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Chapter 378: Arrogant Interpretation

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Concerned about something else, Qin Xiuchen glanced at Qin Hanqiu with narrowed beautiful eyes and coldly asked, “Who’s Xiao Cheng?”

Let Qin Ran bring Xiao Cheng back for dinner…

His eyes sharpened in displeasure.

Qin Hanqiu subconsciously lowered his voice. “Erm, he’s Ran Ran’s… friend… a cardiologist. He’s very impressive.”

“A doctor?” Qin Xiuchen’s voice was faint, and he started thinking about which doctor had the surname “Cheng” in Beijing.

He couldn’t think of anyone.

He nodded. The next time when he saw Qin Ran, he would ask her which hospital Xiao Cheng belonged to.


Qin Ran walked past Ting Lan’s gate.

She walked along the road for a minute before seeing Cheng Juan standing under the street lamp.

He was wearing a long black woolen coat that was still unable to cover his long legs, and his arms were loosely crossed at his chest.

Leaning against the street lamp, his thin and slender figure was extended by the dim light, and his clear eyebrows were shrouded in a layer of unconcealed shadow.

Seeing her, he straightened his back, put down his hands, and walked forward. “Are you cold?”

He opened his arms and enveloped her in his coat.

“Not really.” Qin Ran turned her face and loosely said, “Go back first. Have you calculated the reactor I gave you?”

In the past half a month, Cheng Juan had practically studied Physics with her. He let go of her and pulled her forward. “I have. It’s on your desk.”

Qin Ran was no stranger to Physics experiments, but the reactor had been a bit of a bottleneck situation for her.

There were countless Physics experiments, and only after experiencing them personally did she realize why Song Luting had sent all those videos to her. She understood that even a small gap could bring irreparable losses.

She had to admit, she only learned a little bit about this aspect.

Theoretical knowledge wasn’t difficult for her, because her memory was strangely good and terrifying.

But in Physics experiments, theoretical knowledge was just a foundation.

She followed Cheng Juan back and went to the room to see the reactor he had calculated to compare it to her own.


Cheng Jin was amazed. “Miss Qin is too terrifying.”

She was completely different from Cheng Juan.

Taking a gla.s.s of water from the table, Cheng Juan glanced at him faintly.

He immediately put away the slander and sternly opened the briefcase on the table, taking out two envelopes. “Master Juan, I couldn’t find it.”

Putting his hands on the table, Cheng Juan took the envelope and casually held it instead of reading it.


The next day.

It was

Qin Ran got up early. Cheng Mu and the chef knew that she had an exam today.

The chef whipped up a scrumptious breakfast as usual.

After Qin Ran finished eating, Cheng Mu went to talk to the chef in the kitchen. He lowered his voice and blankly looked at the chef. “Miss Qin has to score a perfect 300 today. 100 points isn’t a pa.s.s.”

The chef held the spatula and blankly stared at him.

After finis.h.i.+ng breakfast at 7:30 am, Cheng Juan sent Qin Ran to school.

A few minutes after they left, Old Master Cheng came looking for Qin Ran to play but didn’t expect her to be out again.

“Ran Ran went to find her cla.s.smates again?” Old Master Cheng glanced at Cheng Mu, who was busying himself in the hall.

She had gone out to see her cla.s.smates the last time he came to find her.

Looking up, Cheng Mu poured a cup of tea for him, and then calmly replied, “Miss Qin went to take her exam.”

“She has an exam today?” Old Master Cheng sat down on the sofa. “What exam?”

The butler stood aside and also glanced curiously at Cheng Mu.

Cheng Mu glanced at Old Master Cheng and respectfully said, “Physics laboratory a.s.sessment.”

Old Master Cheng lowered his head to drink tea and nodded before suddenly looking up halfway through it. “What did you say?”

Accustomed to it, Cheng Mu repeated himself, “Physics laboratory a.s.sessment.”


Beijing University.

Qin Ran arrived at the Physics laboratory for the a.s.sessment.

Hundreds of people were standing at the door.

Several teachers and professors from various universities were also there. The annual laboratory a.s.sessment was a major event in Beijing, so they treated it very seriously.

“Are you confident about today’s theory test?” Dean Jiang stood at the side, looking at Qin Ran and whispering to her.

Qin Ran put her hand behind her head. “I guess.”

Her reaction probably meant she was confident. Pa.s.sing the line wasn’t difficult for her, so Dean Jiang let her go for the written test first.

Standing in place, he looked at Qin Ran’s determined back, then suddenly turned and asked Zhou Ying, “Do you think she’ll surprise us?”

Zhou Ying frowned. “Let’s see if she can pa.s.s the top 50 places tomorrow morning…”

Dean Jiang remained silent.

The Physics laboratory had five floors above ground and three floors underground.

The whole building was large, and almost all of it was made of gla.s.s.

The theory test was held in the largest conference room on the first floor. The written test was the first line of defense in the Physics laboratory. If they failed to pa.s.s the test within the top 50 places, they would be directly rejected. Everyone had only one chance, so they were ready to give their all.

A hundred people were divided into two examination rooms. Several monitors, four invigilators, and s.h.i.+elding instruments were used.

Qin Ran sat down at her seat.

The written test papers for the Physics laboratory a.s.sessment covered a wide range, not only for a certain profession but for all aspects of photoelectric and nuclear magnetics. It included a lot of professional SCI problems which were extremely tricky.

Beijing University’s midterm exam couldn’t compare with this exam’s difficulty.

They would fall into the trap if not careful.

There were two test papers in total. Flipping through them, Qin Ran developed a rough gauge in her heart. No wonder Beijing University said the a.s.sessment was perverted.

The exam lasted for 150 minutes, two and a half hours.

It seemed like a long time, but in fact, it wasn’t enough for a 300-point Physics paper.

She picked up her pen and started writing her answers one by one.

People who were selected to take this exam from all over the country were top students in the Physics Department. Almost everyone was seniors who had partic.i.p.ated in Physics compet.i.tions, whose knowledge in Physics exceeded even their own instructors, and who usually feasted on books in their time.

In the beginning, it was easy to write the answers, but by the time the second paper was written, their speeds began to slow down. Some people spent time calculating data on the ma.n.u.script paper, while some thought long and hard and was still clueless.

In such a big environment, the four invigilators all noticed the girl sitting in the last row. She barely raised her head and seldom calculated on the ma.n.u.script paper.

Two hours later.

She put down her pen and flipped through her test papers.

A teacher suspected he saw wrongly. Pausing, he turned to the person beside him. “What’s she doing?”

“Checking her papers?” The other glanced also glanced over and hesitantly said.

When they were still feeling uncertain, Qin Ran raised her hand.

The teacher thought she had a question and went over to inquire.

Having checked her papers and having found no mistakes, Qin Ran kept her pen and pencil case. Because the exam was still ongoing, she said in a low and concise voice, “Handing in my paper.”

After collecting her things, she glanced at the invigilator, who was standing there without showing any reaction.

She paused and slightly pressed her lips. “Can’t I hand in the paper in advance?” She lowered her voice.

“Oh… You can…” The teacher reacted and took her paper.

Then, he looked down at Qin Ran’s name and college. The other invigilator also leaned over. “Name… Qin Ran, from Beijing University… she’s so arrogant?”

She dared to submit her paper in advance for this kind of exam?

In fact…

Two and a half hours weren’t even enough for others to finish the paper. Forget it if you checked once after finis.h.i.+ng it in two hours, but you still dared to hand it in in advance?!


After handing the paper in advance, she came out to see that it was only 10 am.

Instead of returning to Ting Lan, she moved to the small laboratory in the comprehension building to start her experiment.

She used Cheng Juan’s calculations last night to experiment with the reactor. Although he wasn’t a Physics major and had many omissions, his different calculations actually provided her with a general idea.

She changed her line of thoughts.

At 11 am, she put the reset reactor in the gla.s.s cover. At this time, Nan Huiyao called.

She held the phone to her ear while watching the number on the machine.

“Ran Ran, did you take the laboratory test today?” Nan Huiyao’s voice was about to explode.

Holding the phone ten centimeters away from her ear, she waited for Nan Huiyao to stop roaring, still calmly staring at the reactor, before casually saying, “Yeah.”

The list of a.s.sessments was fixed every year, and the Physics Department had also announced the list this year. There were only a total of 20 students from the soph.o.m.ore and junior years.

At 10:30 am, the seniors who had pa.s.sed the exam in the Physics laboratory had released a message that they saw Qin Ran.

There were already few girls in the Physics Department, let alone the laboratory a.s.sessment. Out of 100 people, only 4 were girls. Due to her attractive looks, the seniors of Beijing University’s Physics Department recognized her at a glance.

After the exam, the news that Qin Ran had partic.i.p.ated in this year’s a.s.sessment exploded in the Physics Department and finally swept the entire Beijing University forum.

A freshman partic.i.p.ating in the laboratory a.s.sessment in the first semester was an unprecedented event.

“There’s a rumor in the forum that you reported accidentally… You…” On the other end of the phone, Nan Huiyao raised her head, not knowing how to describe her. “Are you confident?”

The final reaction in the gla.s.s cover was completed. Checking the energy data on the machine beside her, she saw that the number was twice as much as the first time. She leaned on the table and chuckled. “Pretty much.”


At the same time.

Inside the Physics laboratory.

The result would be displayed one by one at around 8 pm.

The big screen was in the middle of the laboratory’s first floor.

Beijing University and University A’s teachers were waiting for the written test results. The results were very important to them, and the school must be notified firsthand.

Dean Jiang and Zhou Ying both had chairs beside them, but they weren’t in the mood to sit and were just staring at the large screen.

“Dr. Zhou.” Dean Jiang took out a cigarette and just bit it in his mouth. He didn’t light it because of the smoking ban. “Do you think Qin Ran pa.s.sed it?”

Zhou Ying pursed his lips. “Her theory has always been good. I think she should be able to obtain the 40-50th place.”

Time had been too tight, and they hadn’t prepared well before Qin Ran took the exam.

Dean Jiang also felt like she would be stuck at the 40-50th place.

Those who came for the exam were all elites from all over the country, who had been trained several years in their junior and senior years. Qin Ran was a freshman who had yet to undergo training. It would be considered a miracle if she pa.s.sed and was in the 40-50th place.

8 am.

The big screen marked “Physics Laboratory” flashed.

All the waiting teachers in the hall immediately stood up and stared at the names on the big screen.

On the big screen, huge characters flashed from top to bottom.

No. 41: Gong Yi, Beijing University, 197

No. 42: Lin Sui, University A, 197

No. 50: Zhou Wan, University Ning, 190

From left to right wrote the rank, name, school, and score.

The list only showed ten names. Zhou Ying and Dean Jiang scanned it several times but still didn’t see Qin Ran’s name.

Zhou Ying’s heart sank.

“Maybe she unexpectedly pa.s.sed the test and placed within the 40th place?” Dean Jiang laughed.

Zhou Ying just silently stared at the refreshed screen.

Two minutes later, the screen was refreshed again.

This time, it was the 30th to 40th place.

When they still didn’t see Qin Ran’s name, Dean Jiang’s smile slowly faded.

“Dean Ge, your student is going to take 1st place again.” A person from the Xu family next to him looked at the slightly bald middle-aged man. “Four out of the 30th to 50th place all belong to your school. Also, Xu Wanchen from your school is comparable to Song Luting. I heard that he was accepted as an apprentice by the teacher of his academy in his freshman year. The 1st place should belong to your school if everything goes right.”

University A had won first place in the laboratory a.s.sessment for a long time. But in March this year, Song Luting had unexpectedly taken the place.

University A had been very angry. In December, they especially found Xu Wanchen, a junior who had long been accepted as an apprentice by the Inst.i.tute’s doctors. He didn’t need to take the exam but was brought out this time to save the school’s face.

The bald middle-aged man modestly smiled.

He turned to Dean Jiang and smiled. “Dean Jiang, I heard that your Freshman King also partic.i.p.ated in the a.s.sessment this year. She took part in the a.s.sessment earlier than Song Luting. It seems like there’ll be another miracle this year, huh? I have yet to see her name in the last 20 places, so your Freshman King must have entered the top 30 places.”

Rumors that Qin Ran’s name had been entered by mistake had long spread inside the laboratory.

University A had some people in charge of the laboratory.

Could Dean Ge also know this?

He had also estimated her results. Qin Ran hadn’t partic.i.p.ated in the training, so he estimated that she would place in the 40th place at most. But after the scores were refreshed twice, her name still couldn’t be seen.

He knew that Qin Ran had failed to place within the top 50.

He was speaking the obvious and mocking Dean Jiang.

The two universities had harbored deep grudges toward one another.

Song Luting’s performance in March this year had disrupted University A’s momentum, and Qin Ran had emerged in December.

Her name was familiar to the teachers of the two colleges. She was this year’s top scorer who had been fought over by both colleges but was finally s.n.a.t.c.hed up by Beijing University.

Dean Jiang’s and Zhou Ying’s hearts sank. He felt even more uncomfortable upon hearing Dean Ge, not only because of his words but also because of the heartache over Qin Ran’s lost opportunity.

While talking, the list was refreshed again.

This time, the 20-30th place was shown.

Dean Jiang saw that three Beijing University students were on the list this time. It wasn’t an easy feat to place within the top 30 out of 100 people, but Dean Jiang couldn’t be happy and just had a heavy heart.

Zhou Ying sat down and didn’t want to look further.

Both of them knew that 30th place was Qin Ran’s limit, and it was almost impossible for her to place above that.

The list was refreshed again.

This time, there were four names from Beijing University. But Qin Ran’s name was still missing, making Dean Jiang’s heart instantly fall into an ice cellar.

Standing on the side, Dean Ge glanced at the six University A students on the 10-20th list and turned to Dean Jiang with a smile. “Dean Jiang, I haven’t seen the Freshman King of your school yet. She must have placed in the top 10, and maybe even secured 1st place again.”

Some laboratory staff heard his words, exchanged glances, and couldn’t help but laugh.

When Song Luting’s name appeared in the first place in March this year, the entire laboratory and the two universities had been shaken to the core.

But Song Luting had partic.i.p.ated in the training.

As for Qin Ran…

Dean Ge glanced at Dean Jiang and Zhou Ying with a trace of ridicule in his eyes. He thought that Zhou Shan and the others had been unable to hold themselves steady and had mistakenly handed in the wrong list, letting a freshman who had never partic.i.p.ated in the training take part in this a.s.sessment.

Furthermore, Xu Wanchen was also in the December a.s.sessment. Even if he wasn’t, Beijing University couldn’t make such waves this time.

Dean Ge was thinking casually to himself.

Not in the mood to bother about his words, Dean Jiang and Zhou Ying had their heads lowered, and they were about to go back to school, not wanting to look at the names on the screen.

In the center of the hall, the list was refreshed again.

The list showed the 1-10th place now. Other than Dean Jiang and Zhou Ying, everyone else’s eyes were focused on the screen.

Unexpectedly, the refreshed name caused a big commotion and exploded the laboratory as well as the two colleges.


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