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Chapter 631: Baikal Lake

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


The crowd rode Twin-legged Flying Dragons and flew through the air. They traveled quickly among the clouds, and they avoided the muddy marsh where heavy rain fell. They also avoided large groups of Magical Beasts, and they quickly flew straight toward Astonvela Manor thanks to the black-robed old man Wilc.o.x’s directions.

“Tsk, tsk. It’s comfortable. So much more comfortable than using all my energy running.”

“Hehe, if we fall from this high-alt.i.tude and turn into meat paste, it will be more comfortable. We won’t have to hurry on the road again.”

After the crowd got the Twin-legged Flying Dragons’ mounts, they became more relaxed and started chatting and joking. In the beginning, some Golden Cloak Warriors who couldn’t fly got dizzy whenever they looked at the ground, and they were nervous. But they got used to flying after a few hours and acted more naturally.

“Sitting on them is quite comfortable, but it’s a pity that their speed is so slow, and there was a large disparity in speed between them and the G.o.d-Level Flying Magical Beasts used in various planes for carrying load or transportation,” Wilc.o.x observed the boundless Sunset Plains and shook his head.

Strictly speaking, the Twin-legged Flying Dragons’ speed couldn’t be considered too low, but it was a pity that the Graveyard of G.o.ds and Devils was too vast and it wouldn’t be an issue to use them to rush into Astonvela Manor, but they would have to spend a long time traveling if they used them to fly into the distant Wanderer Castle.

“Draconic Eagles, Twin-Headed Chimeras, and other G.o.d-Level Flying Magical Beasts were swift, and you can buy one in the Wanderer Castle if you have enough money,” Richardson chuckled. He was comforted by the beauty, Sala, and he regained his calm. He planned to finish the Graveyard of G.o.ds and Devils’ trip before going back to the Death Plane and questioning his mother to get an understanding of that affair.

“Could we buy G.o.d-Level Magical Beasts with money?” Yang Ling patted the head of the Twin-legged Flying Dragon beneath him and quickly rushed toward Richardson, Wilc.o.x, and the others.

“It’s possible, it’s possible. As long as you have enough Black Crystals, you can buy even a High-Level G.o.dhead in the Wanderer Castle. But their price is quite ridiculous, and ordinary people won’t be able to afford to buy one, even if they worked hard for tens of thousands of years.” Wilc.o.x let out a hollow laugh. Everything was available in the Wanderer Caste, but ordinary Wanderers couldn’t get many of those objects.

“Large profits, large profits!” Yang Ling Shook his head. He planned to spend a large amount of money to buy G.o.d-Level Magical Beasts in the Wanderer Castle and quickly form a G.o.d-Level Magical Beast Corps, but he quickly gave up on this alluring idea after he heard what Wilc.o.x said.

If people weren’t able to buy one even after working for tens of thousands of years, then their ridiculous price could be easily imagined. Even if one was wealthy, he couldn’t afford to squander his wealth on this. It would be better to spend time and tame beasts in the wild slowly.

“If one day, when I have free time and nothing to do, I can tame Low-Level Divine Magical Beasts and sell them at a high-price to make great profits.” Yang Ling smiled before he shook his head and calmed down. He seized the time to decipher the Dragon Head Rings in his hand so that he could quickly help the Dark Dragon King, Giant Ape King, and others advance so that he could increase the Magical Beast Army’s power.

The Magical Divine Rings’ benefits were obvious. They could absorb a large amount of Wish Power and help the numerous Magical Beasts achieve quickly, as well as help them comprehend the Magical Divine Battle Formation’s mysteries. Just the combination of the power of Ophelia and the Corpse Wizard King allowed them to get great offensive power. If he could fuse the power of the Nine-Headed Snake Hydra, the bald mammoth Barthey, the Thousand-handed Blood Vine Elizabeth, and others, then their offensive power would reach a terrifying level.

The crowd managed to advance quickly thanks to the Twin-legged Flying Dragons’ mountains. They crossed many lakes and flew over many gra.s.slands. But, it was a pity that even the strongest Magical Beasts couldn’t fly straight without stopping and the Twin-legged Flying Dragons weren’t an exception to this. After they flew at full-speed for half a day, their speed became slower.

“Brother Yang Ling, look over there. Why don’t we rest in the vicinity for a while?” After the Chief Elven Priestess discerned that the Twin-legged Flying Dragons were exhausted, she held her Magic Staff and released a Holy Light to help them recover their physical power and mental energy.

“It’s fine, let’s go and rest for a while on the gra.s.sland ahead.” Yang Ling commanded the Flying Dragon beneath him to stop over the gra.s.sland. He was quickly followed by the crowd.

“Brother Yang Ling, do you have other Flying Magical Beasts that we can use as mounts in turns?” Wilc.o.x looked at the boundless gra.s.sland and the exhausted flying dragons before he furrowed his brows. There was still a large distance left until Astonvela Manor and if the crowd hurried on the road by themselves, they would probably reach it only after 10 days.

“I have many Flying Magical Beasts, but it’s a pity that you are heavy and they can’t carry you.” Yang Ling smiled. He had many Flying Magical Beasts like the Horned Bee Beasts, Vampire Bats, and others, but all these creatures were too small.

It was only the mutant Flying Spiders, which were able to undertake this task reluctantly. But there weren’t as many Flying Spiders, and they were much slower than the Twin-legged Flying Dragons. As for the Dark Dragons, they were swift, but there were very few available.

“Lord, we don’t necessarily need Flying Magical Beasts. Those mammoths’ speed is also pretty good, what do you think about this?” Ophelia served Yang Ling a cup of rum and whispered several words near his ear.


After Yang Ling got Ophelia’s reminder, he came back to his senses and recalled the Mammoth Cavalry formed by him. He quickly summoned the mammoths and many large mammoths wearing Pure Gold Sand Heavy Armor emerged in front of the crowd.

“Well? Mammoths. Brother Yang Ling, how many strong Magical Beasts do you have?” When Richardson saw the awe-inspiring mammoths, he cried involuntarily.

“I have many of them, and their number is beyond your imagination. Rest for a while, and let’s use those mammoths to hurry on the road.” Yang Ling revealed a mysterious smile and drank a cup of rum in one gulp.

“We are flying in the sky with a group of Flying Dragons and running on the ground with a group of Mammoths. It seems we have become a group of Magical Beast Wanderer Corps.” After Wilc.o.x got over his shock, he got quite excited and turned in circles around the giant mammoths. He was won over by Yang Ling. People could only summon several War Pets, yet Yang Ling could summon a large group of Flying Dragons and mammoths with a wave of his hand. It was unimaginable!

After the crowd ate and drank to their fill, they rested for a while before they set out on a journey quickly. They rode the large mammoths and rushed toward the distant Astonvela Manor. More than 100 mammoths galloped on the ground. They possessed a great impressing manner. They ran through the gra.s.sland like a gale!

The mammoths were slightly slower than the Twin-legged Flying Dragons, but they had greater endurance, and as long as they ate and drank to their fills, it wouldn’t be an issue for them to run at full speed for more than half a day. The crowd guided by Wilc.o.x rushed toward Astonvela Manor.

Once the mammoths got exhausted, the crowd would change them for the Twin-legged Flying Dragons, and they would do this in turns. They quickly pulled closer the distance to Astonvela Manor and on the second day, they reached Baikal Lake in advance, which they must go through to reach Astonvela Manor. They would manage to reach Astonvela Manor as long as they traveled for another day!

Baikal Lake was the largest lake within a radius of tens of thousands of miles. Large groups of Magical Beasts would frequently come here to drink water, and there were innumerable powerful G.o.d-Level Magical Beasts here. If they used this road to go to Astonvela Manor, they would be in grave danger if they ran into a large group of Magical Beasts, but there were boundless swamps on both sides of the lake, and it was difficult to pa.s.s through them.

Besides, if they detoured around the lake, they would have to spend more than ten days traveling or maybe even a longer period. This was why most Wanderers would usually take the risk and pa.s.s through Baikal Lake. If they learned of the Magical Beasts’ regular behavior patterns, they would manage to get through this daunting experience without suffering any mishaps.

This place was like the mountain’s foot they pa.s.sed through when they entered Sunset Plains, and many Wanderers would pa.s.s through here. This was why a Wanderer Camp was formed near Baikal Lake. Most people would stop here for a day or two to replenish their supplies or form teams to travel together to Astonvela Manor.

When the crowd reached this place, they discovered that many wanderers from all places were gathered here, and this place had a foul atmosphere like most independent Wanderer Camps. Some people a.s.sembled to gamble, some were shouting, and some bare-chested people were arm wrestling to see whoever brute power was higher. Some calmly wiped their sharp weapons and they didn’t pay heed to the vicinity affairs. There was also some meditating and they didn’t let off any time and chance to practice.

“Let’s reside in this nook for a night and let’s leave tomorrow along with a large team. We must evade groups of G.o.d-Level Magical Beasts as much as possible, and it’s better for you to not wander in the camp if you don’t have any special needs.” Wilc.o.x had rich experience and he quickly looked for a s.p.a.ce on a remote nook. He instructed the crowd to set up tents and take rest before he instructed them repeatedly to not wander in the camp so that they wouldn’t get in trouble.

Those independent Wanderer Camps formed by wanderers weren’t like Astonvela Manor and none would hold justice here. It was power who determined everything here, and if one wasn’t careful, his G.o.dhead might be taken out by someone, and he would be killed. After Wilc.o.x got through last time’s lesson, he didn’t want to provoke any other trouble, and if he didn’t want to familiarize himself with the others, he surely wouldn’t have come inside and he would have waited until the morning before traveling with a large team.

Yang Ling collected the numerous mammoths before they entered through the gate so that they wouldn’t attract the crowd’s attention. He wore the same Rain Cloak and black mantle as most Wanderers and strived to keep a low profile. Soon after, he set up a tent and went inside it. He sat cross-legged and started deciphering the remaining Dragon Head Rings calmly

It was a pity that the world would change no matter if you wanted it to or not.

Yang Ling and his companions strived hard to keep a low-profile, but a certain attentive person discovered their tracks before they entered the gate. A dwarf, who resembled Tu Xingsun, came out of the gra.s.s around the camp, and he raised his head to look at the brightly lit camp. He sneered coldly before he drilled into the ground and disappeared. He didn’t attract the attention of any person!


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