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Chapter 301: Pursuit of a Thousand Miles

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


Looking at the female spellcaster Angel, who had been infected by the Zombie Poison and was unable to move, Rodriguez was beyond thrilled, once in a while summoning a few skeletons or zombies to hinder the people like the White-robed Cardinal Bishop, the Warrior in the golden cloak, and Elder Klive. He rapidly escaped deep within the Darak Mountains.

Surprise, excitement, wild joy…

Feeling the pure energy pulsating within the body of the female spellcaster, Angel, Rodriguez could not help but praise the omniscient G.o.d of the Underworld. The Divine Power within Angel was very pure, but more importantly, this little beauty did not know how to use it. Obviously, she was a Divine Spell User who had no been awakened.

The Church had powerful knights, and masterful spellcasters, but the most terrifying were the unknown Divine Spell Users. A powerful Divine Spell User could use his faith the borrow strength from the Deity and cast high level Holy Spells that one could not guard against, with immense power. Of those spells, the most terrifying was the Great Prophecy Technique.

The Pope was the highest ruler of the Church. He was also a Divine Spell User of immeasurable power, with mastery of the Great Prophecy Technique that would make many an Expert pale if they heard of it.

Legend has it that if one mastered the Great Prophecy Technique at the highest level, the Divine Spell User would be like a deity walking on earth, being able to summon winds and rains at will, gaining mastery over the laws of the sky and earth. Not to mention Sage Level masters, even the Domain Experts fall in front of them!

Divine Spell Users might be powerful, but the G.o.d of fate is fair. The number of Divine Spell Users are extremely few. Out of millions, or even tens of millions of followers, there might not be even one born with the natural Divine Power.

Having Divine Power did not necessarily mean one could become a Divine Spell User! One needed strong faith, and needed the Divine Power to reach a certain extent, and go through a series of training. Only when the Divine Power had been awakened can one master the most basic of Divine Spells. Divine Spell Users who had not been awakened were not much different from ordinary people.

Lucky for him, the female spellcaster Angel was an unawakened Divine Spell User. This made Rodriguez mad with joy!

Now, having only recovered about 60 percent of his power, he was already at the level of a beginning Domain Expert, more than enough to handle the various powerful factions in pursuit. If he could successfully absorb the Divine Power within the female spellcaster, Angel, his power would not only recover to peak level of a Domain Expert. He might even be able to punch through barrier, and level up to G.o.d-like Level.

By then, the people like the White-robed Cardinal Bishop, the Warrior in the golden cloak and Elder Klive would be no different from ants to him. Not only would he be able to freely explore the mysteries of the Graveyard of Deities and Demons, he would also be able to use the s.p.a.ce-Time Tear to travel freely between the Tailun Continent and the Dimension of Dead Souls, becoming the most powerful Corpse Wizard in history.

“Quick, we must kill him this time round, or else, there will be a great catastrophe on the continent!” Looking at Angel in the Corpse Wizard King’s arms, the White-robed Cardinal Bishop looked grave, shouting while emitting a ray of Holy Light to fell a Dead Soul Knight who was blocking the way. He was in lightning fast pursuit. This time, he did not have the thought of preserving his power.

While others like the Warrior with the golden cloak and Elder Klive did not know the ident.i.ty of the female spellcaster, but, as a high standing and powerful Cardinal Bishop of the Church, he knew better than anyone else.

The soon-to-be awakened Divine Spell User, the future Holy Maiden, the direct descendent of the Borg Family, known as the Golden Lion..

If the Corpse Wizard King were to s.n.a.t.c.h Angel away right in front of him and turn her into a zombie, the consequences would be unthinkable. When the news spread, the Church would be questioned by tens of thousands of followers, and face pressure from the family of the Golden Lion. By then, he would undeniably become the focus of the questioning from the people.

In a rage, the White-robed Cardinal displayed terrifying power. No undead blocking the way, be it a thick-skinned zombie or an agile Dead Soul Knight, could withstand his fatal blow. Even the Bone Dragon, hastily summoned by the Corpse Wizard King, was instantly smashed into smithereens by his Break Through Time and s.p.a.ce.

At a full speed sprint, his speed was getting closer to the Corpse Wizard King’s, making a ‘swis.h.i.+ng’ type sound of high speed whistling through the air, leaving a trail of afterimages, and leaving the Warrior with the golden cloak and Elder Klive far behind. The power of a Domain Expert was being shown at its best!

“Hmph, Wind Step!”

Seeing the White-robed Cardinal Bishop getting further away from him, the Warrior with the golden cloak harrumphed coldly, gritted his teeth and used his family ‘s ultimate skill. In an instant, his speed increased more than twice of his original, catching up like a bullet fired from a gun. He could not wait to catch up with the Corpse Wizard King and use Blade Storm to cut him into tens of thousands of pieces.

“Hehe, I’m old and can’t run!”

Looking at the far away White-robed Cardinal Bishop, and then at the sudden burst in speed from Casia, Elder Klive shook his head. After chanting for a while, he boosted himself with the Agility Boosting Technique, rapidly catching up with the wildly sprinting Casia, who was gritting his teeth. He also left marks by the roadside once in a while, to guide the way for the forces following behind.

While the White-robed Cardinal Bishop, the Warrior in the golden cloak, and Elder Klive were wildly sprinting while gritting their teeth in hot pursuit of the Corpse Wizard King who was traveling at the speed of the wind, Yang Ling was riding on the back of the Dark Dragon King, a Level Surpa.s.sing Magical Beast, following the action from high up in the sky. If one were to observe with concentration through the clouds, one would only see a vague black dot, so no one noticed his movements.

Tsk tsk, this was more exciting than sitting on a supersonic fighter jet!”

Looking at the forests and lakes flas.h.i.+ng by, and the clouds coming towards him, Yang Ling felt an unprecedented sense of excitement. He did take airplanes many times when he went on trips in the past, but it was his first time coming into contact with such an alternative form of airplane.

If the Horned Bee Beasts were supersonic fighter jets and Unicorns were long-range missiles, he did not how to describe the Dark Dragon King which was as fast as lightning.

Fast, the Dark Dragon King’s speed was too fast. It was so fast that the light breeze coming towards him was cutting, like knife blades. He felt occasional stinging pain on his naked eyes and on his skin, leaving him with no choice but to squint his eyes. In the end, he decided to might as well close both his eyes, and use his ma.s.sive Mental Energy to lock onto the Corpse Wizard King on the ground.

“Kekeke, come on, let’s see who can run faster!”

After running for a few hours in one shot, the Corpse Wizard King looked at the unmoving female spellcaster, Angel in his arms, and then at the pursuers behind him who were slowing down. He got so excited that he let out loud and wild laughter. After summoning a bunch of Undead Souls to cut off the rear, he ran like the wind towards the peak of the mountain. Dense forests and piles of stones would make it difficult for ordinary people to navigate, but to him, it did not present as an obstacle!

The Corpse Wizard King was beyond excited. But halfway up the mountain, while turning round a bend, he discovered Yang Ling, who had been waiting for him for a long time. Unbidden, the Corpse Wizard King’s laughter stopped abruptly.

“Lord Rodriguez, we are fated to meet! The weather is so cold, and you’re so old, yet you still have to carry this little beauty and run so far. Aye, that’s so pitiful!” Looking at the shocked Corpse Wizard King, Yang Ling smiled coldly. “Come, let me treat you to a few cups of wine to warm up!”

After pinpointing the path the Corpse Wizard King would take, Yang Ling, riding on the Dark Dragon King, rushed forward to block his path. The Corpse Wizard King was too good at running. The others like the White-robed Cardinal Bishop, Warrior with the golden cloak and Elder Klive, could not seem to catch up. Yang Ling had no choice but to give them a hand!

Of course, it was enough for him to buy some time. Things like risking lives were better left to the others like the White-robed Cardinal Bishop. Even if the Corpse Wizard King was a great threat to the Magical Beasts Realm, the Church was the most anxious now as their future Holy Maiden had been s.n.a.t.c.hed. To Yang Ling, preserving his strength and waiting for the right time to give the Corpse Wizard King the fatal strike was the best possible choice.

So pitiful?

Looking at the smiling Yang Ling and the gargantuan Dark Dragon King below him, the Corpse Wizard King, Rodriguez, was shocked and furious. To think that he ad run for so long and was so tired, yet Yang Ling had gotten ahead of him so easily.

“Hehe, Lord of the Magical Beasts, good, very good!”

After gritting his teeth, the Corpse Wizard King, Rodriguez, turned around to beat a retreat. A powerful Domain Expert along with a strong and powerful Level Surpa.s.sing Dark Dragon. If it had been when he had been at full power, he would not be bothered. But with his power now only at 60 percent, he was not willing to take the risk.

Besides, he had experienced how scary Yang Ling could be previously in the Underground City!

Having ten percent of his power drained, and even losing Snake-shaped staff transformed from Horned Soul Snake, was deeply memorable lesson! A sneak attack would be no problem, but to fight with Yang Ling face to face would be a foolish choice!

“Lord Rodriguez, the road surface is slippery and you’re running so fast. Be careful you don’t slip and fall!”

Seeing the Corpse Wizard King retreat without engaging in battle, the smile on Yang Ling’s face grew brighter. This was the best possible scenario. He could buy some time for the others like the White-robed Cardinal Bishop, the Warrior with the golden cloak, Casia, and Elder Klive to close the distance, and yet not risk an all-out fight with the Corpse Wizard King.

Even if his power had greatly increased after absorbing Angel’s milky-white energy, he was still unwilling to come to blows with the Corpse Wizard King so easily!

In the Underground City previously, the Corpse Wizard King was not powerful yet, and he was restrained by s.p.a.ce Restriction. That was why Yang Ling could unexpectedly cause him to be seriously injured. But this time, he was in a rush and had no time to set a Restriction, and the other party’s power had increased significantly. It would be foolish of him to attack all of a sudden!

“Quick! Surround him!”

Even though the Corpse Wizard King only got delayed a bit, the White-robed Cardinal Bishop in hot pursuit managed to take the opportunity to quickly get to him. Casia and Elder Klive followed shortly after. The three of them cautiously surrounded the Corpse Wizard King. From far away, the elites of the various factions started rolling in. The situation was getting worse for the Corpse Wizard King.

Both parties had their weapons at the ready, for a war to break out at a trigger. n.o.body dared to make a rash move. And no one noticed that Yang Ling had kept the Dark Dragon King, and using the Earth Evasion Spell, hid in a treetop in an instant.


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