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Chapter 353: 353
He saw the entire world shaking, mountains fall down, rivers run backward and the sea trashed about wildly .

On the part of the world where it is a bright sunny day, it suddenly rained red blood drops . On other parts, black snow dyes the whole land black . Sadness seems to fill the Heaven and Earth, as if the world is weeping and morning something . Seeing this phenomenal signs all the experts of the world seems like they were being awakened from a dream and sighed almost simultaneously . Death Monarch Azief has won . All of them look at the sky with complicated expression and ask themselves . Did they deceive themselves? Or are they really that ignorant? The Heaven Way . . . … . is it not the right path?Defeating the Heavens . Death Monarch created another legend today . In the long list that make Azief the number one recognized expert of the world among them is Fighting the World Government and won, fighting Purunghasa the Great Weronian Eight Horn Warrior and ended the Weronian Occupation and then once again fighting the World Government and now this . Defeating the Heavens . How ferocious and how bold . All the people of the world is shocked once again by Death Monarch who stood erect and back straight against even the Heavens . Meanwhile the weak could only run away from the calamity that is happening to Earth right now . As Azief slowly descended down from the sky, his Clone approached him and melded into him . Everything that the clone did he remembers . He sighed . While this is happening, the people of the world finally remembers why the Death Monarch is so terrifying . After he returns people even thought he had mellowed out and was content on staying on Pandemonium without caring about the rest of the world and he probably is not as domineering as before . Today, those who think such thoughts were all proven wrongIt seems this calamity has never changed . He had always been that terrifying Death Monarch, the name that the whole world feared and respect .

He looks at the empty sky and he look at the direction where Raymond, Hikigaya and Oreki went off . He was grateful and Azief knows how to repay grat.i.tude . He said to the wind ‘Thank you for your help . I will remember it’ Even though he said it to the wind, it does not mean that the message was not delivered . The wind bolstered by his will travel through all tides and obstacles and reach the ears of these three people . Right now the Will of the World is heavily depleted . And Azief Will is paramount and seems to replace the Heaven Will of the World . When it has healed it might not be that easy to do these kind of thing but right now if Azief wanted to he could find anything and anyone in the world . As long as one is under the heavens and on Earth he could use his Will to scan the entire world . His eyes are cloudy like the clouds in the sky and seems to be moving like there is a wind inside his eyes, pus.h.i.+ng that clouds

his body seems to exude a commanding presence that he almost seems the ruler of all under Heaven, his Will envelop all living things and his Divine Sense is ma.s.sive as it exploded out and spread out throughout every corner of the world . His eyes are searching for Kasap and then the clouds in his eyes turns dark and lightning flashed by in his eyes . The moment that happened inside his eyes, the sky above the world seems to turn dark and lightning and thunder seems to be birthed out from an independent energy full of DeathIt is a new Will and a new Source of power . Half a world away, an from Kasap organization just came out from a teleportation rip after he took all of his valuable away . The moment he stepped out from that rip in s.p.a.ce, thunder erupted from the sky and struck him, exploding him into bits and pieces .

All over the world this scene repeated itself, of thunder descending down and killing people in dark robes and dark clothesThe Old Man in the dark room could see what was happening and he knows why it is happening but he was not concerned . He only sighed and felt that the HQ did rush into this . Death Monarch is not so easy to kill and he had even confirmed it with the people in HQ . But he was just an Old Man that send messages . Though his message has reaped of lives but lives after the Fall is cheap . Just look at Death Monarch and the heroes that light up the era . In their quest of fighting monsters and aliens, no one remembers the casualties they inflicted upon the populace . The Old Man did not judge them . He is the least qualified person to judge anyone in this world . So, he did not judge them . He just thought of it because it is what he observedFor a person as old as him to survive the Fall, is already a miracle and he could not ask for more . Most old men died in the grueling journey of Earth after the Fall . But he is still alive . Luck play a large part in his survival . He looks around him and sigh and there is also a bitter smile on his face . His place is here in this dark room . Now and forever . Even with the power of Heaven and Earth, the old man was confident that the Death Monarch could not see him . And he sighed, his sigh echoes in this dark room . Meanwhile all over the world right now, Kasap felt like there is an eye that is watching them and hurling down heaven punishment . Not all people possess body like Azief and in this Earth only Azief is the one that reached such Perfection . The moment the Heaven Punishment fall unto these they were obliterated into oblivion . But it was not enough . Azief had another target in his mind that he needs to seek . As the thunders keep falling and punis.h.i.+ng people, Azief is mult.i.tasking as his mind is stimulated . His mind seems to be thinking of someone and that image become clearIt is not a face . It is a smile . After all the person he is about to seek has thousands of faces . But that smile remains the same no matter what appearance he uses . He is seeking Loki . The moment he thinks of it a heavenly divine sense envelops the whole world scanning the entire world . It should have been easy to find Loki . Then he frowned’Heh’ he scoffed . He scans the entire world but for some reason, it gave him no results He sighed and said to himself’Like always, that kid really knows how to hide himself well . He is probably using that Helmet’When Azief and Loki first met, Loki once told him he had the Helmet of Invisibility . He said whoever wears it could render himself to be invisible . But now, Azief think differently . Loki has always been full of tricks . He speaks in half-truth and there is always something in his sleeve . Cards and cards stacked all inside that sleeve . Azief if not for the circ.u.mstances would have felt amused . Loki after saving Hirate in the Ma.s.sacre of the Island of Peace seems to disappeared from the face of the Earth . There are many things he wanted to ask Loki but it seems this would not be an easy task . Azief knows that Loki had a book where it lists many artifacts . He is now confident that the Helmets of Invisibility has more to offer than simple invisibility . ‘If you’re going to hide, make sure you will not get caught by me, little brother’ Azief said smirking all the while . He does not know what Loki is planning but he knows one thing . He could trust the fact that Loki seems to be doing something for him . Azief still remember what Loki said to him all those years ago . He would be the one to end the Universe . But even that did not stop him to move forward, to become stronger and stronger . Loki has an arrangement for him . He always knew that from the moment Loki confessed to him that he is a time traveler . It is just that Azief is not entirely satisfied with his arrangement . Because it always risks the person closest to him . And Azief could not accept that . He wanted to find Loki not to capture him or beat him into submission . He wanted to persuade him . If anyone heard this, they must not have believed it . The Death Monarch who was accustomed of taking what he wants, doing whatever he wants, is actually thinking of persuading someone . No one understand . It is because Loki is family that he will resort to persuading . Then Azief close his eyes and open it back up . His eyes turn to normal . He then makes an a.n.a.lysis of the condition of the world after his battel with the Will of the World’The Heaven Will is sapped of power and the energy of the world will probably be lessening for a while . Greedy . Like me the Heaven Will is greedy’ he said with a smile on his face . Azief slowly descended down to the ground . There is a piece of land that is held up together by some magical energy . Amidst the roaring sea waves, it could not reverse this patch of land . Azief knows who did this . His Clone uses his energy to bind some of the fractured island into a safe haven to put two of the great heroines of the world . The world watch as the world turns calm, the sky turns bright, clouds moves gently, the wind blows gracefully and the sea calms down . Light that came from the stars seems to bathe Death Monarch and as he descends it was like he was a holy being descended down from the Heavens to relieve humanity of its suffering and sins . And the whole world watches*******************************************************************************************************Next chapter tomorrow


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