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Read Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 82: Karma Is Always Watching (2)

Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love is a web novel produced by Ye Fei Ye, 叶非夜.
This webnovel is right now ongoing.

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Human beings made use of each other. The current Song Qingchun could no longer provide these people with any benefits, so naturally, they would not waste any energy to do any favors for her.

Song Qingchun knew this principle, but in her heart, she still could not help but feel a little desolate.

After all, of the individuals she had just called, there were a few who she had once considered her close friends…

Song Qingchun dropped her phone by the side of her pillow and curled into the fetal position, hugging the quilt in her arms. She looked at the window, and suddenly, memories of her elder brother flooded her mind. Her eyes started to well up. If Song Cheng was still around, he would definitely have pulled her out of bed while yelling at her to get it together. Of course, secretly, he would also reach out to those people to get them to help his little sister…

As Song Qingchun wiped away the tears that fell from her eyes, a message alert came from her phone. She picked it up and realized it was a familiar number.

She was familiar with the string of numbers, but she had no actual clue who the owner of this number was.

When she had first received a message from this number, it was Christmas from four years ago. That day, Song Cheng had gone overseas for work, and Qin Yinan promised to stand in for him to celebrate the holidays with her, but just like during her birthday a few days ago, he was pulled away by Tang Nuan at the last minute and left her hanging dry.

At the time, she had been feeling incredibly down. She had returned home, taken a shower, and it was then that she received the message from this number. It was a simple holiday greeting, “Merry Christmas.”

She had replied with a “?” and got no response.

At the time, she had just been starting university. There were many boys at school who wanted to be her friend, so she had a.s.sumed it was one of her admirers and did not keep it on her mind.

The second time she received the message from this number it was already one and a half year later.

That summer, she was going to take the English exam for the third time, and before entering the exam hall, she received the message saying, “Good luck.”

At the time, she was still using the same phone she had been using for years. Due to the large internal storage of the phone, she did not have the need to erase any messages. Therefore, the system immediately pulled up all the message history she had with this number. Seeing this, the suspicion in her heart increased.

If this was her admirer, why would his only two messages be one and a half year apart? That made no sense.

Before entering the hall, Song Qingchun replied to the number, “h.e.l.lo, who are you?”

After she finished the exam, the first thing she did was open her phone, and she had been disappointed to realize she did not get any reply from the number. However, it was then that she remembered this string of eleven numbers in her heart.

The third time was when she was in the fourth year of university. She was interviewing for a post at TW Station.

She had been incredible nervous. Before entering the company, she had taken a few deep breaths. As she’d stepped into the company lobby, she received a message from this number. It was as simple as before, “You can do it.”

The interview that day was very successful, and she was hired by TW Station on the spot. When she left, she gave the number a call, but it was out of service.

After she started her career at TW Station, she had received, on multiple occasions, messages from this number, and coincidentally enough, the content of the message would be able to help her overcome the hurdle she was facing at the moment.

She was incredibly curious about the ident.i.ty of the number’s owner. She’d even had her company’s database colleague check it out, but they’d also come up with nothing.

Song Qingchun pulled herself back from her memories and opened the message. The content was simple; it only had six words, but the six words made her eyes glow instantly.

This was her life savior, the thing that would save her day!

With this message, next Monday, she would be able to easily rub that smug smile off Tang Nuan’s face!


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