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Love Me Again is a web novel made by Yuan Yuan, 元媛.
This webnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Love Me Again Chapter 8A

Luo An Hai bites with such force that she breaks the skin on Han Ting Hua’s lower lip, causing him to hiss from the pain.

The sudden kiss leaves Han Ting Hua in shock, before immediately understanding her intentions, his heart filled with ecstasy. Gripping the back of her head, he returns her bite.

But after all, how could he bear to bite her? As his fierce teeth meet her lips, they switch to nibbling and sucking, as his tongue explores her small mouth, plying her tongue as he sucks on it with vigour.

“Nnn….” Luo An Hai emits a soft groan, her tongue had been sucked until it p.r.i.c.ked, her mouth filled with his taste. All the air she exhaled had been swallowed by him, leaving her with no room to retreat, as her small tongue starts to fight back against his, until their breaths entwine, and a silver thread hangs between them.

Luo An Hai’s hands firmly grasp him, needing his warmth to give her courage, wanting him to hold her tight, to let her love boldly.

Her initiative causes Han Ting Hua to pause slightly, before returning it with more strength.

He had already waited so long for this moment, and thought it would still take him a few more years.

After all, he knew better than anyone how obstinate this woman was. He had already prepared for a long term battle, and hadn’t expected she’d acknowledge the attraction between them so quickly, no longer wanting to escape, and would actually approach him.

Recalling that glorious taste he had experienced earlier, Han Ting Hua almost madly presses her against the door, roughly holding her up by her round b.u.t.tocks. Luo An Hai extends her legs around his waist, running her fingers through his thick black hair, as she lowers her head to deepen their kiss.

Their breaths become ragged, as saliva overflows from their entangled tongues. Han Ting Hua licks it off as his scorching lips move down, sucking on her jade-like neck, leaving a trail of marks on her collarbone. His hands were unable to resist pulling her tiny c.o.c.ktail dress down, instantly exposing her full b.r.e.a.s.t.s to the cold air.

Under the faint light, the delicate tips stand erect, as though they were enticing someone’s affection. Han Ting Hua grabs her right breast, gently rubbing his lips against her nipple, occasionally opening his lips to gently suck. He was like a little child who had just found a new toy, wilfully playing until she turns weak, but refusing to open his mouth and suck with vigour.

Luo An Hai was teased until she lost herself, unable to resist grabbing his head, thrusting her chest towards him, taking the initiative to deliver her b.r.e.a.s.t.s to his mouth.

It wasn’t only him desiring her, she had wanted him as well.

Shedding away all caution, she found she could no longer refuse him, as her mind and body unfolded before him, seeking to be occupied by him, wanting him to fully infiltrate her, while wanting to embrace him….

Her mind spins with the boy before her and millions of other men. Regardless of who, they were all him, all just as foolish.

The foolish Han Ting Hua she had wanted to hold doesn’t know her thoughts, but can feel her excitement through the delicate trembles in her body. Raising his gaze, he sees her bright eyes glittering like the surface of a lake in the darkness,

He gently licks the tears from her eyes, the tip of his tongue flicking over her delicate lashes, scattering light kisses over her small face, as though he was kissing her fragility away.

Yet those gently kisses soon turn scorching, as he cups her right breast with his palm, sucking on the delicate pink tip.

As he sucks, his tongue twirls around, teasing her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Like a bee greedily devouring honey, he refuses to let such a divine feast go, his tongue sucking and lapping, unwilling to leave them alone.

Only after her right breast is wet and swollen, is he content to start his a.s.sault on the other, using the same techniques to savagely tease them, not knowing when his other hand had started exploring inside her dress, discovering the mysterious world hidden within.

Wearing such a tight dress, she couldn’t choose underwear that would stand out, so hidden inside was a flimsy little thong, the thin silk sticking to her fleshy petals. Inside, it was already flooded with droplets of pleasure. His fingers had only lightly spread those petals, and was almost drowned by the wetness inside.

Han Ting Hua can already imagine how obscenely those fleshy walls would clamp down on him when he enters…..

The excitement in his pants had risen so much it would explode, almost causing him to lose all sense, rip all her clothes off, and rudely thrust inside.

But he endures, she’s not wet enough. He doesn’t want to hurt her, not to mention he knows how sweetly he’ll be rewarded for his patience.

Look, his fingers only needed to lightly graze her hole, and had already caused her to tremble, as that cute little mouth reveals a seductive moan, her fleshy petals greedily quivering as though they were begging him to enter.

She has such a sensitive and alluring body. While once the locks on a woman’s heart burst open, any expression with even the tiniest hint of pa.s.sion would cause Luo An Hai to feel stabs of shame, as floods of nectar pour out.

Holding his neck, Luo An Hai’s body arches towards him, raising her s.h.i.+ny wet b.r.e.a.s.t.s to chase the sensation, feeling his fingers enter her soft, wet little hole. Her tight walls immediately clamp down, sucking in those invasive fingers, as a soft whimper escapes her mouth “Nnnn…”

Han Ting Hua loves the sound of her moans, like the entrancing songs of a siren, causing his desire to flare even stronger.

He bites down on her nipple, enthusiastically sucking them, as the fingers buried deeply in her flower bud slowly start to stir, teasing those greedy walls, firmly pressing down on them as his fingers thrust inside, attempting to induce even more nectar.

“Ah!” Luo An Hai subconsciously wriggles her round b.u.t.tocks to accommodate those long fingers as they invade her fleshy hole. His thumb straightens, fiendishly rubbing at the tiny bead at the tip of her slit, as his fingers continue to pump and thrash inside, wantonly caressing her jade white body.

Her thin thong was practically soaked through, as his hand pulls at them, deliberately driving the flimsy silk inside her.

Luo An Hai’s body jolts, tears flooding her eyes as she almost reaches a climax, when Han Ting Hua suddenly retracts his fingers.

“Ah, don’t….” She cries in protest, her insatiable bud still starved for more when he promptly withdrew.

Han Ting Hua licks at the honey dripping between his fingers. His desire blazing as he greedily devours her with his eyes. Her small, l.u.s.tful face was so alluring, as enticing as the nectar that she gushed out.

He delivers the nectar lingering on the tip of his tongue into her mouth.

“Try it, your taste is so sweet.” So sweet it made him want to lick her entire body, until every inch of her was covered in the juice she had released for him.

Luo An Hai swallows, her small tongue wrapping around his. Unwilling to be left alone, her slit starts to rock against his lower half, her small hand caressing the bulge in his pants through the fabric, her fingers firmly kneading, causing Han Ting Hua to emit a husky groan.

*Hngh* Grasping the hand that was stroking him, his enormous desire hardens through the cotton, hitting her softness

“Nnn…” Luo An Hai croons, her body eagerly rubbing against him, the friction fanning the flames of his desire even further, until he can no longer maintain his rationality. His lower half was so painful it almost drove him insane, wanting only to bury itself in that hot, wet little hole.

He swiftly unbuckles his belt, pus.h.i.+ng her dress up to towards her waist, roughly tearing off that thoroughly soaked thong and freeing those scorching hot petals. Lifting her up, he squeezes her fleshy bud open before ruthlessly entering.

“Ah!” Even though her hole was wet enough, he was simply too big. Luo An Hai feels as though she’s being forcefully stretched out, her abdomen so warm and full that her body can’t help but tense, only to tightly suck in his manhood even more.

Han Ting Hua firmly grasps her small waist, sweat dripping from his chin. She was so wet and tight… it almost drove him insane.

Unleas.h.i.+ng all his desire, he savagely pumps into her small hole, withdrawing before fiercely pumping inside, invading her tight, sweet cavern. The palm of his hand grabs her b.r.e.a.s.t.s as they tremble and bounce against him, swallowing those swollen red nipples.

“Wuuu, ah…” Luo An Hai arcs her head. The sound of slapping flesh and gus.h.i.+ng liquid constantly entering her ear, causing her to feel ashamed, yet an uncontrollable frenzy rises in her body.

Han Ting Hua suddenly lifts her up, startling Luo An Hai, causing her to clamp down even tighter. He groans before reaching up to tease her.

“Ah” She screams, tightly grasping his neck. Terrified of falling, her long legs wrap around his waist.

Carrying her, Han Ting Hua walks towards the sofa, plunging deep into her small hole with each step, indulging in that small hole’s wonderful suction.

Luo An Hai bites her lip, as the continuous invasion causes her entire body to turn soft.

Placed on the sofa, her legs were spread into a shameful position, as his manhood relentlessly penetrates her deepest parts, his hands wilfully toying with her sweaty b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

Her body was covered in the traces of his l.u.s.t, marking her like a s.e.x doll, as he arranges her in so many lewd positions, not knowing how many times she’s climaxed.

Her body was filled with his burning hot essence, as he continues to pump, continually stirring inside her, until she was so full even the insides of her legs were covered by it.  

Luo An Hai kneels over the sofa, her eyes swollen red and misty, as the unstoppable pa.s.sion causes her to cry until her voice turns hoa.r.s.e, lips slightly parted, allowing her saliva to drip out.

Han Ting Hua was like an insatiable beast, penetrating her from behind. Her fleshy petals were already swollen red, constantly overflowing with his white essence.

“No more….” She begs for mercy. She had clearly exhausted herself, yet her lascivious body was still hungrily swallowing his enormous desire.

His burning hot chest presses against her snow white back, as his hands clasp her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Licking the beads of sweat from her cheeks, he softly whispers her name by her ear.

“An Ha….” He had always wanted to call her like this, no longer using her surname.

“Nnn…” Luo An Hai could no longer hear what he said, and only instinctively responds to him.

Han Ting Hua knows she’s already too dazed, his eyes overflowing with tender affection “An Hai…. I love you….”

His voice was soft yet firm, before entering deep inside her, once again spraying his burning hot essence inside her.


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