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Read Lord Of The Magical Beasts Chapter 509 – Crazy Pythons’ Disaster

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Chapter 509: Crazy Pythons’ Disaster Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

All Materialistic Planes with an unstable spatial structure would have spatial crevices of varied sizes, and even Tailun Continent’s plane wasn’t an exception. The people could use those spatial crevices to travel toward other Planes and train in them, while Alien Planes’ demons and experts could use also use the spatial crevices to come into Tailun Continent.

The continent’s Church, Fire G.o.d Sect, Banner family and other great faction dispatched a ma.s.sive military force to guard the spatial crevices in their domains so that Alien Planes’ demons and experts wouldn’t get to invade Tailun Continent through it, and start a ma.s.sacre here or seize their core resources. They guarded the crevices strictly, and even though many crises occurred due to the spatial crevices for the past thousand years, they still managed to cross them safely.

This was why Yang Ling could set his mind at ease and send the Corpse Wizard King with the Magical Beast Army to take over Tibetan Mountain’s protection, while Yang Ling s.n.a.t.c.hed time to train until he got good attainment before taking a trip there. He didn’t expect that an incident would occur just after the Corpse Wizard King and others reached Tibetan Mountain.

It was a conspiracy! It was surely a conspiracy!

The Church’s large-scale Holy Light Magical Formation Spell worked normally for the past thousand years, and it guarded the unstable spatial crevice firmly. It shouldn’t be possible for it to sustain great damage just after the Magical Beast Territory took it over, and Yang Ling didn’t have to ponder over this for long to realize that the old Pope had done some dirty tricks in the dark.

Even though Yang Ling was aware that the other party wouldn’t be resigned to handing over the Gold Coast’s resources, he still didn’t expect that they would take such crazy actions.

If the spatial crevice became too unstable and a bloodthirsty demon managed to seize the chance to invade Tailun Continent, it wasn’t the Magical Beast Territory alone that would suffer trouble, and the whole continent would probably suffer a great calamity. Moreover, if the spatial crevice was shaken intensely, then the whole Plane might be torn apart to shreds by a Spatial Turbulence, and at that time, none would survive.

A madman! He was really a madman!

After Yang Ling pondered over this for a moment, he pa.s.sed down an order decisively. He asked Goode to transmit news to the Dark a.s.sociation’s Three Heads of Darkness at the highest speed possible, and he sent him to ask for their help. Soon after, Yang Ling pa.s.sed down an order to impose martial law in the Magical Beast Territory, and all soldiers wore their armor and got ready.

Yang Ling also instructed Sofia and Yuna not to leave Wissen Castle unless it was absolutely necessary so that they wouldn’t suffer an accident. Later, Yang Ling quickly proceeded toward Tibetan Mountain with the Corpse Wizard King, Elder Brent, and others. He hoped to seal the spatial crevice in time so that the situation wouldn’t become more grave.

The crowd managed to quickly reach the steep mountain through the teleportation formation spell constructed by the Corpse Wizard King.

The Gold Coast had a large expanse, and it had many hills, boundless plains, as well as a mountain range that stretched for a thousand miles. Among those, the Tibetan Mountain was the highest mountain, and its peak was above sea level by ten thousand meters.

There was thin air in the middle of the mountain, and it wouldn’t be easy for ordinary people to breathe here, let alone climb up the mountain. Moreover, the Tibetan Mountain was also called by the locals G.o.ddess Mount because it was covered all year round by snow, and it was also the source of the Gold Coast’s greatest Loire River.

The Tibetan Mountain was steep, rugged, and deserted, and a valley of unfathomable depths was in its vicinity. The Gold Coast’s famous spatial crevice was in the valley, and a noise like ghosts’ wails and wolves’ howls would transmit from it every rainy day, and it could spread in the silent night for several thousand miles. It would prevent people from sleeping at ease, and this was why the valley where the spatial crevice was situated was called by the people Devil Valley and the locals didn’t dare to approach it.

After the Church occupied the Gold Coast, it desired to control this land’s resources firmly, and this was why it joined hands with the Banner family and set up an Ancient Magical Formation Spell on the Devil Valley. It had also guarded this region with a ma.s.sive military force, and they guarded against the invasion of Alien Planes’ demons or experts.

Originally, even if the Church and the Banner family withdrew their soldiers, the spatial crevice wouldn’t become unstable suddenly thanks to the Ancient Magical Formation Spell’s protection, but what none had expected was that the crazy Pope dispatched people to destroy in the sly the essential Holy Light Magical Formation Spell.

“Your lords.h.i.+p, hurry up! If you don’t rush there quickly, the Magical Beasts won’t manage to keep them off any longer.” When the beauty Sala saw Yang Ling and others, she welcomed them anxiously and reported the latest changes in the situation.

When the Corpse Wizard King had just left, innumerable pythons rushed out of the spatial crevice. Their bodies’ length reached tens meters, and they could swallow the thick Violent Earth Bear with a single mouthful. Moreover, there were still some hundred-meter-long pythons with a body covered fully with dense scales. They were so ferocious, and even the Twin-legged Flying Dragons didn’t dare to approach them rashly.

In less than an hour, the Devil Valley became filled with pythons that wandered everywhere, and they launched wave upon wave of attacks on the Magical Beast Army.

“Ordinary pythons aren’t an issue, but there three-headed, five-headed, or even six-headed pythons surely possessed a Level Surpa.s.sing Magical Beast’s power. The most terrifying trait about those pythons is their large number, and they can’t be exterminated no matter how much we killed.” The Dark Dragon King that turned into a dark dragon was pale-faced, and his belly was badly mangled.

The Magical Beast Army went through several bitter battles, and even though it managed to resist the crazy attacks of the pythons, it still paid a grave price to achieve it.

“You should quickly seal the whole valley and don’t allow them to rush out of it.” Yang Ling pa.s.sed down an order decisively and waved his hand to summon the remaining Magical Beasts in the Wizard PaG.o.da’s dimension before he asked the Corpse Wizard King to command them.

A thousand Munchlaxes that could cast the Regeneration Spell were among the Magical Beasts. Those little creatures were quite swift and could jump around like bouncing b.a.l.l.s, while they could also use their Innate Gift to heal the injured Magical Beasts and lower their casualties as much as possible.

Yang Ling that was guided by the Corpse Wizard King quickly reached the Devil Valley’s edge, and he witnessed the terrifying spatial crevice.

It could be seen that the valley was engulfed with fog, an inextinguishable black fog that made the valley seem gloomy and dusky. It could be faintly seen that a crevice was in the depths of the valley, and its shape changed ceaselessly. Sometimes, it seemed like a cracked eggsh.e.l.l filled with spiderweb-like cracks, yet at other times, it changed into an eerie entrance, and it seemed like the empty eye cavity of a skeleton. Occasionally, it would also change into a round black hole that was wiggling and contracting ceaselessly.


Intense Energy Ripples emanated from the spatial crevice that changed its shape constantly, and a noise that resembled ghosts’ wails and wolves’ howl emanated from it. The spatial crevice’s interior was black, and one wouldn’t manage to see anything in it no matter how strong was one’s eyesight. Observing it would just make one s.h.i.+ver with fear.

The spatial crevice was shaking intensely, and groups of brightly colored pythons rushed out of it. There were also innumerable snakes that were as thick as a finger, and this crevice seemed like a great snake nest.

“Your lords.h.i.+p, the spatial crevice’s turbulence is becoming more intense, and the number of pythons that came out if it is rising higher. If it continues like this, we won’t manage to block them no matter how great was the number of Magical Beasts we have at our disposal. What should we do?” The Beauty Sala looked worryingly at the vipers that intertwined together.

Tibetan Mountain’s height was too great, and even though her Groundhog Army possessed a large number of beasts, the Groundhogs at the Third Level and lower couldn’t reach this region, and it was difficult for them to breathe and walk here, let alone fight with the vipers. This was also the same for most unicorns, Evil Eyes, spiders, and other low-level Magical Beasts that didn’t achieve an advancement. Most of them could only stay halfway up the mountain and observe it, and this was why the Magical Beast’s quant.i.tative superiority couldn’t be exploited.

As for the snakes, their situation was different than low-level Magical Beasts like groundhogs, and even the smallest viper could move as freely as the wind in the Devil Valley. This was why they could use their quant.i.tative superiority and fearless attack to corner the Magical Beast Army. Moreover, more snakes were rus.h.i.+ng here, and as time pa.s.sed, the situation would only become more disadvantageous to the Magical Beast Army.

Crazy python’s disaster?

After Yang Ling quickly understood the situation, he observed the pythons building up power that waited for action. He swallowed his saliva with great difficulty and said, “Elder, do you have a way to repair the damaged Holy Light Magical Formation Spell quickly?”

“It’s impossible, the large-scale Holy Light Magical Formation Spell is the church’s topmost secret, and even Red-robed Archbishops may not know how to repair it, let alone outsiders.” Elder Brent shook his head and wore a grave look. He paused for a moment before he said, “Moreover, activating this large-scale Holy Light Magical Formation Spell will consume a lot of time and energy, and even if we have a way to repair it and we have with us a large number of Premium Crystal Ores, we still won’t manage to activate it in time.”

“Could it be that we can only wait like so?” The Dark Dragon King’s face was filled with worries. He had taken risks to rush into the Devil Valley to kill two six-headed pythons, and even though he achieved it smoothly, he was nearly swallowed by the terrifying spatial crevice, and if the beauty Sala didn’t respond quickly and save him in time, he would have probably been killed long ago.

“That is right. Waiting isn’t a solution, the more we delay this, the more disadvantageous it would be to us.” The Corpse Wizard King also felt quite helpless.

He was a powerful Corpse Wizard King, and he could summon a large number of Undead Creatures to fight for him. But, he still suffered the same plight as the Magical Beasts. The Tibetan Mountain was too high, and if he summoned ordinary skeletons and zombies here, it would be difficult for them to move here, and they wouldn’t possess any fighting prowess.

“You should stay on guard next to the Great Wizard Altar, and you should resist the snakes’ attacks at all costs. You must come up with a way to delay them and gain enough time.” When Yang Ling discerned that Elder Brent didn’t have a solution to solve this, he didn’t hesitate any longer, and he took out the Great Wizard Altar decisively. He planned to set up Restriction Spells to seal the whole valley and seal the terrifying spatial crevice.

Yang Ling took out a bottle of the Life Spring’s water gathered by the six-winged angel leader Ophelia as preparation for accidents before he sat cross-legged on the Great Wizard Altar. He started reading the Wizard Mantra in silence and used the Great Wizard Sea to strengthen his power before he started setting up Restriction Spells quickly. He engulfed the whole Devil Valley with the spells and started applying Gravity Restriction Spell and Illusory Spells on it.

The spatial crevice’s turbulence was becoming more intense, and berserk Energy Ripples permeated the air. Sizzling air explosion sound rang ceaselessly in the people’s ear and many sharp cries that resembled ghosts’ wails transmitted from the depths of the valley.

None knew what kind of monster would emerge here later, and none knew what kind of danger they would suffer. This was why they had to set up the Restriction Spells at the highest speed possible before the situation went out of control and a large calamity befall their domain.


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