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Chapter 327 – Dirt End

As Rein crawls backward, afraid of Lucien, Oya approaches him from behind and roars near to his ear just as Lucien did before.


As with Niklaus, the fear forces Rein to run again, now more terrified and reeling than before. Also, in another direction, away from Niklaus and Lanzo.

The other girls catch up with Lucien, and the group divides again when Scarlett follows Rein. Oya goes with her because even though Rein does not pose a threat to Scarlett and she does not go so far from him, Lucien still prefers to always be cautious and not let the girls wander alone.

Lucien follows Lanzo with Olivia and Astrid while the other girls watch everything from the sky. Rein, Lanzo, and Niklaus are no longer able to run very far, so everyone is within a five-mile radius, which allows Lucien’s wives on the ice sh.i.p.s to see the whole scene.

Just as he did with the others, Lucien plays with Lanzo, scaring him with random noises and making him even more terrified while he can’t even make it halfway to the coast before the time Lucien has set ends.

“Time is over.” Lanzo hears Lucien’s voice from above him.

“HU?!?!” He looks up, and at the same time that he sees Lucien lying on the branch of a tree, his vision spins as he is thrown into the air and knocked over.

As soon as Astrid knocks Lanzo with a mighty kick, several black crows appear out of nowhere and begin to peck his body, piercing his already torn clothes, his skin, and even hitting his bones.

“AAAAA-AAAHHHH!! STOP IT!!!” Lanzo screams as he feels his flesh being torn by the sharp beaks of the black crows.

Lucien watches from the top of the tree as Astrid from the ground, Olivia approaches Lanzo, and the crows fly towards her, turning around her right hand and becoming a big, sharp claw.

“Your cruelty was limitless… You could just have taken your son back to your clan and taught him a lesson like any father would do…” Olivia starts to speak while Lanzo tries to crawl backward.


“AAAAA !!!” He tries to escape, but Astrid kicks him in the face and stomps on his ankle, breaking the bone.

Olivia bends down in front of Lanzo and starts to run the tip of one of the fingers of her black magic claw on Lanzo’s face. “But you had to show the strength of the great manticore patriarch… you had to punish your son excessively using my family…”

Lanzo’s soul trembles along with his body while the sharp and cold tip of Olivia’s claw almost cuts his face. “K-killing me w-will not bring your family back! You will continue to feel alone.”

Olivia continues to slight runs her claw on Lanzo’s face while laughing. Then she looks lovingly at Lucien and Astrid. “No, you are wrong. I have gained a new family; I am very happy with them, and this… well, this is just so that my parents’ souls can rest in peace wherever they are.”

“NO-” Lanzo tries to beg, but Olivia doesn’t stop.


Slowly she begins to tear his face with her claw while black magic ties come out of the ground and hold Lanzo’s body.

Lucien is impressed with how quickly her black magic has evolved, thanks to their loving training, of course.

“AAAAAAARRRRRGGHHHGHGHG!!” Lanzo screams nonstop as Olivia’s claw, which appears to be both hot and cold at the same time, deforms his face. He can even feel the bitter taste of the tip of the claw reaching inside his mouth.

For ten minutes that looked like h.e.l.l, Olivia “carved” the name’s initials letters of her parents and closest friends killed by Lanzo on his face.

His screams were like music for Olivia, but she got bored and left it for Astrid to finish him.

Astrid enjoyed much of his suffering, but she also wants to do something specific to pay back the harm he did to her mother.

“My mom was r.a.p.ed by a random guy and died of injuries… let’s see how you deal with it,” Astrid speaks while picking a stick full of thorns from her storage ring. Lucien quickly recognizes that as Rebecca’s work.

“W-ha-” Lanzo, groaning in pain on the ground, can’t even utter a single word because his whole head is a b.l.o.o.d.y mess.

Also, his mind is a mess, and he is confused for a second before he feels something hard, cold, and sharp entering his backdoor.

Olivia keeps the ties of black magic, holding Lanzo’s body on the ground while Astrid slowly breaks his insides with her thorns stick.

Having that body part violated is something that would easily break most of man’s mind, but in Lanzo’s case, it’s much worse. Astrid is literally cutting, tearing, and crus.h.i.+ng his insides in an awful mess.

Aside from the initial screams, Lanzo soon loses his voice while only his mind keeps shouting a desperate and silent cry for help, or rather, he just wants to die, but Lucien’s c.u.m inside his body is a powerful drug that keeps Lanzo alive while Astrid pushes her thorn stick deeper and deeper into him, breaking it to his stomach.

The scene is really unpleasant. Also, the smell of s.h.i.+t and blood makes it all the more repulsive, but Lucien watches everything closely as this, the moment when Olivia and Astrid release all the hate from their hearts on Lanzo, is a very important moment for them.


Simultaneously, two miles from Lucien’s group, Anne and Elsie beat Niklaus while Amelia and Envy watch.

Although Niklaus always “pursued” Anne, Luise, Elsie’s mother and the fox-clan matriarch, never really let him harm Anne and her family.

However, the torment he caused Anne in always worrying and bothering her, adding to him trying to attack Elsie in the arena made the fox girls really upset, resulting in the not complex but still brutal beating that Niklaus is suffering right now.

Amelia watches Anne kicking Niklaus as she smiles, leaving Envy confused. “Why do you look happy about this?”

She shrugs. “Anne has always been so friendly to me… I think I just like her.”

Amelia laughs when she sees Anne’s ears twitching as she says she likes the cute fox-girl. It is evident that Anne listened and was happy.

“I didn’t think you would be happy to share what you want most with others…” Envy says in a sarcastic tone.

Amelia was very jealous of Lucien’s wives; in fact, she still is, and more and more. However, she cannot deny that it is nice to have the real friends.h.i.+p and even family affection of her “new sister.”

And when it comes to being friendly, Anne is one of Lucien’s wives who has the best “social skills.” Basically, it’s impossible not to want to be friends with the cute fox-girl.

Amelia looks at Envy with a thoughtful expression. “You want him more than anything too, don’t you? I bet you even would choose his d.i.c.k instead of power…”

Envy smiles. “I don’t know what I would choose if it were different things, but his d.i.c.k is power, so yes, I do want him only for me if that’s what you mean.”

“But you still have to share him at least with L.u.s.t and me. It will always be like that,” Amelia speaks in a confident tone.

Envy shows Amelia three fingers. “These could be us, three thrones reigning in his heart.”

“Hahahahaha…” Amelia starts to laugh, not falsely, but because Envy really believes that would be so easy.

She takes Envy’s hand and starts to lift a finger for each person she speaks to. “You forget about Sophia, our big sis, our other sisters, Pride… d.a.m.n, you’re even looking down at his current girls. Do you really think that someday you will have something like the respect he has for Ca.s.sidy and Angela? You are just lucky to be my host, or you would have nothing.”

Envy rolls her eyes. “I thought we are allies…”

Amelia strokes Envy’s face sarcastically. “We are, my dear. Now behave well, or I’ll tell him that you don’t like his cute wives.”

“…” Envy doesn’t know what to say. Before Amelia met Lucien in this world, it was very easy to manipulate her, but now Lucien seems to be arousing good feelings in her at the same time as sinful feelings like more jealousy. Whatever their future may be, Envy doesn’t know what to expect, and that worries her.


In another area of the forest, a few miles from there and a half-mile near Lucien’s position, Scarlett chase Rein alongside Oya.

Scarlett was always a “fierce” woman, although she agreed to act cute for Lucien quickly because her mixed-races of werewolf and fox made her wild but also very clever.

However, she cannot forgive Rein for what he did…

Her b.e.s.t.i.a.l instincts made her like Oya since the first time she saw her, and now that she has also become a demi-human and his sister, Scarlett has even more respect for Oya, which makes this hunt even more enjoyable.

The two ferocious girls run around Rein’s position as he struggles to get up and run.

But Rein falls again and fails to get up. He starts crying on the ground when his fear, pain, frustration, and anger, mainly at himself because of his mistakes, along with deep regret, break his mind.

“F.U.C.K! F.U.C.K!! F.U.C.KIT!!!” Rein screams as he punches the ground, using his remaining forces.

“Roar!!” Oya jumps from behind a bush and behind Rein, slightly damaging his back so as not to cause deep injuries as she knows that this is Scarlett’s prey.

“AAAAAA!!!” Rein screams as he rolls on the ground, but Scarlett quickly arrives in front of him and kicks him several times.

He keeps screaming and crying as she keeps kicking him for several minutes. Then, at some point, Rein turns up and looks into Scarlett’s eyes before she hits him again.

“You are going to kill me… you are going to kill your own father…” Rein speaks in a weak tone, almost lifeless.

A wave of sadness. .h.i.ts Scarlett. She remembers how painful it was to discover that. Her grandmother told her how Rein unjustly accused her mother’s husband and r.a.p.ed her along with others… and yes, she and her brother are his children; hated and despised b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.

“I do not have a FATHER!!!” In a fury, Scarlett kicks Rein in the head, making him almost die but just pa.s.s out.

Then she hears the sound of leaves and looks up, just to see Lucien looking at her with a warm and loving expression.

“I’m sorry for not having told it to you,” Scarlett speaks in a regretful tone.

Lucien jumps from the tree and hugs Scarlett. “No problem. You told me that a man harmed your family. It doesn’t matter who he is; he would have to pay for it.”

Scarlett did not lie to Lucien; she just omitted the part that the specific man who r.a.p.ed her mother and is her father is Rein, out of shame and mainly for fear of Lucien think bad of her when she kills her own father.

“Do you think I’m bad for wanting to kill him?” Scarlett asks, even though she feels that Lucien doesn’t think anything bad about her.

Lucien speaks calmly. “It doesn’t matter that he is your father; the things he did to you are unforgiven, but it also doesn’t matter if you want to kill or spare him; I will support you.”

“You are the best!!” Scarlett smiles and kisses Lucien several times.

“Roar.” Oya approaches Lucien while asking for too. Lucien and Scarlett laugh as they both c.a.r.e.s.s her head.

Then Scarlett looks at Rein while talking to Lucien. “I meant it; I don’t have a father. He’s just a rapist who needs to be punished. I just don’t know how.”

Lucien’s eyes sparkle as he responds. “Oh, I thought of something. It’s something I read in a book about the bad wolf…”


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