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Two lines of ceremonial soldiers saluted in rows before the palace. Verthandi, wearing a skirted armor and a s.h.i.+ny silver helmet, kneeled before King Narando.

Instantly, all of the citizens in front of the palace began cheering. The Dragonslayer Verthandi became the hero of the kingdom. The fame of Dragonslayer Will had spread across the entire kingdom.

As they had made their way to the capital, wherever they pa.s.sed, Verthandi and her team were treated like heroes. They received applause, flowers, and cheers. Admiration accompanied them everywhere. By now, everyone in the kingdom knew of Dragonslayer Will.

“I, King Narando of the Engido Kingdom, declare Will Eranbell as a Baron of the Engido Kingdom. He is now in charge of the dominion of Valtu.”

After a series of ceremonies, Verthandi received a ring and an award certificate from the king. From then on, she became the master of Valtu, which was the largest northern territory of the Engido Kingdom. The region was permanently chilly, yet it had many forests with mining resources.

It was also one of the most unruly places within the Engido Kingdom. Many of the exiled convicts of the kingdom were dumped there. Due to its proximity to the Amos Icefield, there were also hundreds of thousands of orc clans nearby. As such, no one was willing to take over the role of Lord of the territory, since most people who ventured there never returned alive.

Despite all of this, Verthandi was adamant in choosing this area during her commendation ceremony. April stood behind the king in an elegant dress. Instantly, she had transformed herself into an elegant, pure princess.

Verthandi put on the ring, which represented her status, before standing up. All of the people were chanting one name…

“Dragonslayer Will!”

She had leapt from her original status as an average person into the role of knight. Then, she had transformed again into a Baron!

After killing the Evil Dragon and saving the princess, she had earned her own n.o.ble t.i.tle. This sounded like a fantasy tale, but it had truly happened, right in front of this crowd’s eyes. They had seen a poor boy with nothing approaching the peak of his life, step by step. The inspiration that had been provided to them by this experience was enormous!

Everyone was talking about Dragonslayer Will. They all wished to become the next hero, just like him. It was almost as if they believed that his experience could be replicated, as long as the cheering people could be brave and have a bit of luck on their sides.

Now, they could also be the next protagonists! Anyone could now think that they were the special ones, too! No one thought that their luck was terrible anymore, thanks to Dragonslayer Will!

After a few days of enjoying their reception as heroes in Primonius and reveling in their newfound fame, the Dragonslaying Squad prepared to depart north to their territory. Verthandi rode a handsome horse and carried her longsword.

Behind her were Ibu, Allen, and Tiridan, who were her personal knights. The four of them lined up to prepare for departure. Ahead of them were a few cloaked figures, who were leading a white horse up the mountain slope.

Ibu and Allen immediately pulled back on their reins, as their horses whinnied in protest, then halted. They looked at Verthandi and whistled. Verthandi’s face burned red. She was embarra.s.sed at the sight of April, who had ridden out to meet them.

Verthandi was puzzled and fl.u.s.tered, as she looked at April and asked, “Why are you here?”

April smiled craftily. She looked more like a fox than a wolf-girl. “To send you off!”

April then asked, “What’s your real name?”

Verthandi hesitated before replying. “Verthandi!”

April nodded, satisfied. “Verthandi, we will meet again!”

At this moment, Allen looked over to Lu Zhiyu , then turned to face the east. There, the lands of the orcs extended quite far into the distance. After that, the human world was vaguely visible.

Suddenly, Verthandi’s usually carefree face became strangely solemn and cold.

“The Crete Empire and the Church of the Light. I will return what you’ve done to us a thousand times better!”

Verthandi then led her knights to begin her new adventure…

It was year 35 of the San Calendar. According to the records of a human scholar from the Totle family, Nimson Totle, this was the most important year for the rise of the orcs.

In the northern Amos Icefield, Will Eranbell, who grew to have countless t.i.tles, began his saga. As the Baron of Valtu, the Lion King Will had unified all of the hundreds of thousands of orc clans within the Amos Icefield. She then cleaned up the disorder around the northern border and became a wise lord.

In San Calendar year 37, the Lion King wed the Princess of the Engido Kingdom, April Narando, and became the Earl. Her t.i.tle then became the Lord of the Northern Territories, and she became one of the leading figures of the kingdom.

In the same year, the last King of Engido died. April’s brother Lemegeton received the old king’s crown and scepter as the new king. The new king was a tremendously arrogant guy, who was extremely jealous of Will’s fame and influence throughout Engido and within the other orc countries. Will even had many soldiers under his command. As a relative, who was married into the Engido royal line, he also possessed the ability to inherit the throne.

This made the new King Lemegeton despise and fear his brother-in-law greatly. From the day he took the throne, he started trying to pressure Will Eranbell.

The friction between the two continued to escalate during many political spats and debates. Lemegeton finally began to lose in each. This dealt Lemegeton’s authority a great blow. Many of the lords and aristocrats, who had originally supported the new king, gradually lost confidence in him.

In San Calendar year 38, Lemegeton declared Will Eranbell as a traitor, then took away her position as the Lord of the Northern Territories, thus declaring war against Will.

Almost a year of war followed that moment. Lemegeton was finally defeated, forcing him to abdicate from his position as king. He was sent to a convent of the Faith of the Sun, so that he would face the cold statues of G.o.d, reflecting upon his arrogance and sins for the rest of his life. From that moment on, Lemegeton had become known as Mad King Lemegeton.

The horses’ hooves thudded and kicked up huge storms of dust, as the majestic Northern Army, carrying the red lion flag, entered Primonius. Strong knights filed by on handsome horses. They followed behind Verthandi, appearing like an endless stream as they settled into the capital city of Engido.

All of the citizens lowered their heads in respect. They secretly stared at Verthandi. This was the new master of the capital!

They knelt to the ground, chanting her name. April Narando took over the throne that Lemegeton had lost, becoming the first female ruler of the Engido Kingdom and the third king of the Engido Kingdom!

Primonius, the most prosperous current city of the orc nations, was said to take up a sixth of the land of Engido. Thus, its completely having changed hands was indeed a momentous occasion!


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