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Chapter 185: The Favored Lover

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After testing it many times on Hans, Yang Ling knew that an undetectable mental attack was the most terrifying thing to a weaker Summoner. At the very least, it would cause debilitating headaches instantly. More serious effects included delirium and stupefaction.

Hehe, rip off her clothes, pull her legs apart…

Looking at the fl.u.s.tered Fatso, Lia and their group trying to defend themselves, Triangle Face Robert had no fear, waiting for his Gryphon to find an opportunity to strike.

Lia was too detestable. Over the years, Robert had lost count how many times she had humiliated him. When they were still in the Royal Inst.i.tution, he had not been able to retaliate. But here, where she was relatively unguarded, Robert saw an opportunity. He’d teach her a lesson by humiliating her in public.

“Brother Yang, are we going to teach them a lesson?” Yuna asked the expressionless Yang Ling quietly, so the others wouldn’t notice. Triangle Face had many warriors that seemed to be powerful and merciless. But to Yuna, most of the guards, save for a few of his personal guards, were basically empty suits of armor.

If she wanted to, she could conjure fireb.a.l.l.s to fill up the sky and burn them to ash. If there was a need, she could even cast the Magical Illusory Spell Formation, catching them off guard in an instant, and then kill them one by one.

“No, Yuna. Look after Fatso, Lia and the rest. Just don’t let them sustain heavy injuries!” Seeing Yuna look at him nervously, Yang Ling shook smiled a tiny smile and continued, “Unless we have absolutely no choice, we should not expose our abilities!”

Even though Triangle Face Robert was detestable, Yang Ling did not think that he had to kill him and risk exposing his ident.i.ty. Furthermore, the other party was clearly from an influential family. Yang Ling had come to Montson to forge strategic alliances, not to make enemies. It was enough to teach Triangle Face a lesson. There was no need to kill him, and potentially attract more trouble for himself.

Of course, even though there was no need to kill him, Yang Ling still felt the need to punish him!

While Triangle Face was absorbed in his arrogance and thinking about tearing off Lia’s clothes and torturing her, Yang Ling took action, targeting the lecher with a bolt of mental attack.


The Magical Badge around Robert’s neck rung out, and his head began to buzz. The world started to spin around him, and he developed an intense headache. It was as if his skull was about to split open, or a sharp dagger was moving around his brain matter. He fell to the ground with a thump.

“Ah… Help me!” he screamed, holding his head tightly and rolling on the ground, wailing. Guards rushed to his aid, but he kicked at them, driving them back.

With the sudden change in the situation, the guards no longer cared about attacking Lia, Hans, and the rest, each of them slowly backing away. Of course, they did not dare scatter without Triangle Face’s orders, so they continued to surround Lia’s group.

After being kicked back multiple times, his personal guards were drenched with sweat as they looked on in worry at the insane Triangle Face, thras.h.i.+ng on the ground. They decided to split up after discussing their options for a moment. They sent someone to report the situation to his family, and another person to look for the priest at the nearest church.

“This is great. It’s best that he dies from the pain!” cried an onlooker.

“If my guess is correct, this is a powerful curse. Could there be a Soul Hexer nearby?” asked someone else.

The spectators murmured amongst themselves, some crying out angrily, some with vengeful glee. Others wondered if Lia’s group harbored a Soul Hexer as a secret guard, who had placed a curse on Triangle Face.

The curse of the demon Ulysses?

Watching their opponent’s insane writhing, Lia, Hans, and the rest weren’t sure what to think. But Halalei recalled Hans’ frequent headaches along their journey through the Wilderness of Siberia.

Could Yang Ling, the leader of the Magical Beast Territory, be behind all of this?

Searching Yang Ling’s face, Halalei had to wonder. He had never believed the story of the so-called curse of the demon Ulysses. On the contrary, he had heard rumors that Yang Ling was a powerful Summoner, his abilities deep beyond comprehension. Perhaps it was he who was always teasing the playful Hans. Perhaps he was the one who was attacking Robert now.

After being tortured for some time, Triangle Face slowly calmed and his guards helped him to stand. Because of the intense pain, his face was still convulsing. He looked unrecognizable and exceptionally ferocious. Furthermore, he was bleeding, having injured himself as he writhed on the ground.

“You detestable people, I am going to kill all of you. Go, soldiers, and beat them up!” Triangle Face ordered, nearly frantic. He had suffered the surprise attack just as he was about to get his Gryphon to strike. That timing meant to him that it was Hans and his group were behind the attack.

He couldn’t care less in his fury, ordering his guards to attack. He wanted to slice off all their heads. Seeing one of his guards merely put up a show, placating him by waving the sword in his hand, Triangle Face, in his anger, ordered his Gryphon to claw open the man’s face.

Caught off guard, the pitiful guard struggled as he hugged his head, blood spraying from his wounds. After struggling for some time, he eventually laid motionless on the ground!

Seeing their comrade’s head torn apart, the rest of the guard felt a chill in their hearts. They did not dare to hold back, attacking with all their might in the fear of becoming the next unlucky one. In that instant, Maputo, the knight Halalei and the rest felt the pressure double. They tried their best to deal with the attack, but had many close shaves in just a short amount of time.

Yang Ling watched as the attack became a real threat. Yuna’s quick thinking and increased defense kept Maputo and Halalei, who were on the front lines, might have been badly wounded already!

Hmph, you ignorant thing, you are asking for death! Yang Ling thought to himself, watching Robert screaming orders at his terrified guards. Yang Ling had only wanted to teach the man a lesson, and get them to let his group go. He hadn’t expected the talentless, ugly playboy to double down.

Just as Yang Ling was about to attack Triangle Face a second time, someone yelled “Stop! Drop your weapons!” They turned to see a team of knights in gold armor swarming in from outside the city gate, an insignia of a burning torch embroidered on each of their suits of armor. Behind the knights was an opulent carriage pulled by eight white horses. The carriage was surrounded by knights in gold armor, and their swords were unsheathed.

“My G.o.d, the Insignia of the Holy Flame, could it be that His Majesty…” gasped an onlooker.

“No, His Majesty would not come out now. It is more likely a prince or princess!” someone answered.

The Insignia of the Holy Flame was the family crest of the royal family in Kaliya. Together with the appearance of the unique gold-armored knights, the crowd knew that the person inside the carriage was of royal blood.

Faced with the guards of the royal family, and with a large group of gold-armored knights, their killing intent soaring, Triangle Face Robert’s guards had no choice but to back down. Offending the royal family was a grave crime. They would not dare continue to attack the group they surrounded.

With the golden-armored knights paving the way, the luxurious carriage steered forward slowly, leaving behind a faint fragrance. Listening closely, Yang Ling could hear the faint whispers of ladies coming from inside the carriage. One of the voices sounded familiar to him.

“Diana, how’s the issue we discussed last time coming along?” A familiar voice said.

“There’s no news yet. I have already mentioned it several times when I was alone with His Majesty. This looks like it’s a tricky matter!”

The voice was round, with a little hint of sweetness and delicacy. The way the voice made him feel was similar to what he got from the voice of his ex-boss’s secretary, but this was a little more natural. He could imagine the speaker’s beauty.

“Diana, this is a very important matter, you have to help me!”

“Harribell, tell me. Why are you helping that insignificant leader, living thousands of miles away?” After a pause, the sweet voice continued, “This is unlike how you did things in the past. Could it be that our angel in white has finally found a lover?”

“Diana, what nonsense are you talking about, we only work together on business terms. You must remember to help me get His Majesty’s help!”

“Alright, I know. His Majesty will sneak out of the palace and come to me tonight. I’ll figure something out then.”

The carriage continued to move along, and soon after, even Yang Ling, whose sense of hearing was far superior to an average person, could no longer hear the faint whispers coming from the carriage.

After a moment’s deliberation, Yang Ling became more sure of his guess. No matter how soft the voice was, he was sure that it was Harribell’s. It was also not hard to guess the ident.i.ty of the other lady in the carriage.

A person who could ride in a carriage reserved exclusively for the royal family, and protected by guards from the royal family, must have a deep connection to the emperor. It was a relations.h.i.+p between a man and a woman. Other than his relatives, there was only one person that could make the emperor sneak out of the palace to meet them. That was the emperor’s lover, one that was favored above all others!


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