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Love At First Kiss is a Webnovel completed by poziomowiec.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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When I was driving after Jim he called me and when I answered he said: “I need to go to the office job is calling me,”.

“Ok so I will go back home,” I said to him.

“Ok,” he said and when he hangs out, I drove home. While being there I parked and when I come upstairs to our home, I come inside and while being there I come directly to my room. While being there I lay on the bed and when I started TV, I watched things there while I was too lazy to start PC. As I was watching some sport who knows how long I tried to not fall asleep from what they show up here. As I was doing it my phone started ringing and while seeing that it’s Angela I answered and I said “yes”.

“What are you doing,” she asked.

“Nothing something happened,” I asked.

“Yes, Sophia goes crazy with work,” she said.

“Ok I will go there with food,” I said while knowing why she called me.

“Ok thanks,” she said and when I hang out I walked out. While being down I searched the closest good restaurants with take-outs and when I found out one I drove there. While being there I ordered with takes out and as I was waiting for them to do, I smoke outside. ‘I hope she didn’t go too crazy, and she eats something’ I said to myself while waiting for food. As I was doing it for some time I could hear that they screaming my number and after coming and take it and then I drove to Sophia. When I come to the company, I walked inside and while coming to her room I could see that her a.s.sistant was working there and then I said: “is she there”.

“Yes,” she said.

“Ok thanks,” I said and when I opened doors, I could hear Sophia’s voice: “I’m working”.

“Eat now,” I said to her. While hearing me she looked at me and when she gets up, she looked at the clock and then she said: “what are you doing here”.

“I come with food,” I said.

“But its fourteen,” she said.

“Yes, and you only looking at PC nothing more so you will take a break and eat now,” I said and when I put food on the table, we started eating. As we were doing it I eat slowly almost the same peace as Sophia it wasn’t a big portion but too expensive. When we did and in Sophia only salad lets she said “ok I’m coming back to working”.

“Ok but you now have ninety minutes left,” I said.

“Ok,” she said and when she walked to the table, I eat her salad. While I was doing it I done it while it wasn’t bad as it looks like and when I did this, I lay on the couch and then I play on the phone while looking at Sophia. As I was doing it I looked at what hour is and when I could see that it’s time to go home and then I said: “end I will use the bathroom and we will be going back home”.

“Ok,” she said and when I come there, I did what I needed and while I was was.h.i.+ng hands Sophia comes inside. While seeing her I did and then, she said: “I will use it”.

“Ok,” I said and when I walked out, I take her bag after packing everything inside and I waited for her. As I was doing it she comes and then, she said: “so we can go”.

“I was waiting only for you,” I said.

“Ok,” she said and then we walked out. When we come downstairs, we walked to the car and then Sophia said: “it’s so hot”.

“Yes, maybe ice creams,” I asked.

“Of course,” she said and after put address to GPS, I drove there. As I was driving there for some time we come there. When I parked Sophia said, “I will buy them,”.

“Ok, I will wait here and smoke,” I said and while hearing me she nodded, and then she walked there. While I was smoking she come out and while I did we started eating them. As we were doing it we did not long after and then Sophia said “you have something in plans for now”.

“No, I don’t have,” I said.

“So maybe,” she said.

“Babe you really want to do it when we come back,” I asked while looking at her eyes. 

“Yes, I want but first lets come back I don’t know what can happen,” she said and when she comes inside of the car, I started driving back. While I was doing it Sophia phone started ringing and when she started talking I haven’t paid attention to what is talking about as some moron drive in front of me. As I have done she did and then I said: “something happened”.

“No girls’ stuff,” she said.

“Ok,” I said and then we drove home. When we come there not long after we go upstairs and while we were there Sophia hugged me and then she wanted to start kissing me. While seeing it I give her a kiss and then I said: “babe not now”.

“Why,” she asked.

“Maybe I will stream for now and then we can do it I need to earn some money,” I said to her.

“Oh ok,” she said and when she takes her clothes, she walked to my room. While seeing it I take her clothes and when I put them on the couch and I walked there. When I come there she asked, “why TV is working”.

“oh I forgot to turn it off,” I said and when I changed to HDMI, I started my PC and when I did this, I log in and then I said, “so now short stream and then we will eat watch and we can do it and more important alarm I need to start,”.

“Why alarm and we can change in positions eating and our small activity,” she said while smiling.

“Alarm to not let you overslept and no food first,” I said.

“Oh ok,” she said and when I started the stream, I looked at people started coming and while seeing them I walked to use the bathroom while I don’t know how long it could be. While I did with it, I could see that Sophia is on a bed with a and a package of chips. While seeing it I take some from her and when I eat them I walked to my chair and when I sit I said “h.e.l.lo”. While hearing me people on chat started sending emoji’s and while seeing them I said “I will come back to daily streams soon now I was too busy IRL” 

When I say it I started a game which I needed to end and as I was playing, I could see that voting for what next should be. As I was playing, I had not much to pa.s.s and after around an hour or more I have done with it. When I did, I looked at voting which was still on and while seeing game which I was playing yesterday with morons. When I saw it I looked at Sophia and while seeing that she have a laptop with her I asked: “what are you doing”.

“Ending downloading it,” she said.

“Ok,” I said and when I started it I waited for those morons and when Sophia downloaded it she said, “ok I can play too”.

“Ok,” I said to her and when I added her to our party, we started playing. As we were doing it we played some games and when we have done our fourth game, I said: “ok I’m ending stream I’m hungry as h.e.l.l”. When I did it, I could see that Sophia rolled on her back, and then she said “my hurt”.

“Oh wait moment,” I said to her and when I turned PC off I come to her and when I put my hands on them I started ma.s.saging them. While I was doing it Sophia looked at me and when I was doing it for some time I asked “so what do you want to eat”.

“Oh let me think,” she said while I was still ma.s.saging her. 


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