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Love In The Midst Of Mistaken Identities is a web novel produced by Unknown.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Chapter 911: Something’s Wrong

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Xia Ruoxin caught the hatred in her eyes. She knew.

As step-sisters that grew together, nothing could escape Xia Ruoxin’s eyes. Xia Ruoxin knew exactly what Xia Yixuan was thinking and scheming.

“Sorry,” she pushed her hair behind her.

“I don’t have any interest in Chu Lui; neither am I interested in the Xia household’s a.s.sets. So this deal…” Her voice was lazy and casual—but attractive.

“Ms. Xia, your conditions are not good enough so there’s no need to continue.”

She stood up and picked up the portable lamp.

“What are you doing?” Xia Yixuan screamed again, her voice hoa.r.s.e like sand.

“Nothing, I’m hungry. I’m going out to eat.” Xia Ruoxin turned and left. She did not have any sympathy because Xia Yixuan did not deserve it.

“Lu Xiaohua, come back. Get back here…”

“Why should I?” Xia Ruoxin’s voice was really far. “You’re too disgusting. I would lose my appet.i.te in front of you. I wonder if you feel the same about yourself, but I think you do. You will sell out your father and the man you like. What other disgusting things aren’t you capable of?”

“You get back here.” Xia Yixuan was still screaming for Xia Ruoxin to get back. However, all she replied with was the sound of the door slamming.

“Lu Xiaohua, I won’t let you off. I’ll never let you off.”

Xia Ruoxin heard it from outside, but when did Xia Yixuan ever let her off the hook?

This was the third day Xia Yixuan had disappeared.

This was her third day here. A bowl of water a day. Just enough to keep her alive, but she was parched and hungry.

Xia Yixuan had never been this hungry. She had never been treated this way. At first, she would cry and kick up a fuss. Now, she did not even have the energy for that.

Xia Ruoxin picked up a bun to eat. That used to be her favorite store, but she did not feel anything while eating it now. She threw the bun to the floor. Xia Yixuan crawled over and picked up the bun, tossing her pride aside. She stuffed it in her mouth as if she was afraid someone would take it from her.

Xia Ruoxin took another bite, but it was tasteless to her. She tossed the bun on the floor. She was about to step on it like Xia Yixuan did, but she refrained from doing so.

A hand grabbed the bun and gnawed on it.

Xia Yixuan was barely human at this point. She did not look for her pride, and she did not even want it… just she was back then.

Looking at Xia Yixuan, she wondered if she was that disgusting and unsightly back then.

She stood up. There were some things she could not do.

After all, Xia Ruoxin was not Xia Yixuan. Xia Ruoxin could differentiate between the good and the bad… while the other disregarded it entirely.

She suddenly did not want to continue. However, she knew that she could not release her… just like Xia Yixuan never let her go back then.

Between the two of them, there could only be one survivor.

“Eh, Yixuan’s not with you?”

Xia Mingzheng did not understand. His daughter was obsessed with Chu Lui. She was not interested in anything aside from him. Why would she just leave for a holiday? That did not make sense.

Chu Lui narrowed his eyes. “She never went back?”

“Yeah, she hasn’t.” Xia Mingzheng was terrified as he broke out into cold sweat. “Ah Lui, do you think something happened to Yixuan?” Xia Mingzheng wiped his face. Were they doing this again? This was the daughter that he finally found again, his only daughter.

He would rather his daughter be meaner and lie to him, but she did not want anything to happen to her.

“Uncle Xia, don’t worry. She should be fine. I’ll look again.”

Chu Lui comforted Xia Mingzheng as he thought about it. Xia Mingzheng said that Xia Yixuan had not returned since she came over. Her phone was connected, but it all went to voicemail.

That was typical of Xia Yixuan.

He knew her too well. She had been spoiled since young. He also spoiled her, and she had too much willfulness because he spoiled her.

Given her character, there was no way she would not reply to anyone. At the very least, she would make her presence known with a high profile.

He picked up his phone and dialed Xia Yixuan’s number. Just like Xia Mingzheng had said, her voicemail was nothing but an automated message.

“h.e.l.lo, I’m Xia Yixuan. I’m on vacation outside. If anything, please leave a message.”

The voice was mechanical and cold. He put his phone down, put his finger on his ring finger, and caressed the mark. Something was wrong.

He dialed another number. That person was the best fit for this.

“h.e.l.lo, Brother San. It’s me. Help me find something.” He picked up his coat and put it on. That might be related to him so he had to go out there and find her.

“CEO, you’re going out?” Secretary Xiao Chen stood up immediately. “Don’t you have a meeting half an hour later?”

Chu Lui glanced at his watch. Half an hour might not be enough.

“Cancel it for not. Oh, right,”—he added to Secretary Xiao Chen—”I have something to deal with recently so postpone all the meetings. If they can’t be postponed, call Du Jingtang.”

“Okay,” Secretary Xiao Chen took note of it. If there were no meetings to attend, things would be a lot easier for them.

Chu Lui got into the elevator. He had just entered when someone squeezed in. It was Xia Ruoxin.

“You’re going downstairs?” Chu Lui’s eyes stopped at the top of her head, but he found that her shoes were not too clean. There was some mud at the bottom of her soles. Where could be mud in an urban area like this?

Xia Ruoxin did not notice his gaze. She hugged the doc.u.ments in her arms. “CEO, I’m bringing the doc.u.ments for photocopying on the fifteenth floor.”


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