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Read Long Live Summons Chapter 316 – Forgetting the Situation, Forcing a Kiss

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Yue Yang came out from the Second Floor of Tong Tian Tower. He wasn’t in a hurry to return to the Little Flower Garden, instead, he went to the Yue Clan Castle first.

His Second Uncle Yue Ling reported the current status of the castle. Without Yue Yang overseeing the management, he didn’t feel at peace as a subst.i.tute clan master. He had only realized how difficult becoming the clan master was after becoming one. It was extremely stressful. Fortunately there was Yue Yang, the super powerful nephew, overseeing him, hence the other clans had also given him some face. If the Yue Clan was led by a mere Level 6 Junior-[Elder], there would probably no other leaders weaker than him.

“I don’t understand castle management at all. Just take care of them as you see fit, I feel a.s.sured leaving it to you.” Yue Yang didn’t have a major interest towards his clan. Other than the Ghost Genius’ Yue Gong’s Puppet Palace, there were no other secrets that Yue Yang would want to uncover.

Yue Ling and the two Elders had also allowed Yue Yang access to the secret room that was initially only accessible to the core members of the family, allowing him to browse through the materials recorded there.

Inside, there were many records and recollections about the Three Renaissance Heroes and clan geniuses over the generations. It was a magnificent library.

(s.h.i.+ro: Three Renaissance Heroes reminder – three geniuses that had lifted the Yue Clan to glory during its difficult times, Ghost Genius Yue Gong is one of them)

The Three Renaissance Heroes’ complete secret combat skills manuals, method of raising beasts, battleground military strategies, art of social behaviours and so on were very useful for the normal Yue Clan members. However, towards Yue Yang who had already possessed the knowledge inheritance from the tragic guy’s mother, there really weren’t much materials he could study in there.

With regards to the battleground military strategies and art of social behaviours, since Yue Yang would never be a court official or a general, it was completely useless to him. He was an Innate, so these things were not very useful to him. The Three Renaissance Heroes didn’t write this book for Innates, they wrote this book for their future generations, to teach them how to bring their clan onto greater heights and how to strengthen the position of the Yue Clan amongst the Four Great Clans in Soaring Dragon Continent… It can be said that the only thing that Yue Yang was interested in was the Ghost Genius Yue Gong’s Puppet Palace. According to the records, the Yue Clan’s secret since a thousand year ago were kept inside. If Elder Yue Hai was here, Yue Yang would have asked to go there. It was a pity that Old Man Yue Hai was not here, and he, as the true clan master, was the only person who knew about the location of the Puppet Palace.

The one located below the Yue Clan Castle was not the real Puppet Palace. It was merely a Puppet Factory.

The Ghost Genius Yue Gong had built the Puppet Factory so that the future generations who were not geniuses could produce low-levelled puppets by learning the simple method.

“Feng-er has been expelled by the Floating Mist Sect… Mr. Ku Ming sends his apologies, but he wasn’t able to defy the Sect Leader’s orders.” Yue Ling’s voice was slightly dejected. The current Yue Clan younger generation was originally full of geniuses. Yue Tian and Yue Yan were once chosen as the world’s top ten young heroes. Yue Feng had contracted a grimoire at the age of six. His talent was discovered at a young age, and the three Great Sects had all come to recruit him as a disciple. In the end, he became a Floating Mist Sect disciple.

Afterwards, Yue Yang arrived, pulling a horse carriage with his stepmother Fourth Mistress and little sister. He turned the whole Yue Clan Castle upside down, shocking the whole world.

The trash who couldn’t do anything before had actually become such an abnormal genius!

Even Yue Bing, who could only possess the weaker plant-type beasts, had shown her wonderful capabilities during the New Year Tournament… At that time, there was no one in the world who didn’t exclaim in admiration for the Yue Clan’s younger generation. However, today, the first son Yue Tian was ruined, the fourth son Yue Yan was disabled, the fifth son Yue Ting had gone missing, the sixth son Yue Bao was faced with judgement from the clan, while the ninth son Yue Feng was expelled by the Floating Mist Sect, becoming a stray disciple.

If it wasn’t because of Yue Yang and Yue Bing, the Yue Clan would have really gone downhill.

Yue Yang understood the reason for Yue Feng’s expulsion. He had defeated Bai Yun Fei and forced him to kneel in front of the others during the Hundred Schools Elite Tournament. It was an embarra.s.sment that Bai Yun Fei would not be able to forget his whole life. After the Floating Mist Sect Leader, Bai Yun Fei’s father, heard about this, it would be strange if the Floating Mist Sect still continued to teach Yue Feng! Yue Yang felt that this matter would happen sooner or later. It was all within his calculation that Yue Feng was expelled. Since Yue Feng didn’t have any master now, it’s not a bad thing for him to teach Yue Feng and increase the Yue Clan’s strength. He would not be able to take care of the Yue Clan and stay in the Soaring Dragon Continent forever after all. If he and the girls decided to go to the Heaven Realm and did not return for a hundred years, it wouldn’t do if there wer no strong younger generations to support the Yue Clan in the future.

Yue Yang muttered to himself, and made a decision.

“I am busy now, I have to help Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress to become Innates. I don’t have time now.” Yue Yang’s words made the Second Uncle Yue Ling looked really dejected.

“It’s okay, your matters are more important.” Yue Ling had already guessed that Yue Yang would not care from the beginning. Unexpectedly, Yue Yang’s next words made him question the functionality of his own ears.

“I haven’t finished speaking, listen to me first… Second Uncle, with regards to Yue Feng, I will teach him when I have the time. Actually, he is still young now, so laying down the basics is the most important. You don’t have to be so anxious. That Floating Mist Sect, so what if he is expelled from them? Do you think that our Yue clansmen wouldn’t be able to become innates if we don’t become the Four Great Sects disciples?” Yue Yang would definitely not want to teach Yue Feng seriously, but he had no problems if he was asked to provide guidance to him once in awhile.

“Ah, is that so? Then I shall thank you on Feng-er’s behalf!” Yue Ling was overjoyed at the unexpected news, immediately bowing to Yue Yang.

Of course, he knew that the Floating Mist Sect had become hostile to them because their Junior Sect Leader was defeated by Yue Yang.

But he could only keep the bitterness to himself.

Neither Yue Yang nor the Floating Mist Sect Leader was someone that he could afford to offend.

Furthermore, even if Yue Feng wasn’t expelled, he would probably not be able to learn anything there, and would even be bullied by Bai Yun Fei.

Yue Ling mentioned it to Yue Yang because he hoped that Yue Yang would help Yue Feng to unlock any kind of bottleneck that would affect Yue Feng’s growth in the future. He hoped that Yue Yang could give some pointers to Yue Feng, or give him a Martial Arts Pill or Spirit Pill, so that Yue Feng wouldn’t end up like Yue Tian and Yue Yan… He never thought that Yue Yang would actually be willing to teach his son.

How could he not be touched!

As an Innate, even a few pointers from Yue Yang was worth more than studying in the Floating Mist Sect.

All the disciples of Floating Mist Sect must be loyal to the sect, otherwise why would they spend money to cultivate their disciples? However, as a member of the Yue Clan, how could Yue Feng pledge his loyalty to the Floating Mist Sect?

Furthermore, the teacher that was in charge of teaching Yue Feng was only a Level 6 [Elder]. Moreover, the teaching of basic foundations was left to two Level 5 [Grandmasters]. How could they be compared to Yue Yang, who was an Innate Ranker?

Thinking about this, Yue Ling’s eyes started to water.

He forced down the emotions in his heart and breathed in a deep breath. He then cupped his hands together and bowed to Yue Yang, saying with a choked voice, “Xiao San, Second Uncle was wrong last time, Second Uncle was ignorant! Please do not hold my thousands of wrongdoings to you in your heart…”

If it was him, Yue Ling thought that he wouldn’t be so magnanimous like Yue Yang, letting bygones be bygones.

If he had become an Innate himself, with regards to his third brother Yue Qiu who always criticised him or his first brother Yue Shan who always bullied him in the past, would he be willing to give them a few pointers, or teach their sons?

Would he be able to be like Yue Yang, his nephew, and be magnanimous in his heart?

Obviously, he wouldn’t…

Yue Ling understood it now. His nephew Yue Yang, other than surpa.s.sing him so much in terms of strength, he was also far superior to him in terms of temperament and morals.

Yue Ling who was so touched that his heart was feeling all tingly, didn’t know that the reason why Yue Yang agreed to teach Yue Feng was because he didn’t want things to get complicated. Yue Yang didn’t want Yue Ling to sigh and complain to him every time. Yue Yang’s way of thinking was as such – if Elder Yue Hai returned, he would also suggest the same thing. At that time, it might not be possible for him to reject Elder Yue Hai anyway. Hence it would be better to agree to it right now, although Yue Feng was still young and didn’t actually need to be taught much. Even Yue Ling was capable of teaching his own son the basics.

“Right now, you should first teach your son about the basics. Tall buildings come from strong foundations, the st.u.r.dier you lay out his foundation knowledge, the stronger he would grow in the future.” Yue Yang took out a white pearl that came from the Avian’s body from his Lich Ring and gave it to Yue Ling to motivate him, “I didn’t bring anything because I was in a hurry. Give this Gold-ranked Level 5 magic crystal to Yue Feng. If I’m not mistaken, his guardian beast was quite a good one. Tell him to raise it well!”

“It’s Gold-ranked Level 5?” Second Uncle Yue Ling happily accepted it.

The moment he saw it, he almost jumped in shock.

Was it a light-type magic crystal of Gold-ranked Level 5?

That’s wrong. He had never seen that kind of magic crystal before. This didn’t seem like a beast’s magic crystal, a Giant Dragon’s, nor the Goblin Race’s Inner Dan. What kind of creature had a magic core like this?

It looked extremely clear and pure, it seemed like it would be very good for cultivating Yue Feng’s guardian beast.

It was not that Yue Ling had never seen a Gold-ranked magic crystal before, but he was moved because Yue Yang had given him a Gold-ranked Magic Core straight away… The magic core felt kind of heavy in his hands as he felt an inexplicable shame in his heart. Not only has his nephew forget about his wrongdoings and didn’t take revenge on him, he had even supported him with all he could.

Thinking about how he ignored his nephew before, even to the point of mocking and ridiculing him…

How could he not feel guilty and ashamed of it all?

If Yue Ling knew that all the Avians that Yue Yang killed in the Sky Shrine were all Gold-ranked, and that he had given him the worst one of all, he probably wouldn’t feel so guilty anymore.

“I still have a few more of those stuff. When Yue Feng’s guardian beast finished absorbing this one, I will give him another one!” Yue Yang didn’t explain much and immediately left.

“Did he get these things from the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower and above?” Although Yue Ling couldn’t recognize it, he knew that this was definitely good stuff. After admiring it for a long time, he suddenly remembered that his son Yue Feng was still in the library waiting for his good news, hence he hurriedly ran back. He simply couldn’t wait to tell his son about the good news.

Right now, Yue Ling’s only hope was his younger son, Yue Feng.

He didn’t hope for Yue Feng to have an abnormal strength like Yue Yang or his unimaginable growth, he only hoped that his son could also become an Innate in the future, rising amongst ten thousand over other pract.i.tioners. Even if Yue Feng had to cultivate for two hundred years, it was fine if he could reach Innate in the end. Yue Ling hoped that Yue Feng would fulfil his wish of becoming an Innate that he couldn’t realize. As for Yue Tian and Yue Yan, he should just forget about them. Let alone Yue Yang, even Yue Ling didn’t think that they deserve forgiveness!

In the Yue Clan Castle Plaza, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the Li Brothers were practicing their martial arts.

They had not heard that Yue Yang had returned.

Only Hui Tai Lang, whose nose was especially sharp, immediately skipped over with its tails wagging left and right to welcome its master, the moment it smelled its master’s unique smell.

Yue Yang waved his hands towards his excited clansmen, and immediately became like a superstar, surrounded by his clansmen all around. He was escorted by the clansmen crowd to the plaza… With regards to the clansmen, of course Yue Yang decided to praise and give them some monetary rewards. He knew they needed those.

Clansmen like Lin Lei and Lin Miao who had took the initiative to join his side at the beginning was rewarded with a Bronze-ranked Weapon each.

This made them so proud that their faces turned red.

They were so excited that they prostrated themselves to show their appreciation!

A Bronze-ranked weapon was not worth their over-reaction, but they were really thankful for Yue Yang’s kind thoughts.

Yue Yang smiled and threw a few pearls towards Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and Li Brothers.

When he received the Gold-ranked Level 5 pearl, Fatty Hai was like a pervert seeing a naked girl, the drool in his mouth flowed out like waterfall.

Hui Tai Lang also surrounded Yue Yang and rubbed itself on him over and over again, looking extremely anxious.

It knew that it definitely had its share, but its mouth was too impatient, wanting to eat. It was the same type as Fatty Hai. If they weren’t man and wolf, they might even be mistaken for brothers… When a few demon hearts appeared, it didn’t even bother to chew, swallowing them straight into its stomach. The Lightning Mammoth, King Kong Demon Ape, Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle and the others were almost jealous to death. It was a pity that even if there were extras for them, they wouldn’t be able to endure the evil demonic qi in the demon hearts. Only Hui Tai Lang, the abnormal wolf, could consume those demon hearts.

“Don’t look at me with those starving puppy eyes…” Yue Yang couldn’t stand the gazes of those beasts, hence he threw them some Demon Leopards’, Storm Wolves’ and Flaming Lions’ magic cores, all silver-ranked. The King Kong Demon Ape was so happy that it howled out loudly, drumming its chest in excitement to show its joy.

“I am ready. Where are we going to go next? Tong Tian Tower? Demon Abyss? I will go wherever you want me to!” Fatty Hai asked as he smiled.

“It’s not that I don’t have a destination, but anyone below Innate would be instantly killed over there.” When Yue Yang said this, Fatty Hai was so scared that his heart almost exploded.

“Forget I asked.” Fatty Hai shook his hands uselessly.

“Give us a little more time. Although it is a little arrogant for us to say this, sooner or later, we will definitely become Innates!” Ye Kong clenched his fists resolutely. The current Ye Kong was no longer that Ye Kong who almost starved to death in the Tong Tian Tower the other day.

“I will give you a year’s time. No, nine months. If you don’t work hard, I will go to the Heaven Realm first. The gate to Heaven Realm only opens once in a hundred years. See to it yourself!” Yue Yang decided to pressurize Ye Kong and the others. They don’t have much time, so if they don’t put in 200% effort, they wouldn’t be able to make it in time. Ye Kong and the others were dumbstruck when they heard him. However, they revealed an extremely resolute, serious expression afterwards.

“Yes, we will definitely make it!” Ye Kong clenched his fists tight and gave Yue Yang his word. He then shouted out to Fatty Hai and the others, “Come, let’s continue to practice!”

“It won’t do if I’m afraid of you!” Fatty Hai howled out, shutting his eyes and roaring like an injured animal.

He understood clearly the meaning of Yue Yang’s deadline. It was the separation line between an ordinary person and a true warrior.

If they didn’t manage to enter the Heaven Realm before the Heaven Realm Gate closes, they would be thrown away by Yue Yang. After a hundred years, even if Yue Yang returned from the Heaven Realm, they would probably have already become a n.o.body, reaching their maximum capabilities and would not be able to improve anymore… How many more years can they live? If they didn’t work hard during their younger years, when their bones and blood channels have matured as they grew older and their fighting spirit had all been burnt out, how much combat power can they give?

Furthermore, if Yue Yang went to Heaven Realm, the difference in strength between them would be far too great.

Yue Yang who cultivated in Heaven Realm for a hundred years would definitely improve to a much higher realm. Even if he returned to the Soaring Dragon Continent, he would only visit his family… At that time, would Yue Yang still be someone they could look up to?

At that time, he would definitely be an existence that they wouldn’t hope to catch up to even in their dreams!

Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the others were pressured by the urgency of time. Princess Qian Qian and the others also felt anxious, maybe even more than Fatty Hai and the others.

They had to follow him. Separated for a hundred years was something that they would never accept. If they were only friends, they might not follow him to the end. They could still be friends after a hundred years. However, he was their lover. If they couldn’t be together, everything would be done for!

More pressingly, Yue Yang was even preparing to attack the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace.

This was the first step to enter the Heaven Realm.

At the same time , this was also a test for Yue Yang. Through the Prison Emperor’s test, Yue Yang had to be able to defeat the sealed Heaven Realm’s warriors, in order to be able to survive in the Heaven Realm.

When Yue Yang returned to the Little Flower Garden, he started to tell the girls about how he managed to clear the the Three Worlds Shrines Quest. He had not even managed to bring them into the grimoire world to look around when Princess Qian Qian suddenly grabbed his collar and glared at him with her tigress eyes, “There’s no more time, let’s practice!”

Yue Yang had actually wanted to bathe with the sickly beauty first and enjoy his happy s.e.xual life before he start to practice. He never thought that the tigress girl would be so anxious.

Since it was rare that she took the initiative to request a practice session with him, Yue Yang agreed naturally.

The sickly beauty giggled and pulled at Yue Bing and Yi Nan, “Then we shall go into the grimoire world and built a little house ourselves. There’s nothing inside right? We can take turns to built our new house… When Qian Qian is tired, Luo Hua can go out and practice! Let’s go, let’s not disturb Princess Qian Qian’s practice!”

The ‘let’s not disturb Princess Qian Qian’s practice’ was of course an excuse. Usually, Princess Qian Qian could practice her skills on her own. If she wanted to practice with Yue Yang, she obviously meant the [Body Fusion] cultivation.

This was the way the sickly beauty tried to give privacy to Princess Qian Qian and Yue Yang.

If the girls weren’t there, maybe Princess Qian Qian could relax more.

Seeing the sickly beauty and the others entering into the grimoire world one by one under Xiao Wen Li’s guidance, Princess Qian Qian’s face started to turn red, “Go and bathe first, your body is covered in sweat, so smelly!”

Looking at her cute reaction, Yue Yang was moved and couldn’t help but to reach out and forcefully hug the tigress girl who was pretending to be angry.

Thoroughly enchanted, forgetting the situation, he forced a kiss on the beauty who was still struggling in his arms…


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