absolutely couldn’t be provoked. The crucial point is that if he were to pinch me to death right now, Zhao Huajun definitely wouldn’t take revenge.

“It’s scared.” A dangerous glint flashed within the G.o.d Emperor’s eyes. He faintly said, “You say it doesn’t understand, but from what I can see, contrary to what you said, she understands quite a bit. Just now it definitely was mad at me. Zhao Huajun?”

Tian Zhen wanted to cry, but had no tears.

Where was I mad? Your Majesty says I’m a crow, then I’m a crow.

Zhao Huajun laughed in spite of himself: “It has yet to even cultivate into human form. It’s merely a bit more clever. There’s no need for Your Majesty to frighten it.”

Discovering that the bird’s body was rigid, the G.o.d Emperor laughed heartily: “Interesting! Interesting!”

As expected, none of those who are emperors are virtuous and benevolent. Tian Zhen took her head and stuffed it into her wing. Interesting my a.s.s! You’ve had enough fun right? Hurry up and return me!

In the end, the G.o.d Emperor was the G.o.d Emperor. He wouldn’t waste too much energy on this small matter. He carelessly threw her back into Zhao Huajun’s arms and his tone became cold: “Originally, the Demon Realm was in decline. Who would have antic.i.p.ated today’s situation. Him alone wasn’t enough, even his two sons came along again. Last time we fought up to Duo Ma River. This time it’ll be Dong Yuan Yin Mountain. I’m afraid that some day we’ll fight up to the imperial court.”

Zhao Huajun said: “The War G.o.d has already trapped him. Be at ease Your Majesty.”

“How could Shen Wugong trap him? It’s only because he’s momentarily willing to stop that’s all.” The G.o.d Emperor wasn’t a fool and exposed the truth himself. Helplessness penetrated through from within his cold laughter, “That year, if it wasn’t for the 4 ministries starting a rebellion and the imperial court entering a state of emergency, the previous emperor definitely wouldn’t have left him alone. Sure enough, he has now become a dangerous problem.”

Zhao Huajun said: “Could it be that there’s no way to reseal him?”

The G.o.d Emperor refused to respond.

Zhao Huajun muttered to himself: “Perhaps You Majesty could think it over with the Immortal Realm……”

“Guanhe Yuewu, that piece of trash, has usurped the throne within these years and each and every person in the Immortal Realm harbors disloyalty within their hearts. He naturally doesn’t have time to attend to this. What kind of use would he be?” The G.o.d Emperor lightly snorted. His rapid speaking suddenly slowing down, “I’ve heard that the old crown prince, Guanhe Yuewei, is wandering about in a different realm and the Immortal Realm’s previous state officials are all secretly looking for him……”

Zhao Huajun knowingly smiled: “Your servant will dispatch people to investigate.”

The G.o.d Emperor nodded his head and sighed: “Now, only you can shoulder my worries and troubles with me.”

The Immortal Realm’s old crown prince, Guanhe Yuewei, was rather famous for being a virtuous person in those days. The true cause was that the power of Guanhe Yuewu’s mother’s race was too great and ultimately, he seized the throne. Guanhe Yuewei fled outside of the realm and nowadays, although the old state officials had a mind to support him, they were helpless when Guanhe Yuewu dispatched a ma.s.sive military force to guard the Immortal Realm’s gate. The power of the Immortal Emperor within Guanhe Yuewei’s body was sealed 10**. It was hard to imagine him returning. Supposing that they found him and reached an agreement with him, and then helped him return to the Immortal Realm and seize the throne, at that time, the two realms would act together and perhaps restrain the Demon Realm.

The heavenly horse’s unusual endurance couldn’t be compared with a normal horse’s. The troops traveled almost till noon when news arrived from the front. Yesterday, General Shi received instructions and left for Dong Yuan Yin Mountain to provide a.s.sistance. When the army pa.s.sed through the Qing Feng Mountain Range, it encountered a surprise attack from a small portion of the demon army. Although there weren’t many casualties, the demon army’s action of open provocation within the G.o.d Realm greatly enraged the G.o.d Emperor. He then instructed Zhao Huajun to transmit an order that they would camp out at the Qing Feng Mountain Range tonight.

Regarding the detailed contents of this matter, Tian Zhen didn’t clearly hear them nor did she dare to express even the slightest bit of interest in order to prevent His Majesty the G.o.d Emperor from killing a bird out of anger. After getting off the carriage, Zhao Huajun took the chance to let her go off and play. Tian Zhen knew that they wanted to discuss important matters and so randomly strolled all over the place.

The moon seemed small within the vast sky and the surroundings were hazy during the night.

Due to her phoenix’s instinct, Tian Zhen flapped her wings and flew. She merely felt that her entire body was light and swift.

In contrast to its name, the Qing Feng Mountain Range² was a desolate area. There were short and small mountains all over the place and the vegetation was spa.r.s.e. No wonder General Shi carelessly fell into a trap. No one would think of an ambush in this kind of place. Of course, within the G.o.d Realm’s domain, the demon army also wouldn’t foolishly come a second time.

After changing from a person to a bird, her eyesight had also improved. There seemed to be a bright light coming from underneath a short tree at the foot of a small mountain.

This place has people living here? Tian Zhen couldn’t help being baffled. She thought this while gliding down in descent.

A very small night pearl was emitting weak rays of light as it shone upon the old tree trunk as well as on an injured person. That person was dressed in a celestial soldier’s uniform. The front piece was half-open and the chest was drenched with blood. It looked like his injuries weren’t light. At this moment, he happened to lower his head and painfully administered medicine to his wound. There was still a sword stuck to the ground beside him.

Why do I feel like……he seems a bit familiar…….?

Tian Zhen was just searching through her memories with great effort when unexpectedly, that small celestial soldier suddenly raised his and directly looked at her. The cold light within his eyes flashed and then died, quickly followed by astonishment: “Little phoenix?”

That elegant face was slightly pale, but that calm temperament hadn’t changed the least bit.

It was him! Tian Zhen was pleasantly surprised. Recalling how he silently endured other people’s bullying and his deeply concealed abilities, she became alert again——although this beautiful man doesn’t seem like a bad person, but in consideration of my safety, it’ll be safer if I continue to act as a clueless bird.

As a result, she stood atop a distant rock and tilted her head while looking at him.

Sure enough, Wen Xi relaxed his guard and weakly leaned against the tree trunk with his eyes closed.

Originally, he had followed the army and proceeded towards Dong Yuan Yin Mountain, but who would have thought that they would be ambushed by the Demon Realm’s little king when they were pa.s.sing through the Qing Feng Mountain Range. He had received a serious injury and moreover, he had once again seen an unexpected person and so he had to hide. As a result, he was left behind by himself. Hearing sounds of activity from that side of the mountain, it seemed like there was an army stationed there. Then there was this little phoenix. It must definitely be the Bird G.o.d King, Zhao Huajun, pa.s.sing through here on imperial orders to go supervise the battle.

Thinking up to here, he opened his eyes and faintly smiled at Tian Zhen and said: “Little phoenix, you and I have met twice now. It seems like there’s fate between us.”

There’s fate, there’s fate. Tian Zhen flapped her wings.

“The human world says that phoenixes bring good luck. What kind of luck did you bring me?” Wen Xi stared at her for a long time and softly said, “If it’s really like that then you’ll come to my side.”

Tian Zhen inwardly gave a sigh. So it turns out that when they fall into a predicament, even G.o.ds will believe in superst.i.tions. I’m just a bird pa.s.sing through here. I don’t even know what kind of luck I have.

Persevering for so many years along with that serious injury had generated a trace of depression. The moment he said those words, Wen Xi reacted. He couldn’t help bitterly laughing. What could a phoenix that doesn’t have the slightest bit of cultivation possibly know? He moved his line of sight away and raised his head towards the night sky.

In this kind of situation, it was necessary to give encouragement to the injured person. Tian Zhen flew to his side and then landed.

Wen Xi swiftly lowered his head.

His deep, profound eyes gradually shone and became brighter and brighter until at the very end, it seemed to shining rays of light everywhere. Apart from amazement, happiness, incredulity, and resoluteness, there was also a vague……arrogance?

It was a change that occurred for only a moment and by the time Tian Zhen had returned to her senses and carefully looked, that gaze had once again resumed gentle calmness. It seemed like all that she had seen just now were merely illusions.

Wen Xi reached out his hands and held her face to face: “You……can really understand what I’m saying?”

Shoot! The handsome face suddenly enlarging, Tian Zhen’s head got dizzy and her nose heated up. Awkward.

I have not seen one who loves virtue as he loves beauty. This has confirmed Confucius’ famous saying. I, Tian Zhen, have contributed to this study. Other people bleed from their noses, I’m bleeding from both my nose and beak at the same time!

“Little phoenix, you……” The handsome face suddenly had a happy expression.

Tian Zhen lowered her head in puzzlement and was immediately dumbfounded by the scene before her eyes——her phoenix blood was dripping onto his chest. The hideous wound squirmed and new flesh was formed. The wound gradually pulled together and healed…….

In a short moment, the scar had already lightened by quite a lot. It looked like it had healed for the most part.

The blood of the Bird G.o.d race’s phoenix was originally a cure-all medicine so Wen Xi didn’t find it strange. He slowly tidied up his clothes and stood up. He smiled at her while holding her in his hands: “Good little phoenix. On another day, I definitely won’t treat you unfairly.”

I……I’ll just regard it as a voluntary blood donation. How much did I lose? Tian Zhen’s heart hurt and she promptly turned towards the sky to staunch the bleeding. Alright, in the future, it’ll be enough as long as you send some blood-enriching nourishment. I’m in need of blood.

Right at that moment——.

“Hey, there’s still someone alive over here!”

Hearing the yell, Wen Xi’s complexion changed a great deal. He hugged Tian Zhen as he changed into a sweet smelling wind and escaped in the direction of Zhao Huajun’s camp. Unfortunately, his magic power clearly wasn’t higher than the other person’s. He had yet to escape very far before he was struck to the ground by a red light.

“Gray phoenix!”

That laughter was loud and familiar. All of the feathers on Tian Zhen’s body rose up. We’re finished!


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