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Chapter 404: Living in Memory (7) Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Cheng Qingchong didn’t leave the hospital but stood in the corridor to observe Qin Yinan through the gla.s.s window. When he reached for the box and pulled out the cards, her heart finally settled.

She didn’t stay after that and turned to leave. However, she didn’t leave the hospital; instead, she went upstairs to ICU. She pushed open the door and walked in. The place was quiet except for the beeping of machines.

She walked to the bed where a handsome man was asleep. Her lips curved into a slight smile, and she reported back to him like she normally did after she accomplished his orders. “CEO Su, I’ve finished all of your orders.”

However, this time she didn’t receive back the usual nod or a nonchalant “Hmm.”

Cheng Qingchong knew he couldn’t hear her, but she took a deep breath and continued her report. “CEO Su, I’ve called the police station and given them the information anonymously. They a.s.sured me they’ve started to look into this Brother Kun. Miss Song moved out of your bungalow today, and I’ve made sure Mr. Qin has seen those cards…”

Before she could finish, Cheng Qingchong’s words petered into sobs. She lowered her head and started to weep. She liked him, but she had never once thought of owning him.

All these years, he had given her many things to do, and she had found her own joy in accomplishing these quests that he had given her. However, this time, she had successfully carried out his three orders, but for some reason, her heart twisted with pain.

Actually, that was a lie; she knew the reason. She was in pain, feeling sorry for this man that was walking on the edge of life and death.

Big Boss has given up so much for Miss Song, but he is unwilling to let Miss Song know that. In fact, he has cultivated this impression that he is a cold-blooded individual to push Miss Song away from him…

Doesn’t it hurt?

It must have hurt, right?

Big Boss must really love Miss Song. Even if it costs him his life he would do everything within his power to give Miss Song a life of ease. Even when he was at the brink of death, he couldn’t stop worrying about Miss Song, because before the accident happened, he had already arranged everything for her.

In this world, how many men would do so much for a woman?

To be perfectly honest, she really didn’t want to tell Miss Song those things; she really wanted to violate his order and tell Miss Song, “To save you, CEO Su is dying, can you please go and see him before it’s too late? All these years, you have been the only person dominating his mind, and all those presents in his office are meant for you…”

However, she didn’t do that. Not because she was selfish due to her interest in him but because as she drove him away from the scene, before he fainted, he had told her, “Do not let her know…

“Even if I die… do not let her know any of this… I’d rather she hate me and remove my existence from her life than let her suffer any trace of guilt because of me.

“Also, you have to make sure Qin Yinan sees those cards… because then someone will look after her, and I can…

The man had started coughing violently, blood trickling down his lips. He had been running out of energy, but he’d forced himself to finish his last words.

“…finally rest in peace.”


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