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00052  My brother has changed.

” Brother .I am sorry. “

” Brother.I am so sorry.

As I was walking through the forest for a while, I heard the children were mumbling behind me. At that moment, my face was wiggling. Even though I could not see my face, I already knew that my face was not good at all.

” Phew … … “

They were in great fear when they heard my sigh with regret. I turned my head to the children who clung to the side. After taking his breath for a while, he opened his mouth while maintaining his current pace.

” The battle with the scorpions makes me think a lot. It is not even three or four…..but I got lost with only one or two…… I think that the way I treat you guys now is a little bit wrong.”

“B…Brother… It is not …..”

” I am talking to you right now .”

When he talks in a low voice to her, Yoo-Jeong shut her mouth hastily. Her eyes were shaking a little bit, and when I pushed a little more, it seemed to pour even tears. However, I had to make my mind active as I decided not go back to the city until I got a performance.

” I always tried to make the best judgment in any situation. I rejected many clan offerings and chose you because I was confident in my judgment. However, now, for the first time, I am not confident about my judgment. I believe that the direction I want is also the benefit for you guys, but now I think that is not a good idea.

My tone was severe that I had never been before. They were quietly listening to me. Hyun was concentrating on my words with a serious face, and the Yoo-Jeong and Sol alternately looked at each other and just laid eyes on the face with a frowning face.

” I cherished you all so much.When Yu-Jeong left the city, you said we are together. Even though I did not express my feelings outside, I was pleased. ” But I did not know that the heart was coming back like this boomerang. Well..Maybe we ignore that even we knew that. Of course, I have the responsibility about this, but your att.i.tude is a problem as well. Things that I have been worried about since the rites of pa.s.sage have now come to an end. ”

After hearing my words, Ahn Hyun chewed his lips and became a gloomy face. However, they could not say anything . I do not need to explain it separately . I think they know it all.

I stopped and turned back. Yoo-Jeong and Sol were about to cry. I once decided to end here. Because of … …

“Honestly, I want to go back to the city now. I want to pack at least a caravan and start again. However, on the other hand, I still want to believe you guys. Can I? You sure that can you not let me down anymore ? ”

In my question, Ahn Hyun was speechless. Apparently, Ahn Hyun had something different from the previous two people. I just wanted the anger, not the apology.

I was speaking with a strong voice.

” I will change the keeper formation from now on.It const.i.tutes a triangle around the Sol. I will be at the head, and stand by me, Hyun and Yoo-Jeong. “

“… … “

Ahn Hyun stood beside the Sol with his silent face. Yoo-jeong looked up at me and moved her foot to the next seat.Sol sent an uneasy look at the idea of ​​changing the keeper formation, but I stood firmly with a mad face.

“Listen carefully. I will explain only once. “It does not mean that the triangle position has no keeper.I can say that all the people who make up each branch are a keeper. “

“It means camp must not be penetrated. “

I turned my head for a moment and looked ahead . I heard something moving slowly . After looking carefully at the front, I only glanced at Hyun . Hyun also moved the direction of the window gently as he knew my signal .I started walking slowly again .

” Right.Do not uses perception just to avoid evasion. Take reading to hit the opponent’s sword road; I went for a gap as to focus. When this camp collapses, literally, the sol also collapses. Be prepared to die and keep the formation. It is like being alone to help or support each other or to build a square for connection. “

” I will keep in mind .”

” And one more thing. I’m not the only leader to be a guide. There is another reason. What do you think? ”

” I do not know .”

Yoo-jeong and Sol tilted their heads. At present we were moving at half the speed of the first half. I glanced at the surrounding trees and the large rocks pa.s.sing by, and I grabbed the shaved sword.

” Right … … This can happen! “

I chucked a considerable rock that seemed to be overloaded with magic power. Shortly afterward, the rocks were split, and red blood rushed up to the surroundings.

” f.u.c.k!Jongmin!”

” WTF! “

After handling the one who swung the sword, three people suddenly fell around us. Two men and one woman. So far as my observation goes, they are tramps for sure. They would have tried to take a surprise attack to us.

Yoo-jeong and Sol seemed to be confused again, but the Hyun was relatively calm. It was because I gave a pledge in advance.They was embarra.s.sed by the fact that she was the same person, but when they saw the tramps, they hold the weapons right away.

” b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How you dared to kill Joingmin! Ahhhh!!!

” You said he is a new user!How did you notice the hideout!”

” Relax.We looked down on the enemy. Hey, you. How did you notice that we hid behind the rock ? “

One female user spoke to me, but I did not respond. After a.n.a.lyzing the screaming vagrants, I communicated the information quickly to them.

“They are called tramp. Do what you learned at the academy. Never speak with him and just think him as a monster. Please feel free to kill. There are one shield swordsmen, one a warrior, and one wizard. We are entirely advantageous in number and profession as well. Sol . What are you doing?  The battle is on. Does anyone have a sense of who will win?

“Ha…..? Bulls.h.i.t. Well, it is just young chicks ! Let’s beat them all! “

” Wait for a second …! ”

The warrior who listened to me began to rush with an ax graciously. Soon afterward, the shield was placed at the top, and it was seen following the ax warrior. A woman who looked like a wizard behind her seemed to have tried to dry them , but she was quickly casting orders, noticing that she was late .

I looked at them with pathetic faces. They were also on the Hall Plane, and soon after they had become tramps and, they were staring at me .It might have been thought that if the shield had broken down our formations first, and then the ax warrior had been overtaken by them, they would have been hit by us. It was clear that they looked down on us and knew that we were a new user.

At that time, the two users who were running in front of us seemed to blindly close their eyes. At that moment I also quickly opened the mouth to them.

“It is a light magic! Everyone close your eyes! ”

At the same time, the female wizard stretched her arms toward us and shouted in a thin voice .

” Light !”

It seemed to have completed the spell more quickly than the sol.I was able to see that the spheres of light were generated before the eyes of our people and they were flashing and bursting. It seemed to have broken out for obstruction of sight. The problem is, there was the fact that we have learned to detect.

I turned my head and saw his eyes closed and Yoo-Jeong and Hyun are taking a defensive posture.At the same time, Sol bit her lips and made an incantation.  Right. This is exactly what I wanted.

Even though I was. .h.i.t by light magic, when I looked at him straight, the ax warrior was slowing down to the puzzled face. However, the shield test was on the way to the left while they did not see it behind. Maybe he aims at Yoo-Jeong.

These guys were also fundamentally unfriendly, abusive a.s.sholes. The hidden and the female wizard who seemed to be hiding seemed to be fairly skilled, but the two who ran ahead were not like this.

As soon as I hit the sword, I saw a long spear spilling out from the side. The ax warrior turned on his face with a sad face, which he did not know he was going to attack from the side after the light started. Ahn Hyun closed his eyes and succeeded in blocking the warrior’s career with exquisite stabbing .

“No way …! How tenderfoot found the perception?”

“It makes sense.”

I looked at the warrior who wandered in front of me while avoiding the spear. Zunk! The feeling of tearing through the flesh was transmitted through the sword. I turned my head to the side as I watched the warrior vomiting with blood .


The rustling noise of the metal and the iron scratched around. Yu-Jeong was also standing short sword and was blocking the a.s.sault of the shield swordsmen. Shield swordsman was also opening his mouth wide by looking at the Yoo-Jeong who prevented his dash.

“No…No way… I have…better….muscular strength…”

In fact, strength was higher for users with shields. As we pushed forward with each other back to the weapon, Yu-Jeong was pushed little by little.However , he overlooked the magical ability of the Yoo-Jeong. Yoo Jeong was able to spark vigorous cohesion by raising the power of magic.


.The lack of muscle strength is complemented by alchemyYoo-Jeong was steadily applying the basics learned at user academy. At that time, I tried to attack with a sword in the other hand, but suddenly the spear handle that I was waiting for once again pa.s.sed between me and Sol.

I twisted apart the sword once and immediately swung back and threw the head of the ax warrior. Moreover, the spear which Ahn Hyun was thrown pierced the side of the empty shield swordsmen.

The shield swordsmen the neck of the ax warrior , who has fallen to the ground, and the spear that is stuck in his side.

“Oh, no!”

I have no idea where they heard the fact that we are a new user, they were almost like new users to me. I do not know how they have become a tramp, but now these guys are showing me the end of the tramp that has not been able to fit in the hall plane.

It was miserable failure.

Yoo-Jeong became a ferocious face once yoo-Jeong looked at the user who was tearing down her face. Maybe she was doing it on purpose because I was looking at her. The two hands holding the dagger in his chest were trembling enough to be visible.

But there was still no break . There was still a female wizard left . It seemed like she was preparing for something a little magical from the beginning, but unfortunately, she was already finished with the spell. Sol lifted a brightly lit cane and, without hesitation, remembered the spell, seeing a female wizard wading into sweat.


As the flash burst, the light filled the forest, and the female wizard kept putting a spell. my eyes were conspicuous as soon as I saw the scene. What the woman just showed was double casting.

I was not able to do anybody as much as I needed concentration, which meant that the wizard in front of me was a certain level of user .But there was one thing that women overlooked. That was Soy’s magic ability .

“Uh … Huh? It’s ridiculous! My magical power stats are over 60! “

And hands gradually became dizzy, she screamed and abandoned the spell when she was keeping and focused on resistance .It was a quick decision, but it could not be the opponent of Sol who had the ability of 75 from the beginning.

Though he resisted for a while, the sol’s spell was not canceled but stuck firmly . I got hold of Hyun and Yoo-jeong who ran right back. It was also because he was struggling with magical power by connecting it. I had a desire to experience the battle of the first magic series .

finally, it was able to see that the female users fell down. She could not resist the sol’s magical power until the end, her whole body was stiff and her mouth was open with a frowning face.

============================ Review============================

(Since today’s review is very long, I will skip the re-reply. I hope you understand . Thanks. )

Magic perception can be cla.s.sified as control ability.It means that Perception is a fundamental skill. There is nothing difficult to unfold, but perception does not just mean unfolding. Let’s look at the contents of the text for a moment.

at the user academy teaches the principles of developing control abilities like what kinds of abilities are available , what are useful and important. It’s not like looking at the detailed know-how like Su-hyun.

It literally tells you how to adapt to the basic hall plane . Of course, overall background or occupational training is severe .

In the rite of pa.s.sage, under the protection of Suhyun, at the user academy, I was trained hard, but there was no dangerous situation in which I could die in one place like a battle with scorpions . So they became pa.s.sive in battle with the Scorpions .

And you should know this time . What I want to convey to you in this part is that it doesn’t mean they lack the ability. I just want to fix the att.i.tude that they will rely on Suhyun.

I did not know how to react in the battle with the originally seen scorpions, but the battle with the relatively familiar users (the tramp ) was done without difficulty .it means that even though they have ability, they just do not know how to react in situations where they have unfamiliar thing happens. Of course, the difference between the scorpions and the tramp is in the text .You cannot see them the same way .)    

Once they reflect on their mistakes from Su-hyeon, Ahn Hyun changed his att.i.tude.right away. Although Yu-jeong and Sol are still hesitating, you would have seen a different appearance in the battle with the tramps who followed the scorpions .

Suhyun was the reason for the last time that he was able to do this, but if he was able to do it, he still wanted to be able to do it, but he was still disappointed that he could not escape his fence .

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