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Love At First Kiss is a web novel made by poziomowiec.
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while I been waiting what is undercover I start wondering if dad asks for food that he could say to add everywhere mushrooms. While being wonder about it I could see that they start taking covers and food come. While looking at what Greg will take I could see that he choose food with a lot of meat. ‘He and his love to meat’ I said to myself and while he almost sits he asks me „you want some”

“Yes please,” I said and he starts putting on my plate what he chooses. While I taste it I wanted to taste more what we have here. While taking another I could see here some spaghetti-like in rest of food been here. While looking around I choose to taste a little of everything that been here and while we go back I would like to taste when Greg would make it.

While I was eating I choose one of the dishes that I would like him to make. While I have it chosen I look at Greg and I could see that he finish very fast his portion of food that he place on his plate a few minutes ago. ‘You are like vacuum cleaner baby’ I said to myself while looking at Greg

While I was doing it I could feel looks of mom and dad about one thing that probably makes them unhappy. While feeling this I take a tissue and I start cleaning Greg’s face. While I was doing it I could see in Greg’s face that he finally know why my parents could be unhappy. While I finish mom said “give me here wine”

“Mom why you asking for wine while you know that we will come back after we finish,” I said while looking at mom’s face

“Who said that you will go back today,” dad said

“Oh what you want now” I answer him while he starts destroying my plans for today and I start becoming a little angry

“You been lacking going to company and tomorrow we have an important meeting that we need to discuss a lot today,” dad said while looking at me and he goes finish what he has on his plate

“But tomorrow is Sunday” while hearing him I answer while looking at him

“I know and he only has time in Sunday now when you finish eating and drinking wine to help your stomach work we will go to my room to discuss some things.” dad said after he finishes what he been eating and he takes a gla.s.s of wine

Before I could answer him Greg come closer and he asks „how long it could take”

“oh you see from hour to five I don’t know,” I said while remembering how long it always takes while he really wanted some deal to be for 100% signed.

After I said Greg how long it could take I start thinking what he could do while I been busy ‘you could always help’ I said to myself and before I could propose mom said „Greg what you will say about small jogging after eating”

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“Oh sorry but in next hour or two” Greg answer

While hearing him she said “ok so no jogging and I don’t know what we will do”

While he been looking at mom he asks “did you have here home library”

“Yes,” mom said

“Oh that good I would like to take a look there,” Greg said to her

“Ok let’s go there and we live that hard-working pare of father and daughter,” mom said while getting up and going to one of the biggest rooms inside of the home.

“Ok,” Greg said and before he starts following her he comes closer to me and he gives me a kiss.

While Greg left I look at dad while saying “ok what is so important to do”

“oh you see you will know all when we go to my room but now let this old man delete this gla.s.s of wine,” dad said while acting like an old man

While hearing him I nod my head and while I start waiting for him to finish.

While time goes slowly I could see that dad really taking time to drink this gla.s.s of wine. When he finally finished we could go to and start preparing.

While we come inside I could see a lot of papers waiting for us. While seeing them I ask “this for tomorrow”

“Yes,” dad said while taking half and saying “this is copy check all and learn important things”

“Ok,” I said to him and while sitting in the couch I start studying what I have here. While time pa.s.s and I been after 2/3 of it I said “small break I don’t want to numbers mixt inside my head”

“Ok,” dad said and while hearing him I get up and I go looking for my energy. while coming closer to the library I could see Greg standing outside and smoking while seeing him I come to him from behind and after I hug him I said “I need energy”

“Take how much you want,” he said while throwing away cigarette and turning to me and giving me hug back

While feeling him I start regenerating slowly my energy but still, I needed much more.


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