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“… There was a time when he was listless and couldn’t sleep well, and his temper was extremely unstable as well. After that, I met a man who said he had a drug that could stabilize a person’s mood. At that time, I thought that as long as his mood was peaceful, he would stop thinking about certain stuff… so I tried to get some.

“It’s just… when I gave Lui some, his mood would lift instantly, and he stopped thinking about that woman so I thought the drug worked.

“… So I kept feeding him.

“Until that man came and looked for me four years later. He said it was poison and forced me to…”

Li Manni stopped abruptly, but everyone knew what she was going to say.

Then, that person forced her to bed? So she had another man and got pregnant with a child, but that child wasn’t Chu Lui’s. Yet, she still wanted to throw the ball to Chu Lui and make the Chu family raise someone else’s rogue child up?

“But I never imagined that the drug would make… make someone…”

Li Manni continued to speak, almost rambling. It was as if a bomb suddenly went off inside her without a single warning. The child inside her was supposed to be her ticket to getting everything, but now, it made her lose everything in a flash. An infertile man could never make his wife pregnant so the child inside her was not the Chu family’s.

Mrs. Li’s eyes widened. Gosh. What did she hear? Her daughter had drugged Chu Lui for four years so now Chu Lui was unable to give birth. No wonder Chu Lui never suspected that Manni’s baby was his because he could never have a child. No matter how many children Li Manni carried, none of them would be Chu Lui’s.

In that instant, her limbs flailed uselessly. If that was the case, then haven’t they crossed the Chu family immensely? She had planned to come over to apologize to them and see if their relations.h.i.+p could be mediated, but now, she knew that there was nothing to mediate. This was the greatest misdeed—ending their bloodline.

She slumped to the floor helplessly. Mrs. Li was forlorn, too. She didn’t believe that it was true. She didn’t want to believe it was true… that her daughter’s baby wasn’t the Chu family’s. If it wasn’t the Chu family’s, then what else does their Li family have?

“Li Manni, you better leave with that child. Otherwise, I’ll make you go to jail.” Chu Lui’s voice was serious and wispy, but it was extremely terrifying.

“Leave now.” Chu Lui pointed to the door, his voice extremely low. If not for his calm self-discipline all these years, he would have murdered her on the spot.

Mrs. Li snapped out of her daze and helped Li Manni up from the floor and left hurriedly. They did not dare to stay any longer; otherwise, they would really lose their lives.

“Jingtang, throw all these things away. We can still afford to throw these.” Song Wan waved her hand weakly. She didn’t want to look at the things on the sofa anymore: tiny clothes and tiny shoes all prepared. She had placed them there in antic.i.p.ation of her grandchild every day, but now, she felt like it was all mocking her. The grandchild she had looked forward to for four years was actually someone else’s, and she might never have a real grandchild.

Never ever.

Du Jingtang nodded. He didn’t care that he had lugged them in strenuously just a few moments ago. Now, he wasn’t willing to take another look at them, too. With baggage in both hands, he followed behind the Li mother and daughter with his lips pursed. If they were not already dressed nicely, he would have trashed them with these bags.

Li Manni turned around, wis.h.i.+ng to take a last look at the family she stayed in for four years, but her vision blurred as two bags were emptied out in front of her. The tiny clothes and shoes inside and even the milk bottles were strewn carelessly on the floor. Then, another bag followed, and then the door shut harshly in front of her with a thud. That was when she knew that she would never enter again.

She laughed suddenly. Was this the retribution she deserved? Chu Lui was manipulative so he lost Xia Ruoxin. She learned to be calculative, and so she lost Chu Lui. She lowered her head and touched her stomach. It was all his fault. It was all him. If it were not for him, she would never have ended up like this. It’s him… he was the one who caused her everything.

She started to hit her own stomach as if she was going mad. “It was all your fault. You.” Mrs. Li pulled Li Manni’s hand away instantly in shock. “Manni, what are you doing? Are you trying to kill yourself?”

Li Manni only laughed deliriously. “No, I just want to kill this stray seed. Mom, for what reason should he continue to stay in this world? I hate him. I hate him.”

Li Manni clutched the clothes at her chest, which was tight with pain. It was indeed a stray seed so why did she want it?

She closed her eyes. A bead of cold tear dropped from the corner of her eye, filled with perhaps regret or hatred.

Meanwhile, the Chu family was palpitating with tension. Du Jingtang parted his lips to take a deep breath occasionally. He almost felt like he couldn’t breathe because the tension was so heavy.

His lips twitched, but he didn’t know what to say now.

It seemed like no words would make it better.

Chu Lui walked over and squatted in front of Song Wan, grasping her icy fingers tightly. “I’m sorry, Mom. It’s all my fault.”

Song Wan opened her eyes and placed her hand on her son’s face. She caressed the face that had aged immensely overnight. They were old, but her Ah Lui was still so young. How would he live on in the future without a child?

“Ah Lui, my poor child.” Song Wan pulled her son’s tall figure into her embrace. She felt Chu Lui’s body s.h.i.+vering uncontrollably. No matter how calm and stoic he seemed, he was about to break down at this point.

This was his retribution. It was really karma. He finally understood the despair Xia Ruoxin felt when she found out she would never become a mother.

Du Jingtang looked away, his eyes stinging with tears, too.

What were they to do? Just what?

The pair of mother and daughter from the Li family cut a sorry figure as they stood outside the entrance of the Chu household. Even though few people stayed around here, they were all from prestigious families and backgrounds. Despite not knowing what exactly happened at the Chu family, the sunken faces and despaired looks of the mother and daughter were enough to make people suspect something. Numerous people started to point fingers at them.

Mrs. Li was a regular guest here and always arrived in a stupendous car, clad in designer clothes, and was never lacking various jewels and gems as accessories—unlike now where she didn’t even have a ring on. She was already feeling inferior like this, not to mention in other aspects.


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