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Chapter 105: Sieging the Base

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After getting the news of Steve encountering an ambush, the Banto troops that had stayed behind to guard the base did not dare to hesitate. They would rather believe the news and set off immediately. As a precaution, they left behind nearly eight hundred troops to guard the base.

Eight hundred troops was considered an incredibly small number in the frontlines of a war or a large city, not worthy of mention. But in the remote Wissen Town, they were already a relatively powerful force. Even if the Rossi soldiers launched a surprise attack against the base, they might not even breach the base without losing all their numbers.

The simple yet st.u.r.dy wooden wall and tall towers for archers, coupled with the hidden scouts and active patrol squad all allowed the Banto soldiers left behind to sleep peacefully. No one thought that the Rossi forces would be foolish enough to siege the base. All of them went to sleep, each more deeply than the next.

After seeing the reinforcement units disappear into the night, the Banto sentries slowly calmed down. Steve had taken five hundred elite personal guards with him, and now he had over a thousand troops rus.h.i.+ng to his aid. With their numbers advantage, they would be undefeatable. In the best case, they might even exterminate the Rossi forces.

Deep into dawn, when most people felt like sleeping, the sentries let down their guard after yawning a few times. Even the patrolling troops were no exception. Some of them skirted to the side to drink and gamble. Some gathered and bragged with one another. Some opted to find a corner and take a nap. No one noticed that a large group of uninvited guests had suddenly appeared in the forest near the base.

After instructing a few Horned Bee Beasts to get rid of the Banto scouts, Yang Ling led his army and silently infiltrated the area around the other party’s base. The Banto soldiers had many hidden scouts in obscure locations. But against the sensitive, speedy Horned Bee Beasts, they were usually killed before they could react.

Perhaps it was because they were stretched thin, or perhaps it was due to them thinking that they were powerful enough that no one would dare invade the base, the defenses of the Banto soldiers were not very powerful. One might even say that they were rather simple.

Observing from above the treetops, Yang Ling noticed that there were about a hundred tents in the football field sized area of the base, surrounded by a nearly two-meter-tall, simple wooden wall. On each of the four corners was a tower, and each tower was able to hold twenty guards. Their firepower was severely lacking. Rather than a tower for archers, it was practically just a watchtower.

The west side of the base was facing the mountains, while level ground surrounded the other three sides. It was not a place that was difficult to attack yet easy to defend. The mountains to the west were very steep. Yang Ling believed that he would be able to block the base’s western escape route just by stationing a hundred warriors in the mountains. As for the other three directions, even though they had the towers for archers and the wooden walls, Yang LIng believed that these defenses would be like a thin piece of paper in front of his Magical Beast army.

Time is of the essence. The battle must be decided quickly! After understanding the basic situation, Yang Ling quickly thought about how he would invade the base.

“Casey, quickly lead five hundred men and charge in from the east side after the Horned Bee Beasts deal with the troops on the towers. You need not leave anyone alive along the way; kill all that you come across!” Yang Ling gave a decisive order.

“Yes, I understand!” The heavily armored Casey received the order with a bow.

“Goode, charge in from the south with four hundred men. Kill all that you come across! Argus, you shall lead the personal guards and follow behind Goode and his army. You will be responsible for setting the fire!”

“Yes, I understand!” Goode and Argus received the orders with a bow at the same time.

Yang Ling sent a hundred elf archers to the mountains in the west. Yang Ling did not hesitate after the preparations were complete. He split the Horned Bee Beasts into four teams, each team targeting the Banto soldiers on the four towers. In that instant, the prepared Horned Bee Beasts split themselves into four teams and charged speedily toward the towers.

The Banto soldiers on the towers were either sleeping while leaning on the wooden wall, or congregating together and talking about the coquettish n.o.ble ladies in the capital or the pretty young ladies in Wissen Town. They would let out rowdy laughs every time something interesting came up in their conversation. No one noticed the Horned Bee Beasts approaching them like a black cloud. They were completely oblivious to the impending disaster.

“Omir, you sure are lazier than a Sharo Boar. When you’re relieving yourself from the archer’s tower, you should be careful not to hit the leader of the patrol squad. He’ll chop off your d.i.c.k and feed it to the dogs!” Seeing Omir standing near the edge of the archer’s tower with his legs open, a soldier that could not go to sleep let out a few complaints.

“Oh Yiblis, what are you scared of? The leader does this all the time.”

The soldier named Omir did not pay too much heed to the complaints, smiling as he unb.u.t.toned his pants. But just as he was about to whip it out, he let out a sudden cry as he saw an unbelievable scene.

“Hahaha, pitiful Omir, could he really have hit our leader?”

“Hehe, Omir is finished. Even if he keeps his d.i.c.k, the leader is going to kick the sh*t out of him!”

The soldiers on the tower could not help but break into laughter when they saw the dumbfounded Omir. But just as they were about to stand and see what was going on, they suddenly saw a bunch of ferocious Horned Bee Beasts swarming toward them in the night.

Where did this many Horned Bee Beasts come from?

Looking at the horde of fist-sized Horned Bee Beasts, the soldiers all rubbed their eyes, unable to understand what they were seeing. They didn’t know how to react.

As a low level Magical Beast, the Horned Bee Beasts could be seen everywhere within Terras Forest. But fist-sized Horned Bee Beasts that had angled wings were a rare sight, much less a large group suddenly appearing at one time. In that instant, almost all of the soldiers thought that they were seeing things.

The Horned Bee Beasts were fast, flying in amongst the soldiers while the soldiers were still overthinking things.

An enemy attack! Not good!

Seeing the Horned Bee Beasts flas.h.i.+ng towards them like lightning with their extended stingers and bared fangs, the soldiers instinctively felt that something was off. But it was too late, the fast Horned Bee Beasts fired poisonous stingers before the soldiers could sound the alarm.

They were too fast!

The soldiers could only see a cold gleam flash past their eyes, and then poisonous stingers planted themselves into the soldiers before they could react. Their bodies turned numb, falling helplessly to the ground. All they could do was look on helplessly as the horde of Horned Bee Beasts swarmed forward and tore through their flesh.

“Attack! Kill all that you encounter!”

Yang Ling let out a decisive order after the surprise attack of the Horned Bee Beasts succeeded. He leapt up onto his Unicorn and commanded his Magical Beast army to launch a strong offensive on the main entrance of the Banto base.

Leading the army were the artillery-like Evil Eye army. Under the command of the Evil Eye Tyrant, a concentrated rain of light fell onto the Banto base. Unable to avoid the attack, the Banto soldiers guarding the man entrance were all blasted to a pulp. Unfortunately, the range of the Evil Eyes was limited. Otherwise, just the Evil Eye army alone would have been enough to exterminate the Banto soldiers.

After a few barrages of attacks, the Gargoyles were the first to move. While they did not have great numbers, they were incredibly fast and had precise attacks. They targeted the soldiers not hit by the rain of light, rapidly clearing a path for the army.

The air was the domain of the Gargoyles and Horned Bee Beasts, but the tank-like Withered Tree Warriors were unparalleled when it came to attacks on the ground. The thin wooden wall of the Banto base was like cardboard in their eyes. They downed a portion of the wall with every kick. They turned the struggling Banto soldiers into mush every time they encountered one. They advanced quickly toward the tents within the wooden wall.

Behind the Withered Tree Warriors was the ma.s.s of the spider army. After charging quickly into the base, the Tarantula King instructed the spiders to attack the Banto soldiers who had been scared awake from their dreams.

    They were not as powerful as the Evil Eye army in terms of long range attacks, and they couldn’t compare to the bulldozer-like Withered Tree Warriors in terms of pure physical strength. But their numbers made them powerful. No one could defend against the tidal a.s.sault of the spiders. Their sharp poisonous fangs and fatal venom turned them into the reapers of the souls of the Banto soldiers.

After being shocked awake from their dreams, facing the Horned Bee Beasts and Gargoyles covering the sky, facing the countless spiders on the ground, facing the giant Withered Tree Warriors, the Banto soldiers nearly died on the spot.

In their shock, the soldiers hurriedly fled, running faster than a hare. But it was all for naught before the speedy Magical Beast army. They were drowned by the tide of Magical Beasts in the blink of an eye.

Yang Ling was formidable, but Casey and Goode did not meet with much resistance either. The barbarians holding tire-sized axes were undefeatable, and the archers and swordsmen behind them were also incredibly powerful. They annihilated the Banto forces they encountered.

The fl.u.s.tered Banto generals and soldiers could not find each other or organize a successful retaliation. A few low ranking generals had just gathered a few troops to defend against the attack when they were torn apart by the Horned Bee Beasts or Gargoyles swarming forward.

After understanding that they had already lost, a few of the Banto soldiers charged toward the base of the mountains in the west, hoping that they could scale them to escape. But unfortunately, they were either picked off by the Horned Bee Beasts circling in the air or fell during the journey due to their nerves. Even those who were lucky enough to scale the steep cliff were picked off one by one by the elf archers.

This wasn’t a perfect surprise attack; it was a b.l.o.o.d.y ma.s.sacre. In front of Yang Ling’s fierce guards and ma.s.sive Magical Beast army, the unprepared Banto soldiers did not have the chance to retaliate. Some of them were killed before they even woke up.

“Quick, set the fires, quick!”

Yang Ling moved around on his Unicorn, instructing Argus to attack. He wanted to burn down Steve’s base, completely eradicating his faction from Wissen Town. Without rations or a base for him to replenish his weapons, Steve would not be able to act as he wished even if he managed to defeat the Rossi soldiers with the help of his reinforcements.

Recalling his Magical Beast army, Yang Ling left quickly with his army after burning the Banto base and intentionally leaving behind the weapons and armor of the Rossi soldiers. Even if Steve returned alive, he would furiously a.s.sume that this heinous act was committed by his mortal enemy, the Rossi forces.

No matter the occasion, obtaining the largest profit at the lowest price was the best thing one could do!

Yang Ling was unwilling to miss any opportunity to benefit from the situation. The more intense the battle between the Banto and Rossi soldiers, the more benefits he could obtain, be it now or in the future!


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