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Chapter 700: Camel Peak Castle Master

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Stroking the handle of the Battle Soul Blade behind his back, then looking at the Twelve-winged Scorch Angels getting into formation in the air, Yang Ling stood in silent deliberation.

 The Dragon Turtle Kaleisa was extremely powerful, about as strong as the Eighth-level Divine Duty Expert Borgans from the Algernon Divine Branch; the Golden Roc was even more powerful, being a notch above any Divine Duty Expert even when he had only recovered half of his strength. With these two powerful generals under him, Yang Ling was confident that he would be able to succeed in his surprise attack and save the King of the Mountains before the angels got into the Angel Battle Formation, without any need for the Corpse Wizard King and the rest of the group to take action.

 However, while it would be easy to save the King of the Mountains, doing so without exposing himself or leaving any tracks behind would not be easy at all!

 According to the memories of the Blood Angel Ophelia, Scorch Angels were a higher form of evolution of the angels, and they had abilities that were a dozen times stronger than that of an average Great Twelve-winged Angel. Amongst them, there was no lack of angels with the abilities of a high-level Divine Duty Expert. This was especially so for the Twelve-winged Scorch Angel Leader at the head of the group. His abilities were at least on par with an Eighth-level Divine Duty Expert at his peak, certainly even more powerful than Borgans from the Algernon Divine Branch!

 Yang Ling was confident that he could save the Mountain Giant, but it would be difficult for him to silence and kill all of the Scorch Angels in an instant. Furthermore, there were also countless spectators in the castle watching the battle. Leaving no trace would be beyond difficult! The City Amongst the Clouds had a ma.s.sive influence. It would be troublesome if he left any clues behind and allowed them to find out his ident.i.ty!

 While the City Amongst the Clouds was detestable, Yang Ling was not willing to attack his opponent directly unless he absolutely had to, at least until he got strong enough. He did not wish to attract the attention and suppression of an authority like the City Amongst the Clouds when the Magical Beast Divine Branch was in such a critical stage of its rapid development.

 As the radius of the angel’s formation shrank, the situation got more and more disadvantageous for the Mountain Giant and his group. The battle became more and more intense.


 With a roar, Tungusta, the ferocious King of the Mountains, took a slash head-on before once again bas.h.i.+ng a Great Angel’s head into mush. Sharp Wind Daggers creaked in the air, sweeping through the sky like a tornado. The attack tore a dozen angels into shreds just before they could cast the Angel Battle Formation.

 Even though he could not charge out of the embattlement for the time being, the King of the Mountains forcefully disrupted the formation of the angels time and time again, using his powerful abilities and the courage that stemmed from desperation. The other side could not get into their desired formation for the longest time. Soon, several hundred of the Twelve-winged Scorch Angels had fallen in battle, their corpses landing heavily on the ground to the shocked cries of the crowd!

 The angels had suffered heavy casualties, but the Mountain Giant and his group were not in a pretty state either!

 Tungusta the Mountain Giant was covered in injuries, with blood flowing out of multiple areas. His chest had been sliced open by the Scorch Angel Leader. The Night Elves at his side had been struck down one after another. In an instant, all that was left of their group was two elves flying behind the Mountain Giant. They were also covered in blood, their flight getting slower and slower. It looked like they would not be able to last much longer.

 “Tungusta, the purgatory in the City Amongst the Clouds does incidentally lack a Purgatory Angel… hehe, you’re dead meat!” Seeing that the injuries of Tungusta the Mountain Giant were getting more and more serious, the Twelve-winged Scorch Angel Leader let out a cold laugh. He instructed a dozen of his guards to keep the Mountain Giant busy as he dodged from side to side, and he told the rest of the angels to speed up getting into formation.

 Setting up a large-scale Scorch Angel Battle Formation required a certain amount of time. It was rather slow, but after it was complete, the hundreds of Scorch Angels could become one, their offensive and defensive capabilities reaching an alarming level. When that time came, the Mountain Giant would not be able to escape, no matter how strong he was!

 Purgatory Angels?

 Tungusta he Mountain Giant trembled. He would rather destroy his own divinity and have his soul scattered forever than be captured, taken back to the City Amongst the Clouds, and turned into a puppet with no consciousness. He clenched his teeth and tried his best to move from side to side, prepared to charge out at any cost. Unfortunately, he was forced back again by the angels, who were also willing to pay any price, time and time again. After being severely injured, he could not charge out of the embattlement, no matter how hard he tried.

 “Tsk tsk, exciting! This battle is indeed more exciting than battles between average wanderers!”

 “The King of the Mountains can fend off a Twelve-winged Scorch Angel Battle Squad on his own even when he is injured. Just how powerful would the Eight Great Battle Generals of the King of Darkness be if they gathered together?”

 Witnessing this unprecedented, intense battle, all of the spectating wanderers exclaimed in shock. Some were smiling and gloating, some felt as though it was the end of the world and were shouting loudly, while others were gently shaking their heads, feeling a twinge of pity for Tungusta the Mountain Giant. The soldiers standing guard on the castle walls held their positions, as alert as if a great enemy had arrived.


 Just as the Mountain Giant was about to give it his last-ditch effort, just as the Angel Battle Formation was about to succeed, a mob of green light suddenly appeared in the air, flas.h.i.+ng across the sky as it arrived in front of the crowd in the blink of an eye. Looking closely, Yang Ling saw the faint figure of a green-robed elder within the green light. He had a pale complexion and a long beard, he wore a long green robe, and he was surrounded by a ball of incandescent green light.

 “Castle master!” The leader of the castle guards heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the green-robed elder, leading the soldiers as they respectfully welcomed the arrival of the castle master.

 Personal battles were forbidden in every Wandering Castle, much less battles to the death. These battles were forbidden for few hundred miles around the castle. The castle guards would have captured the two parties if this had been a battle between average people. However, the Angel Battle Squad from the City Amongst the Clouds had immense battle capabilities and a notorious reputation. Faced with several hundred powerful Twelve-winged Scorch Angels, the leader of the castle guards did not dare to act recklessly, instead choosing to relay the information up the chain of command. Quickly, this led to finding the Camel Peak Castle Master, who had been training in the Camelback Mountain Range.

 “Camel Peak Castle Master–my G.o.d, is this the Camel Peak Castle Master who’s fabled to have reached the level of a Dimensional Wanderer a million years ago?”

 “Tsk tsk, exciting! This is too exciting! Let’s see how the castle master will punish these people who fought around the castle!”

 The crowd fell into commotion after realizing the ident.i.ty of the green-robed elder. No one would have thought that the elusive Camel Peak Castle Master would be directly alerted to the situation!

 “Biedrins, when did you return from the Unending Sea?” After nodding to the leader of the castle guards, the green-robed elder waved his hand and scattered the green light surrounding his body before teleporting to the side of the Dimensional Merchant Biedrins.

 “I came to rest at your lousy castle after coming back recently. To think that I couldn’t even a cup of wine before I encountered a bunch of crickets!” The black-robed man Biedrins smiled. It seemed as though he was a close friend of the green-robed elder.

 “Hmph, I was wondering about who would dare be so insolent here. So it is a bunch of Birdmen from the City Amongst the Clouds!” Looking at the angels, who were launching fierce attacks and surrounding the Mountain Giant, the expression of the green-robed elder turned ice-cold. A dark gleam flashed in his eyes. He let out a sharp grunt and silently floated toward the angels. “Where is your Angel Leader? Step forward!”

 “Castle master, we will leave immediately after killing these people!” The Twelve-winged Scorch Angel Leader said as he stepped forward.

 As a Twelve-winged Angel Leader who was constantly observing his surroundings, he had long noticed that the green-robed elder was coming. However, in order to kill the King of the Mountains, to kill off one of the trusted fighters of the King of Darkness, not only did the Angel Leader not stop attacking, he ordered the angels under him to increase the speed of their attacks. He seemed to act respectfully on the surface, but he was, in fact, trying to stall for time.

 “Stop immediately! Otherwise, I do not mind sending your souls back to the ‘Heaven’ you speak of!” The green-robed elder was very experienced, immediately seeing through the plot of the Twelve-winged Angel Leader, and he coolly took a few steps forward. A blanketing killing intent spread far and wide, quickly enveloping the entire battlefield.

 “Sir, we have pursued these people from the Graveyard of Deities and Demons all the way here in order to kill them. The City Master of the City Amongst the Clouds has orders for us to kill them no matter what!” After sensing the unusual ripples of energy and pulsing killing intent in the air, the expression of the Twelve-winged Angel Leader changed drastically. However, given the severe injuries on the King of the Mountains, Tungusta, he was not willing to leave things this way. After a moment of deliberation, he decided to invoke the name of the City Master of the City Amongst the Clouds, hoping that the other party would be a little apprehensive.

 “Your City Amongst the Clouds is very powerful, but no one can go against the rules set up by the alliance of the Wandering Castles!” After letting out a cold chuckle, the green-robed elder decisively took action, whipping out a jade-green longsword.


 A mob of green light flashed through the sky, accompanied by a bone-piercing chill and boundless pressure. Its speed was as fast as lightning. The Twelve-winged Angel Leader had just raised the sharp giant blade in his hand when he trembled, his face turning pale in an instant. A thin line spread from the center of his brows to the base of his thigh, splitting his body into two identical halves.

 “You… Our City Master will never let you off…” As a gale of cold wind blew past, the Twelve-winged Angel Leader could not even finish his sentence before his body split eerily into two, falling onto the ground.

 Holy Cross Cleave!

 The terrifying power of the technique for which the Camel Peak Castle Master was famous unfolded in front of the crowd’s eyes. The Twelve-winged Angel Leader, who had abilities at the peak of an Eighth-level Divine Duty Expert, was cleaved in two without even having the time to dodge! Even his rock-solid divinity was sliced cleanly in two!

 The azure eyes of the Twelve-winged Angel Leader were bulging. He had died unjustly. Even in death, he had not expected that the green-robed elder would unleash a killing blow without any hesitation. Even in death, he had not expected that the other party’s attack would be that terrifying!

 “Those who dare fight within the Wandering Castle will die!” The green-robed elder did not give the Angel Leader he had sliced into two a second look. He pounced forward like the wind, and Twelve-winged Angels fell like raindrops wherever his green sword aura pa.s.sed.

 The elusive Camel Peak Castle Master had unleashed a merciless ma.s.sacre under the witness of the crowd. His authoritative force made the crowd realize just what a true unparalleled fighter he was!



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